Native American Legends of Giants

History of America Before Columbus By DeRoo

Vestiges of artistic progress are left in America's northermost regions, but its date could not be assigned says Humbolt. W.
Gleeson relates that shortly before leaving Lower California the Jesuits discover in the mountains several extensive caves hewn
out of solid rock, like those of Elephanta in southern hindoostan. In these, painted on the rock, were reprensentations of men
and women decently clad as well as of different species of animals. One of the caves described by a missionary as fifty feet long,
fifteen high and formed in the manner of an arch. The entrance being entirely open, there was sufficient light to observe the
painted figures. The males were reprensented with their arms extended and somewhat elevated, while one of the females
appeared with her hair flowing loose over her shoulders and a crown of feathers on her head. Those pictures did not reproduce
the modern tribes whose males entirely dispensed with clothes, had the least idea of artistic painting, nor were in possession of
tools to dig comfortable habitations in the heart of a rock; but they gave convincing evidence of a more ancient population, more
enlightened and more advanced in material civilization, as it was also of greater physical stature. The latter is confirmed as well
by the assertions of the inhabitants, who unanimously affirmed to the first Christian missionaries the prior existence of a powerful
gigantic race, as by the fossil remains there discovered, for instance, by the human skeleton measuring eleven feet, found by
Father Joseph Rotea at the mission of Kadakamong.

This Indian tradition in regard to a previous gigantic race is wide-spread among the native races of the pacific coast.

The Works of Huburt Howe Bancroft, Vol., 5 Native Races 1882

I have stated above that the Peruvians preserved no record of having come originally from China. They had a tradition, however,
concerning certain foreigners who came by sea to their country, which may be worth repeating; Garcilasso de la Vega gives this
tradition as he himself heard it in Peru. They affirm, he says, in all Peru, that certain giants came by sea to the cape now called
St Helens, in large barks made of rushes. These giants were so enormously tall that ordinary men reached no higher than their
knees, ...

Before Columbus Links Between The Old World and Ancient America

by Cyrus Gordon

The Aztecs have a tradition that the arts of civilization were brought to America by a bearded white personage named
Quetzalcoatl, "The Plumed Serpent". He came from the East by boat, which can only mean the Atlantic. So firm was their faith in
him, that it played into the hands of Cortes...

The Maya have the same tradition about the bearded white being who came from the east bringing the blessins of civilization.
They call him in their own language Kukulcan which means the Plumed Serpent...
The Inca cherish the same tradition though they call him Viracocha

History of America Before Columbus

The Indians remembered well that their God Quetzalcoatl had not been like one of themselves. They described him as a white or
pale faced man, of portly person, with broad forehead, great eyes, long black hair, and a heavy rounded beard. Teh Zapotecan
Wixipecocha was also a white-skinned apostle, and the Toltecan Topiltzin is described as having all the same features, to which
Duran adds that his beard was of fair color and his nose rather large.

The God-Kings and The Titans

All the glory of the godhead
Had the prophet Quetzalcoatl;
...see, his beard is very lengthy;
See, exeeding long his beard is;
Yellow as the straw his beard is!
Indian verse collected by Father de Sahagyn

Fair Gods and Stone Faces,

by Constance Irwin St Martins 1963

Torquemada commented elsewhere that Quetzalcoatl was a white man; era hombre blanco; a large man, broad browed, with
huge eyes.

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