Burlington WI Haunted Woods and Sacred Site

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We encourage you to sit on the Manitou stone and meditate.
Your vibration and awareness activates the portal causing your
astral self to step out of your 3d self and travel to the other
dimensions. This is what the Native Americans call Spirit
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experienced on this tour.  * Note - Double exposures are created
on 'film'. It is IMPOSSIBLE to double expose using
Seeing the Unseen  -
It's a Matter of Perspective
by Mary Sutherland  @2006


The Spectrum of Reality
encompasses both that which we can see and measure, as well as that which we can neither see nor measure.  Our human senses detect only about 5% of this spectrum of  reality. The other 95% , although very real, is invisible
to us.  Our universe is operating on a certain wavelength. A phased shift  operating  on a slightly different wavelength, may reveal whole new worlds that are beyond our sensory constructs.  Interference between these  
wavelengths has been postulated as one  answer for ghosts and other paranormal activity

Since the middle of the last century a great deal of research has been carried out in paranormal and spiritualistic phenomena. A whole new branch of science -- parapsychology -- has sprung up, giving us plenty of evidence that
the astral realms and entities living in these realms do exist.

The Cultures of the  East and West are very different in their views concerning reality. Where the East believes that 'everything' we see  is an illusion,  the West firmly believes that is real can be seen and that which cannot be see
is an illusion or simply non-existent.

What I have come to realize is 'your' Reality is based on 'your'  belief system.  Whatever you believe in will manifest in your reality and whatever you 'don't believe in, will not.  And that  is the primary reason why people who  do not
believe in ufos never see a ufo.  With that in mind, know that if you plan on hunting for the paranormal , the mysteries or ufo's it is a MUST to  'keep an open mind to all the possibilities'  . If  you can not do so, you are better off just
staying at home, popping some popcorn and watching a good show.

Sometimes  in order to understand what is 'out there' you must first understand ' how' you 'see' your reality. Let me explain it to you... as I understand it.

1.)  It all starts with the brain and how it is ' programmed'  to create your reality . From birth, your brain is  programmed  as what to believe and how to respond to conditions based on those beliefs.  The programming comes via
many ways, parents, teachers, religion, peers, books, television, etc.
2.) Your senses sends information to your brain, which then 'filters' it, according to what it is programmed to believe is necessary for your survival. (much like spam mail filters). Material coming in that is not part of your belief
structure is booted out into the trash. After it has booted out what it thinks is trash, it then takes the remaining information and processes it into your reality.
3.) Your nervous system works like a two way highway - receiving and sending information. The nerve cells of the body (neurons) talk to each other - passing information from one sensory neuron to another until it gets to the
central nervous system. When the brain again  receives the signal it processes it and sends it back to the body telling it what action to take.

Just like a computer, the brain needs to be programmed in order to process data.  Although your  spouse may be a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day ,  you wouldn't even recognize him or her. Pepperoni pizza may be
delicious -  without the brain, your taste buds wouldn't be able to tell if you were eating pizza or the box it came in. None of your senses would be useful without the processing that occurs in the brain. - BUT  what a waste of a
good brain if it is processing everything according to 'disinformation'  programmed into it since your childhood. And unfortunately, that has happened to all of us.

For some of you, the information you have, that the brain uses for processing, is adequate. But for those of you that want more - that want the magic back in your life ,  you need to start re-programming your brain to allow more
information to filter in . How you go about doing this is quite simple. You simply  say to yourself  " I want  to belief in ......"
Like Christ said, "Ask and you shall receive" . Such a simply little phrase with oh so much power. ...
Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing." T.H. Huxley
PHASE SHIFTING  ---Shifting into other realities.

The key element in this process is an increased application of energy caused from the activated vortex. Due to the conditions in the vortex, you, as a solid matter, absorb the additional energy. As your body absorbs this energy,
the molecules increase in speed and start to vibrate more rapidly, causing the molecules to move apart from one another or shift.  Being that your vaporous body is no longer restrained to the 3D physical world it  moves through
the veil into the higher dimensions, which we call 'phase shifting'.  

