While everyone in Roswell 2003 was talking off aliens, Brad and I were looking for them. And we found them..to our

Paul Davids, producer of the movie 'Roswell' was giving a lecture on the makings of the movie. Brad and I had decided
to go to the back and listen to the lecture. For some reason, something told me to check out his aura, so I 'de-focused'
my vision and to my amazement these four light beings were there just as clear as Paul . I cleared my eyes, shook my
head and tried it again...And again there they were.  So this time, I just looked over at Brad and asked him to check out
Paul's aura, not wanting to tell him anything else as to what I was seeing.

Well Brad did as I asked and then I asked him, 'Brad do you see anything else?' He looks at me and says 'yes, do you
mean those 3 or 4 light entities up there with him?' I about fell off my chair! He then asked me if I could see them too.
And I told him 'YES'...Then he about fell of his chair!

We watched the entities watch and listen to Paul totally amazed as to what we were witnessing. Sorry Paul we will have
to catch you lecture another time to find out what you were saying. We just couldn't concentrate on anything other than
what we were viewing up there with you!

The Three to his left, would stand for awhile, listening . Always looking in Pauls direction, not concentrating on anything
happening out in the audience. Sometimes they would move around, switching positions with one another. One
became so intent on what Paul was saying he actually moved very close to him, stepped almost in front of him and put
his face very close to Paul's.

As for me, I couldn't see through them. But Brad said he could. I don't know if it was in the different position we were
looking at them or if it was because of our different vision.  That remains a mystery.
The fourth one actually appeared when Paul stepped aside and moved a few steps to right. This one was standing
directly behind Paul. For a few seconds he was in full view of us, then he quickly moved behind Paul again and
disappeared from our vision.

The tallest was Paul's heighth and the smallest maybe about 5 foot.  Thin in appearance with an elongated head.
Not like the Greys. I drew it in the picture as close as I could get as to the proportion of head and body.
As you will also see, these entities had both arms and legs. They did not float, but walked and moved around just like
we would.

Brad took a picture of Paul with the entities but as you see, the light beings didn't show up in the picture.
After Paul left, we decided to investigate the possibilities. Brad went up on the stage and stood in the exact positions that
Paul did and I sat in the back and tried to see if I could then see the entities . Nope...the only thing showing was Brad's

Then I went up front and Brad tried it on me.  Nothing.
Then we went out to where Paul was and checked him out again. Nothing.
Apparently whatever it was had left for awhile. Whether they came back to be with Paul later, we don't know.

Now these entities had me in a state of bewilderment as to what they were. I decided to tell Paola Harris about it being
that she is an expert on such things and has spent many hours talking with even more experts.  I came right out and
described what we had seen. She said that they were called 'Light Entities or Beings.' , made out of 'pure intelligence'.
Intelligent Energy Forms...hmm.  They were of the purest energy known and thus a very positive force.  Sgt. Clifford Stone
also verified Paola description of the entities.

As for myself, I didn't know if I wanted to talk to Paul or not about what we had  seen. I didn't want him thinking we were a
bunch of 'kooks' making up some sort of story to compete for his attention there. But Brad disagreed with me and the
next thing I knew, Brad was over there talking with Paul about it.  I was very happy that he did and so was Paul.  Paul took
our sighting very seriously and wanted to know everything that we saw and asked us to draw the entities and send him a
copy of the drawing. He also told us that the reason he believed our story  was in the fact that he had been having this
'feeling' that he couldn't shake  of something or someone unseen being around him.

Strange as this may seem, Brad and I both know what we saw that day and are delighted in sharing our experience with

Mary Sutherland
Light Entities
Aliens Seen in Roswell, Roswell 2003 Aliens, Light Entities
Mary Sutherland @2003
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center

Hello Mary,

Just wanted to let you know that your picture of the Light Beings means a lot to me.  I've written my story and sometimes
we feel like no one believes us but those are real and I have seen them.  I write for one of them I call Val and he has
helped me in so many ways and I'm a spiritual healer and he's been involved in some fantastic healings with me.

