Burlington National UFO and Paranormal Center Proudly Presents '
On the Road with Brad and Mary Sutherland,
Directors of the Burlington National UFO and Paranormal Research Center
Brad and Mary Sutherland
Meet Brad and Mary Sutherland

Brad and Mary were both born and raised in Wisconsin. They have
known each other since they were teens, both going to school in the
same areas.  Brad was born and raised in Boscobel  and Mary in Gays
Mills, the neighboring town,  a few  miles away.
After High School, Brad served his stint in the Viet Nam war. After
getting out of the armed service, he went to work for Wick Homes in
Mazomanie, Wi and still works for them today, building homes in the
Burlington Wi area.

Mary went on to college in Madison and then later parted ways with
Wisconsin, moving to Arizona. In Arizona, she started a  Publishing
House  publishing livestyle magazines and a  local newspaper

While visiting family in Wisconsin, she  re-united with her teen-age
friend Brad.  He proposed on their first date, she accepted and they
married 4 months later. They moved back to Arizona for several years
where they lived in their home in the White Mountains.  Brad and Mary
owned the Country Store Antiques and Collectibles there  and  the
Country Store Thrift .  Monies made from the thrift store was  used to
buy food  for a  pantry they provided for the needy .  Later on though,
Brad was offered an opportunity to go back to work for WicK Homes.
which  he really couldn't refuse...So off they went, back to Wisconsin.

They now live in the Burlington Area and Mary runs Burlington UFO
and Paranormal Center , BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio,
Burlington Online Newspaper and does book reviews through her
Burlington Book Review Service.

Mary also published a book,  'Living in the Light, Believe in the Magic'.
Within it's pages the veils of secrecy are lifted, exposing certain truths
that have been hidden from our eyes for far too long. It is an
integration of psychology, modern science, ufology, physics, Eastern
and Western Religion and just plain ol' common sense.  She is now
working on her next two books, 'Burlington Mound Builders'  and  ' In
Search of Shamballa', which traces our lineage to Ancient Alien Beings
many Ages ago.

Both Brad and Mary are true believers in the UFO and Paranormal
phenomenon.   Every chance they get, the two work on creating
projects to enlighten others as to the truths that have been concealed.