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The Tribe of Dann - The Red Haired Race
Copyright 2004-5 Mary Sutherland

Lands connected to the Tribes of Dann  can be traced through this blood factor.
.The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a "Mutation" of "Unknown Origin".
The Creation of the Shepherd Kings

The notion of the serpent as evil  came into our consciousness during the early Christian era. Prior to this, the biblical serpent
was often connected with godly knowlege,  healing and immortality. The Hebrew word for the creature who tempted Eve is
"nahash" which literally means "he who solves secrets."

The Anunnaki came to earth for the purpose of colonization and mining. Through their advanced knowledge of genetics, they
created a slave race.  To watch over their 'herd' of slaves, they created a hybrid group of 'shepherd kings'. These 'hybrids'
enjoyed the protection of the gods in exchange for their services and loyalty. Being at least 75 per cent Anunnaki, Caine was the
first in the Shepherd Kingship line. The line of Cain went on to produce what we know today as the 'blue blood' lineage, always
interbreeding within the Anunnaki families in order to maintain the purity of the hybrid blood status.

The serpent bloodline interbred with Nordics, who carried the blonde and blue eyed traits.  These Nordic features are for some
reason very desirable to the Serpent cultures and as legend goes ' to be descended from Noah' is a code for the illumanati

The Tyrrhenians were an offshoot of the Atlanteans, of whom the  Tyrrhenian Sea was named. They eventually split , branching
off to become the Etruscans and the Carians,who are more commonly known as the Phoenicians.  The Eus-Cara became the
Basques of Spain and the Taurkes became the Tauraks who settled North Africa bringing with them the Atlantean knowlede.
The Taureg people of North Africa  have allowed some visitors to see their ancient cavern systems in the Ahaggar Mountains
where they have murals of their Atlantean ancestors holding snakes and swords with tridents on the blades.  The Tuaregs also
perform a dance in honour of the Atlantean fire god, Voltan or Votan, Colonizing Greece were the Pelasgians who worshipped a
serpent goddess called Athene or Neith who was depicted as a serpent or goddess covered by snakes.  They  first landed on
the Pelopnnese in Greece and settled in Arcadia. It was the "Athenians" who went to war with their cousin  Atlanteans prior to the

The  Tibetan  
Dzyan documents a system of underground tunnels the ancient Atlanteans built that  encircled the entire planet.  
The western tunnel network had its beginning under the Atacama Desert in Chile running in the direction of Tiahuanaco - Cuzco
- Mount Shasta - Grand Tetons, under the American mainland and the Atlantic ocean towards the Atlas mountain range in
western Africa and then under Ahaggar/Tibesti mountain ranges towards their final station at  the Giza pyramids. One important
center was under the Mato Grosso region in Brazil, where Agartha had a strong connection with the  Atlantean cities on the
surface. The Himalayan network was of extraordinary importance. Here an underground civillization was developed as a mirror
of an Atlantean colony that  existed on the surface in the area of contemporary Gobi desert. Of course then it was no desert, but a
subtropical paradise. The Himalayan network had its souce under the Gobi Desert where it expanded under the Takla Makan
Desert and then onwards under the Pamirs, Altai, Karakorum, Baltistan, Kunluns and the Chang Tang plateau towards the

A group of Dananns (Dann) settled in Asia Minor (now Turkey), Greece and the islands of Aegean. (On my site,
burlingtonnews.net/tunnels you will find that thirty six underground cities have been discovered so far  in  Cappadocia with some
going down eight levels.  Some of these cities can hold a population of thousands. The ventiliation system are so efficient that
even eight floors below the surface  the air is still fresh. Thirty vast underground cities and tunnel complexs have also been
found near Derinkuya in Turkey).  

