Portal Research
Mary Sutherland
Copyright 2006
Mary Sutherland
Bringing up the energies  - which can be seen around her
feet. This was  done by Mary Sutherland's use of
concentraton and intent  over a sacred site , which is high
in electromagnetic energy. .
Mary Sutherland attracts a  scorpion looking  tulpoid out of
the invisible realm while dowsing at a sacred site. This
tulpoid was pulled to her as if she was a magnet. She was
able to produce by linking herself to the mind world .
Photos above
Psychic Sheila Powell was doing a psychic reading on some photos for BUFO Files. As she was
doing this, Mary was intent on listening to what she had to say over the phone. She was 'tuning' into
her signal . While she was doing this, she felt a cold sensation around her feet that began moving
upwards , around her. Knowing something was happening , Mary had Dwain take some photographs
of the area around her. The second photo shows the vortex, Mary had created through her
concentration into the 'mind world'.  (Note the cloudy haze around her).

When a portal activates a vortex, cloud, or haze will appear, this is the portal entrance. People have
reported these types of occurrences in the portal areas since the dawn of mankind on this earth.
Via the development of our "magnetic center" and with enough "energy" we could literally  reach  "escape velocity" -removing
ourselves from the 3rd dimensional matrix control system!  
Hyperflight and the atomic man (atom/adam)
Photos above shows 3 stages of Mary Sutherland reaching escape velocity .
Photo one - Starting of the Phase Shift
Photo two - Phase Shifting
Photo three - Mary literally turns into a ball of yellow light and leaves the room.
This event was photographed by Brad Sutherland  in 2005
The above photos are more examples of phase shifting through the use of a high electromagnetic  location - intent  and
The above photos shows Sharon meditating at one of our sacred site areas we use for researching the portals.
Note the blue haze coming around Sharon as she creates the portal. The second photo shows Sharon has disappeared physically
and has changed into a radiant whitish/blue light. The only thing slightly showing in second photo is the fanny pack that she was
wearing around her waist.
Science no longer identifies reality with the physical universe,
for mind and consciousness belong to the unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
As mentioned earlier, when a portal activates a vortex a cloudy or
haze will appear, which you can see happening here in the center of
this circle of people. We were doing a portal opening ceremony at
one of our sacred sites we use for our portal research, located in
the woods outside of Burlington, WI .  This  was done through  
intention and the energy of our minds working in unison at an area
high in electromagnetic energies.
On second day the Magician created light and said onto all: "All will see light when matter is created, sustained, or
destroyed ” and the wise will know the difference."
Hi Mary.
The vortex around your legs as a counter spinning one is very
familiar to me.

When I completed my original text and graphics manuscript for
UHA copyright, one of the graphics therein is a mirrored spiral ~
swirls one direction above, then a "zero point" or center below
which is a mirrored spiral swirling opposite direction. This
mirrored vortex actually appeared in my residence: it flowed one
direction upstairs, and opposite downstairs where actual writing
and drawing of graphics was done at the large dining table.
Upstairs was above, etheric where such events
happened--downstairs was physical where worldly things

I'll have to wait til I get online with another puter before I can
really study those symbols & whatever other pics did not
download for me on this one.  Thanks!  Most interesting !!!    

(Dr. Bruce Cornet introduced me to Norma last year when I was
trying to decode light signals . Norma was a great help to Bruce
in his light signal research at Pine Bush - For more on the
signals please
click here . )
Portal Ceremony done with one of our ancientmysteriesms
members Mikael Koch and his friends in Canada.
To learn more of what Mikael is doing with the Portals and
Click Here
There are as many universes as there are people perceiving universes and more -
Think of a set of infinite numbers - and then think of  an infinite number of infinite sets -
Walter Paul Bebirian

Message to the Light Workers
by  Mary Sutherland

Today we experience the New Paradigm - where truths shall be revealed  to you as to your true nature.  We are a  people that have returned to this earth plane with an  inner sense that we have  have "something"  to do.  
Those of you that listen to the BUFO Files have heard the call and now gather among yourselves to gain the strength  and understanding for the journey through dimensional realities that now are your option. You are here at
this moment in time to make a "difference"  in the collective vibration of humanity. We are now coming into a resonant frequency that will sustain the vortexes of energy that will open and connect you to  other dimensional

Your reality has been shifting  at a rate that has never before been seen on Planet Earth.  Those of you sensitive to the Earth have felt the influx of energy as a charging of your collective battery. Healers who carry the sensitivity
to emotional energies may have felt a tear in the fabric of this energy  which in the coming times will affect all dimensional realities simultaneously.

