The 'Afterglow' of the UFO Abduction Experience

Fluorescence Markings Found On Claimants Of Alien/Extraterrestrial Contact

By Eve Frances Lorgen, M. A.

How often have you heard about the aftermath of the classic alien abduction experience: a UFO sighting, missing time, unusual body marks, dreamlike memories of large black eyed alien
creatures, and varying degrees of post traumatic stress? But, on the other hand, have you ever heard about the afterglow of the alien abduction experience?


Derrel Sims, Chief Investigator of UFO Abductions for Houston UFO Network (HUFON), discovered unusual fluorescence markings on numerous abductees who claimed alien contact.
According to Sims, he got the idea from his research and the fact that fluorescence - a luminescent light emission in the presence of an ultraviolet (black light) energy source - was observed
in many of the cattle mutilation investigations thought to be associated with UFO activity.(4) Sims intuition proved to be right on target. Derrel's investigations revealed fluorescence markings
on various body sites of abductees in approximately five percent of his abduction cases. As a biochemist who routinely worked with fluorescence, I was intrigued. Seeking a scientific
explanation for the "afterglow" effect, I accompanied Derrel Sims on a routine abduction investigation to witness the fluorescence myself.

An abductee who claimed a recent alien encounter was interviewed by Derrel, myself, and Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatrist from Thousand Oaks, California, who graciously offered his medical
office and consultation free of charge. Following the interview the four of us huddled together in a small, darkened doctor's office, switched on Derrel's ultraviolet black light and observed
bluish-white fluorescence on portions of the patients' hands and fingers. Dr. Leir rubbed the abductee's hand to check if the fluorescence could be removed - it didn't. Derrel remarked that
the fluorescence is often subdermal and cannot be washed away. I suggested that an alcohol swab could remove or quench the fluorescence - so the doctor wiped the afflicted areas with
an isopropyl alcohol swab. Immediately, the fluorescence faded. Within minutes the patient's hand was checked with the black light and again, Derrel's intuition was correct. The
luminescence returned in its original intensity and color, and was apparently subdermal.

I was still skeptical. The fluorescence could be something from the natural environment, some offending agent such as cosmetics, laundry detergent or even dog urine. Dried dog urine
fluoresces upon UV irradiation and landlords will routinely check their tenants living quarters with a black light to check for evidence of dog urine. Some laundry detergents and soaps contain
fluorescent optical whiteners and brighteners.

Simple, innocuous things such as the paper-like tags sewn onto clothing necklines contain fluorescent whiteners that can leach into the skin - subdermally. (I noticed this accidental
fluorescence one morning!) Interfering substances such as these must be ruled out when investigating for fluorescence due to alleged alien contact. However, if this fluorescence was a
genuine artifact left behind inadvertently by the alien 'abductors' - then what valuable information could be extrapolated about the mysterious alien presence?

I reviewed Derrel's fluorescence findings from several other abductees and constructed a chart. (See Fluorescence Findings On Abductees - Chart). The findings were startling. The primary
fluorescence found on abductees following an abduction appeared in the yellow-green region of the visible spectrum. Body sites included portions of the arms, shoulder, ears, breasts, legs,
hands, chin, chest and even inside the mouth. Most of the fluorescence was subdermal. In one case, a dime sized marking on the palm was rigorously massaged, and fluorescence
diffused into the massaged areas of the hand and fingers, and remained subdermal.

An unusual reddish-pink fluorescence was discovered on the hands, fingers, palms and neck regions of an abductee who recalled handling and cuddling alien-human infant hybrids during
her encounter. White fluorescence was found in the mouth, oral mucous membranes and tongue. Blue fluorescence was observed on the hands, and on the arm in an unusual heart
shaped mandelbrot design. Markings such as the crescent, triangle, and heart shaped mandelbrot appeared as if they were deliberate designs or 'brands' on certain individuals. But in
general, most of the fluorescence was found as irregular splotching. All fluorescence was visualized using a commercially available UV (short and long wave) black light source in a
darkened area. Most fluorescence faded within one to four days following the alleged alien encounter.

After reviewing Derrel's findings, I asked - why fluorescence? Are the aliens - or whomever is handling the abductees - bioluminescent? Are they deliberately using fluorescent labels to mark
the abductees? To understand fluorescence's uses, a simplified overview of fluorescence is described herein.

The Nature of Fluorescence
On chemical level, when a luminescent substance absorbs certain forms of chemical energy or light, (often in the UV range) its electronic configuration is excited to a higher energy level,
after which it returns to its ground state - along with excess energy. This excess energy is released as a quantum of light - fluorescence. Luminescent substances or fluorophores can exist
in biological organisms as bioluminescence , in chemical reactions as chemiluminescence, and as direct fluorescence - whereby the excitation source of energy is direct light (i.e., UV).

In bioluminescent organisms such as the firefly, certain fungi, worms and marine life, emission of fluorescence is activated by a biochemical process rather than direct light energy (1, 6). An
example of chemiluminescence is true phosphorescence, whereby the greenish glow is a result of the element phosphorus reacting with oxygen in the air. Direct fluorescence can be
observed with organic fluorophores and with naturally occurring minerals such as willemite, feldspar and uranium minerals.(5) There are myriads of organic fluorescent compounds such
as aromatic dyes, some drugs, petroleum oils, fats, and fluorescent labels and probes. In the biotechnology industry alone there are hundreds of fluorescent probes, the most common use
being labeling of cells and biomolecules, such as DNA. Fluorophores are also excellent tools for the detection of trace metals and pesticides in analytical chemistry.

