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In Fourteen Hundred and Nine Two,
Columbus sailed the ocean Blue,
To prove that the old maps were true

Interestingly the third line of this nursery rhyme was conveniently dropped..but as you see this third line would point out that Columbus was not the first discover of the Americas - but actually came
here using an ancient map of a race long before his time.

Not only in Europe and the Mid-East , but evidence of these people - their travel - their trade and culture can be traced to the CANary Islands.

We  find another commonality through the  root word CAN in  CAN ary and CANaanites, of who can be traced  to North America during ancient times.

. Most people think that the name CANARY (canari) originated from the  discovery of the yellow birds that populated that area.  Not true - According to the  Latin definition of Canari , it means  
'DOG', (CANine).  When Roman ships visited the islands in the Second Century BC , the origianl inhabitants revered the dog as a 'SACRED BEING'  The Romans called these  inhabitants of the
Islands ' Dog People' . The islanders  veneration of the dog resembles the  Egyptians belief in ANUBIS, the dog headed spirt guide who led the souls from the material world , through the veil, to the
other side into the afterlife.  (In Pharaonic Egypt, at Cynopolis, or 'DOG CITY' , literally tens of thousands of mummified dogs were found buried.)  These type of dog rituals can also be found in

Following is some  information I received from one of our ancient mysteries study group. This information ties in the red-haird caucasian race tto the Canary Islands and North America through the  
reverence of dogs.
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The Tribe of Dann


The snake travelled the world and finally bit its own tail back to Australia ,from where the Lightning Brothers came. These two men were  the biblical  MOSES AND AARON , but known to the
Egytians as the  Pharoahs AHKTANATEN and SMENKARE  . They were not the leader of their people, but it was the sacred sister  MIRIAMON or MIRIAM  or known to the Egyptians as

They died in South Australia after deciding not to take the STARFIRE  any longer. (The starfire was a gift from the 'gods' for immortality). They brought with them the LAW and the sacred colour
RED. The one "outstanding" lifeform they left behind was the EGYPTIAN WAR DOG, now called the DINGO. (canari)

The daughter travelled with the AID OF FLIGHT  and moved through Asia to the North of Australia leaving the DINGO and the STORY OF THE SACRED KINGFISHER  along the way  until arriving
in Nova Scotia . She brought the sacred dog to North America  along with the Law. In North America the Dingo became known as the  CAROLINA WILD DOG. .

The PROMISE OF THE BIRD KING  is fulfilled in the Time of Darkness.....from now on the truth will come forth.

"Red is  his hair , hooked his nose. Fair is his skin and green are his eyes" The same description as all tribal people throughout the world have...He is THE BEAR, THE SNAKE, THE SMOOTH

"The Snake, the Bear, the Smooth White Stone, the Sacred Red Flow-er and most important, Iam the Sacred Kingfisher ..from the blood who also gave you the Wild Dog which is the Egyptian War
Dog, known as the dingo. Iam the Living Sun Dance. Red is my hair. Green is my Eyes. Fair is my Skin and Hooked is my Nose. Iam the Promised Bird King"
The Aboriginal of the Finders Rangers have already declared me so. The place where it was declared is a place called BELTANA . To them Iam POPPADIDGEEDIDGEE. .
Following is a photo of red haired mummies of Canary Islands
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Another piece of evidence that the people of the Canary Islands and North America shared the same culture of the 'old ones' is through leading historical scholar, Professor Lopez Herrera, who
declares and I quote, " One fact about which we may be certain is that there existed a relation in ancient times between the people of the Canarian origin and the inhabitants of America."

Among his evidence to back this is the inscription of a strange artifact found in Ohio, the Grove Creek Stone. Its characters correspond almost exactly to written carvings in the Canary Island of

A comparison of petroglyphic signs in prehistoric North America and the Canary Islands also supports this relationship. Many of the individual signs, such as the inverted barbell-like figure
(expressing the highest and lowest position of the sun), occur on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and signify the same meanings.
This same barbell object was found by Doug Gossage at the Rock Lake Wisconsin Limnatis Pyramid. `

The Red Haired Mummies of the Canary Islands
Reference: The Canary Island

Off the coast of West Africa lie the Canary Islands - this region became home to who we know as the  Guanches.

The greatest link we have between the  Guanches and the Egyptians comes in the form of pyramids - the Guanches built several small step pyramids on the islands, using exactly the same model
as those found in ancient Egypt and in Mesopotamia. The pyramids have an east-west alignment.