The Earth  is a real living sentient being exisiting in a different dimensioanl reality from our own existence. However we are very much part of her - and the time has come for us to develop a stronger connection between
these dimensional realities. The year 2000 set into motion a window of opportunity for enhanced creation. As a direct result, the energy vortexes are now taking root on the planet. These vortexes will form the ultimate
connection between the dimensional realities of Human and Earth.

For the Goddess/Earth to form these portals she needed to receive and store energy far beyond her usual requirements. The Universe responded to her co-creation as a vortex of energy formed on our  sun. This vortex
reached critical mass on March 29th 2001 and was sent off as a wave of energy assimilated on April 2nd 2001. The solar flare was classified as the largest solar flare in recorded history.

Guardians of the New Energy - Awaken

There are those of you who have felt this call many years ago and through your own "intent"  and dedication began to "form the energy portals"  on planet Earth. We see these portals as swirling energy signatures.

Some of you have been drawn to purposely open new portals of energy in various parts of the planet. This is very powerful work which will accomplish much for what is needed to come.  These energy signatures that formed
the potential vortexes have been waiting a long time to be activiated.

There are also many people who we know to be the Guardians of the New Energy. These are people who form the nucleus and nurture a particular vortex of energy. These people often travel to other places to help in the
opening of new vortexes or who visit an established vortex to return home and strengthen the energy of their own portal. These energy signatures of swirling energy will be the portals that will ultimately link the dimensional
realities together.

Help from the Old Guard
The previous guardians of the Earth’s energy are all around you in excitement as you take these steps.  They now stand at your side to watch as you take the steps of responsibility for the Earth’s energy. Tap into this
source often for this communication has now increased.  Utilize them often and seek them out. As long as there is work for them to do here they will stay.

First Contact
Have you ever imagined first contact with another race of beings?  The vortexes that you are forming and nurturing are the key to these contacts. For the link energetically through the tools and the portals will call the
dimensions together.

In the new paradigm we must all work together for the good of the one. The old paradigm of seperation is ending.  Only through love and unselfishness will we be able to step through into our new realities.

Mary Sutherland

There is a phenomenon known to
some paranormal experiencers that
is unique in its mystery.
Very little is known or understood
about how the so-called
interdimensional doorway works, yet
it is a recurring theme in human/ET
Yet, even among those who have
these experiences, the doorway or
tunnel as it is sometimes referred to,
very little is discussed.
Dogs coming out of a Window/Portal
Click Here for Larger Photo.

