Dogons Could Hold the Answer to the Mysteries of Our Past
Dogons were visited by the ancient astronauts, Noomos. ThUis aquatic civilization came from the Syrius Constellation ,
landing in the land of the Dogons where they taught these people the knowledge of Creation and Life Forces
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Mary Sutherland
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Living in the Light
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                                      Dogon Sand Grid

Crop Circle to Left

Water Molecules. (Single "dots"
represent  atoms,
connected "dots" represent molecules.)
Oxygen is element #8, Hydrogen is
element #1. A water molecule consists of
a single "8" + two "1's".
To Understand the Implications of this
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The Primitive Culture of Dogons is a most fascinating discovery for modern man. For this culture of simplicity , untouched and unknown until recently,
might hold the keys to unlock the mysteries of modern day man ..his roots and  religions. Sometimes, if you can't solve the mystery on one end of the
spectrum, it is suggested to try it from the other end. And the Dogons is definately the opposite end of the spectrum of Modern Day Man.  Taking this
into account let's take a look at the Dogons and their beliefs.

The DOGON Culture , untouched by the influence of modern religion , still live by the words of their ancient ancestors, abiding by a tradition that has
been past down to them by spiritual guides and teachers  that came from the stars, called NOMMOS.

Although modern day theologians would like to sweep this under the rug, the story is out and is here to stay. Unfortunately there are only few that are  
'aware' enough  to believe and understand the significance of this ancient and primitive tradition. But for those of you that want to hear, the Dogons have
a story to tell:

The Dogons believe that in ancient times, an aquatic culture came to them from out of the sky. Human looking beings, acting as saviors and spiritual
guardians, landed close to their village in a space ship described to have 3 triangular legs. Being that they were amphibious, upon landing, they filled a
reservoir of water onto the land. Exiting their ship was done by diving into this reservoir.  How strange and frightening this must have been to the Dogon
of this time! After the initial arrival, the Dogons realized that much like our amphibious creatures today, the NOMMOS were able to adapt to both
environments, thus although their primary home would be water, they were still able to walk , talk and live on land. Another thing that was so amazing
about these star people was in the fact they had shapeshifting abilities. Whether it was done by mersmerization or not is unknown to me.

As Dogon legend has it, the Nommo divided his body among men to feed them, thus giving them  Nommo's  life principles.
"As the Universe had drunk of his body; the Nommo also made men drink"
I find an interesting similarity here with the body and blood of Christ used our Christian Religions.

The Nommo was crucified  and resurrected, again to visit the Earth, this time in the form of a human.
Later he will assume his amphibious form and will rule the world from the waters.
Here again we see another similarity in the Christian Faith of Christ's crucification, resurrection and return.

Although primitive in today's standards and completely cut off from the world, the Dogon Tribe has advanced knowledge of our solar system. What the
Dogons knew thousands of  years ago our scientists only came to discover  in 1978, which was the dwarf star Sirius B. They not only knew about it but
could point to its locality.  Their claim to this knowledge came from  the Nommo.
The knew, that Sirius A, the brightest sky in our sky is next to a small white dwarf called Sirius B.

Reports of the Fish Gods are found all over the world , whether it be in our research of ancient history or in the study of modern day theology.
Interestingly, even though these cultures are seperated by time and space, their descriptions of the Fish Gods are remarkably similar . The priests try to
honor the fish gods by dressing with a fish robe and headset. even today, our Christian tradition symbolizes Christ with the sign of the 'fish'.  The Dogon
tradition claims that these alien visitors came from Sirius, the Constellation of the Dog. Southwest Indians still today, look to the Dog Star as their home
and seek psychic guidance from it. We have taught our children to look at the Dog Star and make a wish '
When you wish upon a star...makes no
difference where you are...."
Disney . The sailors have always carried the tales of the mythical sireens or mermaids.

Examples of other cultures who worshiped Amphibian Deities and Gods

Babylon :  The Babylonians history tells of the fish gods who brought civilization to their people. OANNES or OE was the  principal god, who came from
the GREAT EGG.  During the day he stayed with the people on land, but at night   he returned to the Sea. The Babylonians called his kind ANNEDOTUS.

Sumerian: The Sumerians called the Fish God, "Enki" or "Ea"- It was in Sumer where their kingship first descended from   heaven. EA was thought to live
in the 'APSU' or submarine palace.

Phillistines: The Phillistines worshiped two amphibian dieties, DAGON and ATARGIS . They described them as human  type beings with tails of fish.

Egyptian:  Pharos,  in northern Egypt , was said to be the home of 'THE OLD MAN OF THE SEA., a shape-shifting    amphibious deity known as
PROTEUS, , son of OCEANUS and renowned among ancient  Greeks as an oracle. Traditional legends specifically claimed that he often sheltered in a
cave to avoid the heat of Sirius.

Greek Culture Poseidon, God from the sea.

