Giants of Kentucky
Ancestors of our First Americans
The Kentucky Cave Story

Two young men named White, while idly wandering in a large tract of wild, dense forest, in the south-eastern part of our county, discovered what they supposed to be a sink-hole or
fox-den, (A)  and with that idea proceeded to explore it. After a little trouble in making their way through the entrance, the cave (for such it proved to be) became large enough to admit of
their walking upright. They had proceeded thus in this passage probably, 150 yards, when they emerged into a large and picturesque gallery, the beauty and grandeur of which will
rival that of the old Mammoth itself. The room, according to their calculations, is about 150 by 100 feet, and abounds in all the varieties of the stalactite and stalagmite.

But, it's not the things that we naturally expect to find in caves that we wish to mention particularly, but the curios remains that were discovered therein. In the northeast corner of the
first gallery, (for there are five, which we will speak of), about five feet from the ground, they noticed some strange characters or hieroglyphics neatly carved in the wall, which, upon
close examination, proved to be the head-rock of a vault. A few minutes prying served to loosen this   and disclose to view the interior of an enclosure in the solid rock of about five by
ten feet, which contained the remains of three skeletons, which measure eight feet seven and a half inches, eight feet five inches and eight feet four an three quarter inches in length
respectively. The heads were lying toward the east, each body parallel to the other. Beside them lay three huge (what looked to be) swords, but they were so decayed that upon being
touched they crumbled to dust.

After examining the remains closely, but finding nothing that would serve to throw any light on the question as to who and from whence they are, they closed the vault, but in doing so,
knocked their torch out, which they had contrived before entering, leaving them in anything but a pleasant predicament. After searching some time for their lost treasure, they
concluded to try to escape by feeling their way out, but in this they made the matter worse. They stated that after leaving the first large room they struck a good sized branch, and
continued following it until forced to turn into another passage the stream disappearing suddenly in a huge perpendicular gulch which led them into another spacious hall, the size of
which they believe to be quite as large as the first.

Out of this second opening, and through what they conceived to be three others similar at least in size their way seemed to gradually ascend, until their hearts were made glad by the
discovery of light ahead, and finally emerged from their ugly confinement through a hole about midway, the cliff of Russell's Creek, having been confined in their subterranean
discovery over thirty eight hours. The whole country thereabouts is rife with speculations concerning the interesting discovery, and numbers of citizens will visit it as soon as the
Messrs. White finish their work of rendering the entrance less difficult to pass.

The above is a correct account and may be replied on, as the young men are of unimpeachable veracity. With a party from town, your correspondent will start in the morning to further
explore and should now curiosities present themselves, will give you the account of an eyewitness.

This entire site is in the Southwestern portion of the United States on private property. (A) The entrance to the many chambers underground.
(B) Skeleton number 2. (C) Skeleton number 3. (D) This is their script? designs? records? map? (E) A cloth sample from a burial inside the chamber. (F) A fishing net. Reminiscent of
the great inland sea that once covered much of today's present southwest. (G) Woven footwear, a type of moccasin? (H) Tanit, the Phoenician goddess Asarte sometimes referred to
as the face of Ba'al, as worshiped in the Mediterranean area, found here in America.

Columbia, Kentucky
January 30, 18 76

Ancient American magazine has been republishing articles similar to the specimen included above for more than eight years. Then, as now, the first question invariably generated by
such old stories is: What became of the alleged bones and artifacts? Countless similar finds were reported during the early populating of North America in private journals and
newspaper articles not unlike that published by the Louisville Courier Journal, 146 years ago. They can't all have been hoaxes, as skeptics claim.

Indeed, it appears that during the early 19th Century partial physical evidence for over-sized human beings were sometimes discovered in a prehistoric context. But complete
skeletons have been lacking. For the first time, however, investigators may actually be able to study first-hand an intact burial of one of these larger than normal individuals. Our cover
photograph shows the remains of such an ancient man who allegedly stood some eight feet tall. His thousand-year-old grave was accidentally uncovered by a private landowner. The
burial chamber contained several human and animal bones, plus manmade objects well preserved by the local desert climate. Other unviolated prehistoric graves in the immediate
vicinity have also been located.

Ancient American will shortly be assisting the landowner in choosing a licensed archaeologist to examine these finds and prepare a site-plan for possible (but anticipated)
excavation. The cultural identity of these "giants" is still a mystery, although some researchers detect signs of Mediterranean origins. Their burials are said to contain traces of
metallurgy, examples of graphic art, and evidence for a knowledge of astronomy atypical of native tribal peoples in the American south west.

Even so, could they have originated here, or does their provenance lie in the Eastern Hemisphere? Carbon-datable materials retrieved from the site may be able to establish some
time-parameters for these vanished people, and thereby help us to understand their place in prehistoric migration, not only across our continent, but over the seas, as well.

Ancestors of our First Americans
by Wayne May

(A) The entrance to the many chambers underground.
(B) Skeleton number 2. (C) Skeleton number 3. (D) This is their script? designs? records? map? (E) A cloth sample from a burial inside the chamber. (F) A fishing net. Reminiscent of the great inland sea that once covered
much of today's present southwest. (G) Woven footwear, a type of moccasin? (H) Tanit, the Phoenician goddess Asarte sometimes referred to as the face of Ba'al, as worshiped in the Mediterranean area, found here in
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