I like to use the three states of water to demonstate what happens during a phase shift.
Ice represents the solid or crystalline state .
Put ice in a pan and apply heat (energy) to the ice . As the ice absorbs the heat (energy) the bonds that hold the molecules together start moving faster, allowing them to break free of their  crystalline state and turn in to water or
Turn the heat up even more on the pan of water, the molecules start moving even  faster . You will now  see steam moving up from the water and disappearing into the air.
Although you can no longer see the 'original' components of water they still exist , just  as they did prior to the increase of energy.
Simply slow the molecules down and the reverse happens... the  gaseous matter  will turn back into water and by putting the water back into the freezer (slowing down the molecules even more)  it will form ice.

The Vortex mirrors what is already happening to you and the world we live in right now.  During this Age of Ascention, we are entering a time  in which increasing energy is being absorbed by the molecules that make up our
physical reality. They are moving faster and faster, which means that their rate of vibration (frequency) is also increasing. The basic vibratory rate of the planet is increasing. Meaning -  All of the forms that we are familiar with are
undergoing a phase shift!

At the present, we are moving from the 3D solid state to a more fluid 4D reality. By 2012,  this reality will be more like the 5th and 6th dimensional reality.  A tip off to this 4D reality and the  upward shifting is in your awareness that
things 'seem' to feel like they are moving faster - including time.   The reason you may be sensing this is because - they really are!  We are going through a profound phase shift that will take us to the next level in the reality

To help you understand this concept a little better, let's review what light is and how it affects our reality.
'Visible' light is energy vibrating within the frequency range that can be detected by the receptor cells in the retina of our eyes. The frequency of vibration of a form of energy is in an inverse relationship to its wavelength. In other
words, the  shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. Very long waves have a very low (or "slow") frequency.

Our physical eyes can "see" or detect energy in a frequency range that corresponds to a wavelength of 4000 to 7500 angstroms. (An angstrom is a very small unit (1 hundred-millionth of a centimeter) used to measure the
extremely short wavelengths found in various forms of radiant energy.)

Visible light (light we can see)  ranges from the color red to the color violet.
Invisible light is Infrared ("below" red) and ultraviolet ("beyond" violet) light . This we can not normally see without the use of  special equipment that extends the range of our vision.  There are entities and even worlds that exist in
this invisible spectrum, very real but vibrating beyond the  range of light that our physical eyes can see. Inhabiting these etheric worlds  are interdimensional entities, elemental beings , souls and astral shells of the dead.

Objects , including ourselves, will become invisible to others - after we have increased the speed of vibration past their spectrum of vision.  To them we have disappeared or  simply are not there, but   while we are in this
increased vibrational state, not only do we see ourselves and physical experience , but we also see them. After we have slowed down our frequency we once again become visible to those operating in a lower frequency band.
Following is an example of the increased vibration , change in frequency and a phase shift.