Zulu Tribes of Africa

           have an account of the star people as well. Supporting the account of the Zulu Tribe is the evidence of their
                  remarkable cave drawings and objects. The spiritual leader , Credo Mutwa, of the Zulu tribe in Africa once said
               that the Zulus had  similar experiences and knowledge of the NOMMO.    His story is quite similiar as to the
                  Dogon account, except that instead of building a reservoir by making a whole in the ground and filling it with
                 water, the Nommo landed in a valley and caused it to rain, thus filling the valley with water. But just like the
                   Dogons, the Nommo came to them and told them that they were from the Star Sirius.
There has been at least one documentary movie on this subject. It shows the inside of the cave, and the drawings.
The spacecraft in references can be clearly seen in these drawings.
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Dogon People and their Beliefs (Amman and Lebe)

To the Dogon People, the story of the Creator is quite simple and hopefully I can relate it just as simply.

Here are the Primaries:

In the Beginning:
Amman was the Creator.
He soon multiplied to become six pairs of twins, which is a metaphor for our original 12 strand DNA.
Our present physical DNA  contains 2 strands which
hold the genetic codes for our physical evolvement
Amman created an egg (universe) from which all things would come.
He balanced this universe with equal but opposite pairs ie, good and bad, male and female, spiritual, physical . All things created came in pairs (dual,
Note the similarity here with the 2's and pairs in Noah's Ark replenishing the earth with pairs, everything came in binary. Could binary numbers
then be part of  the universal code for creation???
The creation of dualness held no exception, including Amman. He would become creator/god on one side of the coin and the universe on the other side,
thus spiritual and physical, female and masculine.

Amman's Egg was full of Nommos.
The Nommos (in pairs) are the primeval life giving forces (Christian version of creation angels)
Nommos were given a 'free hand in creating life'

TWINS (The twin analogy, YIN /YANG can be found in most religious traditions all around the world)
This is a metaphor for one source/soul splitting into two polarities...the yin/yang, when it enters into the electro-magnetic energies of third dimensions.

They created YURUGUA
The Nommos made a mistake in the creation process.
Not taking into consideration their dual personality, they mistakenly allowed their darker side to manifest iself in the manly form of the unpredictable
This twin rebelled against the order established by Amma, thereby destablizing it, creating CHAOS.. (Chaos Theory).

Undoing the Damage:
In order to to purify the cosmos and restore its order, the Nommo created LEBE.
Lebe was absolutely PERFECT.  

The First Sacrifice:

Lebe and Yuruga had to have a show down of which they both had to suffer an early and violent death. The sacrificed body of Lebe was then cut up and
scattered throughout the Universe.

New Plan for Creation:
Eliminating the first mistake in creation, Amman and the Nommo went back to the work of creating the rest of the world and  all things, keeping with the
original binary design of two's.
(everything even today in the Dogon world is made divided, multiplied or in some way calculated using two, four , six,
eight,..If it worked for Amman and the Nommo , it was definatly a working plan for the Dogons. We need not laugh at the simplicity of the Dogon here,
because think about how our computer language is set up...binary).

New Plan Worked and Time to Go Home:
With creation out of the way and Earth seeded with man it was time to go home. With regret the nearly formed Dogons watched with sadness as their
gods left them .
(Here again we can see the our Christian traditions agreed with their tradition in Genesis ..'When the angels walked with man..."

The Dogons spiritual leader is called a Hogan.It is his job to remember the history and number system that governs their lives, which he passes down to
his successor which again will do the same. The Hogon, and everyone else, are fully aware that there is both good and bad in everything so everyone is
watched very closely by everyone else in case some horrible imbalance occurs.Villages are built in pairs, houses and stores are built with eight rooms, and
there are sixteen special stones in the Hogon's house - eight for Hogons past and eight for the future successors. There is no real government and
although the country has a 'Supreme Hogon' the ordinary villages consist of extended families with the eldest and most respected male taking on the
spiritual leadership role.
The religious beliefs of the Dogon, although simple,  are in again enormously complex and knowledge of them varies greatly within Dogon society.
Dogon religion is defined primarily through the worship of the ancestors and the spirits whom they encountered as they slowly migrated from their
obscure ancestral homelands to the Bandiagara cliffs.

There are three principal cults among the Dogon; the Awa, Lebe and Binu.

The Awa is a cult of the dead, whose purpose is to reorder the spiritual forces disturbed by the death of the Nommo life force.
Members of the Awa cult dance with ornate carved and painted masks during both funeral and death anniversary ceremonies. There are 78 different types
of ritual masks among the Dogon and their iconographic messages go beyond the aesthetic, into the realm of religion and philosophy. The primary
purpose of Awa dance ceremonies is to lead souls of the deceased to their final resting place in the family altars and to consecrate their passage to the
ranks of the ancestors.
*The 78 ritual masks can also be represented by the 78 cards in the Torah deck

The Dogon say that their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommo. The Dogon elder, Ogotemelli, describes them variously as having
the upper part as a man and the lower portion as snake; or as having a ram's head with serpent body

The cult of Lebe, the Earth God, is primarily concerned with the agricultural cycle and its chief priest is called a Hogon. All Dogon villages have a Lebe
shrine whose altars have bits of earth incorporated into them to encourage the continued fertility of the land. . According to Dogon beliefs, the god Lebe
visits the hogons every night in the form of a serpent and licks their skins in order to purify them and infuse them with life force. The hogons are
responsible for guarding the purity of the soil and therefore officiate at many agricultural ceremonies.

