The History of the Red Haired Race
Tribe of Danu
Mary Sutherland 2009
The Red Haired Race

The myths and legends of Greece, India and South America describe the rule of Osiris and Isis. "
The Mighty Osiris and Isis walked into the Egyptian Valley out of nowhere and assumed
command.' They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair,
marblelike white skin and remarkable powers that enabled them to perform miracles"

The Tuatha tales describe powerful gods with orange or blonde hair and other unusual attributes. *See Odin

Mari - the neolithic Goddess of Old Europe and the primary deity in Basque mythology - has many manifestations, including " a tree that looks
like a woman or a tree emitting flames", "a white cloud or rainbow, or a ball of fire in the air", a "sickle of fire, as which she appears crossing the
sky" and "seen enveloped in fire, lying down horizontally, moving through the air".

Beauty of Loulan - Face and features reconstructed by artist   (Basque lineage)

The records from ancient Ireland describe a whole series of invasions. The "Lebor Gabala Erren" ("The Book of the Taking of Ireland" or the
"Book of Invasions") , compiled during the 12th century A.D. describes the coming of the mysterious Tuatha de' Danann or Tribe of Danu. They
were tall, blond or red-haired strangers, "expert in the arts of pagan cunning", who supposedly interbred with the locals, while teaching them
many kinds of useful skills.
*See Tribe of Dan

The Lebor Gabala Records their dramatic entrance to Ireland as follows:

"In this wise they came, in dark clouds from northern islands of the world. They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta, and
they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights. Gods were their men of arts, and non-gods their husbandmen."

A gold ship model from 1st century BC Broighter, Ireland. There are many stories of aerial ships or "demon ships" ("loinger demnacda") in the
Irish annuals.

According to the mythic tales the Tuatha de' Danann  arrived in western Ireland (near
modern Connacht) by air. They divided into two social classes: "gods" as teachers of
medicine, smithing, communication or druidry, and "non-gods" as farmers or shepherds.
Although no one knows for certain what the Tuatha looked like, descriptions, such as of
their female war-leader Eriu, indicate tall attractive people with pale skin, high foreheads,
long red hair and large blue eyes.

Other descriptions indicate blonde, golden hair with blue eyes. The blonde haired woman in the 1957 abduction of Antonio Villas Boas also
had red body hair (pubic hair). She seems remarkably like
Bill Chaker's female visitor, of which DNA testing was done , and the description of
Eriu. If the Tuatha cross-bred with local humans, they would have left hybrid descendants who look somewhat like themselves.
The earliest art: the
Woman from
Willendorf, present day
Austria, dating from
30,000 BC.
Late Paleolithic period
                  HAIR COLORS
is the most common hair color
in the world, and is due to a large
amount of eumelanin.
Brown is also common, and is due
to eumelanin mixed with a bit of
Blonde is only found in about 2% of
the world's population.  It is due to
very small amounts of melanin.  
Slight amounts of black, brown, and
red make for all the variations we see
in blonds - such as ash, flaxen, and
strawberry blond.
Red hair is the rarest of all, about 1%
of the world.  It is due to high levels of
pheomelanin plus low levels of
Skin, hair, and eye color are due to
relative amounts of melanin.  There
are two kinds of melanin:  Eumelanin
is dark, with two types, black and
Pheomelanin is a light
reddish brown.  It is responsible for
the color of lips, nipples, and
naughty bits, as well as freckles,
red hair and green eyes.  Ref:
Dr. C.
George Boeree
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Lemuria (MU) Cradle of Civilization

According to Churchward  the white people were the dominant group on Mu, (This can be as the rule of thumb in the Israelite tradition as well, through the Tribe of Dan) . In all probability,
represented the priestly and patrician class of its population. "Besides these", he goes on to say, rather enigmatically,
"There were people of other races -  people with yellow, brown or
black skins. They, however, did not dominate
." This he called from the Lhasa Record, among many others. According to these ancient manuscripts, the Muvians were great navigators and
sailed all over the world  - much as the Atlanteans are purported to have done and later Phoenicians, being also a great maritime nation. They were also reputed to have been great builders,
too ... another thing they had in common with the Atlanteans and Israelites.
See Evolution of Mankind


I have had scientists and researchers contact me on this site, saying if you could only 'drop the ufo' it would give you more credibility. They like what I have to say and my theories ---but----.  In
answer to this, out of good consciousness I can not drop the theory of ufo and off world visitors - however I do believe that 're-defining alien' should be considered.

