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Mary Sutherland  @2004

Located at 205 W. Main Street in Rochester Wisconsin is Chances Restaurant which was formerly the Old Union House.
This place has a lot of history . Not only was it the old union house but was also linked to the Underground Railroad Movement, hiding run away slaves.
The building has walls 18 inches thick and was built in 1843 by Peter Campbell near a frame building that Rochester's first settler, Levi Godfrey, had used as an inn.
In the 1840s and 50's a plank road ran fromRacine through Rocheser to the Janesville area.
The Union House, just before the Civil War, became an important link for runaway slaves from the South.
The tunnels were used by Union House to help the slaves be able to get to the river by night.
According to some accounts, slaves would be brought up the Fox River during the night and just before dawn they would be brought through a tunnel from the river to the hotel. The next night the slaves
would again be taken through the tunnel to the river to continue their journey northward.
In an 1978 article on Big John's Village Inn, which then occupied the building, the owner is reported to have said that when new bathrooms were put in, a crawl space was found that went all the way through
the ground to the river.
* Note; The tunnels pre-existed the buildings erected on these spots.  But were in most likelihood used later by their new owners.
It has said that the tunnels were sealed because of the screams, howls and wails heard coming from them in the middle of the night.
The locals believed that they led to hell itself and had them sealed...with a warning NEVER open them!

Following are some photos we took during our last tour of Chances. As you see, there was activity going on the night we were there.
Of course it was Halloween Night..
Notice the moving orb over
Margo's Head. Although she can't
see it, she is definately feeling this
spirits presense.

Joshua King, Burlington WI

Joshua King's  friend's mother used to work at Chances, spending a lot of time there. She would go up to the attic where there were ghosts.
There was a big mirror in the attic. Sometimes, if she looked in the mirror, she would see one of the three ghosts that haunt the attic.

There are also unexplained incidences of weird noises, mirrors and glasses breaking.

Mary's Note:

There is  an entrance to an underground tunnel at Chances.
This tunnel leads under the Fox River.
The tunnel today is sealed.

Some of the elders in the area said the reason for the sealing of
the tunnels was because they used to hear screaming, moans and wails
coming from there. They felt the tunnels led to hell itself.

Two items of interest were found at Chances.
One was the large tunnel entrance.
Then in 1978, while replacing the old bathrooms, a crawl space was found leading from there to the river.
The crawl space may have been made by the Europeans, later coming there.
A similar crawl space was found across the street as well.
This crawl space led to a larger tunnel. However, as you get to the larger tunnel. it is sealed.
Some boys broke a place in the seal. Threw a stone through the hole. They said the rock made a lot of echoing sound, leading them to
believe that their was something quite big behind the sealed wall.

Chances Restaurant
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