Reference: Living in the Light , Believe in the Magic , Mary Sutherland from the works of  H.P. Blavatsky

The  Bronze Age was inhabitied by the Third Race of Man in Lemuria. This Race was itself divided into three periods. The early Lemurians were
sexless, producing their young by exuding drops of vital fluid, which formed an egg-shaped ball. The myth of Leda, whose twin sons were gestated in an egg, refers to this early method of
procreation. Then came a cycle of bisexuality. Plato gives us a description of the Third Race at this point of its evolution. "Our nature of old," he wrote, "was not the same as it now is. It was then
androgynous. Our bodies were round, and the manner of their running was circular. Hence Zeus divided them into two." Finally mankind became male and female, and since that time the
reincarnating Ego has depended upon the union of the sexes for the production of its physical vehicle. *Adam and Eve and E DIN

At the beginning of the Fourth Round on this globe, every class of being was one-eyed. The "one-eyed Cyclops" of Greek mythology, those giants fabled as sons of Coelus and Terra, three in
number, represented the last three sub-races of the Lemurians, for the two front eyes, as physical organs, did not appear until the beginning of the Fourth Race. The myth of Ulysses, who visited
the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus and destroyed his vision by means of a fire-brand, symbolizes the atrophy of the "third eye." The adventure of Ulysses with the pastoral Cyclops, a giant
race, is an allegorical record of the gradual passing of the Cyclopean civilization of stone and gigantic buildings to the more physical and sensuous culture of the Atlanteans, which finally caused
the "eye of wisdom" to disappear.

In the middle of the Third Race, the "lighting up of Manas" occurred. At the beginning of our evolution the Monad (the "vivifying agent" present in every atom in the universe) had been plunged
first into the lowest form of matter, the mineral. Gradually, by the passage of the Life Wave through the vegetable and animal kingdoms, a superior form was evolved -- ready at last for the Host
of Manasaputra whose destiny it was to incarnate upon this globe. Some of these mindless human forms were neither ready nor suitable for occupancy and remained destitute of higher
knowledge until the Fourth Race. Into those forms which were half ready, a spark of intelligence was infused. Into those forms which were ready, the "Lords of the Flame" entered, kindling the
germ of mind in the "mindless men" and adding to them the flame of their own Manas.

The Hyperboreans  of Atlantis/Mu

The passage of Pliny (Hist. Nat. 4:26) on the Hyperboreans is worth quoting:

"Beyond the Aquilon one finds a blessed nation called, according to tradition, the Hypeboreans. Among them, men reach an extreme age. Many marvels are told of this people. Some say that the
hinges of the world and the limit of the course of the stars lie in their region... The country is bathed in sunlight and enjoys a pleasant temperature..."
"Discord is there ignored, and so is disease. People there do not die but from the satiety of living. After a festive banquet, full of the joys of old age, the one who wants to die jumps into the seas
from a lofty rock. Such is for them the happiest way to die. One cannot doubt the reality of this country, described by many authorities."
Pliny, in the above passage, also adds that Hyperborea was the realm of Apollo and that the Hyperboreans sent, from the island of Delos, the first-fruits of their crops to Greece, to be dedicated
to the Sun God

Pliny's Hyperborea also evokes the description of the island of Emain Abalach (Avalon) in Celtic poems:.
Treason is there unknown and so is sadness.
There no pain, no regret, no death, no grief,
No disease, no weakness, ever afflict anyone.
For such is the fortune of Emain.

Another a similar Celtic poem adds:
What a wonderful country is this one!
There the young never grow old at all!

