Round House Uncovered (1949)
Headless Woman -  The Beaded Princess
Headless Adult found outside the of Enclosure at Aztalan
Crematorium burials in northwest pyramidal mound at
Refuse pit filled with river clam shells
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Aztalan Ruins
Mound Builders of Rock Lake
Winter Solstice  - Sunrise Alignment of Aztalan, Wi.
Aztalan Circa 1000 A.D.
Pre-historic Village of Aztalan Wisconsin
Archaeological Investigation History of Aztalan Wisconsin
Artifacts found in Aztalan Museum showing evidence of giants and people of tall stature.
Lapham 1858  Aztalan Museum
Headless Princess found in grave dressed in shells.  Cutting the head off an
Indian Maiden as sacrifice was an accepted practice.
Aztalan Stepped Flat Top Mound  - The Holy Mountain or Temple of the
The Ancient Ones from the Muscoda area, now called
'Frank's Hill' used to battle with this group of ancient ones,
calling them 'red haired giants'.  The Chief known to the
Muscoda tribe was known to them as 'Chief Yellow Hair'.
RED HORN PIPES - Not only in Oklahoma, have
they found pipes and busts of Red Horn but he
was also quite popular in the Wisconsin area.  For
example, a Native American legend of Red Horn
was found portrayed in forty cave paintings at the
Gottschall Site at Muscoda, Wisconsin.
would be in the approximate area of Frank's Hill)
Depictions were found portraying men and women
with red hair, of tall stature and superior physical
strength, shown living behind the ‘high walls of a
great lodge’. Some illustrated them engaged in
sporting events.  
Red Horn is portrayed as a descendant of red
haired giants. His name was drawn from his own
crop of red hair. Dr. James Scherz, a professor at
Madison’s University of Wisconsin, confirms the
stories of Red Horn being drawn from real historic
Photo by Mary Sutherland  - Milwaukee Museum
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