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Mary Sutherland
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center

This morning's daily variety headline was hopeful. Maybe the Corporations don't own everyone after all:
Veto would force FCC back to the drawing board

A bipartisan group of senators dead set on overturning the Federal
Communications Commission's new media ownership rules moved one step
closer to that goal Tuesday.

Save Broadcasting as we have known it; contact your congressman and roll back the corporate take over of the public's airwaves and make it possible for independent producers such as yours
truly can survive in a complex media world. Do we really want only a few to control the masses?

News from Robert Kress, Roswell Arizona.

Hi Mary, Glad to see you and Brad made it home safe.

I read your We've been hacked, items.
A while back on the Network News's they said their were 600 individuals in competition to hack Web Sites.
And Bravenet.com were working on their system, your Message Board and
my counters were off for a couple of days. I got a different counter I'm trying.

Robert O. Dean, another heavy hitter is:
Wendelle Stevens 1(520)296-6753
S18195A@aol.com  has Yahoo Messenger if you can catch him online.
Listened to Ted Lomen interview him.(Jerry Pippin interviewed Ted Lomen)
His job in Alaska was to Debrief pilots who saw a UFO during "weather missions".

Subject: URGENT! We have actual (genuine) photos of aliens. Please link.
Not drawings, not models. The real thing.
Jon-Erik Beckjord,BA,MBA
Photographer, lecturer, author, ufologist, former curator of UFO Museum,


I thought that you might be interested in this person's description of shadow people in the house.  I sent you the page, but in case you couldn't get it, I wanted to send the  address also.   Becky

I came across this post and pictures and found it interesting so I thought I would share it here.


The last paragraph of this woman's post she said she felt the indians wanted to be remembered :-)


Request you take into consideration the addition of The Midway Sightings (TM) Location Site aka UFO City (TM) to any current or future listings which include "UFO Hot Spots."

The Midway Sightings (TM) Location Site aka UFO City (TM) is the "hottest UFO spot in the world," with over 5,000 hours of "daytime" UFO footage to-date, having been captured from the site.

For more information, please refer to www.themidwaysighting.com/ET_Traits.html; www.themidwaysighting.com/UFO_Museums.html; www.themidwaysighting.com/UFO_City_Main_pg.html; and

Site passes are available "wholesale" to individuals or organizations who wish to retail them to their client base.

Becky Escamilla, Administrator
E to the Third Power (TM)

Hello all,

As you know, I was invited this year to the annual UFO festival in Roswell, N.M. by the UFO museum in Roswell to sign books for my book, "Origin". The show went very well,and was VERY busy
all weekend over the 4th of July, which is the 56th anniversary of the original crash.
I would first and foremost like to thank all of the volunteers who worked so hard at the museum to make my stay more comfortable than home. This was no easy task with so many things going on
not only at the museum, but at the festival as well. You all did a heroic job. A special thanks to Sandy for being so instrumental in getting me there this year to begin with. I would also like to thank
Gloria Hawker, author of Morning Glory The Diary Of An Alien Abduction for her mentoring during this event. Her help and wisdom was invaluable, and the Halls, Charles books are Millennial
Hospitality I, II, & III. What a feat, to have written three books at once! Paola Harris, signing her book Connecting The Dots..., and if anybody can, it's Paola. Her objective approach to the alien
controversy is refreshing and thought provoking. Also, Chuck and Debbie whose insight and experiences are have been out of this world, and Derrel (The Alien Hunter) whose demonstrations
are both interesting and insightful about how simple things can be in the world around us, if you look. Dennis Balthaser, I envy your experience and experiences. Don Schmitt, for holding it all
together at the seams. Paul Davids for his thought provoking movies and the Sci-Fi channel for their support of our search.
I hope to see you all again next year, or sooner perhaps!!
Joseph Paige
Watch for Joe's book in our Book Review Section coming soon 'Origin'


I went to the Doctor again this morning. Even though I am very short of breath, my oxygen intake was 98 per cent. Dr. Kukendall noted that when I was in the hospital over Christmas with 90 per
cent of one lung disabled by pneumonia, I still had an oxygen intake of 94 per cent.

He does not think it is a coronary or congestive heart problem.  He thinks it is a bug that I have had for sometime, we have gone through five different anti-biotics with varying results. He gave me
a new drug this morning and hopes it will do the job.