The name Danaan is derived from their worship of the moon goddess, Diana (Dana). The  Island of Rhodes,was the home of
the Danaan brotherhood of initiates and magicians known as the Telchines. According to the Greek historian Diodorus, these
initiates had the ability to heal, change the weather, and 'shape-shift' into any form. (The name Rhodes, which is connect to the
German "Rot", meaning red, as with Rothschild (Red-Shield) became a code name for the bloodlines. Malta , too, was was an
important center in 3500 B.C. and the home of a major Mystery School. Under Malta is a vast network of tunnels and megalithic
temples where secret rituals took place and still do today. Malta's original name was Lato, named after Mother Lato, the serpent
goddess.  The Knights Templar secret society was formed in the late 11th century to protect the reptilian bloodline or 'Le Serpent
rouge ' the red serpent or serpent blood, together with their associated order, the highly secretive Priory of Sion.

The Danaans also settled on Cyprus, known during ancient times as "La-Dan" or the "Isle of Dan".  There is little doubt that the
"Isle of Man" in the Irish Sea, a place so important to the Druids, was a Danaan settlement. The Tauras Mountains in Turkey, the
Baleric Islands and Syria  were also Danaan settlements. After arriving in the British Isles, they became known as the "Tuatha
de Danaan". According to Sir Laurence Gardener " Sumaire" in the old Irish language means Dragon. He further believes that  
the subsequent culture of the region, phoenically called Sumerian (pronounced "Shumerian") was actually Sidhemurian
(Shee-murian) . This case is now considerable since the early Ring Lords of Scythia (the Tuatha De Danaan king tribe) were
actually called the 'Sumaire'.

The female Amazons were a branch of the Hesperides or Hespera, a name for Atlantis. They, too, followed the goddess Athene
or Nieth and venerated her symbol, the double-headed axe. They built  shrines to the goddess in many places, including the
famous centre for Diana worship at Ephesus and other locations along the Turkish coast.


(Reference:  Children of the Matrix, David Icke)

Jeoulosy between  the Atlantean Kings erupted resulting in a great world war.  Laws of Nature were abused and nucleur and
high tech wars took place on planet Earth, bringing  about great earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, plate shifts, and other great
disasters...including radioactive fallout.

Stories from the Americas describe highly advanced beings,arriving with great knowledge from their  sunken homeland.
The Polynesians claim that Atlantean survivors travelled to India before returning to the remnants of their homeland, the Pacific
Islands, and becoming the Polynesians. James Churchward says that these people also settled in Egypt via India. Chinese
legend talks of a continent in the area called Maurigosima, which sank amidst  a great cataclysm, but its king, Peiru-un,
escaped to mainland China and continued his bloodline there.

After the destruction of Atlantis and the surface of Earth was once again safe to live on,  the Atlantean survivors  began to
recolonise the planet.

This site is a compilation of notes I have
accumulated on my research of the Tribe of
Dann. Much has been sent in to me, but if
you see something that you feel belongs to
you, contact me and I will be more than
happy to give you credit for your work.
Thank you. Mary Sutherland
A Babylonian tablet located in the British Museum (No 74329),  circa 2000 B.C. contains  the  Sumerian record of the Line of
Cain. Copied by A.R. Millard and translated by W.G. Lambert (Kadmos, vol. VI), it speaks of the beginnings of a group of
people who were
ploughmen,(agriculturists)  which corresponds to the biblical "tiller of the land."
They were called AMAKANDU - And, the Mesopotamian chief of these people was  KA'IN
"Ka'in built in Dunnu a city with twin towers and gave himself  lordship over it. "
"....After the death (or murder) of Ka'in, "he was laid to rest in the city of Dunnu, which he loved."
"....We also find among traditional Assyrian eponyms of royal names the combination Ashur-bel-Ka'ini ("Ashur, lord of the
Ka'inites"). The  Assyrian scribes paralleled this name with the Sumerian ASHUR-EN.DUNI ("Ashur is lord of Duni"), implying
that the Ka'ini ("The people of Kain") and the Duni ("The people of Dun") were one and the same; and thus reaffirming the
biblical Cain and Land of Nun or Dun." Z. Sitchen
The Anunnaki Birth Goddess holding up the First Adam
This cylinder seal shows  the presentation of the 'plough'  as described in left column
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