UFO CRASHES IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS OF ARIZONA. Is This Another Fire in the Sky? June 23,1996, multiple witnesses saw a white light fall from the sky and crash into the forest of the White Mountains. Read the story below for details. Provided by Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research and Educational Center of Burlington, Wisconsin. Click here to go back to UFO Crashes

The Pinedale Fire

June 23rd, 1996: Multiple witnesses saw a white light falling out of the sky, break into three balls of light and crash into the forest. Immediately after, a raging forest fire emitting yellowish smoke ensued. The fire got within a half mile of Pinedale estates, seven miles outside of Pinedale. Pinedale is on highway 260 close to Claysprings.

The following information was gathered quickly so we could put the story in this issue. Thanks to Linda Biafore and Patricia Brunner, residents of the area, I was able to piece this story together for our readers. Therefore, it may be that alot of detail will be missing from the final story or that some of what I am providing may be in need of clarification. Here goes.

Within minutes of the crash, various types of government personnel were on the scene. Pinedale and Claysprings were evacuated and road blocks along route 260 were implemented. Not only is the above unheard of for a forest fire but the FBI was at the fire scene, armored vehicles were seen in Snow Flake and Show Low. A flatbed truck and alot of cement trucks were seen headed toward the fire. Oil trucks and the local fire department were dispatched as well. Linda was told that oil is used at nuclear disaster scenes. One thing for sure is that the government was well prepared and expecting this crash, weather UFO, satellite, military, your guess is as good as mine. Exactly the point, why in the hell don't they just tell us.

Linda's daughter, going to visit Linda, had to pass three check points, where she was questioned as to where she was going exactly, who she was visiting etc. Residents who were allowed to go back to their homes in Pinedale were escorted directly to their door and on Monday the radio was announcing that there is a $100 fine for going back to the fire although the fire was out by Monday. The radio was giving the impression that the fire was still burning.

Linda said there was absolutely no need to evacuate these two towns and block 260. The last road block was at Timberland Acres and they were letting no one through. The residents in the area told Linda the road was never closed before. This fire never came close to 260 but was shut down for miles and the police on the scene were telling people that it was due to road damage caused by the fire, that they closed the road.

There were many men in the area that didn't belong there, alot of local police, security was heavy, unmarked cars, flatbeds with tarps, oil tankers, all the trappings of a big event and there was no media coverage of this other than there was a fire in the area. Perhaps they don't want to lose their broadcast license. Thank goodness for the "net" and all it's surfers because it is the only mass communication system where governments have little control.