Go to a place that has always brought you meaning, or one
to which you respond emotionally, preferably when not many
people are around to distract your awareness.
The best time to experience a vortex is at dusk or dawn. The
separation between worlds is blurred at these transition
times, or when it's foggy (when the waters meets the
land)...or on solstices and equinoxes (when the seasons
meet). This is a time of great power.
After you have found a likely spot, allow your mind to become
quiet in order to absorb the surrounding energy. Quiet your
mind by listening to the wind or the wild life around you ..or
watch the tree branches touch the sky.
Empty your mind by putting  aside your thoughts of work and
problems in life. By clearing your mind answers will come to
you on things that may have troubled you.
Imagine that you extend into the ground and beyond your
head, that you blend into the Universe. Now Feel.
If there is a vortex there, you will feel the earth energy rise
into your from below opening your mind. You will experience
sensations ie. sadness, peace , wonderment, etc.  The
awareness of your surrounding will heighten . Colors will
become more vibrant, objects more detailed. ie the sky more
blue or you will notice the delicateness of the flower or its
beauty. You will feel the earth energy rise into you from below
opening your mind
If you find a masculine vortex, words, sentences, thoughts
and ideas might rise in you. If the essence of the vortex is
feminine, you may experience a feeling of being open,
yielding and connected.
And if both male and female energies surround you you
might become infused with a sense of wholeness.
Vorices can be found anywhere ..even in your own backyard
or home. Sometimes you don't even need to go out looking
for your vortex, it will jump out at you without any
preconceptions on your part.
You will be minding your business, with vortices the furtherest
thing from your mind, when suddenly you will be infused with
emotions or thoughts that are coming at you from everywhere.
Trees are very high energy. The Ancients believed that
forests of oak held great power and magic. They can even
influence the people that live around them.
If you have questions go to an oak tree. Site with your back
to it and your eyes closed. Trees are wise and have much to
tell. Their tops reach to the sky and their roots ground them
to mother earth.
A beautiful flow of energy comes from these magestic spirits.

At the foci of energy Earth, as it forms 'in explicate reality (our
world as we sense it), reveals the presence of these foci, or
vortices, by -nations of geologic significance: These
formations are volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs,
mineral deposits, ends of sand spits near the ocean, sea
mounts, forks of rivers, river mouths, large falls, deep gorges,
rock outcroppings, and possibly others. Some dams are
located on vortices, and often mineral deposits, especially
gold, denote a vortex.
Many ley lines follow the great faults and waterways on the
surface of our earth.
Beltane at Merrivale - with Hamish Miller

The first talk 'The Earth is Listening' was given by the well-known
Cornwall-based dowser Hamish Miller.

Miller is a wonderfully understated celebrity. His delivery is soft and
self-effacing, and, in common with all people who actually have
something to say, he manages to drop profound notions into a
sentence without added emphasis - just a little pause now and then
to let the gravity of what he has just said sink in.

He started his discussion with a brief introduction to dowsing for the
benefit of those encountering a 'real' dowser for the first time - but he
rapidly moved on to an overview of his two seminal works, the Sun &
the Serpent and the Dance of the Dragon. In these books he and his
colleagues recount the story of the rediscovery of some of the
primary earth energy lines - firstly journeying across England from
Cornwall to Norfolk (twice), then embarking on the remarkable
expedition that took them from Ireland to Israel.

His most recent work has been undertaken in New Zealand, where he
has been working with local dowsers and sensitives to uncover
similar energy manifestations in the New World. His work with the
descendants of the Europeans, the Maori, and the few remaining
pre-Polynesians has given new and fascinating impetus to his earth
energy investigations. New book soon, Mr Miller?

n a nutshell, the situation he found in the UK and Europe, whereby
energy imprints or interference patterns formed a variety of
geometric shapes at significant meeting places of major energy lines,
was also evident in the Antipodes. What he also found was that the
shapes morphed over time and - most importantly - in response to
being 'activated' by the dowser, shaman or sensitive.
While this was
already evident in the northern hemisphere, in the southern it was
significantly more dynamic.

He has been drawn to the conclusion that the whole earth energy
network is interactive with the investigator or pilgrim
. Quite literally,
the nervous system of the earth is aware and waiting. Even the
experienced guru himself was drawn to say that this conclusion
'raises the hairs on the back of his neck'.

For a classic curtain-call, he measured the number of radial energy
spikes emanating from a small energy centre in the lecture hall itself
(a former protestant church nave). The radial count doubled from the
start of the talk to the end - to the evident delight of both the
audience and presenter himself.

A few days later, on the first of May, and as part of the Tavistock
Sings festival, Hamish was back in town and in action at my home site
- the ring, menhir and stone rows of Merrivale on Dartmoor.

