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August 9, 2004
Keep your eye on the Prize, dear ones. xo E


I come from a future Earth. Our world has been totally purified and everything is in total harmonic balance. Lush green forests lie where once there were deserts. Rivers and streams glisten with clear, pure water teeming with
life. The mighty oceans are not such a mystery to us as we can live in chambers below the surface of the water. We telepathically communicate with the intelligent life forms that live there. Many of our kind communicate with
the whales and dolphins learning technologies of consciousness that can aid both our species.

The planet Gaia is totally honoured and respected as a living, intelligent, co-creative entity. All of our kind have their own unique connection to the planet. We have a new level of connection. We no longer consider ourselves
separate to her. We now realise we are an intricate part of her consciousness.

Gaia's dream has been accessed by our kind and all are expressing their unique part of the dream. We live on a planet that is ecologically balanced and harmonious. The planet is heavenly with stable, pleasant weather
patterns and gentle climates. This enables all life to blossom. Food is in abundance and all the needs of the whole are brought forth from Gaia. We are all in align with the love that is permeating this planet.

Many of us communicate with the Devic kingdoms helps us to work in harmony, gardening Gaia. All of us are free of mind and have our Spirits totally grounded within our physical bodies. We have all regained our connection
to the ALL THAT IS.

We all love and live within the realm of universal love. We grow and learn within this realm of existence. We live in communities which house many. We spend much of our time outdoors due to the pleasant weather
conditions. We all live in peace and harmony. We work and live as a whole evolutionary synergy.

I live in a crystal structure, made up of sheets of harmonious crystals geometrically formed to harmonise, balance, and accelerate energies. This transforms the occupant whilst inside. They are beautiful to behold and help to
anchor the love energy into the surrounding countryside. They are very simple and spacious. The structure of the building and the light reflections created please the senses. Inside is a reflection of the outside, containing
large plants, indoor waterfalls and pools.

Large cushions are used for seating and sleeping. There is a small area for the preparation of food but we live off the energy of Spirit. We only partake in high raw foods and fruits. We have a bathing area used for cleansing,
sexual pleasure and relaxation. A large round pool is submerged into the floor.

On our bodies, we use only natural rinses that contain herbs and essences that are in harmony with our energies. The main feature of the house is an organic, telepathically linked intelligent computer. It controls and
regulates the lighting, temperature, atmospheric and energetic conditions. It telepathically links to produce the music that you have in mind. It is responsible for maintaining the home. Cleaning is made simple by a new
invention that magnetises all dust and dirt particles and filters them back outside. This then minimises cleaning duties. We bathe often and take pride in our beautiful ritualised bathing ceremonies. We fully utilise the use of
water when bathing and employ the help of the elements to heal us. This beautiful abode is a complete embodiment of my vision of 'Heaven on Earth'.

I do not live far from the central structures which house the communal activities. Beautiful crystal citadels sparkle at the centre of this incredible pattern that our homes create across the landscape. There are places of
learning where all can be both teachers and students. I study technologies of raising consciousness.

I also explore off -planetary energies balanced within our system to aid our evolution. I study the mind and use mind technologies to travel to other worlds and meet other levels of consciousness. I channel other dimensional
energies for those in my community. I also teach technologies for consciousness expansion. All my work is operated on an intuitive level with those with whom I am in synergy.

There is no real authority. It has been a long time since we have needed laws and punishment. There are places of art with visual and audible expression, bringing creative joy to all who enter.

All are encouraged and guided to creative expression, bringing creative joy to all who enter. All are encouraged and guided to a creative expression that reflects their divine pattern.

We have found advanced technologies which enable us to provide all that we need without polluting or degrading the Earth. We have a limitless source of energy which allows many manufacturing places to be fully automatic.
This allows all of us to follow the vocation that we love. No-one does anything that s/he is not ecstatic about.

Our needs materially are simple. We dress in light energetically empowered clothing. These clothes allow us to remain centred within our being, and we use colours to express our energies. Much clothing and jewelry is
created by those who excel in such crafts.
(martha/caitiff thats my job, you know it! ha!)

Amazing jewels can be created by using light and the co-operation of the mineral beings.

We do not have disease in our society as there are communal centres of healing. These centres balance by using colour, sound, and water to heal.

There are great places of knowledge that are connected to all the organic computer systems. There are great communal baths and swimming facilities. All the recreation you could imagine is provided. There are great halls
which allow us all to gather together to share and celebrate. All buildings are aesthetic and energetically correct which helps to express the beauty of the planetary design.

The animal kingdoms are in harmony and balance with us. They may choose to come and communicate telepathically with us, but there is no killing or captivity. ALL is in harmony. There are great parks and places of beauty.

There are marble fountains and pools, great crystal sculptures and grottoes of natural beauty. These places provide people with breathtaking sights and sounds.