Generally dolichocephalic, fair-featured with blond or red-hair, with males over six foot tall and women approaching six feet in height.
Women were very beautiful and Spanish Gentlemen often used to take their wives among the population. The belief that the ancient Canarians were a people favored by great duration of life
became popular at the time of the Spanish Conquest ." Many of the early explorers, including Columbus went there in search of the Fountain of Youth. ([The Early Inhabitants of the Canary
Islands, By Alf Bajocco, 1965 Part IV cont., D. Clarke webmaster]

Reference: Jonah G. Lissner

Guanche were known to have worsipped the God of the Sun and of Higher Thought , MEN-cey.
The First Egyptian Pharoahs called themselves MENE-es
Found in the ancient Egyptian Writings of the God/Kings Before the Pharaohs, are  references to men of other lands who became gods of wisdom before migrating to Egypt. One of them was
Thoth, traditionally designated by historians and Egyptologists as the Egyptian God of Writing and Wisdom.  Thoth was born in a distant country to the WEST ,  which was across a body of water.

A catastrophe occurred which darkened the sun and disturbed the gods, but Thoth led them across the sea to an EASTERN  country [Egypt]. Thoth is depicted as the "controller of the Flood,"
(Leyden Papyrus) and the Theban Recension includes the Island of Flame in the Flood story. (Papyrus of Ani, Chap. CLXXV)

In Chapter LXXXV of the Book of the Dead, Thoth rules the "WESTERN DOMAIN," and by the end of the New Kingdom he is called "LORD OF THE WEST". (Seth, 1912) Thoth is depicted standing
in sht htp [the "field of peace" known to the Greeks as the Elysian Fields], holding his writing quill and palette. The question is pertinent: Was Thoth an Atlantean god-king? [R. Cedric Leonard,]

Proto-Guanche Explorations to the New World

The Asiatic Indians of Central and South America, traditionally referred to as the indigenous peoples of the New World, although increasing evidence is pointing to a multi-cultural pre-Columbian
New World of varying ethnic Asiatic groups as well as Caucasians and proto-humanoid beings of more archaic age, referred to the Columbians as quetzalcoatl, referring to the plumed
serpent-god of the heavens which would return in the form of a white, bearded man in the year 1519 CE (by the calendar of the Europeans of the time); this date was venerated by the Aztecs in
Tenochtitlan as an eschatological date and preparations were made by the court astrologers of the palace of Montezuma for their return. Other tribes of the New World in both Central and South
America also venerated these wise, bearded white men for their previous incarnations and flying canoes which had brought culture, peace and prosperity to these regions in the remote past.


The  Proto-Guanche were noted seafarers in classical and ancient times.
It is  is possible that the tall, golden-haired and fair-skinned peoples called the quetzalcoatl, or the culture-bringers of the Asiatic Indians of Meso- and South America, were the  proto-Guanches or
Egyptians working with Guanches. They may have also been Egyptians who were related the the post-Cro-Magnon Proto-Guanches that traveled from the Canaries Islands as a stopover point to
the North America .


Frank Joseph,  THE LOST PYRAMIDS OF ROCK LAKE,   backs the belief that the God/Kings came from the WEST. He writes of the Egyptians description of a  predynastic invasion of the Nile
Delta by a 'seafaring people' from the DISTANT WEST . These people were known as the  MESUNTIU  . The Egyptian word for FOUNDRY is MESNET, so it is safe to assume that these people
had the knowledge of metal working.

It was told that the MESENTIU were the people that established Egypt's FIRST ROYAL FAMILY  - If this is the case, then these people may have been Sitchens  ANUNNAKI.
An event found often in Egyptian Art symbolizes this event in  THE FALCON SUN GOD, HORUS, wielding a harpoon from his boat against a hippopotamus . The hippopotamus is the symbol for  
the predynastic natives.


Iam sure that most of you have heard the term blue bloods and the pride some take in stating that their families come from this lineage.
But have you ever stopped to consider where this term comes from?  Well you are now going to find out!

The reason these First Royal Families  were called Blue Bloods is plain and simple - They actually did have blue blood! It was not  hemoglobin based which is common in most human species,  
but  copper based.  This would clearly  indicate that these First Families were not PURE HUMAN BUT HALF BREEDS OR SEMI HUMAN.
Impossible you say...not if you considerer that copper based blood systems  exist to this day in some  animal species in South America.
It was for this very reason, an ancient LAW was creating stating these First Families were  NOT to marry what they referred to as commoners.  Not because they were prejudice, but  there was
problems with HEMOPHILIA with children born outside of the copper based blood line.   Hemoglobin and Copper blood systems did not mix.