Avalon, Hyperborea, Thule, Taprobane, Eden, Paradise, Emain Abalach, the Garden of the Golden Apples, the Garden of Idun  are all one
and the same.
Their connection with the "first fruits" is an allegoric reference to the fact that Atlantis.MU  was indeed the very first site of human civilization, the same as the legendary Paradise or Garden of

These pleasant, luxurious gardens all lay at the extremity of the world which, from the Celtic perspective in Brittany was  located on the side of the world opposite to their own misty islands. This
Paradise was destroyed by a cataclysm, and they were forced to leave it, emigrating to the far Occident, under the leadership of Hu Gadarn, the Celtic Noah, the Judeo-Christian hero of the

The sinking of this realm is told in the legend of the Flooding of Ys, another central tradition of Celtic mythology. And their sunken Paradise became the Land of the Dead, the "Tomb of Glass"
(Glastonbury) or "Island of Glass" (Ynis Wydr) that we encounter so often in their Celtic legends. This dismal Hades is the same as the Cimmeria of the Greeks, the Hanebut of the Egyptians, the
Sheol of the Jews and the Nefelheim of the Germanic Nations.

When this blonde haired/red haired, blue eyed race  survived the Atlantean/Mu  cataclysm they emigrated to the distant Occident in their ships "under the guidance of admirals like Aeneas,
Hercules, Phoroneos, and Hu Gadarn and , Noah, Canopus and Jason. They settled in colonies along the way, on every coast and every island that looked promising. The legends are certainly
founded in actual fact, and these fleets of ocean worth vessels are the ones allegorized as the Ark of Noah in the Bible or as the Argonavis in Greek legends.

Excerpt from The Red Haired Giants on the Atlantean Hercules by Mary Sutherland : In Phoenician tradition Kadesh is Atlantis. Kadesh is also the name of Hercules, co-ruler of Atlantis. Hercules
means cow-herder, which is a Phoenician translation of the name Krishna, the great Hindu god. The Epithet commemorates the role of Hercules as the cow-herder leading God’s people out of
Atlantis during the days of its destruction

It was thus that Mauritania was settled by the Berbers, Lebanon by the Phoenicians, Crete by the Minoans, Italy by the Etruscans, the British Islands and Brittany by the Celts and, of course, the
Canaries by the Guanches. Many of these emigrants were, as is usually the case, mere passengers who never knew how to sail or, even less, how to design and build sea-worthy ships strong
enough to sail the open, rough ocean, a feat very hard to accomplish in antiquity. Such huge sailships such as the "ships of Tarshish" of Biblical traditions  are attested from remotest antiquity,
for example  in the Gerzean ceramics of pre-Dynastic Egypt,

In this way, the Guanches were stranded on the Canaries, and the enigma which has defied solution for millennia is naturally explained. The ancient peripluses like those of Hanno and Himilco
relate similar expeditions and even the establishment of such insular colonies. Such is also the meaning of myths like the one of Aeneas and his fleet fleeing from the destroyed, sunken Troy or,
also, of the Biblical relate of Noah and his clan re-peopling the Islands of the Nations, and founding the different nations of mankind.

Ref:  Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Forbidden Research


Note:  Although the Names have been Changed, the Story is the same with the Sumerian Enki and Enlil

During the first half of the Lemurian age, the involvement of Extraterrestrials was in the role of observers . They did not intervene, interject or become involved with subjects of their study at that
point in time. Development and progression of planet Earth was under  the study of what is called 'The Titan Project', which was under the extraterrestrial groups from Sirius, the Pleiades and
Orion, although thre were other extraterrestrial races which also shared involvements. Although it seems that the Sirians, Pleiadeans and those from Orion did interact in cooperation with each
ohter under the mutually agreed upon conditions of the program  there was a renegade factor of reptilians that did not adhere to the 'rules' or doctrines of the Titan research project as set down
by the three main project participants. This reptilian race is the dominating force behind what we now know as the Illuminati. The reptilians and Nordics interbred with each other to create hybrid
bloodlines, using the rest of the world populace as mere pawns in the battles and alliances.