Everything is made up of vibrating light which  carries its own vibration and frequency. Colors, emotions, substances, sound, thoughtforms all have an energetic "signature."
Emotions of  fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and greed  are the 'lower' emotions and carry a lower vibrational frequency. The 'higher' emotions carry a higher frequency and are emotions of  peace, love, happiness and compassion.
There are  creatures that  appear
to inhabit the etheric borderland
between the physical and astral
realms. The astral realms are
said to be inhabited by further
varieties of elemental beings and
also by the souls and astral
shells of the dead. The Qur'an
describes the   Jinns as having  
'bodies of essential flame' or
'smokeless flame' or 'smokeless
fire', such as what you see in the
two photos to left.
These apparitions were
standing to the side and
above us as we went
through on the trail of the
haunted woods.
You can actually see the
figures of the two to the
left.Getting into the
specifics of such
research, Swanson said
that he had investigated
the "orb" phenomena
seen in photographs,
and mentioned that it is
sometimes possible to
see the floating globes
with the naked eye with
the use of flash or
strobes. He postulated
that they may be related
to what the Hindus
referred to as an "astral
"Thousands, if not millions, of
people alive today have had the
experience of existing outside the
space of their physical bodies for
a brief period and experiencing
this separated state as real, not
as a dream or imaginary
experience. A typical
consequence of such an
out-of-body experience is on the
order of 'I no longer believe that I
have a soul, or that some part of
me will survive death,
I know it!"
(Rogo, 1983)
Mary Sutherland projecting current of energy out of her finger to the group.  (photo on left)
The Light entity behind Mary Sutherland (photo to right) is her merkabah
Film Presentation of our Tours
Day Time Tours Now Available
4 Hours of Dimensional Shifting, Surfing the Vortices, Experiencing the Enchantment of the
Fairies and Little People. Visiting Rock Mounds, Earthen Mounds,  Sacred Circles, Burial
Grounds, The Goddess Realm, Places of the Guardian Spirits and Portals (doorways into the
other worlds)
The earth grid, energy points, paranormal, tunnels, inner cities,  mounds, the mound builders
and Burlington Wisconsin are all inter-connected to a universal force, The earth is powered by a
life force that  emits electro-magnetic energies.  She is a live breathing entity of which we are part
of. Her blood is her energy . Her veins carry the energy which are the ley lines, mentioned earlier.
Her heart is the center of the earth . And her chakras are  energy points found where her veins
cross over in the form of a cross (+). These energy points are the gateways or doorways to the
inter-dimensional worlds. Burlington lies on one of these points. It not only affects the area but
its people.

Paranormal spots are caused by rifts.  As a rule, major ley lines don't  cross each other. When
they do , the cross section is called a nexus point. At this intersection, rifts are formed, which is a
tear in reality.

The size of the rift would be in accordance to the stress of the reality of the environment around
the nexus point proportional to the ley lines that cross. To simplify this statement, let me explain
it this way. If two small ley lines crossed in a remote locations, a small rift, if any, would appear.
However, an area such as Stonehenge that has a number of very strong major lines crossing it
and numerous minor ones tend to create larger and even multiple rifts.

Frequency of rift openings  is determined by the relative strength of the nexus point. If a strong
magical nexus exists, the chance to split reality occurs more frequently. We have found several
very strong rift openings in the Burlington area. One is near Browns Lake, another off Mormon
Road, another near Honey Creek, Rochester, Bong Recreational Area and Eagle Lake.

In Celtic mythology, the ancient mounds or sidhe were portals to the other world, accessed by
astral flight or perhaps in the case of UFOs ..actual travel within an electromagnetic field with the
ley lines converging, making an inter-dimensional vortex

Chambered mounds, comprised of alternating rock (inorganic) and soil, (organic) are orgone
accumulators and concentrate energy, some emit sound waves, while others blank them out.
These frequencies may have a positive effect on the bio-rhythms of someone within the chamber
or enhance altered states of consciousness.