I arrived early (and 04.30 is early even for me) to count the radials at
the circle, before anything had had a chance to disturb the natural
balance. I dowsed 14. Unknown to me Hamish had been out the
previous afternoon and counted 19. While dowsing and measuring
other energies in the area, I noted that the radial count from the
circle had already risen to 34, presumably as a result of my taking an

Long before the Beltane daybreak, figures began to drift up to the
circle, distinguishable from the stones only in that they were moving
(and some carrying torches!). By the time the scheduled activities
were about to start, the radials were up to 80 and rising. The earth
energy seemed to be engaging with the human attention. By the time
dancer Hannah Silva had performed to the accompaniment of cellos
and djembe, the count was over 90 and still rising. The All Change
choir gave a rendition of a Latin anthem and we sang a couple of
chants - strangely atmospheric in the early morning stillness - while
skylarks and a cuckoo kept up their own song-lines. By now, the
radial count was over 100, but levelling off. There was a short
ceremony heralded by a Cornish bagpiper, followed by two circle
dances - one European, the other African.

After much socialising, and some discussion about dowsing, the
group dispersed, leaving just the dowsers to be first in and last out.
Measuring again a little while later, the circle remained active, but
stable, at around 90 radials and, as the rising sun was gradually
shrouded in Dartmoor summer drizzle, we headed home for that rare
English delicacy, the vegetarian cooked breakfast.

As a 'control', I counted the radials emanating from the nearby
menhir. At rest, there were 9. These rose to 18, by the time the event
was under way, but stayed there. This rise could have been due to
my own activities or those of the various children, tourists and
dog-walkers walking round and touching the stone - or perhaps it
was due to the energy line linking the two sacred sites. Either way,
the width of that line stayed stubbornly 8 paces wide, indicating to me
that the former was mostly involved.

The following afternoon, I revisited the site, where just a few day
trippers were capturing their last digital images, before embarking on
the quest for a cream tea.
The circle was idling, back at 19 radials. The spiral of energy within
it, which had filled the stone ring by the end of the ceremony and
performance, had shrunk by around four paces and the menhir was
back in a dormant 9-radial mode.

As I dowsed about, checking this and that, the circle slowly moved up
to 26, but stopped there - as if the earth had opened one eye, saw it
was only me again, and parked itself in standby. It may have been
listening, but I had nothing further to say.

The sanctity of the event may have been a bit mixed, but, as the
energies displayed, the intent was uplifting and positive. The output
for the dowser was unequivocal - earth energy is interactive.

Many thanks to Hamish Miller for a quietly inspirational presentation -
and to Caroline Keane and the organisers of the Tavistock Sings
Dawn Chorus for arranging the early morning event.

Nigel Twinn, Tamar Dowsers, May 2005
Exploring the Unknown   with
Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work
on consciousness studies, ancient history and unusual
phenomena. She is a "hands on" researcher and the creator of
one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of
pages providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient
races and their cultures, sacred sites and power points of the
world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional
worlds , metaphysics, etc. The governor of Kentucky
commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the
ancient sites of Kentucky. For the last 5 years, she has been
exploring, mapping and documenting the ancient underwater
structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan. For the last fourteen
years she has been documenting the ancient sites around
Burlington, WI. Truth is her passion. She believes it is through
truth that we will break ourselves free of our present
entanglements in life. When we become free, we will create our
own ‘personal story’ of the ‘hero’s journey’ suggested by Joseph

Brad and Mary Sutherland
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“There are rare persons in this world who see things others
don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and
possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred souls to
reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden
truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-
born networker in all she does --- from her Burlington
Vortex Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and
published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for
perception more developed than in her latest title.“  Frank
Joseph .
Joseph was nominated by Japan's Savant Society as
Professor of World Archaeology. He was editor-in-chief of
Ancient American Magazine from 1993 to 2007 and has
traveled the world collecting research materials for his
twenty-seven published books.
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
own experiences. The author and investigator often takes visitors
on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly
conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
and places. She has been featured guest on dozens of nation TV
and radio shows, including Monsterquest, Sean Hannity's America,
Lost Tapes, Inside Edition, Sy-fy's Haunted Highway, Monsters and
Mysteries, Coast to Coast...and the list goes on!
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