History tells of that the blue eyed blondes and the reptilians have been at war in many parts of the galaxies with factions on both sides also joining togethere to create alliances for their mutual
benefit. This reptilian race is the dominating force behind the Illuminati with considerable involvement from the greysand some elements of the extraterrestrial white race of 'Nordics' . The
reptilians and Nordics interbred with each other to create hybrids bloodlines. There was also reptilian breeding with other races around the world, but the Nordic connections appear to be the
most important to them.  The fusion implanted a reptilian gnetic code into the DNA and htesea re the bloodlines that have ruled the world then and now. The fundamental theme running from the
Golden Age of Atlantis , Mu, Greece, Europe and modern times is that of the snake or serpent.  Both civilisations were known in legends as the Dragon Lands and the Motherlands. The Greeks
called Atlantis 'Hespera' (a name for Venus) and they said it was guarded by a dragon. Native American recoreds call Atlantis 'Itzamana', which means Dragon Land. ..or 'Old Red Land'.
The Illumaniti American Organization, The Leumurian Fellowship, says that an extraterrestrial race from Venus, known as the Kumaras, were the leaders of the Lemurian civilisation. The
Fellowship says the Kumaras created a Mystery School to initiate chosen people into the advanced esoteric knowledge. It was structured with 13 schools (levels of initiation), each on more
advanced then the other. Each has to go through all the schools of initiation. After passing the 13th , one is allowed to go on to teach the knowledge of the Brotherhood of the Snake or Serpent.

Atlantis and Lemuria existed for hundreds of thousands of years and Atlantas broke up in staghes over a long period before the final destruction. Both cultures expanded across the world with
their priests and 'royal' bloodlines or 'Dragon Kings...or as some people call 'Shepherd Kings', founding colonies in all parts of the globe spreading the Serpent Stories. Sacred sites were placed
on the vortex poins on the global energy grid. This is a web of force lines, known as ley lines or meridians, which encircle or interpenetrate the palnet. When these lines cross it creates a
spiralling vortex of energy and the mor lines that cross, the bigger the vortex.  The grid is geometrical and the vortex points are in geometrical relationship to each other.

Practically all of the gods of Greece are of a northern origin, originating in Lemuria toward the end of the Third Race after its physical evolution was completed. The Fourth Race is, with Hesiod,
that of the heroes who fell before Thebes, or under the walls of Troy. The Trojan War, therefore, although an historical event of some 6,000 years ago, was also a symbol of other events which
took place upon the continent of Atlantis. The Atlanteans developed from a nucleus of northern Lemurian men, centered, roughly speaking, toward a point of land which is now in the middle of
the Atlantic Ocean. The early Atlanteans were three-eyed, having two in front and a third eye at the back of the head. The Greeks preserved the record of this race in a statue of the three-eyed
Zeus, discovered in the Acropolis of Argos and believed to be the oldest statue ever found in Greece.           
See Red Haired Mummies of Egypt

At the height of their civilization the Atlanteans were giants both in body and in intellect, and were greater scientists than those of the present day. For one thing, they had aeroplanes which were
operated by solar force. Homer's vessels "going without sails or oars" refers to them, as does the myth of Icarus, who was warned by his father Daedalus to fly

...nor low, nor high,
If low, thy plumes may flag the ocean's spray,
If high, the sun may dart his fiery ray.

Unfortunately for their own future, the Atlanteans turned their knowledge to negative and material l uses.  Many modern practices such as vivisection, blood transfusion, the transplanting of
animal glands to human bodies -- even the craze for personal wealth and power --
In direct defiace of nature, The Atlanteans used  their knowledge for warfare, which resulted in the  catastrophic submergence of their continent which was felt around the word as can be
evidenced by the great deluge stories around the world in all cultures.

The Greeks preserved the tradition of the sinking of Atlantis in the myth of Deucalion. The legend says that after the fourth race had passed its apex of development, a change occurred in men.
Modesty, truth and honor fled, and in their place came crime, fraud, cunning and the wicked love of gain. Seeing the condition into which the earth had fallen, Jupiter determined to destroy it and
form a new land where men would have fresh opportunities to live a virtuous life. So the waters came and covered the land, leaving only Mount Olympus above the waves. There Deucalion and
his wife Pyrrha found shelter, and from them sprang the new, fifth race.  * Christians have the same story found in Genesis in the Accounts of Noah and the Flood.

Civilized Man can be traced back 120 millions based off evidence found in the Ural Mountains  - A stone map that was created aeronomically
Portions of this map can be found  at the University of WIsconsin
The map is now known as the
"Map of the Creator"



Yes, Maybe Man Goes Back even further than what even Sheldon Nidle thinks .

