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Keith Thompson translates

as "Shadow of Death"

but  more likely translation is ,  James
Hajicek's translation  which  is   
"Mine Shaft" .

The Hebrew Word HR

can mean "hole", and the Hebrew word

can mean "mine", as in a mine for ore.
So the translation might be "hole-mine",
or in other words a "mine shaft".

Then the entire phrase "Should" read, "I
have in the burial served them, and
their bones in the Death-shade mine
shaft toward the sun's rising are
(To the East)
According to the Hebrew   
Transliteration  Translation  Bible

HR  was referred to   hole   6 times  
and   cave   1 time

MUTsA  referred to  vein    1 time
                                 spring    3 times
                          going forth   4 times
                          going out    5 times

Note that the darkness inside of a mine
might correspond to the usage of the
phrase "shadow of death" in the Bible.
This would be the darkness of hell
(sheol), Job 10:21-22, Psalms
107:10,14, Isaiah 9:2.

So when Rajah Manchou wrote,
word of God came to me while I
mourned in the Death-shade"
, he might
have been saying that he  escaped the
destruction of his people while  in the

Vorito was the name of this village
which grew up around a mine and the
people there were miners.

And the name VORee must derive from
the root word  VOR in  VORito
Although  I used the expertism of Hebrew Translators, I also had the advantage of
living within miles of Voree and being able to walk the area and photograph it.
I have come to the conclusion described in the blue column to the right of this
Mary Sutherland
The Nose of this Stone Head points East
No more than 100 yards east of this area is an old quarry filled with water,
which divers have told me they have found some sort of shaft or tunnel at
the bottom of the quarry leading back into the land area.
Just before getting to the quarry - no less than 50 feet is a very
large indentation in the land - similar to a sink hole.  I had Brad
stand in it to photograph him - note all the orbs that came out
and started to circle him.
For the Metaphysical Lover and UFOlogists you
will simply LOVE this:

The Hidden Camelot or
the New Jerusalem

Both Prophet Strang and Joseph Smith told of a
temple that will appear out of nowhere to
manifest in selected places for Gods Holy
Temple and the New Jerusalem.
Strang fortold that this temple would manifest not
far from where the plates were found. The
Mormons founded a town there and called it
Voree, the place of the New Jerusalem.

Another researcher and myself, went to this area
between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.  Although
we could not see this temple with our physical  
eyes, we were able to capture  it on our digital
camera. The temple was veiled but of  such a
tremendous size, we could only shoot portions of
According to the Mormon Traditions, this  veiled
city was to physically manifest itself at this
location during the End Days.
Click this link to go to photos and story on Vorees
New Jerusalem .  Photos on this site are only
thumbnails..so please click to following pages to
get larger sizes so you can really appreciate the
importance of what we were able to capture on
"Rajah Manchore of Vorito."

Rajah - A perfect Hebrew name "Yah[weh] sees" or "Yah[weh]
is seer" or "Ra
is Yah[weh]"

Manchore - Man (Hebrew prefix meaning "from") Chore - To be
white, a
nobleman (Strong's 2353, 2357, 2361, 2715)

Vorito - Although in Aramaic V'ORITA means "and the Torah" I
favor BRIT
with the terminal -A found often in Aramaic.   Initial BET in
Hebrew is
always hard B but in the other parts of a word is usually
pronounced "V"
so that a shift from "B" to "V" is likely and an initial "V" could only
indicate a BET.  This would make this word "covenant"

The above would mean that "Rajah Manchore of Vorito" means:

Rayah from the whitemen/noblemen of the Covenant.

Let me know your thoughts on the above.
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