Apollo 8 and Apollo 16 Photos of Earth, validates  Hollow Earth Theories.

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These Images Now  Show a Circular Opening at the North Pole!. Something that all Hollow Earth Theorists have
been waiting for! How long these photos will remain on the web is anyone's guess. Apparently for some mysterious
reasons they have been getting deleted from other people's sites. I recommend that you right click images and save
them in a file...just in case the worst scenerio happens. Apollo 8 photos have been out since 1967 but up until now
we haven't had any colored photos for the public to view.

From looking at these colored  photos some questions can finally be answered. Off the black and whites you can
not see it, but the  blackness was merely an effect. The inside of the hole seems white. More important is this:
BOTH photos show the ICE CAP clearly. The ICE CAP can been seen to be SMOOTH & SOLID. In EACH
CASE, the hole lies on the EDGE of the ICE CAP. This  strongly hints at NORTH MAGNETIC POLE!!!

In spite of the totally different angles, each image seems to contain EXACTLY the same features inside the polar
entrance. That's fascinating for me. I'd sort of expected the hole to be round - but it seems to deviate a little from
that - not that I see it as a problem. I'm just curious as to WHY. The first thing is the "V" shape on the northern edge
of the hole, where it meets with the Arctic ice pack. It's as if there's a huge accumulation of ice covering the northern
rim and jutting inwards.

The next thing is the somewhat irregular shape on the "eastern side" of the rim. The South and Western edges seem
PERFECTLY CIRCULAR. Then there's the issue of the strange "whiteness" lying on the inside in the
South-Western corner. Is it cloud? This whiteness, seems to be the only thing that varies between the two pictures -
again, seeming to suggest cloud.

Looking at these pictures it seems as if the centre of the hole actually contains atmosphere? Or are we seeing light
reflecting off of clouds inside the hole/tunnel? - perhaps that's more of a possibility.

It seems as though the hole is pretty well hidden by way of this whiteness inside it.
Images organized by Jan Lamprecht from South Africa 2002
North Pole
3-D of N. Pole
Earth N. Pole
Apollo 10 photo of earth North
arrangement of clouds indicate a
northern hemisphere. Question: Why
is this?
A Complete
North Pole
Pole Aura
If you look
close, there is a
little white circle
dead center in
photo.  This is
the cloud
formation offset
to left of North
Pole. This also
suggests an
North Pole

Could this
bright spot
shown on the
picture to the
left be the
source for
What urban
area at North
Pole would
shine that
Pictures from www.planet earth
Are these clouds being sucked
The Disappearance of a Viking Greenland Colony.
(World Top Secret...Our Earth is Hollow  .source material)
In 985 A.D., Eric the Red discovered Greenland and subsequently settled it with Viking residents of Iceland.  The
Greenland colony thrived for several centuries, but then as Europe became embroiled in war and the disease of the
plague, the Norwegians lost contact with their Arctic colonies in Iceland and Greenland.  The last ship known to have
returned from their Arctic colonies to Norway was in 1410.  When the Dark Ages had past and Greenland was once
again rediscovered with Hans Egede establishing the first modern settlement there in 1721, all that could be found of
the original Viking settlers was their ruins and some of their animals.  Even the Arctic author Vilhajalmur Stefansson in
his book, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE ARCTIC, concluded that the disappearance of the lost Viking
colony in Greenland was a mystery.  The Viking colonists had apparently migrated further and further north where
they found wild life and fish more plentiful, until they disappeared.

In an attempt at determining where the lost Viking Greenland colony went, Lt. Green , U.S. Navy (early 1900's) says
he reviewed the Eskimo traditions.  The Eskimos say the Vikings had migrated further and further north, then one day
their men found a paradise in the north -- a place the Eskimo had always known about but stayed away from
because they believed it to be inhabited by evil spirits.  The Viking explorer parties had came back and had told the
rest of their Greenland colony of their wonderful discovery.  All promptly packed their bags, and singing songs,
departed suddenly northward and never returned.  The eskimo tradition is that over the ice towards the northwest, in
the direction Admiral Peary sighted Crocker land and Cook sighted Bradley land, is a ..."land that is warm; is clothed
in summer verdure the year around; is populated by fat caribou and musk-ox.  It lies," they say even to this day, "in
the direction of the coastal trail-route north."  Lt. Green shows that trail on his map.  It is located on west side of
Greenland, and goes up around Ellesmere Island, and out over the pack ice in a northwest direction towards the land
he claimed exists in the "Unexplored Area."  That is the same area I have estimate the North Polar Opening is

Jan Lamprecht has a map on page 193 of his book, HOLLOW PLANETS, showing the location and directions of
sightings of mirages of anomalous lands in the arctic, which are not found on any current day maps.  Taking these
sightings and triangulating them towards the points towards which they were observed and from the locations in
which they were sighted, gives us another indication where the center of the North Polar Opening most likely is
located.   North from the New Siberian Islands the Russians sighted the mirage of Sannikov land.  Northwest of
Ellesmere Island was the sighting of Crocker land  by Admiral Peary, Lt. Green and MacMillan.  Bradley land was
also sighted in that same general direction by Polar explorer Dr. Cook on his way to discover the pole.  From
Alaska, from Harrison Bay, was sighted land also towards the north west by Captain Keenan.  If we draw a line
from each of these locations towards their respective directions in which anomalous land was
we arrive
once again at the location
I have determined must be the
location of the
North Polar Opening
centered on 141 E Longitude,
84.4 deg N Latitude.
In the Pages of Living in the Light,
Chapter One I wrote about the Cradle
of Civilization being borne from this
area. The First and Second Race of
Man.  Find Jod/Heva.
Excerpt below:
According to the Ancient Creation
stories, the First Race of the
evolutionary round of mankind, started
during the Age of Satya Yuga, known
as the Golden Age of Man. In the
beginning, the ‘collective’ man,
Adam Solars, had no physical
substance. They were of an astral
form, an image, and astral double of
their lunar ancestors, the seven Pistris,
who reigned over them up to the Third
Race or Round. The Imperishable
Sacred Island was the cradle for this
first man and will also be the dwelling
place for the last divine mortal chosen
for the future seed of humanity
(Genesis 1 gives the account of this
first creation)
The First Race gradually evolved into
the Second and came to be known as
the Adam/Eve or Jod/Heva. Their
ethereal (spiritual) bodies of the First
Race became clothed with a shell of
physical substance. They inhabited the
Hyperborean Continent during the
Miocene Age, then having a tropical
Climate. The Greeks of Homer
claimed that this continent was ‘The
Lands of the Gods’, the favorite
home of Apollo, the God of Light. (An
allegorical reference to this second
creation can be found in Genesis II)