On the perimeter of our community are the manufacturing structures. Dotted around in correct energetic placement are the dwellings for people. Some are in small communal patterns and others are singular points of light.

Transport is not needed as teleportation is available for all because of our advanced technologies. We can travel to anywhere on the planet and may visit other such centres of light.

We have much contact and communication with extraterrestrials. We balance and advance together. I have an extraterrestrial master who shares his knowledge with me on mind expansion and in return he learns about my
level of consciousness. My life is complete and free. I grow in joy, trust and ecstasy, traveling back to the Source in love.
I wish you all luck on your journey.
Love, from a future Gaian


August 10, 2004

Mary Sutherland:

I wanted to send you a scan of a picture I found of a blue-skinned Old World Monkey.  However, the book was an out of print reference book.  The pictures on the net were of related species, but not the same one.  Plus, young
individuals have almost black faces.  In this form of melanism, the "black" fades to blue, instead of tanning TO black.  Some melanism, such as that combined with a red gene, has black skin that never fades under solar
pressure, since there are tanning genes that darken at the same time the "other" melanism fades.  Skin that is decidedly non-black before tanning is never considered melanism.  However, the "final product" could fool even
a professional biologist until they look it up.

The name of the monkey IS
The gray-cheeked mangabey.

It is native to equatorial Africa.  It has an intelligent appearance.  I will eventually get a scan off to you.  The face is decidedly, although not brilliantly, blue.  Blue all over the bare areas of the face.

Your uncredentialed Biology Expert,
Glenn Ellwood Rabenold


August 10, 2004

Mary Sutherland:

I suppose I owe you an update.  I wanted to keep it separate in case you like to send out interesting E-mails to friends.

I am dealing with myself, mostly, now.  I am having a conflict with myself over the doable vs. the undoable.  I am seeking to found my expeditions of very thorough information.  This is not so common.

If you enter the words  "Life-on-Europa", you will find a good photograph of the second closest moon of Jupiter with the polar entrance featured.  It is considered the most likely moon of Jupiter to host life.  There is postulated
a subsurface water ocean.  They THINK that life there supports itself by hard radiation from Jupiter, instead of light.  VERY short wavelenths can penetrate matter.  Cosmic radiation will go right through an entire planet.

Jupiter itself is interesting.  I have seen side-by-side photographs of Jupiter next to a Brown Dwarf Star.  A brown dwarf is only slightly larger than Jupiter and has a very similar appearance.  A brown dwarf gives off enough
visible radiation to be visible.  Seeing the two side-by-side, it is obvious that Jupiter originated as a Brown Dwarf.  It is not properly a planet, but a star.  It is therefore likely that there are spectra of radiation that Jupiter puts out
in quantity, like a star.  These bands are obviously not visible to the human eye.  But, if we were to scan the entirety of the spectrum, I think we would find the "light" emanated from Jupiter.

Ionos is the moon closest to Jupiter.  From the eliptical orbit and closeness, it boasts molten lava volcanoes, supposedly from contraction, expansion resulting from the eliptical orbit.  In a vacuum, the temperature in the
shade is "always" close to -260 degrees Fahrenheit.  Absolute zero is -270 degrees fahrenheit.  I ASSUME they are measuring the temperature on atmosphere-less Europa in the shade.  Since Jupiter is so large, it reflects a
lot of solar light.  With Jupiter originally a star, it is certain it has radiation sources of its own.  This combined with solar light means that in full light exposure, the surface receives a LOT of heat.  The rotation is 3.6 days.  The
surface re-freezes in the shade.  One must think VERY differently about temperature in a vacuum.  Only radiational heat transmits.  Thermal heat needs an atmosphere to conduct.  Therefore, a vacuum is actually a good
insulator and one CANNOT find ambient temperature because there is not matter to retain
it.  That "temperature" is moving at the speed of light in the form of radiation/light.

Europa is close to the size of the moon.  Ganymede, which is touted to be the size of the Earth is only two-thirds the size of Mars.  Mars is smaller than the Earth.  Life on Ganymede might be a little hard to find.  Scientists are
currently looking for "universal biomarkers" that will be able to be used for what are called "chemosynthetic" lifeforms.  Lifeforms that do not photosynthesis or use oxygen for respiration.  Oxygen is "symptomatic" of
photosynthesis.  Some Tubeworms near sulphur hot springs at the bottom of the ocean use only the heat gradient from the spring as its only food source.  Their tubes are entirely sealed.  These worms have neither mouths
nor anus.

I hope you enjoyed this letter.



August 10, 2004

Mary Sutherland:

As usual, I have underestimated the work that went into finding a website.

The URL for the polar "entrance" to Europa is

Doesn't the ice around the hole indicate condensed water vapor emanating from the opening visible?


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