Mary Sutherland
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center
Were there UFO's before Roswell? You Bet! The Midwest U.S. can attest to that!

In 1897 there were many reported over Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Illinois.
Were they man-made or ET? That remains yet today just as much a mystery as Roswell.
Following is a report of what we do know however. After reading it, you can draw your own conclusions.

The first sightings started on the night of April 5th in Omaha , Nebraska with more than a 100 people witnessing the
appearance of a flying object approximately 12 foot long , sperical in shape, shiny with a steel like body. The term
UFO had not be coined at this time.
As the reports go, the object became so luminous that the brightness awakened people from their sleep as the light
flooded through their bedroom windows. Many of the witnesses went into a panic , understandably.

Several nights later, in Sioux City, Iowa, another craft, cigar-shaped, attracted more attention from the people there.
Similar sightings that night were reported in Cedar Rapids and Burlington Iowa. The mysterious object was reported
to be elongated with a glaring headlight of some kind and a shiny steel haul, gliding with a 'hissing' sound.

April 10th, further east, in Illinois, A Chicago newsstand dealer, Walter McCann, took a picture of one with his
camera at Rogers Park. Here again , the 2 pictures revealed a elongated ovoid shape.  The same day in Mount
Carroll, Illinois, more witnesses reported seeing the same type of object and again describing it as elongated and ovoid
shaped.  That night a slender object with rotating red and green lights on both sides appeared over Chicago, Illinois
where hundreds could see it and did from the downtown Chicago Loop, Evanston and Lakeshore. Later hundreds
more seen in Quincy, Illinois a slender cigar-shaped craft describing this one with a 'bright white light' on the front and
red and green lights on both sides of it with a shiny aluminum like surface. After hovering in an area at abount 500 ft. it
left at a 'tremendous speed'.

Still later that night, in Wisconsin, a craft was seen in the Wausau area. According to other sightings from the area, it
was reported an egg-shaped craft remained in the skies over Wisconsin for several hours . Several thousand witnesses
watched a craft as it hovered over city hall in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The awestruck spectators stood watching the
craft as it's lights moved forwards and backwards.

The next night, in Minnesota, a cigar shaped crafted was spotted by R.G. Adams over Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By April 12th, more reports had come in from Wisconsin .

By April 14th, a cigar shaped craft was reported over Indiana.

Continuing East, by the 19th, a similar type craft , described as approximately 180 feet long with red, white and green
lights appeard in Cochransville, Ohio.

What were they?  We don't know. Blimps? Possibly. What we do know is after they left the tri-state area the sightings
continued over the United States.

A great book on the subject , of which I used for reference of this material, is 'UFO's, A Century of Sightings' by
Michael David Hall. More on his book and information as to how to purchase it can be found on our book review
sight. located at
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