To give credence to 'off world' visitation let me offer the following statements and hopefully you will then understand my stance on this issue.  

The ufo crash in Roswell has always been a touchy subject for government officials - but touchy or not - truth never goes away and through the years, more and more evidence has come forth
to prove that this was an actual event taking place in 1947. What we do know is the following:

In July 1947, a piloted, maneuverable aerial vehicle, originating off world was recovered with most material going to Wright Patterson Field. Witnesses to the event were heavily intimidated,
some of whom I have personally spoken too. And the craft was reversed engineered . Years after, in 1953, a CIA sponsored Robertson Panel, recommended that the media be used
disinformationally to deflect attention from the subject. Media is still being used for this as could be evidenced in the televised  2005 Peter Jennings Report.  Civilian ufo groups were infiltrated
by CIA according to the Panel's suggestion and private citizens involved in ufo research were illegally spied upon.

What we believe is that the government began investigating , no later than 1958, the possibility that the off world race behind the Roswell crash was one 'parallel' to our own and 'connected' to
human life from 'antiquity'.  That they may be instead of 'little green men' none other than our 'ancestors' .

From this same period, NASA was formed for space exploration and the 'Brookings Report ' speculated that our 'discovery of alien artifacts on MARS, THE MOON and VENUS was inevitable.

By 1966 the presence of a past celestrial race became a CERTAINTY, when Soviet lunar probes photographed regular structures in the SEA OF STORMS and the BLAIR CUSPIDS  were
discovered in the MOON'S SEA OF TRANQUILITY, the latter being the first landing spot of the APOLLO MISSIONS.

Astronomers' records make it conceivable that limited government study of off world artifacts began decades prior.

It is impossible that the government did not have awareness of our MARTIAN CONNECTION by 1961.  Government awareness of the Martian connection continues to be evidenced in the
dissembling over the discoveries of the Viking probes in 1976 ,
as well as subsequent Mars probes.

There is every indication  that our world governments know about them and have taken the issue very seriously. HOWEVER, it is debatable as how much information they have and to what
influence they would have with it.  Elected officials seem to have little knowledge of the subject and are blocked in every instance that they try to gain more. The military, the intelligence
agencies , and the president (by virtue of executive privilege with the NSA) are therefore in a unique position of power in their isolated knowledge of the subject, and potentials for exploitation
are immense.

It would seem that the 'off world' visitors  reason for being here are little known at this time. It does seem that there is no hostile intent, being that if there were , we would have known it by now.  
We can base this on their actions - They evade when pursued, fire only when fired upon, and despite unquestionable superiority do not exploit their advantage in any discernible attempt for
invasion or conquest.  They are plainly 'unfriendly' towards military buildup and are monitoring our industrial and military capacity .

We do have abductions and contacts. One of the purposes of contact seem to be to establish ambassadors between us and them, the indications being that the 'offworlders' are in the process
of gradually preparing our world for a more open relationship with them.  Surgery of the abductees seem to be to assist the reproduction program and to secure implants, the probably
purpose of the latter being for location in subseuent visits and communications.

Although, there may be other 'offworlders' out there, it seems the most likeliest candidates for the intelligence behind the crafts we seem to be seeing most, besides our governments black op
projects, would be the race historically called 'the gods', under a variety of names, depending upon religion and geography, would be such terms as ' Anunnaki, Elohim, Nefilim, Watchers,
TUATHA DE DANAAN, and the like.

At this time, little or no real evidence, supports any other type of 'off worlder' visiting us then those of a human type. The greys may be biogenetically engineered clones. - Although we can not
rule out other races coming from other worlds - or what we may find in the interior of our planet.