Although Science digs their heels in when it comes to dating man back further than thousands of years ago, they do agree than dinosaurs have been around for millions of years.  But if we can
put man with dinosaurs than science must concede that man is millions of years old as well.

. In the riverbed of the Raluxy River in Texas, people found some footprints of dinosaurs that existed in the Cretaceous period. Archaeologists were amazed when they found 12 fossils of human
footprints only 18.5 inches away from the footprints of dinosaurs. Furthermore, one of the human footprints overlaps with a dinosaur footprint. Scientists cut the fossils, and found that there were
some traces of compression in the section under the footprint, which proved that this fossil couldn’t have been counterfeited. And in the same terrain nearby, scientists found a fossil of a
human finger and a man-made hammer.

In a cave in Peru, people found thousands of artworks made of stones that dated back to 200 million years ago. There are surprising pictures on some of them: a pilot was operating a strange
flying object above a herd of dinosaurs, and some people were attacking the dinosaur with axes!

Obviously, highly developed human beings once coexisted with dinosaurs. Scientists have found that dinosaurs died out suddenly 65 million years ago, a fact that still cannot be explained....or
can it?  A possible explanation would be that a catastrophe happened at that time and destroyed the human civilization and most species of animals, including the dinosaurs. This conforms with
Sheldon Nidle's history for that time.

1.6 The city of Mohenjodaro was destroyed because of suddenly raised temperature.

The site of the city of Mohenjodaro was found in the valley of the Indus River in today’s Pakistan. The excavation began in 1920 and has revealed that   people at that time had achieved a
highly developed culture comparable to the modern cosmopolitan culture. Houses were built with fired bricks. And in every household, there was an all but perfect drainage system. Water from
upstairs toilets could be passed from pipes in the wall into the sewers, and there were access points in the sewers for regular cleaning! Furthermore, some households were even equipped with
special rubbish bins so that they could discard rubbish from upstairs.

Many human remains were found in the site of the city. These people were not buried in the tombs but looked like they had died suddenly. One of the excavators said: “Obviously, all of them
died suddenly because of some kind of abrupt change.â€�  It can be confirmed that the ruin of the city and the death of its inhabitants were caused by suddenly raised temperature.

1.7 Site of Tiahuanaco in South America

From the site of Tiahuanaco, which lies on the boundary of Peru and Bolivia, scientists excavated many fossils of flying fish, shellfish, and other marine animals. They also found that Tiahuanaco
was a harbor with well-designed docks, one of which could accommodate hundreds of boats all at the same time... However, this ancient harbor with an estimated history of 1700 years has
ascended to a plateau 4000meters above sea level! It can be presumed that this harbor had been destroyed or abandoned because of intense shifts in the continental plates.

1.8 Ancient sunken cities in the Mediterranean

Egyptian and French archaeologists found several ancient cities sunken on the bottom of the sea near the harbor Alexander in Egypt. It has been estimated that these ancient cities had been
built in the 6th or 7th centuries B.C., during the period of the Pharaohs. Their names were often mentioned in Greek tragedies, travelogues and myths. This was the first time evidence was found
to prove their actual existence.
When the archaeologists dived to the sea bottom, they were shocked by what they saw: perfectly preserved buildings, magnificent temples, pretty modern harbors and huge statues exhibiting the
life of that time. Whole cities frozen in the remote past! Judging from these underwater cities, citizens of these Pharaonic metropolises lived well. In order to enjoy life, they built spacious and
bright houses with meticulously designed ventilation system, toilets and bathrooms, and also built large-scale open-air amusement parks and perfect urban drainage systems.

These cities were suddenly destroyed at the peak of their prosperity over one night 1200 years ago. Why did they perish so suddenly?

