The Sci'Fi Cafe
Open 7 Days a Week
Serving Breakfast and Lunch
Coffee and Cappuccino Bar
Ice Cream Parlor and Soda Fountain -
Wireless Internet Lounge
Gift Shoppe - PlayStation3 Gaming
Book Store including Comic Books
Sci'Fi Memorabilia - Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and more
Watch Sci'Fi Movies in our Theater Room while you eat!
532 N. Pine Street  Burlington, WI  53105   262 767 1116
FREE WI-FI and Playstation 3 Gaming
Bored - Looking for something to do a 'little out-side the norm'...How
about taking a 'day-trip' to the Sci'Fi Cafe' in Burlington, Wisconsin.

While at the cafe' enjoy one of their famous burgers or a Chicago style
hot dog and an old fashion malt while watching an old science fiction
movie.  Yes - this cafe' offers free movies with your meal!

Meet local author and researcher, Mary Sutherland and have her share
some of her stories about the "Mysteries of Burlington'.
Learn about prehistoric and sacred sites of Burlington and the
mysterious mound builders  who once inhabited this area.

Just as Sedona Arizona has a wonderful Vortex, so does Burlington..Why
travel a thousand miles to experience a vortex when you have one
practically right in your own back yard.
Mary Sutherland is happy to be
your tour guide and show you the places of interest that lie within the
Burlington Vortex area including historical Burlington,  the earthen
mounds and sacred sites, Mormon settlements and the place where the
famous Voree Plates were found by Mormon Prophet Strang. To schedule
a tour or a group meeting or get-together contact the Sci-Fi Cafe at (262)
767  1116

Stop in and share your stories with people that share your interests. The
Sci'Fi Cafe is unique - not only in name, but how you are treated when you
arrive. We don't believe in strangers, just friends we haven't met. Not only
does the cafe love to share their stories about strange encounters of the
'unknown' but so does our customers.  
Join us on Saturday Nights for our
Haunted Woods!

Keep up to what is happening by
visiting our
Meetup Site. Put it in your favorites
so that you don't miss out on one of
our exciting events

Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost in Space, Planet of the Apes, Dr. Who, Wizard
of Oz, Killer Tomatoes, 50 foot Woman, UFOs, Paranormal, Metaphysical,
Stranger than Fiction - - - The Sci'Fi Cafe has it! .... After "is" the
Sci'Fi Cafe!
Listen to our 24 x 7 Livestream Radio Shows
Specializing in  
Chicago Style Hot Dogs
Vegetarian Sandwiches
GREAT Burgers  including
Indian Fry Bread
Navajo Tacos
Breakfast served all day!
The Sci'Fi Cafe  532 N. Pine Street  Burlington, WI 53105   (262) 767-1116
Open 7 days a week  6 a.m. - 8 p.m.    Brad and Mary Sutherland  Owners
The Sci-Fi Cafe may not be for "everyone" but it does attract the attention of some very "acknowledged" people of the
world....who "Love" hanging out and sharing their views with not only locals but from visitors around the world ie.
Australia, France, UK, Scotland, Africa, Canada, Hawaii and South America!  Be Part of that growing number of visitors to
the Sci Fi Cafe and Earth Mysteries Museum in Burlington, WI,  ancient homeland of the Mound Builders ,
Click Here and
See Some of the Great People that Have Visited our Cafe through the Years

Visit The Haunted Cellar and
Tunnel Room at the Sci'Fi Cafe!

See the Entrance to Burlington's
Underground Tunnels.

Experience dimensional Shifting in
it'sactivated Vortex

Meet some of the Sci-Cafe Ghosts
that Haunt the "Cellar"

Bring your cameras - We have
some great props set up in the
"Cellar" for Photographs!