Based on my knowledge and experience with fluorescence, Sim's findings on abductees can suggest several things:

Fluorescent contamination of substances in the abductees' natural environment. These things can be ruled out by checking for fluorescence with a black light in the individual's home and
work environment. If the fluorescence is subdermal, then the offending agent has the ability to diffuse into the skin such as an oil or solvent. (The cyclic, aromatic nature of organic
fluorophores enable them to attract to oil-like tissues, hence, a reason for subdermal diffusion ability).
The irregular splotching suggests possible handling by alleged alien entities, as if the fluorescence were transmitted due to a naturally occurring or contaminating component (i.e., the
fluorophore they mark with) on the alien skin. An alien "fingerprint" if you will. Fluorescence has also been reported on mutilated cattle.(4) However, the source and mechanism of this
fluorescent phenomenon may be different from what we observe on abductees.
The design patterns such as the crescent, mandelbrot and other unique markings suggest a possible application, identification or marking of fluorescent material on the bodies of the
abductees. (Some mutilated cattle associated with UFO activity are believed to be pre-marked before surgical excisions.)
Anomalous fluorescence of substances not normally fluorescent may be due to electronic transitions from high energy levels, such as interdimensional shifts.


Fluorescence Findings On Abductees

Color of Fluorescence
Body Site Found
Designs, Markings
Illustrations (not to scale)

Color of Floorescence:  Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:           Behind ear
Description:                    J-shape crescent, 1" long

Color of Flourescence:    Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found             Arm, shoulder
Description:                    2.5" bar with 3, 0.5" tick marks below

Color of Flourescence:    Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:            Chin, chest, clavicle
Description:                     10" isosceles triangle, point to of chin to tops of clavicle

Color of Flourensence:    Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:             Vaginal opening
Description:                    Irregular splotching

Color of Flourescence:     Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:             Breasts
Description:                     Irregular marking, splotching

Color of Flourescence:     Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:             Backs of calves
Description:                       Irregular marking, splotching

Color of Flourescence:     Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:             Dog hair
Description:                     Splotching

Color of Flourescence:     Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:              Hand, palm
Description:                      Dime size circle, diffused into hand and fingers w/ massage

Color of Flourescence:      Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:               Inside mouth
Description:                      Irregular splotching

Color of Flourescence:       Brilliant yellow-green
Body Site Found:               Tops of feet
Description:                     "Splatter marks" topical and subdermal. Some wiped away, some diffused into skin

Color of Flourescence:       Very light blue-white
Body Site Found:                Inside right bicep
Description:                        Non-descript

Color                                   Light blue
Body Site                             Inside mouth
Description                         Irregular splotching

Color                                    Light blue
Body Site                            Tongue
Description:                         2" lengthwise strip in center of tongue

Color                                     Blue
Body Site                               Arm
Description:                           4" heart shaped mandelbrot

Color                                      Lavender
Body Site:                              Left forearm
Description:                           0.75 " long, 0.187" wide rectangular mark

Color:                                      Pink-red (hot pink)
Body Site:                               Fingers, neck
Description:                            Spots, irregular splotching

Color:                                      Orange
Body Site:                                Tongue, nostril, face
Description:                            Irregular splotches

Color:                                       Orange
Body Site:                               Chest, pubic areas, face, neck, tongue
Description:                            Irregular diffuse dots, lasts several months, recurs

Fluorescence fading time ranged from one hour to 14 days.
Fluorescence visualized with a UV black light in a darkened area.

Concluding Remarks

The fluorescent design marks found on abductees are probably some type of organic fluorescent material used by the "abduction handlers" as evidenced by their fluorescence and their
ability to diffuse into the subdermal layers of the skin. Most of the fluorescence seen on abductees post abduction are subdermal yellowish-green or bluish-lavender irregular splotch marks.
This suggests a contamination of the fluorophore used as markers by the aliens - albeit sloppy lab technique. Or more interestingly, a naturally occurring fluorescent residue transmitted
from alien skin - perhaps a unique form of bioluminescence.

According to some cattle mutilation research, a luminescent substance was found marked on the surgically excised areas of the cattle.(4) Whether or not this is the same fluorescent
material observed on the abductees is unknown at this time. To make a clearer assessment of what is truly happening, and what these fluorescent substances are, would require a costly,
analytical qualitative analysis. Until such testing is completed, I can only make an educated guess on the "afterglow effect". A good hunch can get us on the right track. But paradoxically, in
academic scientific circles, seeing is not believing - even if aliens are standing right in front of us - glowing!

What will it take for the scientific community and the world at large to believe that alien abductions are happening right under our noses? It will take more than scientific facts, credibility and
witnesses to prove aliens are "out there." What it will take is brilliant human intuition - to outsmart the alien presence - so we don't end up like the cattle.

Leninger, Biochemistry, Worth Publishers, 1979. Second Edition. pp. 504
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© 1997 Eve Frances Lorgen
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