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Following are the comments of Peaceful Sage on several Topics.
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I encourage you all to take the time to read this. Thank you  Mary Sutherland

Time and our perception of time can explain what Red Elk is referring to.
An example of this is a man working in the basement of a pub in London who was doing some renovation work......he was alone in the basement and working quietly when he heard the sound of
approaching footsteps. The footsteps grew louder and louder until he could quite clearly hear the sound of marching feet, or sandals...coming towards him  as he crouched hear the wall...a few
feet away from him emerged, from the solid wall....a column of Roman soldiers marching right across the room, just a few feet away from him...he saw them quite clearly, and could even see the
bristle on the unshaven face of the centurion
He also noticed, that the soldiers feet and sandals were not visible to him...he could clearly hear them marching, and hear their sandals on a cobbled or paved surface, but he could not see the
feet....he could only see the figures from the calves upward.
Intrigued as to what he saw, he pondered on it for a few minutes and then  went upstairs to talk with his wife about it. Throughout the night the talked about what he had saw, but could not come
up with a logical explanation.
The man began  asking questions in the village about the pub and where it was located and found that it was in an old part of London, through which there passed a roman road and that road
ran right beneath his pub.  He went down into his basement and  dug down a few feet. Sure enough - about 18 inches below the floor of the basement he came across the paving stones of the
roman road. It was then he realized what had taken place. ...They passed right by him - just as clearly as they did on that day several hundred years ago!   What  separates that man and those
soldiers is nothing but time  - Same place, different time
they are each, in their own plane...real and alive!  
They are simply separated by time and the perception of it. Thus time is not one dimensional - nor is it linear - it is three dimensional!

Such as the story above is experienced every day by people. My daughter saw me once - not as I am now, but as an old man...but she knew it was me. it was  in Lusaka, where my daughter and I
lived for two years. She  was walking from her bedroom and saw me in the hallway....but as an old man.  I said to her, "yes...that was me, just not now...but here"


Listening to Red Elk speak of accidents reminds me of an incident that took place not far from my farm in Lusaka. My wife, children and I used to regularly see a pair of car headlights coming
towards us on the dirt road and about 300 or 400 yards from us. Just  before reaching where we were...the lights would disappear.

This happened to me , along the same road,t he first time while I was on patrol. The other officer and I saw lights approach us, or approach our vehicle and then suddenly disappear. We stopped
our patrol car, got out and investigated the area on foot with flashlights.....nothing! The  road had no turnings off of it, and it was lined on either side with thick bushes...nowhere on earth for a car
to have disappeared  to. We scratched our heads and left it at that...wondering what this might be.. From that day on, my wife, children and I saw this "ghost car" several times....always at a
certain time of the evening, around seven p.m. and the head lights always disappeared at roughly the same place....

I spoke to our neighbors about it once and they thought we were joking till their sons were on the way back from a party one evening and saw the exact same thing.... Our other neighbor and her
husband saw the  "ghost car" too one night on their way home to the farm.....again the lights come towards you and then disappear  before reaching you....

Before my late mother passed away, I asked her if she knew anything about that area, she grew up on a farm near there and had known the area as a child...she told me of Charlie Carbett...an
old man who lived in that area with his daughter. Charlie's daughter was a nurse on night shift at the local hospital...and she had a habit of drinking surgical spirits or medical alchohol....late at
night in the nurses station. One winter night , while on duty, Charlie's daughter  was sitting near  an electric heater  trying to stay warm. As her habit, she had a  tipple of surgical spirits . She
heard one of the other nurses coming...startled, she spilt the alcohol on her uniform and the fumes of course ignited in the confined space, setting her uniform ablaze....  she had terrible burns
and they rushed her into the emergency ward . They  then phoned old Charlie and advised him of the accident....he jumped into his old pickup truck and rushed  towards town to the hospital.
However, on the way, on that  very  dirt road Charlie flipped his truck and killed himself... His daughter passed away from serious third degree burns and the farm fell into disrepair....the house
crumbled and what remains of it today is  just the foundation and part of the old chimney stack....  but at seven p.m. on certain evenings, you can see Charlie rushing to hospital to see his


Considering your research on Portals, time dimensions, properties of motion and of space .

Mary, Multiverses and metageometrical views are covered in the section 148 to about 156 of the philosophy index....don't want to jump the gun and send that material too soon, before we have
led up to it otherwise it may seem out of context. Its about 100 emails from where we are presently...lol, so beg to impose upon your patience and good will.

The short answer can be drawn from Russian dolls - one within the other. What separates us is resonance or vibration, speed if you like or pitch, gearing
and velocities.

Resonance is an important word for me
...it is often helpful to break things down and simmer them till you come to a single word. That word conveys many things and can open several
Important thing here is there are many, many ways.....80,000 dharma paths (or as many ways as there are souls and beings to travel upon them).
Each must seek his own resonance (pathway) and travel upon that path until it helps him to evolve beyond what he is today..
.the spiral leading out of the eternal circle. The path that
works for me and find resonance within me may not work for someone standing next to me and therein lies the problem...

