Agharta Races, The Gypsies

"Buddhist traditions state that Agharta was first colonized many thousands of years
ago when a holy man led a tribe which disappeared underground. The gypsies are
supposed to have come from Agharta, which explains their restlessness on  the
Earth's surface and their continual travels to regain their lost home. This reminds one
of Noah,   who saved a worthy group prior to the coming of the  flood that submerged
Atlantis. It is believed that he brought his group to the high  plateau of Brazil where
they settled in subterranean cities, connected with the surface by tunnels, in an effort  
to escape from poisoning by the radioactive fallout produced by the nuclear war the
Atlanteans fought, which brought on the flood that submerged their continent.

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As One  story goes .....

When the Olets destroyed Lhasa, one of their detachments in the southwestern mountains penetrated to the outskirts of Agharti.  Here they learned some of the lesser mysterious sciences and
brought them to the surface of our earth. This is why the Olets and Kalmucks are artful sorcerers and prophets.  Also from the eastern country some tribes of black people penetrated to Agharti and
lived there many centuries. Afterwards they were thrust out from the kingdom and returned to the earth, bringing with them the  mystery of predictions according to cards, grasses and the lines of
the palm.  They are the Gypsies. . . .

Somewhere in the north of Asia a tribe exists which is now dying and which came from the cave of Agharti, skilled in calling back the spirits of the dead as they float through the air."

"In Agharti the learned Panditas write on tablets of stone all the science of our planet and of the other worlds.   Their science is the highest and purest.

Every century one hundred sages of China collect in a secret place on the shores of the sea, where from its depths come out one hundred eternally-living tortoises.  On their shells the Chinese
write all the developments of the divine science of the century."

The  tortoises  live more than three thousand years without food and air and that this is the reason why all the columns of the blue Temple of Heaven were set on live tortoises to preserve the wood
from decay.

"Several times the Pontiffs of Lhasa and Urga have sent envoys to the King of the World," said the Lama librarian, "but they could not find him.  Only a certain Tibetan leader after a battle with the
Olets found the cave with the inscription:  'This is the gate to Agharti.'  From the cave a fine appearing man came forth,
presented him with a gold tablet bearing the mysterious signs and said: "'The King of the World will appear before all people when the time shall have arrived for him to lead all the good people of
the world against all the bad; but this time has not yet come.  The most evil among mankind have not yet been born."
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