I did some blood work and chest x -rays, the results should be available by tomorrow or so.

As you know if you were in Roswell last weekend, I was in dire shape. I could hardly move more than a half of a block before having to sit down and get my breath. My voice was in dire stress and
breathing even for the interviews was a very tough proposition. Sue Hanson has been editing the UFO Museum broadcast tapes and when they are released on the web site, you will see that I
do sound stressed, even though the interviews are very good and she has made me sound five times better than I did in person.

We will just keep on keeping on and hope for the best.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good thoughts.

Jerry Pippin
PS:  By the way, my doctor was very interested in the Roswell trip and I got the impression that if I had asked him, he would have loved to have gone out there with me, My thanks to Ben
McIntosh for being my escourt and guide for the trip.  The photos and interviews will start appearing on the web site by Wednesday.
There are 1969 and 72 satellite pictures of the inner earth entrance via a book  by McLellan Hollow Earth Enigma plus case histories. Read Aug 2003 Nexus magazine from ENg on an earth
protection energy entity smashing meteors, Russian physicists revealed it

A pilot guessed their location to be Vulcan's Throne.  The sites were tunneled, most likely by our govt. and then sealed off as nat. security sites....no travel within 2.5 miles by air or land

In reading your section on tunnels in various places, I came across
mention of tunnels in Victorio Peak--which is true---Because I have been
inside many of them-----but, unfortunately, none of them went very
far--------However, the main thing that caught my eye was your mention
of Hardscrabble Mountain and it's alleged tunnel system---------I say '
alleged' because the story is not true !   There is no cave with 1400
steps descending inside Hardscrabble ! I know this for a fact----it
makes a nice story ( fantastic and entirely fictitious )  It comes from
the supposed experience of Harvey Snow-----and it is a fabrication !!
In the first place, the cave is NOT in Hardscrabble ------In the second
place, Harvey did not know in which mountain it was located !  He had
NEVER been inside it !    I knew Harvey ( now deceased ) and he admitted
to me that he really did NOT know where it was----  I know the man who
does know, because I have been there with him---and nobody knows exactly
how many steps there are, because no-one is known to have gone all the
way to the bottom   !      I know it is a small thing---but I just
wanted you to know that in the case of that particular mountain, there
is no fabulous tunnel system-------The actual cave is on a mountain so
small it has no name---and it is about 4 or 5 miles south of
Hardscrabble------My name is inside the cave !   ( along with others )
Just thought you ought to know-----             
Dr. Oren Swearingen        
Thank you. We will make the corrections on our site..Mary Sutherland
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  FOSSIL NOT NESSIE
(sent to us by UFO Harry)
Fossil find definitely not 'Nessie': scientists. 17/07/2003. ABC News
Scientists say traces of a 150-million-year-old dinosaur which have
been found on the banks of Scotlands Loch Ness are definitely not those of
the lakes legendary monster A Jurassic-era fossil of........              
Mary Sutherland

Paula Harris, Italian reporter claims that crop circles are now being reported in this area. It is generally uncommon for crop circles to be found in Italy from what she reported to me.   She believes
the sun storms may have some indirect link to the phenomena.

Jason's research first started 9 years ago where he became fascinated with possible artificial structures on Mars, and NASA's explanation for these objects.
As well as the theory that there is another planet in our solar system, known as Planet X or the 12th planet. This planet is being actively search for by modern astronomers, because it does exist.
The Sumerian culture, 6,000 years ago were also aware of this planet. And described a race of "GODS" that lived on that planet, and have visited us in our past.

Jason Martell has given several lectures to MUFON about his research and appeared on many radio shows. Jason derives his information from a vast network of skilled researchers and sources,
which can be accessed at xfacts.com

Jason Martell is available for lectures, conferences, radio show interviews, and other events. If you are interested in having him as a speaker, please contact us below. Please use the following
press kit and image provided for any promotional material used on your website.

Press Kit - http://xfacts.com/updates/jason_martell.html


I have partnered up with a professional antiquities photographer to gain access to the various collections of Sumerian Artifacts stored at the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the British Museum in
London. The focus of these artifacts is to showcase the Symbology of the Sumerian culture. You will see many depiction's of the "Annunaki" and the "Winged Disk" never seen online before.

