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Pre-View of our Coming January Show with Dr. Jim Mortellaro , Bud Hopkins and "Laura"

The Abuse Reported by the Alien Abductee ..
First let me thank Art Greenfield, author of Warning, for bringing these experiences of Dr. Jim
Mortellaro and "Laura"  to my attention.
Second I would like to thank Dr. Jim Mortellaro and "Laura" for their courage in bringing this story
out for others to hear.
I also thank Bud Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs for their work in regressive hypnosis and
counseling for the Abductee
Last but certainly not least to Jeff Rense for bringing out this story on his show. www.rense.com
I will provide a link to his show on Dr. Jim Mortellaro and Bud Hopkins so that before our show
comes out you will be able to hear what has already been reported ...including a taped regressive
hypnosis session by Bud Hopkins with Dr. Jim Mortellaro.   Congratulations Jeff on a most
Bud Hopkins' latest book,
co-authored with his wife, Carol
Rainey, will be available in
bookstores and via order through
Internet this fall. A special
Foundation was held on Saturday,
October 11th, in New York City, to
mark the publication of the new
book, entitled "Sight Unseen -
Science, UFO Invisibility and
Transgenic Beings." Check Bud's
www.intrudersfoundation.org for
details and for some excellent
commentaries on ET abduction
conspiracy promoters and
This book reveals a
frightening alien agenda; a
long-term program of
unseen social domination
and controlled periodic
genocide. Mankind is now in
great danger. We have a
terrible problem to
overcome. It requires
international solidarity
among nations, and forcible
negotiation with the aliens. A
very basic need of the aliens
has effected humanity to
varying degrees since the
dawn of man. Periodically it
has a devastating impact on
us. We are now aware the
aliens cause the problem,
and we can take action to
change it.
Listen Here to Jeff Rense Program as
Dr. Jim Mortellaro Shares his regressive
Hypnosis Session professionally  done  
by Bud Hopkins, revealing his horror
and struggles as he experiences again
the terror of alien abduction.
Click Here to Listen
I would explain what our coming show is about but I doubt if I
could say it much better than Art has in his post to UFO Pals.
Thanks Art.

Hi Karin,
Aliens seriously abusing troublesome (to them) abductees and
UFO researchers is not rare. Eve Lorgen wrote about how the
aliens make the lives of UFO researchers a living hell. Last night
I was talking on the phone to "Laura", an abductee that is a
mutual friend of mine and Dr. Jim Mortellaro. I told her that I
had gotten Jim and Budd Hopkins onto the Mary Sutherland
Radio Show and that Jim was going to talk about his savage
treatment as discussed in his article on the show. Hearing what
they did to Jim made my friend , Laura, r mad because it
reminded her of the abusive abduction the aliens inflicted on her
the day before she had flown back east to see Dr. David Jacobs
for an interview and hypnotic regression. She said 8 male
hybrids all wearing the same kind of jump suit came in her
house and grabbed her up forcibly and took her to a big empty
field somewhere and proceeded to beat the hell out of her. She
said one of them bent her arms painfully behind her back while
3 others worked her over. One told her telepathically, "This is
what we do to people that talk." The other 4 just stood around
watching like they wanted to see her get a good beating. She
said they punched her in the arms, ribs, head, and then one of
them took a long metal cattle prod looking device and poked her
with it, inflicting pain wherever it hit her. She said she was
covered with bruises. I asked her if she had showed the bruises
to David and she said she had. I asked her if he took pictures of
the bruises and Laura said she could not remember. She said
that enroute to see David on the plane, she almost bled to death
because the aliens apparently took a big chunk out of her uterus
in some kind of biopsy. By the time the plane got to
Philadelphia, Laura was near collapse and her friend and her
friend's husband had to assist her off the plane. David told her
that he had seen this kind of abuse done to abductees prior to
that when the aliens did not want them to talk. Laura said she'd
sure like to tell what they did to her on a show. So I said I'd ask
Jim, and maybe you two could both tell of your horrific
abduction experiences on Mary's show. Mary really wants to
put on this type information as a counterpoint to Dr. Boylan's
work as she knows after listening to Jim's regression tape (from
the Rense archives) last night that these are not Boylan's
"Loving Space Brothers"..that there may be another sector out
there  severely hurting people. I think it will be cathartic for
Laura to be able to unload her story in a very public way about
what they have done to her. I bet Mary Sutherland will be
thrilled too because she will have 2 credible testimonies, from a
medical professional (Laura, an RN experienced psych. nurse)
and a Phd. level science professional (Jim).
Watch for our Show on BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio  Coming sometime in January 2004

It is now time to come out and face the Issues of the Alien Abductees.  Mary Sutherland