Archaeologists presume that an intense earthquake could have destroyed these cities. This earthquake might have happened in 7th or 8th century AD, because the coins and treasure found by
the divers were all of the Byzantine period. Archaeologists tried to describe what happened on that disastrous night some 1200 years ago: a huge earthquake tore the city into parts, and a deep
abyss appeared in the central area of the cities. Water ejected from the crack to the sky, swallowing streets, buildings and people instantly. More and more water surged into the cities, and the
earth went deep into the sea. Soon the cities disappeared from the surface of the sea. Countless lives were buried at sea; almost nobody could have escaped from this disaster.


According to various esoteric sources, the first civilization arose  on the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria .
Mu is known for the building of long lasting megalithic buildings ie. Easter Island. Their greatest achievements came in the science of government. Reportedly there were only one language and
one government, which can be validated through the legends of Babylon in the Old Testament.

Madame H.P. Blavatsky claims this was the home of the third 'root-race' of man prior to the civilization of Atlantis. Her Lemurians were huge and hermaphroditic. Some had four arms, and eyes at
the back of their heads. According to Blavatsky Lemurians communicated by telepathy and could move mountains by sheer will-power alone (Vryl Energy)

The Forces of Nature and Life...Vryl  (Cosmic Forces of Mu by Col. Charles Churchward)

The universe is maintained by various forces. Any force changes a body or a body's position. There exist positive and negative forces and these arise in pairs. Forces move by vibrations of
different frequencies, some of which we can sense.
If a celestial body is alive it will revolve on its axis; what makes this possible is a hard crust and soft center, without which it will neither revolve nor generate any forces on its own: it will be dead.
Four primary forces exist and emanate from the great infinite force. They induce a universal clockwise rotation in every celestial body. Of course, the liquid center of a body cannot move as
rapidly as the hard, outer shell. The result is friction, between the shell and its core. As the result of this friction, two subsequent forces arise, the centrifugal force and a gyroscopic force. It could
become tedious to describe the origination of other forces including magnetism, electromagnetic forces and our favorite, the force of gravity. So let this bit suffice.
Interacting opposing forces establish neutral zones between them. They also have affinities, as, for example, the sun's magnetic forces attract the earth's magnetic forces. According to these
tablets, the sun does not heat earth: rather it draws heat out from the earth. A stable equilibrium is established and maintained, producing, in the above case, an atmosphere.
Life arises through the interaction of specific forces. These include electricity, a vital/life force, magnetism, heat and light. These forces, earth forces all, are activated by forces from the sun:
without this interaction by radiation from the sun, there would be no life.  (Again we see the reasons why they honored RA as a God..Sutherland

Scott-Elliot (Lost Lemuria 1904) revealed that the Lemurians  were twelve feet tall,  had tamed pleiosaurs and led them around on leashes, like we do our dogs today.
Some believe that this race had help of higher beings from Venus who arrived from the 'heavens' as  teachers of useful arts, such as metallurgy, agriculture, and large-scale building along with
religious instructions.

Venusians of the White House
(Val Thor and two other Venusians)
Could these be the Venusians of the Leumurian Era. Unfortuantely it is difficult to determine, being that most of the alien species had the knowledge of shapeshifting and mesmerization.

Frederick S. Oliver published an occult story in 1894, entitled "A Dweller On Two Planets", using the pen-name of "Phylos The Tibetan" in which he, as the narrator, encounters one of the
Masters (a Chinese sage named Quong) on the same mountain, where a community of spiritual sages preserved all the ancient wisdom of their forefathers. He was accepted into their group, and
they then took him, in his spirit-body, on a visit to the planet Venus.

These Venusians had long ago already developed a highly-advanced civilization upon their planet, and they were able to teach the Lemurians how to attain immortality through repeated
incarnations.  *Note: Seven Clans of Mars could also be represented here with the Lemurians and their Seven Races?

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,through her contact with the Brotherhood of Mahatmas was told that there are seven "Root Races" of beings destined to occupy the earth, and that we
present-day humans are the Fifth such Race. After us, there are still two more yet to come. Apparently, the Sixth will evolve out of us and go back to occupy Lemuria, then the Seventh and final
Root Race will leave this planet altogether and start over again upon the planet Mercury. Each Root Race is said to be composed of seven Sub-Races — the descendants of a Sub-Race of the
Fourth Race (who were fully-human Atlanteans) are alleged to be the Australian Aborigines, the Papuans and the Hottentots. Regardless of how strange this may sound, there is now evidence
that the United States was occupied OVER 27,000 years ago by these strange Australian Pigmies, which preceded the coming of the Giants to the land.