I have just released the 3rd set of these images which can be viewed on the link below.




Many of the stories in the Old testament as well as the English version speak of amazing events that took place in our past. We now have the evidence to confirm these stories...


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------


Modern Astronomers are looking for the same planet the Sumerians described thousand's of years ago. This information has nothing to do with recent rumor that 2003 is the return date.




Check out my profile with Chariots Of The Gods where I interact with the lead character, Mel, regarding Sumerian Artifacts, the Anunnaki, and Planet X.



Jason Martell
(323) 939 3289


I've lived in my house for 3 years now and i have been trying to find the history on the house with no luck. Do you know of a website that i can do a lookup on previous owners or to check if
anyone died in the house. There is a ghost of a little girl in a white nightgown here and she seems to like us because nothing bad has happened so far. im just curious what happened to her and
if it happened in this house. The house is in Rothschild, Wisconsin - If you have any suggestions please let us  know


Hello  Mary -
My name is Marla-Dawn Coen, and I am a friend of Stevie Smith -- she has told me about your radio program, and I would really like to talk to you by phone, if at all possible  - - I have just
graduated from broadcasting school  in June,  nad have started a small business called "A.L.I.E.N.productions"  which stands for "Anonymous Link  Into Extraterrestrial News"!!  I met Stan
Romanek at my first ET meeting, (which was also his first meeting), and after seeing his videos , I asked him if I could do a documentary on what was happening to him - - At that time ,(Oct. of
2001), I had only worked in front of the camera and knew nothing of what went on behind the scenes-So I enrolled in broadcasting school - - and now I am ready to go!!!

I'd like to know if there is any way we can combine forces??  I would love to help you out - just for the experience, but I am wondering if there is any way to put together a radio/TV show??    I do
know one thing-- I know I can get any story that you need- - I'm good at getting info from people, and never take "NO" as an answer!! (Stevie can verify this )Ha! Ha!

I am  going to Roswell on Friday - - do you want me to do or get you anything specific?
I am supposed to interview R. Hoagland, Cliff Stone, and a few other people!
Anyway, call me -
Oh , and Paola Harris is someone you should have on your show. She is having her new book "opening" in the U.S.- - It started in Roswell July 2 and then she will be doing a few conferences
here in Colorado.  If you wish to talk to her, let me know, and I will have her call you!!
I truly hope that we can put our heads together and let the public know what is really going on , not only in our "little" world, but throughout the entire universe!     As Always - - Marla-Dawn

Hi Marla, yes get the interviews!  WIll be calling you tonight. Love to have you on the staff! .
My XP is still down. Jerry Pippin is holding down the fort with his interviews right now. Thanks Jerry! Mary

-There was a famous case of it in
early Texas----- a man, Josiah Wilbarger, went hunting with several
friends, and they were ambushed by Indians----He was shot, and separated
from his friends--who saw him being scalped !  They escaped, leaving him
there for dead, and returned home----The wife kept having dreams in
which she saw her husband --alive----sitting up against a tree---This
persisted for so long ( 7 or 8 days ) that she finally convinced his
friends to go back and look for him---When they got to him, there he
was--sitting up against a tree !   He told them that a couple of nights
before, he had SEEN his wife standing there looking at him !!    He
survived, and lived quite a few more years-------
Oren Swearingen


The TIME report of FCC Chairman MICHAEL POWELL's possible exit is still unconfirmed, but the NEW YORK POST reports that his policy aide SUSAN EID has exited, having told POWELL she'd
quit after finishing her work on the new ownership rules.

Congress stands up to the FCC and the FCC staff is in shock that they are being challenged. Thanks to all of you for contacting your congressman and helping to put a halt to unfair rules in
favor of big corporations over the little guy, Independent producers such as yours truly.


