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Brad and Mary Sutherland    
Star Trek Voyager Kazon Ship scale
model kit made by Monogram. 1995.
Out of Production
New un-assembled condition,
complete with instructions & original
factory shrinkwrapped box measuring
12 x 18 x 3 1/2 inches.
Out of Production Model
Price $25.00
Star Trek Special Collector's Editions
History of Star Trek
Edward Gross & Mark A. Altman

The voyages continue in the Star Trek universe with the complete behind-the-scenes guide to
Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Star Trek VII. With candid comments from the actors, writers,
producers, and craftspeople who create the shows, along with credits, plot summaries, and
airdates. Among with those interviewed for this all new volume are: Avery Brooks, Rick Berman,
Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Jonathan Frakes, Winrich Kolbe, and many, many more. 1994's Star
Trek: Generations earned $130 million which gave the green light to another Next Gen movie.
William Shatner submitted a storyline that would have been a sequel to the first movie. Paramount
rejected it, so Shatner had his storyline made into a novel. When the new movie was made the
Borg were included because of their popularity as was the ideal of time travel and they combine
them together in Star Trek's rich history. A winning combination with a director who knew the Star
Trek universe. All knew that Star Trek VII would be a winner. Deep Space Nine is a gritty and alien
atmosphere, unlike the sterile and nearly perfect utopia within the confines of a starship inhabited
by Starfleet officers. this would create a lot of conflict that would give both the actors and writers
more range in what they could do. Voyager was created to be another ship franchise. Since it
would be redundant to go over the same space as classic Trek and Next Gen, it was decided to
send the ship and crew into uncharted space attempting to return to known space. voyager is a
combination of DS9 (conflict) and Next Gen (Starfleet principles) and being so far from home, a
fresh new canvas upon which adventures could be placed. Voyager was also the flagship show for
Paramount's fourth network that they tried to originally launch in 1977 with Star Trek: Phase II. The
Star Trek franchise has earned Paramount over $2 billion which is amazing considering that
Paramount had to be cajoled kicking and screaming to revive Star Trek only two decades ago!
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
- Security Officer Odo
Out of Production
Vinyl Model Kit
Manufacturer:  ERTL
Release date:  January
This is a 12 inch tall vinyl
model of Secutiy Officer
Odo from Star Trek: Deep
Space Nine. Paint and glue
not inlcuded.
Recommended for ages 8
and up.
Price: $19.99
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Quark
Highly Detailed Model Kit/ Includes Display Base
Manufactured by Ertl    19.99
1983 USS
Made by AMT
Box in nice condition -
everything intake
Price $60.00