According to Blavatsky Lemurians communicated by telepathy and could move mountains by sheer will-power alone. But regardless of their remarkable powers of nature they were not able to
change their final outcome.

Colonel James Churchward

Thoughts of Colonel Jame Churchward

*In 1722, a Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, sighted and visited the island. What he discovered on Easter Island were three distinct groups of people, Dark skinned, Red skinned, and very
Pale skinned People with red hair

Ancient Civilizations and the Evolution of Man
Lemurian - The Land of MU
Compiled by Mary Sutherland
Ancient Civilizations   MU   Lemuria   Ancient Civilization   MU  Lemuria    Ancient Civilizations  
During the 1860's, pro-Darwinian zoologists believed that
such an isthmus or land-bridge could account for the
strange isolation of the pro-simians in these widely-
separated locations. Further scientific interest was
aroused in the 1870's when a German scientist, Ernst
Haekel proposed that this same missing continent might
also have been the true origin of humanity. — that Africa
and India had once been joined together, before splitting
apart, and thus allowing India to move northward by
continental drift
Another analomous discovery is a map by Arabian Admiral Phiri Rhis (proun. Peery
Reese) made in 1582. The map clearly shows features of the earth that nobody should
have known in the late 1500's. Without an accurate timepiece there was no way to
figure longitude on a sailing ship. It wasn't until 1790 that the first accurate marine
timepiece was invented.
250-years before this clock was made, Phiri Rhis had drawn a map which shows the
coastline of Africa and South America accurate to within a .5 degree of longitude.
On the map he wrote that he had borrowed and copied from 20 earlier ancient maps.
Some of the maps dating back to Alexander the Great and older. That is before the time
of Christ. So the mystery is where did the source maps come from? Who charted the
globe long ages ago, with accuracy that we ourselves can hardly match.
Another mystery of this map is that it shows Antarctica as it looks under 2 miles of
covering ice. All of this long before Antarctica was even discovered. We did not have
that information until the seismic surveys during the 1958 International Geophysical
Year. Whoever drew the original source maps had a level of technology as high as our
own. The Antarctic ice cap has existed for millions of years.
The original people of Lemuria are a previous hybridization from 7 genetic code structures from within Orion Union, designed to best fit the earth climate and cosmic ray environment which  then
existent on earth. Orientals originated from the ancient races of Lemuria.
The oriental race is claimed to be reserved for the oldest souls reincarnating back to earth.
Each time a new flock was "planted," it was engineered to be best suited to the environment where it was planted. Aryans are the only exception, as they had to be moved to earth in an emergency
because their planet was being destroyed.
The MidEast was actually 'seeded' with pre-existing Aryans.  *Note RH negative factor in bloodlines  of Aryans.
Skull Dates 1.8 Million Years Old
The moment is indelibly burned into Dato Zhvania's memory.
The archaeological site at the medieval town of Dmanisi, 80 kilometres (50
miles) south-west of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, had already revealed
some of its secrets.
He did not know it yet, but in his hands he held the almost perfectly
preserved skull of the most ancient human being ever found in Europe - 1.8
million years old.
More extraordinary still, it was about to throw into question all accepted
theories about the migration of our ancestors out of Africa
For Full Story see Skulls
Evidence of Olmec Statues indicate the gods they worshipped featured a distinctive
'cleft' in their  foreheads.
Also that they worshipped 'deformed' children...could it be that these were not
deformed children at all..but of leumurian character?
The Olmec were a very highly advanced civilization masters in mathematics and
astronomical knowledge.
Wheat was not evolved upon this planet like the other cereals. It was a gift of the divine beings who brought it
from Venus ready for the food of man. Nor was wheat their only gift. The one animal form whose type has not
been evolved on our chain of worlds is that of the bee. It, too, was brought from Venus.
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