The house is on 903 Woodward Ave. in Rothschild, WI - I know that ive read about a house called the Fischer house that is supposed to be haunted in Rothschild but i dont know what house it
is....for all i know it could be mine. My 12 year old daughter was laying in bed and a little girl crawled in bed with her. She woke up thinking it was her 9 year old sister but when she turned around
she seen a little girl in a white nightgown....still thinking it was her sister maybe she got up and saw her sister in another room fast asleep with different clothes on. And one day i was walking past
my daughters bedroom and i seen a glimpse of a small child...actually i just seen the shadow but i was the only one in the house and when i turned around quick it was gone. Also things are
missing sometimes and then show up in weird places.
Anyone having information on this haunting please contact BUFO

Hey Mary,
My name is (Infatronn aka DJ Tronn) and I was contacted east of Pheonix, AZ. at Canyon Lake by the elohim (Anunnaki) while two friends and I were hiking/site-seeing. We were psionically
spoken to and given a mission to do. (shifting the world consciousness using digital music enabling listeners to enter the mind net) You can listen to 'The U.F.O. Song' and 'Explorers (star mix)
online at my website. http://www.infatronn.com I know you'll enjoy these songs.  Each one is distinctively different in style.  I personally write, compose, and perform each and every bit of all my
songs.  I learned how to channel the Galactic Network consciousness during my contact experience We were shown the mind net (5th dimension) through which mental communication is
possible.  Maybe you can interview me and play this for people on your show.  I'll grant you permission to use the Galactic Soundwaves.
I want to send you the full length 15 song CD of 'The Galactic Soundwaves'.   Tell me if you want it.   Thanx      -Tronn

Thank you Tronn. We plan on doing a radio special on the Superstitions as well as many updates given by our Arizona staff members. Looking forward to the CD. Mary
(Steph is our researcher/writer/broadcaster out of Arizona..Watch for her column coming soon.))

Glad you and Marla got together...you have listed everyone so far but we discussed the possibility of running event astology charts on sightings at a meeting the other evening and this included
a couple of new men.  I had done this as I mentioned before, I was originally  using this on Area 51 info as well as inmates claiming to be innocent of their crimes so this group is brain storming
using this as a tool to find commonalities in sightings.....this is done with a program designed for research and will allow us to call up the results and comparisons immediately.  I guess what I am
saying is we are still in the beginning phases so we plan to met Tues again and I will get back then if not before.
Hope Marla finds out something new from Hoagland....Stephanie
Dr. Oren Swearingen

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Oren Swearingen of Texas.  What a charming man!
We spend hours every night  discusing UFO encounters and Hidden Tunnels to the Inner Earth.
Oren is quite experienced in this matter and has actually been in one of these caves, which we now call Orens Cave. Although it is forbidden territory, we are already making plans of venturing
into this particular cave. The entrrance is covered  with steps leading down into the interior. No one knows exactly how far it goes down,for  no one has made it to the bottom of these steps yet.
We will keep you  informed as to our progress.

Oren recently sent me some of his ufo adventures along with some maps.  Click here to read what Oren has to say.


UFO in Texas, July 2003
Picture taken by Brad Sutherland
Burlington UFO and Research Center

Response to this Picture:

That's an interesting picture Mary !  I have a couple of thoughts about
it----first, I would not expect you to have seen the UFO in your
viewfinder---because of it's smallness, plus the fact that everything
looks smaller in a viewfinder-----and second, It seems to me that there
is only a high flying jet leaving a contrail-------I have seen PLENTY of
missiles fired during my two years at White Sands, and my 23 years in El
Paso---and they don't look anything like that-----When they make that
much smoke, they are going  almost straight up---then, after first stage
separation,  the second stage may take a more horizontal course, if it
is a ballistiic missile---but MOST firings at White Sands are
anti-aircraft types------like the Nike  Ajax or  Hercules-----The Hawks
are only single stage, and they make a high arc, coming down on their
target like a bird of prey !  Other people have photographed contrails
or chemtrails and had unseen objects turn up on developing--------almost
as though they are invisible to the eye, but not to the camera ?
possible. but I think it is only their  small size--------


Mary Responds


Whatever was producing the vapor trail we could first see ahead with the
trail coming from it. But what struck my attention about this was the trail
itself. It was a broken trail. 2 times broken
(Small Dot  ______________         _____________)
Then Dot just totally disappeared. Which we assumed was because it broke
maybe the atmosphere or just went to far up for us to see.  But dot
disappeared very quickly.
It seemed that it may have turned upwards. (It is so hard to tell at that
But  what caught my attention. was the dis-jointed trail and
object in front , producing the vapor trail.

And as you see, after picture was taken, the other object appears below the

When we put a magnifying glass to the object in the picture, it seems to
show a circular object with a solid center...possible lights going around
the perimeter.