The key energy meridians, were employed by ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to
stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet...From the mother earth "the way of the Word" or "the
power of the Word", the ancient priests used the language of Light to tune the planet like a giant
harmonic bell.
While in the woods please show respect to not only
the spirits but nature.
Do not break limbs or knock down small trees
Do not throw stones
Whatever you take into the woods make sure you
take out
No Alcholic beverages
Mary Sutherland teaches the
Shamanic Connection. The
Blue Shaman of the Woods is
lighting up the darkness by
bringing down the light of
heaven to this experiencer.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
Mary Sutherland teaches the
visitor how to connect to the
guardian trees which opens the
door to the multi-dimensions.
When the door opens the
experiencer will lift out of their
body and travel to the other
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
In this guardian tree connection,
not only did the people shift to
the higher dimensions, but so
did the trees. Note the angelic
light coming in from right.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
We call this phenomenon
'Angel Hair''. Note how angel
hair bends around hand and
camera of experiencer one
(front) and how experiencers
one,two and three have picked
up on the angel hairs energies.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
These experiencers are
disappearing into another world
superimposed over the first
world. Note how transparent
they become.
.Click Photo for Larger Viewing
If you give the right offering to
the fairies at the hidden fairy
kingdom a door will open and
they will pull you in for a special
'thank you'..as was the case for
this experiencer
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
There is a hill in the woods known to the Celts as a 'Fairy
Mound'. This place gives off tremendous energies which Mary
Sutherland explains to the visitors. Here you see the energies
coming off the mound, greeting the experiencers and
checking them out. Being that they found the experiencers ok,
they all left...as seen in photo 3   Click Photos for Larger
Sometimes the Fairies and
elementals go into a frenzie
when they are given m&m's.
They seem to have a sweet
tooth. Taken at fairy kingdom
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
In these woods, if you 'feel' like
you are being watched..you
probably are. Check out these
entities watching these
experiencers  from an
interdimensional doorway
opened by their psychic
energies and the guardian
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
This experiencer could literally
see the energy to 'her' left (red).
She was so excited that she
stepped out of herself to get to
it. Mary shot this photo to
document the energy she was
seeing and the camera caught
the energy and her standing
behind herself.  The hand on
her throat pointing down is hers.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
After being taught how to
connect to the Shaman this
experiencer rose to the
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
Before entering the
woods, Mary
Sutherland instructs
the visitors on how to
relax the body in order
to be able to
experience the
sensations of being
'touched' or 'pushed'
by spirits.
Click Photo for Larger
Upon arriving at the sacred circle site, many times Mary Sutherland
taps into the energies in order to find out what they wish for the
visitors to experience and instructions on how to make that happen.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
Mary Sutherland teaching visitor how to sense a change of energy in
his energy field when someone or something walks into it.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
Mary Sutherland
teaching visitor how
to tune into their
higher self and match
their energies with
the earth energy
around them through
the process of
human dowsing.
Click Photo for Larger
The forgotten pyramid that nature has reclaimed. Click Photo for
Larger Viewing
Corpse Road & Woods
after Vortex has been
Click Photo for Larger
These experiencers had
multiple events taking
place..spirit coming in on
female experiencer and male
experiencer splits into dual
dimensions..Notice how top
male is looking down on lower
male to right who is looking
back at him.
Click Photo for Larger
This is a common
occurrence at the Manitou
Stones.  This couple is
experiencing what we call
'Phase Shifting' . Note the
transparency and different
The Astral Spin
This exercise we have a lot of fun with but also learn quite alot
Mary Sutherland teaches the experiencer how to "spin" out of
their body.
When the process begins, the physical body collapses and
the astral self leaves the body while Brad and Mary Sutherland
photograph it.
As the astral self is traveling it directly relays back to the
physical self information from the other side.
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
Another phase shift. The
only thing different from the
phase shift vs. the astral
spin is that during the
phase shift the experiencer
is not aware of the
event..whereas the astral
spin they are aware of the
event and receive
information from the othr
Click Photo for Larger
Astral Spin - In the case of this experiencer, he heard an unknown ancient language communicating to him .
Click Photo for Larger Viewing
An 1800's photo of a phase shift in Burlington
The Q'ero  (Inca Shamanism) believe that the doorways between the worlds are opening
again. Holes in time that we can step through and beyond, where we can explore our human
capabilities. Regaining our luminous nature is a possibility today for all who dare to take the
The Serpent (Snakes)  have a history of sysmbolism in mystical and metaphysical history. Snkes biting their tale represent the
circle, and cycles of time and space.  The snaked represents the power of kundulini power in the base of the spine which raises
upward through the the chakras of the spine to the head of a person.  It raises up through sacral, solar plexus (belly) the heart,  the
throat, the third eye in the forehead, the crown chakra of the skull, and into the higher non-physical levels of chakras.  That is why
the medical Caduses is represented as two snakes intertwined together as giving off electric  power like alternating AC current.

Snakes also represent the process of the activithy of the DNA RNA patterns and energy of electro-magnetic force of higher level
powers and energies field that create sub-atomic particles,molicues, cells, life, and structures from the smallest items seen be
radio microsopes, and to the largest stars and galaxies seen by using radio telescopes.