Reference: Evidence for the Ancestors of the Guanches as Founders of Predynastic Egypt ,JONAH G. LISSNER

According to Jonah G. Lissner, there is a clear link to Egypt and the Canary Islands through MEN-CEY . The Guanche were known to have worshipped the God of the Sun and of Higher Though
MEN-CEY . The First Families , The Pharoahs called themselves MEN-ES, which meant the revelation of God through the Sun.  Again you see the MESUNTIU connection .

Lissner also notes that there came God Kings  to Egypt before Egypt had Pharoahs. He claims that throughout the Ancient Egyptian history  there are references to men of 'other lands' who were
GODS OF WISDOM 'BEFORE' migrating to Lower Egypt.

One of these GOD KINGS was THOTH, known to the Egyptians as  DJEHEUTY.   Thoth was given the status  GOD OF WISDOM, INVENTOR OF WRITING, PATRON OF SCRIBES AND THE

Myths concerning Thoth show him as a divinity whose counsel is always sought. HIS MOST SIGNIFICANT ROLE IS DURING THE BATTLES OF HORUS AND SETH.  Thoth is a staunch supporter of
Horus and his mother Isis, maintaining that Horus' claim to the throne is just and the murderous Seth has no right to the Kingship of Egypt.  ( I would like to note here, that prior to the War in Iraq,

According to these ancient writings, THOTH WAS BORN IN A DISTANT COUNTRY TO THE WEST , which was across a body of water. Its main city was by the sea.. The land possessed volcanoes
and, like Plato's  Atlantis, had a low mountain or large hill in the center. This land is sometimes referred to as the ISLE OF FLAME  (Book of the Dead, Hymn of Rameses IV and Pyramid Texts)

A catastrophe occurred which darkened the sun and disturbed the gods, but Thoth led them across the sea to an EASTERN COUNTRY , EGYPT.     THOTH IS DEPICTED AS THE 'CONTROLLER
OF THE FLOOD'.  (Leyden Papyrus) and the Theban Recension includes the Island of Flame in the Flood story. (Papyrus of Ani, Chap. CLXXV)

In Chapter LXXXV of the Book of the Dead, Thoth rules the "WESTERN DOMAIN," and by the end of the New Kingdom he is called "LORD OF THE WEST. ". (Seth, 1912).  T

The SACRED ISLAND OF THE GUANCHES , THE GRAN CANARIA,  is a great mountain, white peaked, with very little arable land surrounding it as it juts forth from the Atlantic, similar to the
description of the Isle of Flame, indicating an interesting similarity in the volcanic homeland of Thoth .


COLUMBUS reference QUETZALCOATL as the PLUMED SERPENT - GOD OF THE HEAVENS, which was to return in the form of a WHITE BEARDED MAN in the YEAR 1519 CE . This date was
venerated by the AZTECS IN TENOCHTITLAN   and preparations were made by the court astrologers of the palace of Montezuma for their return

Other tribes  in both Central and South America also venerated these wise, bearded white men for their PREVIOUS INCARNATIONS AND FLYING CANOES  which had brought culture, peace and
prosperity to these regions in the remote past.

When Columbus and the Europeans who followed in his wake landed in the Americas, they were welcomed and initially worshiped as gods, since the beardless Indians they encountered believed
that the Spanish belonged to the same people as the legendary founders of their civilization.


According to the Aztec and Olmec (Central American Amerind) legends, their god, Quetzalcoatl, had Nordic features (eyes and hair color) and a beard. As the proto-Guanche were noted
seafarers in classical and ancient times; it is possible that the tall, golden-haired and fair-skinned peoples called the QUETZALCOATL  were a race from the  Canary Island God Kings/Egyptians .


Dogs were the only known animal domesticated by the inhabitants of Aztalan.  These animals were provided ritual funerals, including grave goods in the form of intentionally broken pottery
symbolizing mourning and the end of physical existence.
The dog was likewise revered at Aztalan's sister city, Angel Mounds, located on the banks of the Ohio River in southern Indiana.
The Cahokians were also found to share this same culture and reverance towards man's best friend.


Columbus was very aware that an  Eden in North America existed. He searched old maps and followed up on  oral reports of ancient world seafaring travelers.  In a miltary report, a Guanche chief
named TIRAJANA, claimed that his ancestors were far greater sailors than the Spaniards, because they traveled regularly to the end of the ocean, over the horizon of the sunset to a great land.
Columbus heard the story of the old chief and followed up on it by visiting him. Through a Spanish translator, he repeated to Columbus the same traditon of these voyages , but also quite
importantly told him about a great underwater stream  (current?) that carried their ships directly from their island home across the sea back  to the great land in the West.

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