Now you have me thinking possibly the object producing the vapor trail may
have been a missile shot as a warning to the 'unseen' object in the sky....


'unseen' object was observing the object producing the vapor trail.

Brad Sutherland @ July 2003

The digital music copyright law expires in Demcember, but the Record Industry wants to keep the INTERNET RADIO business to themselves as you can see by this latest move in Washington
listed below.  www.jerrypippin.com pledges to continue to offer INTERNET Radio with music on demand, 24/7. Comedy, music, news and views presented in an interesting menu of listener
choices has help make our web site one of the most popular in the world when it comes to Internet Broadcasting. Check us out!
RIAA taps Republican Bainwol lobbyist

A new era has begun at the Recording Industry Assn. of America with
the hiring of a Republican as its top Washington lobbyist. Mitch
Bainwol, former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
(R-Tenn.), becomes the RIAA's chairman-CEO Sept. 1.

If that vapor trail was broken up, it may have been a pulse
jet-which is a new weapon still under wraps, and being tested out of
Area 51---It might have been the Aurora !
Dr. Swearingen
by Edgar Rothschild Fouche and Brad Steiger

Brad Steiger, on of the leding experts in UFOlogy and paranormal research, has teamed with Edgar Rothschild Fouche', a former member of black technological programs and a defense
contractor with contacts on many of the government's most classified programs. Fouche' has gathered proof of the top secret cover-up, thus presenting the 'smoking gun' that will astound
anyone seeking truth.
It has been rumored for years that the military's black operations have perfected incredibly advanced gravity-defying triangular super secret aerial platforms at least partially derived from ET
technology. It now appears the proof of such vehicles is here in their new book, Alien Rapture -The Chosen .
Tonight, the world's most exotic and classified aerospace vehicle could be stealthily hovering over Phoenix, Belgium, or your city. It is known as the TR-3B. The book allegedly reveals top secret
information about reverse engineered alien technology from recovered alien artifacts. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Aurora
Program. The book claims the hypersonic reconnaissance SR-75 Penetrator replaced the SR-71 spy plane and the TR-3B's first operational flight was in the early 90s. At least three craft
costing a billion dollars each were flying by 1994.
The TR-3B vehicle's outer coating is reactive to electrical stimulation and can change color, reflectiveness, and radar absorptiveness. The craft can appear as a small aircraft or a flying cylinder.
It can trick radar receivers into falsely detecting a variety of aircraft, no aircraft, or aircraft at various locations. A circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the "Magnetic Field Disrupter"
(MFD) surrounds the rotatable crew compartment. Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD technology. The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field that
disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity by 89 percent. This effect enables the craft to outperform and outmaneuver any other aircraft.
Many sightings of triangular UFOs are the secret TR-3B. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF have been playing a shell game with aircraft nomenclature. They created the TR-3, modified to the
TR-3A and B, and the Tier 2, 3, and 4, with suffixes like 'Plus' or 'Minus'. Each of these designators is a different aircraft. Some are manned and others are unmanned.
The TR-3B's propulsion is provided by three multi-mode thrusters mounted at each corner of the triangular platform. The TR-3 is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above l00,000
feet, then it picks up speed.
This is just a small example of the information now revealed in Fouche' and Steiger's book. An absolute must to read for those serious about researching UFO phenomenon.
Mary Sutherland, author of Living in the Light and Host of BUFO
Price 19.95 plus 4.00 shipping and handling
275 Pages, PB


By Stephen Kinzer

The State Department recently issued a collection of previously
classified documents that shed new light on the Central
Intelligence Agency's role in the June 1954 coup in Guatemala
that ousted the president, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán. Mr. Arbenz had
clashed with the United Fruit Company, which for many years
exercised decisive influence in Guatemala, and the Eisenhower
administration feared that he was leading his country toward
Communism. The coup brought Col. Carlos Castillo Armas to power
and set off more than three decades of civil conflict and
repression in which hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans were
Click here for the rest of the story, including section on UFO's


*Between August and December humans magnetic energy field will get very weak resulting in short term memory loss and exhaustion.
While the earth reaches zero point you may enjoy www.earthchangestv.com site for the latest news!!
Rev  Seka


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"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
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What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
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awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
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