We cannot borrow, or abdicate, seek representation or try to delegate anything in our lives.

Each soul must have its own work and each soul its own resonance...all religions, all paths, all journeys are merely records left by those that have travelled their own path, and each must seek
his own...that is the first test. Without it, we are stuck in the circle of eternal recurrence, going around and around until we run out of energy and lack the will to continue any further.

One path is neither right or wrong just as  one system is neither right and another wrong -  all systems and all religions, all paths are right...
for those that walk upon them and take the time to explore them, to make them their own and to experience each moment along that path
to the fullest extent, maximizing their experience of it and trying to be as much as they can be on that journey.

Taking ownership, accepting responsibility, making the resolution our own...that is our purpose and should be our aim. But is does not detract from the fact that the work still needs to be done....
We are the worlds greatest experts on being ourselves, at being simply who and what we are....and each cycle  provides the opportunity and choices to fulfill just that potential...to grow to
another level of being. Failure to do this results in our true death, the death of our soul....and that is a tragedy that the entire universe mourns.

We share this space and time with many, many beings, some of whom we perceive and many that we do not. This does not make them or us any more or less real....each has his or her work to
do and each has his or her path upon which they travel. Each being is trying to evolve and fulfill its potential to do so and most important of all none can do the work for the other. Just like in
school no one can sit your examinations for you, and even if you do succeed for a time to ride along on someone else's coattails....the day and time will come when someone calls your bluff.

To sense that ONENESS or to  sense that ALL  is to be aware of the eternal, to listen to that song, is to hear the sound of silence. To reach out and
grasp that is to touch the untouchable....that is the purpose of our being and that is what each of us strives for in our own way, and in our own time....at
our own pitch and resonance. That is the Buddha nature in us all....and whom we greet with Namaste, the source to which we must one day return as do
all beings.

Do you enjoy Vedic poetry? I see you've mentioned it tonight on one of the pages I was reading. There are 108 verses of the Rig Veda that I am busy re-writing. I t may be considered as
sacrilegious in some circles however the translation I read from Venerable Sri Aurubindo whilst being wonderful and illuminating lacked resonance with me. So I sat down and decided to take 108
verses and attempt to rewrite them until I felt something stir within me from each line. Each verse should awaken my spirit and create for me that sense of the real and touchable that was created
for the authors of the Upanishad. If you'd like to read some of these verses you are most welcome....it is a work in progress

When I have completed the work on reviewing the philosophy index entitled "A word in my ear" then it is my intention to complete the work in these verses, as well as a collection on Hindu
Mythology. The Hindu Mythology section, much like the Jatakamala is aimed primarily at children and is shared with many of my nieces and nephews or children of colleagues with whom I work. It
is not aimed at the same audience as the Vedas, but serves as a great foundation to works of that nature. The aim with all of this writing has been resonance, to hear the word wherever it is
spoken and to have that word resonate within my soul, to reach that pitch whereupon my soul begins to stir and is awakened from its slumber within.

WAR  - What is war?

The result of planetary influences, somewhere in the cosmos two or three planets approach too near to one other and tension results. Have you ever noticed how if a man passes quite close to
you on a narrow pavement you become tense? The same tension takes place between planetary bodies. Only for them it lasts perhaps a second or two, but here on earth, people begin to
slaughter one another, and they go on slaughtering one another, perhaps for several years whenever it happens

It seems to them at the time that they hate each other. Perhaps they have to slaughter one another for some exalted purpose, or they need to defend something or somebody in a very noble
cause. They fail to realize however to what extent they are pawns in a grander game. They think they signify something, they think they can move about as they like, they think they can decide to
do this or to do that. But in reality, all their movements and all their actions are the result of planetary influences and they themselves signify literally nothing other than only pawns.

The moon plays its part in all of this as well. Everything that happens on a big scale is governed from outside and governed either by an accidental combination of influences or by general
cosmic laws. Cosmic laws we are all bound by, accidental influences however can, with skill, be diverted or transformed into something relatively harmless.

Humanity, or more correctly, organic life on earth is acted upon simultaneously by influences proceeding from various sources and various worlds; influences from the moon, influences from the
sun, influences from the stars and influences from other planets. All of these influences act simultaneously. One influence predominates at one moment and another influence at another
moment. For man then, there exists the possibility of making a choice of influences -  in other words, of passing from one influence to another.

To explain how this can be done requires some depth, however at this stage it is necessary only to understand one rule. That it is impossible to free oneself from one influence without becoming
subject to another. The whole thing, all work on self consists of choosing the influence to which you wish to subject yourself and then actually falling under this influence.
For that to happen however, it is necessary to know beforehand which influence is the more profitable.