The snaking energies are also the creating life forces from the cosmic mind, which create DNA patterns of subatomic matter and
minerals, and molicues - into conceptional levels of etheric, astral, dense and sophisticaed  patterns which create and form
dense DNA patterns of life in mineral, vegetable, animal, human, etheric, astral, and soul, including activity patterns in the higher
dimensions of form and creations.

The Atlanteans and Egyptians symbolized their Temple masters symbolized their Temple masters and high priests as "snakes"
and "masters of wisdom."  So did the Jews who studied the higher wisdom of the Kabala.  The Egyptians pharoahs (kings),
queens, and high priests wore a symbol of the cobra snake on their headdresses and crowns.  Many other ancient cultures
showed the snakes as a symbolism in paintings and statues, as representing the power of wisdom, truth and power that comes
from with in the mind, and sysbolism in icons, and in action.   (Martin)
Historical Tour
On this tour, Mary Sutherland takes you to see Mormon ,Historical Homes and Landmarks  of
Burlington and Voree.
She will show you the old underground railroad and entrances to the ancient tunnel systems of
Click Photo for More Information
Ancient Burial Mounds Tour
The mounds were built by an ancient race that pre-existed the Native American People. They
understood the energies of earth and knew where the doorways were that opened into the other
dimensions or worlds. Mounds were built on these doorways. Later the Native Americans built their
burial sites around these locations.
Click Photo for More Information
Haunted Cemeteries Tour
Burlington has some very 'unusual' cemeteries. Many of them were built on portals or gateways into
the other worlds. These spirits use these doorways freely to cross over from one world into another.

Click Photo for More Information
Enchanted Forest  Tour
4 Hours of Dimensional Shifting, Surfing the Vortices, Experiencing the Enchantment of the Fairies
and Little People. Visiting Rock Mounds, Earthen Mounds,  Sacred Circles, Burial Grounds, The
Goddess Realm, Places of the Guardian Spirits and Portals (doorways into the other worlds)  
Finished with a trip to the Center to view photos and get a copy of your FREE Cd of photos taken of
your tour.
Yes - We also do them in the Winter
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Haunted Woods Tour
Public Tour  Every Saturday Nite
Book a private Tour  any day other than Saturday
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Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
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The Haunted Woods Tour
"Experience the Burlington Vortex"
On Tour Brad and Mary Sutherland teaches you the Art of Detecting and Photographing the
Subtle Energies.
Both Mary and Brad Sutherland have learned how to 'Detect and Photograph' the subtle energy
that are ordinarily outside the range of the human conscious perception. Their 'superconscious
perception' quickly picks up the shifting energies around them . Through psychokinetic energy of
attention (focused conscious awareness), intention and emotion, they photograph these subtle
energies around those on their tour.
Psychokinetic energy is the energy of ;the 'Collective Consciousness' - Conscious; the
Unconscious and Super-conscious awareness . It is a form of energy that we, and every living
thing, individually and collectively transmits and receives, from moment to moment, as we exist.
Most however, do not understand this ability and never tap in to its potential. On tour, Brad and
Mary teaches you just how to tap into this phenomena - whereas not only will you be able to
perceive and photograph spirit around you but you will carry this knowledge with you  after the
tour, and be able to use it for future experiences.
You must schedule a tour with us by contacting 815 367 1006, email us at
b.sutherland@mediacombb.net or through facebook private message.
Photo shows tour participant's etheric body leaving physical body and sitting behind her in
another plane.  We call this either phase shifting or time/space displacement.
This is a common occurrence in the woods, where the energy is high and the veil is thin.
"Even though a vortex is considered by science as a geophysical anomaly,
indigenous peoples from all areas of the world, knew of vortex energy and revered
these locations as sacred sites. The ancients knew how to work with a vortex to
achieve a better understanding of self and of spirit. They also knew that vortex
energy held the potential to help heal mind, body and spirit.
Somewhere in our history we have set these old traditions aside, feeling that we no
longer needed them. We were wrong. Now, many of us are trying to find and
reawaken the communicative harmony that naturally exists between human, Earth
energy and Creation. Vortex energy is only one of many Earth energy sources that
may complete this trine."  Shirley MacLaine

