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"On the earth there once were giants"
Greek Poet Homer wrote in 400 B.C.

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Ireland's Legends

The History of Ireland, Commencing with its Earliest Period 1843

The ruinous remains of a circular temple near Dundalk, formed a part, it is supposed of a great work like that of
Stonehenge, being open, as we are told to the east, and composed of simular circles of stone within. One of the
old English traditions respecting Stonehenge is, that the stones were transported thither from Ireland, having been
brought to the latter country by giants from the extremities of Africa; and in the time of Giraldus Cambrensis there
was still to be seen, as he tells, on the plain of Kildare, an immense monument of stones corresponding exactly in
appearance and contruction with that of Stonehenge.

Did A Race of Giants Pre-Exist Modern Man
Giants as an Ancient Race
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Mary Sutherland's work focuses on psychical research (paranormal, or what is now
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