"They were the boldest mariners, the greatest colonizers, who could boast of a form of government approaching to constitutionalism, who of all nations of the time stood highest in
practical arts and sciences and into whose lap there flowed an unceasing stream of the world's greatest riches, until the day came when they began to care for nothing else, and the
enjoyment of material comforts and luxuries took the place of the thirst for knowledge."Canon George Rawlinson on The Phoenicians

What we do know is that the human race existed here on Earth prior to the Adamic Man and that a great majority of mankind and his technology  was wiped out due to a cosmic.cataclysm. We
also know that after Earth settled down, a group of men known as 'Gods of Wisdom' scattered themselves around the world in an attempt to regroup and rebuild.

According to Celtic history, the Danaan and Fomorian ruled over mankind in  peace for some time before the land and its people wree torn apart by a Civil War. It was during this that time
mankind became caught between  two central gods and their political parties.

A second world conflagration, occurred at a  later time, (perhaps 4,000 - 6,000 years ago), that may have extended to our Moon and Mars. (The latter being an off-worlder  base)  Although
conflict between the gods went into abatement under terms, it is still ongoing today.

The DANAAN  are an aristocratic race of hunters, scientists and poets who prefer their privacy. They also have the remarkable  ability to make themselves invisible!  Their architecture is a
marvel in mathematics and engineering. Music is their principal Magic - by manipulating sound waves (Harmonics) to could lift and move  massive sized objects-  possibly even planets.  
Their megaliths served a variety of functions ie.  geodetic markers, recorders of mathematical mesurements, observatories, and  military strongholds.  Everything about them is
simultaneously simply but complex. Their graphics communicate on at least three levels at the same time, being pictorial, mathematical and verbal. The verbal also communicates on at
least two levels at one time almost invariably incorporting puns and double entendres.

They  interact with man  through their dreams and in riddles, seeming to prefer inspiring from behind the scenes to any kind of direct communication.  When overt contact is necessary, they
assume the guise of the Virgin Mary, the Corn Mother, angels, kachinas, or whatever is appropriate for that culture.  There is a strong circumstantial evidence for this race's continual
intervention on a number of levels in man's development - from the crudely physical to the artistic, scientific and esoteric.
They cover their tracks by using  hypnosis or some unknown technology capable of clouding the memories of their visitants. Their rituals and ways of life derive from a worship of the harmony
of nature and the mastery of "mind over matter",

There has never been a time in mans history up to today when  the Danaan.  Oral and written  records.  the world over,  speaks of is a Golden Age in which man and the gods (angels) freely
and openly interacted - and all such records have prohesied that a time would come when a new Golden Age would occur and at that time all  hidden truths  will again be  revealed. "In those
days shall the elect and holy race descend from the upper heavens and their seed shall then be with the sons of men." Enoch 39:1

There is unquestionably a move on the part of the Danaan to unilaterally disarm the world's military forces. While mankind's reaction  to nucleaur or environmental threats have been dulled ,
that is not the case with the Danaan.  The frequently reported imagery of nuclear war shown to contactees makes some sense if you consider that the Danaan are working privately, on an
individual grass roots bases, to inform people in opposition to the disinformation the government is spreading and are in the process of disarming the greatest oppressive power block in the
history of man -  which is consistent with what they have done in the past.

Irish mythology indicates that  the Danaan appeared out of  void. However it is  possible that they came from an outer body in our system. An Upper, Lower, and Middle World themes are  
common tin  most mythologies, so they could have come  to the Middle World (Earth)  from the Upper World (Venus)  and established other colonies on (or in)  the Lower Worlds of Mars. It is
also possible  that they came from Sirius,l Orion or the Pleiades, but ancient Egypt's  evidence of their use of three stage rockets indicates that  their technology at that time was insufficient to
navigate farther than the closest planets.  It is more than likely that the Danaan originated within our system and later developed sufficient technology to conquer the stars. Again another
possibility is that they did come from beyond our system and suffered dire technological setbacks due to an  unforeseen catastrophe and had to rebuild their technology using the material of

..."because ultimately it will nevertheless come to light. There can hardly be any greater shock than the H-bomb and yet
everybody knows of it without fainting."

" Our leaders are presented with an awesome dilemma. Such an admission would lead to a deluge of questions, some of which simply cannot be answered without disclosing vital defence
interests; alarming cases of missing aircraft; abductions; genetic experiments; and bizarre cases that will remain beyond our comprehension  for centuries to come. In this respect I am fully in
sympathy with the current official policy."