Sacred Sites stimulate our consciousness and enable perception of realms
normally not visible to humans. Electromagnetic waves of earth energy occur at
frequencies just below the range of human hearing. These waves are called the
Shuman resonance factor. They occur between 3 and 6 hertz, which happens to
be in the range of the delta waves of the human brain. Biofeedback instruments
and medical EEG tests demonstrate this frequency. This is amplified along Ley
lines, stimulating modifications of consciousness, enabling perception of realms
usually invisible to humans, but altogether real.
Many people go to the Earths Sacred Sites hoping that the energy will trigger a
paranormal experience. These experiences include interdimensional
communication with spirits, and contact with 'Star Visitors'.

The vortex experience itself is a learning process, from which we can learn new ways of
perceiving reality. According to the Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada, Don Juan
believed the world to be an illusion that forms itself to fit the belief and expectations of the
observer. Master ufologist Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception posits similar belief, that
ETs come to our reality through portals and assume the shape that best suits the beliefs of the

Alfred Watkins coined the term Ley lines, in an attempt to define a complex network of straight
lines connecting ancient sacred sites and mountains. These lines can be found at the Mounds
built by the Ancient Mound Builders . . Bruce Cathie has even measured the strength of these
coincidental lines, and created a world chart of them. Sites such as Stonehenge, Easter Island,
the Ancient Mounds and the Eqyptian pyramids are all linked in a master convergence of a
grand coincidence. Such places as mentioned collect and emit energy that can be used as an
interdimensional portal by beings from either side.

In Celtic mythology, the ancient mounds or sidhe were portals to an otherworld, accessed by
astral flight or perhaps through actual travel (in UFOs) within an electromagnetic field where the
leys converge (inter-dimensional vortex.) This is an organized grid, in the shape of tumuli and
stone circes, interconnected by ley-lines or dragon lines (meridians) which channel the
fluctuating etheric flow.

The mound builders placed monoliths, dolmens and henges (gateways) at locations that form
interlocking grids. By connecting these sites, the map begins to reveal that the earthworks
produce geometric patterns in the shape of five pointed stars and some seem to map out
constellations, upon the surface of Earth. Chambered mounds, comprised of alternating rock
(inorganic) and soil, (organic) are orgone accumulators and concentrate energy, some emit
sound waves, while others blank them out. These frequencies may have a positive effect on the
bio-rhythms of someone within the chamber or enhance altered states of consciousness.


"All around you, in every place, there exist Energy Gates---portals in time and space---through which a person can pass
to new life and experiences. Some are visible, and some are of the mind and heart. All of them are real. Some portals
exist as specific places. Simply to visit these locations is to be transformed. Other portals require energetic
"passwords" or "vibratory signatures" to activate them. Still others---those connected to the highest levels of
transformation ---require passwords, along with "sponsorship" by an Etheric Guide, so that the unconscious or
unprepared can not enter them unaware.
There are many kinds of Trans-Portals. Most are opened through the verbalization of some goal or desire for personal
development. In such cases, the INTENT of the traveler becomes a blade that cuts an opening in the Veil which divides
the universes. Once a portal is opened, your journey begins. A vortex draws the individual in, and certain "changes" are
effected, so that transport to an adjacent universe can occur."
~The Reconnections
The prayer circle for peace of the planet...spirits rising to join
in on the healing of earth and those in need.
by Mary Sutherland
Burlington's historical district rests uneasily on top of twenty-seven ancient
burial mounds. No wonder everyone in the seemingly sleepy Wisconsin
town owns a ghost story or two. Residents have spotted the White Beast of
Burlington near the old fish hatchery, bumped into a Confederate
apparition on Academy Road and caught a glimpse of the Lady in Blue at
the Malt House Theater. Mary Sutherland spent fourteen years chasing
local lore through the underground tunnels and eerie skies of this hotbed
of supernatural activity. Now she stands as a ready guide to the mysteries
of the Burlington Vortex.
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006