The cult of Binu is a totemic practice and it has complex associations with the Dogon’s sacred places used for ancestor worship, spirit
communication and agricultural sacrifices.

Binu shrines house spirits of mythic ancestors who lived in the legendary era before the appearance of death among mankind. Binu spirits often make
themselves known to their descendants in the form of an animal that interceded on behalf of the clan during its founding or migration, thus becoming the
clan’s totem. The priests of each Binu maintain the sanctuaries whose facades are often painted with graphic signs and mystic symbols. Sacrifices of
blood and millet porridge (the primary crop of the Dogon) are made at the Binu shrines at sowing time and whenever the intercession of the immortal
ancestor is desired. Through such rituals, the Dogon believe asks a question hat the benevolent force of the ancestor is transmitted to the
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Laird Scranton, Hidden Meanings
Above, Amaguime Dolu, a diviner in the village of Bongo, performs a ritual. He derives
meaning and makes predictions from grids and symbols in the sand. At dusk, he draws
a questions in the sand for the sacred fox to answer. Believing the fox to have
supernatural powers, the Dogon leaves an offering  of millet, milk and peanuts, asks a
question and returns in the morning to interpret the answer from the fox's footprints left
behind the night before.
Comments from Judith Hedden of the Sand Grid Divination
Translation thru Sacred Geometry
Am so impressed with this that I  must comment on
the picture of
the sand grid divination. First that the Egyptian
culture is the only
one who used squares to depict astrological houses
based on the pyrimid
inch of 120. Cause 4 X 30 = 120.
In the picture. of the Dogon sand grid note the
squares, a couple show the Mayan five bar, where 1
clealy depicts the
count of 8 with its 3 circles on the bars left.

Even more interesting to me is
the fox divination. Translate the word
fox to #'s in the english alphabet giving the #'s
6-15-24 . To an
example base pair 14 , add each of the above to it
separately =
20-29-38. Now add these last three #'s together =
87. 87 reads from
right is 78, which is # of cards in the Torah deck.
The word fox
translates to the # 41 . Subtract the base # 14 from
the # 41 = 27. The
zero count of 27 (1 more ) = 28, being the Egyptian
small cubic which is
half (1/2) of our mathematics base. (1/2) read from
right is the cubic
inch. Amazing ! Coincidence, I don't think so.
Could the Dogons hold the clue to the Mysteries of our
Ancient Ancestors. Although a primitive culture, it
seems that visitors from Space contacted them eons
ago with the very mysteries of the universe. The
information the Dogons have  has remained intact all
these years, untouched and not influenced by outside
Listen to Mary Sutherland Interview Laird Scranton on
the valuable clues that the Dogons give us on the
mysteries of how the Universe and Man was really
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The Egyptians focused on the star Sirius.
The Dogan tradition was involved with the
Sirius star system - Sirius, and Sirius B
and Sirius C (B & C, are definitions used by
later researchers, used now, for the sake of
Brevity). ...... The three Sirius suns
collectively make up a solar system unique
in the universe ..... The full Sirius system is
important to the Dogon. Ironically it is the
unseen portion of the system that is linked
to the essence of their religion. . Sirius C ,
translated from the Dogon language (and
then into English) is called the "Sun of

Sirius C ( the Sun of Women ) is described
by the Dogan as "the seat of the female
souls of living or future beings" . Its symbol
contains two pair of lines that are relevant
features of a Dogan legend. They believe
that Sirius C "sends out two pairs of
beams" - and that the beams represent "a
feminine figure " . The legend has an
addenda that seems to underline the fact
that the subject at hand is not astronomy -
"It is the only star which emits these
beams" ... I must step out of context to
share some most relevant examples. A
great many of the most ancient of Egyptian
temples , such as the temple of Isis at
Denerah, were created so that the light of
the helical rising of Sirius would travel
down the main corridor to place its red
glow upon the altar in the inner sanctum of
the temple - when that light reached the
altar, the beam of light from Sirius was
transformed into Sothis , the Star Goddess.
In a manner of speaking, the same belief
system was involved in the Greek Temples,
such as the Parthenon, which were
oriented to receive the beams of light from
the Pleiades into their inner sanctums,
where the beams were then transformed
into seven women ... Research is currently
in progress , to validate a similar
transformation. As the beams from the
Pleiades entered Egyptian temples of
Hathor , and became the 7
Hathors/Kittikas, female judges of
mankind. All of this was researched and
recorded (from Mali, to Egypt, to Greece)
decades, even centuries, prior to the first
utterance of that classic phrase, "Beam me
up Scotty".

Within the Dogon tradition, those pairs of
feminine figures beamed down from the
star/sun/planet of Women to their original
home near the Hoggar mountains ,
bringing many aspects of civilization to the
ancestors of their tribes