Gurdjieff spoke of the planets and the moon as living beings, having different ages and different time scales, a definite period of life and possibilities of development and transition to other planes
of being.

From what he believed, it appeared that the moon was not a dead planet as is usually accepted by modern scientific thought, but on the contrary, a planet in birth - a planet at the very initial
stages of its development that has not yet reached - the degree of intelligence possessed by the earth.

The moon is growing and developing and at some time it is possible for it to attain the same level as the earth. If this happens, then, near to it a new moon will appear and the earth will become
their sun. At one time our sun was like the earth, and the earth was like the moon. Earlier still, the sun was like the moon.

This theory put forward is an organic theory of cosmology, as opposed to the artificial and dogmatic theories on the origin of planets and the solar system put forth by Kant-Laplace and others.
The theory has its origin in new principles and shows an entirely different universal order.

The intelligence of the sun according to the system is divine, however the earth can become the same only of course this is not guaranteed and the earth may equally perish attaining nothing.
There is a definite period for all this transformation to take place, for a certain thing to be done and if, by a certain time what ought to be done has not been done then the earth may perish
without having attained anything -  without fulfilling its inherent potential.

The period is known, however it would be of no advantage for people to know it as this would make things even worse. Some would believe it, others would not believe it and yet others would
demand proofs. Afterwards they would begin to break one anothers heads and dispute as everything ends this way with people.


At present, it may not be clear to us that people living upon the earth can belong to very different levels, although in appearance they might look exactly the same. Much alike their planetary
counterparts however, each inherits the potential to develop to another plane of being. Then just as there are different levels of men, so there are different levels of art. We simply do not realize
that the difference is greater than we might at first suspect. We take things on different levels as being far too close to one another and think that these different levels are accessible to all.

What some would call art is not the art of others. It is mechanical, reproduction, the imitation of nature and of other people or simply fantasy, perhaps an attempt to be original.   Real art is
something quite different.

Among the works of art, particularly works of ancient art, you meet with many things that can not be explained and that contain something we do not feel in modern works of art.

However as we fail to realize what this difference is, we soon forget it and continue to take everything as one kind of art. Yet there is an enormous difference between the art we produce today
and the art of the ancients.

In our art, everything is subjective – the artist’s perception of this or that sensation, the forms in which he tries to express these sensations and then the perception of these forms by other
people. In one and the same phenomenon one artist may feel one thing and another artist quite a different thing. The same sunset may evoke a feeling of joy in one artist and sadness in

Two artists might strive to express exactly the same perceptions by entirely different methods, in different forms; or entirely different perceptions in the same forms – according to how they were
taught, or contrary to it.

The spectators, listeners or readers of this art will then perceive, not what the artist wished to convey or what he felt, but what the forms in which he expresses his sensations will make them feel,
by association. Everything is subjective and everything is accidental, that is to say, based upon accidental associations – the impression of the artist and his ‘creation’ and the
consequent perceptions of his spectators, listeners or readers.

In real art there is nothing accidental, nothing is left to chance, it is all mathematics. Everything in it can be calculated, everything can be known beforehand. The artist knows and understands
what he wants to convey and his work cannot produce one impression on one man and another impression on another, (presuming of course, people on the same level). It will always and with
mathematical certainty produce one and the same impression.

At the same time, the same work of art will produce different impressions upon different people of different levels. People of lower levels will never get from it what people of higher levels receive.

This is real, objective art.

Imagine some scientific work - a book on astronomy or chemistry. It is impossible that one person could understand it in one way and another in another way. Everyone who is sufficiently
prepared and who is able to read this book will understand what the author means and precisely as the author means it. An objective work of art is just such a book, except that it affects the
emotional and not only the intellectual side of man.

Such works of art continue to exist in the present day. The Great Sphinx in Egypt for example, some historically known works of architecture, certain statues of gods and many other symbols are
examples of it. There are figures of gods and of various mythological beings that can be read like books  -  only not with the mind but with the emotions. Provided of course that the mind
observing them is sufficiently developed.

In Central Asia, in the desert at the foot of the Hindu Kush, a strange figure can be seen that might appear as some ancient god or devil. At first it produces upon one the impression of being
simply a curiosity - out of place.

After a while however, you begin to feel that this figure contains many things, a big, complete and complex system of cosmology. Then slowly, step by step, you are able to decipher the system
that lies in the body of the figure, in its legs, in its arms, in its head, in its eyes, in its ears; everywhere. In the whole statue there is nothing accidental, nothing without meaning

For one who is able to understand, he can perceive the aim of the people who built this statue. To begin to feel their thoughts, their feelings, some may even be able to see their faces, hear their
voices. In any event, to grasp the meaning of what they wanted to convey to the observer across thousands of years and not only the meaning, but all the feelings and emotions connected with it
as well.


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Science no longer identifies reality with the physical universe,
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