One time I was in Missouri as he asked me to go for a special healing and I channel his healing annointing at those
times, and I was telling about having an ET healer with me and this minister and his wife were listening to me and they
said they also had two ETs that stood by them and they could see them and at that time I suppose they allowed me to
see them I wasn't even slanting my eyes!  And they appeared behind them just as you have pictured them in the picture.

One time I saw Val in an Air Force office with two officers that also saw him the same way and he put his hand on the
shoulder of this one officer and moved from one side to the other and told me telepathically, as I hear him that way, to
follow him with my eyes and I did, and I had written for him earlier and took it to them that he would be there with me to
verify his writings and so when I followed him with my eyes they watched me and then one said, "I see we have mutual
friends in high places".
He then asked me to give him all my writings for him if I would before I published them or told about them so our
government is well aware of the Light Beings...

I just have never heard anyone else tell about them and I was so excited when I happened upon your page at:  
That's exactly how they look, a bit smaller than us and at times I used to see them when I was in the ministry behind
people and I knew a minister once that had those with him and he said they saved him as a child from drowning and told
him they would be back later in his life and he had a healing ministry to do...of course he was wrapped up with some
doctrine which I never have been I've very metaphysical in my belief system....they are very benevolent and they overlook
the earth ways of believing a lot of times and they help us all... this minister I am telling you about was pretty big back in
the 60's and he had two with him and I could see them and he never let anyone stand by him in his healing work
because of them, it would hinder his hearing them and being led.

And so he let me stand by him in the healing work one night because he said my angels were like his angels and I knew
my angels were what I call, "ETs"!

Thank you so much for this picture may I link with you, I'm putting up my website again and I would love to show your
picture of them, that's so like them only the head isn't quite as oblong in the ones I have seen, its more rounded just like

Thank you so much for being bold enough to do that picture.  Its so very true and they are helping us on this earth to
develop spiritually as far as they can do it without breaking the universal law of free will.  And if you saw them around your
husband he has a great work to do for the enlightenment of the people, both of you do I believe.

Blessings of Light,

Patti Spencer


I'd also like to say, too, that I believe they have been with us since the beginning of civilization on the planet and that they
have been called "Angels" by some and the bible speaks of angels which word in original hebrew means "messenger
from the sky".  I think is obvious that those of spoken of in the bible are the ethereal beings we are seeing.  I believe they
can appear to us in human form if that's the only way they can get our attention at times.

According to what Val teaches, we are all Light Beings.  We are Spirit that dwells in a body but we are eternal beings of
Light.  And at this time more are advancing spiritually upon this planet than ever before and the ultimate progressive
state will be as Light Beings such as we have seen and you have pictured.  I believe they are advanced beings that help
us if we are willing to be helped, they help healers of all religious belief systems and have been seen and mentioned in
the ancient teachings of the far eastern cultures such as the Yogas, Buddhists, etc.

I've never read more of your website and I don't know what you believe but I do not buy into those abduction tales of woe
that come from very emotionally disturbed individuals.  I do not believe they do those things frankly.  The ones we have
seen perhaps are higher entities I do not know it all nor do I claim to know it all but I have only been helped and my life
saved at times and some of my experiences are on my site now but I have others to write.  I wanted to tell you this
minister that had them with him that had a great healing ministry with the Voice of Healing back in the 60's name was
Rev. James Dunn and I saw his "angels" and they are the same as you have pictured.  I am fixing to write something on
that past experience next for my website.  Rev Dunn called them "angels" but they are the same as you have pictured and
I have seen them when I was in the healing ministry in the past, many times, and when I did there was a healing take
place.  They are highly annointed and act as a channel for the universal healing energies.

Thank you for the beautiful picture and for your boldness to tell these things.  They need to be told and explained.

Patti Spencer
Reiki Master