PYRAMID OF ROCK LAKE  - Rock Lake Wisconsin Sea Monster
in Lake Mills Wisconsin
'Home of the Wisconsin Pyramid'
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Lake Monster of Rock Lake is ROCKY

Very similar to Loc Ness Monster.
Long muscular neck, topped with a large horse like head with serpentine features.
An early  'recorded ' encounter with the Monster was in 1887 by Edward McKenzie and D.W. Seybert, local boys that grew up in Lake Mills.
Although that was the first recorded encounter, it was not the first  - now was it the last.
According to Lake Mills historian, Mary Wilson ' Many people reported that they saw the monster raise its head from the waters. Its presense was a great concern for the local residents. It would appear every few years and was
recorded in our history by early citizens of great integrity and position in the community.'
These type of lake creatures are reported around the world and seem to carry the same identifying characteristics.
I have my own theory on them , of which, I will report later in this article.
Another Lake Monster in Wisconsin is the Sturgeon Bay Monster residing in Lake Michigan, about 120 miles north of Rock Lake.
Even the Capital of Wisconsin, Madison, has their own lake monster. Madison is only forty miles from Lake Mills. Their dragon like creature was seen in 1917 by a fisherman, who described it as 'snake like'.   Earlier seen in 1897
, the monster was estimated to be twenty feet long.  Of couse, though in Lake Mendota, they have captured sturgeons that were a record breaking twenty five feet in length.
The Native American Indians have a legend on them, stating that the Lake Monsters were 'Spirit Guardians' placed there to protect the 'rock tepees' and the sacred graves of the foreign shamans.
The Indians call this spirit guardian, BICHI BICHI  and would sacrifice dogs to it, binding their legs and jaws and throwing them into the water.
The Menomonie Indians tell the story of MICHIBISSY, a deadly sea monster installed by the ancient miners to guard the waters around Isle Royale in the Upper Great Lakes region for the protection of its rich copper deposits. The
Michibissy is also represented as the spiritual energies of the dead marine men who sank back into the sea whence they came. Coincidentally A great sea guardian protects the cone shaped stone pyramid  in the Greek myth of

Eye witness accounts and depictions of sea serpents have come
down to us from throughout history. In some of these cases, the
creature could well have had a large portion of its body underwater
(really a plesiosaur form rather than a serpent form). The very first
recorded sea serpent observation was made by Sargon II on a
Mediterranean voyage to Cyprus at about 720 BC – 705 BC. This
cryptid sighting seems to be memorialized by a very interesting frieze
made during the Assyrian domination of Phoenicia (late 8th century
BC). It shows Phoenician longboats loading up lumber. Notice the sea
serpent with its neck upright in the background up top. Its large size
can be judged by the sea turtle depicted just in front of it. Another
meaning of the serpent and the turtle could represent the serpent
race going to Turtle Island (N. America)
At the museum in Michigan I found this sculpture of a Water Spirit in the Copper Culture
Section. I believe these effigies, sculptures and sightings are being misidentified and are
brontosaurus . Check out the picture I put together to show you why I think this..
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