Faerie Tarot invites you to
see the world in a
delightful new way. This
original deck offers fresh
interpretations of tradition
tarot, with vibrant art
blending, fantasy, whimsy
and nature. Every card in
both the Major and Minor
Arcana comes to life with
exquisite details and
charming motifs inspired  
by the four seasons
78 card deck  3.5 x 4.75 "
48 page instruction booklet
Now on sale for 20.00  
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Dharma Cards - This set of Budda's Dhammapada
(way of truth) is presented in a form that makes it
easy to use as a meditational tool . This kit not only
includes beautifully illustrated cards inscribed with
Buddha's wisdom, but also an illuminated
guidebook to help provide deeper understanding of
the Buddha's words and intent.
Dharma Cards will inspire you to meditate on your
own truths, and to act upon them in ways that will
make your world a more harmonious place.
Included inside is a  set of 36 beautifully illustrated
cards and a 96 page guidebook Now on sale  for
The Raven Oracle Cards - Messages and Wisdom for today
From time immemorial, the Raven has been a bearer of
messages and recognized as a reliable guide. As a bird of
the soul the Raven has something important to
communicate to us- today just as much as in the past.
With clear, but by no means superficial words and images
the Raven Cards provide an ever present fund of hints and
insights which shed light on a difficult situations, provide a
key to solving a thorny problem or simply point the way
They are  practical and encouraging companions to help you
on your way with compassion and a healthy dose of humour.
To be in contact with the Raven means to tap into your own
resources of inner joy and equanimity.
Contents contain 49 Ravel Cards with cards containing hints
for us and blank cards for individual use. .
Now on Sale for 21.99
Native American Tarot Deck
The cards depict different aspects of
daily life from a variety of Native
American tribes including Apache,
Arapaho, Cherokee, Cheyenne,
Chippewa, Comanche, Hope, Huron,
Inuit, Iroquois, Kiowa, Navaho,
Papago, Ima, Pueblo, Shawnee,
Sious, etc.

These cards feature Native American
History, symbolism and folklore
including material related by a
Blackfoot medicine man, Harry

On Sale now for 12.99
The Sorcerers Tarot
Photo shows front and back of box
In a world of Magicians, magic
touches the heart of everything!
78 magical cards with instructions
On Sale now for 18.99
Bach Flowers Cards
38 cards to help you recognize
your own mood and find well
Now on Sale for 18.99
Forest Folklore Tarot Cards
The enchanting cards of
Forest Folklore Tarot are
inspired by a unique area of
the United Kingdom called the
New Forest. These historical
woodlands - lush with wildlife
and legends- provide the
landscape for imps, fairies,
nymphs, dwarfs and other
fanciful creatures. Based on
traditional tarot
interpretations, the deck was
rendered using watercolor
combined with photography.
Now on sale for 14.99
The Mayan Oracle - A Galactic Language of Light
As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, we are entering into a time of great
opportunity for spiritual growth and higher planetary consciousness. The
ancient May foresaw this awakening and thus embedded within their
archetypal symbols instructions for harnessing the energies activated during
this transformational period.
Forming a "Language of Light" that represents a bridge between physical
and spiritual realities, these ancient symbols have the power to catalyze
growth, change and awareness. Interacting with these glyphs establishes a
personal "resonance" or direct communication with each of the symbols,
creating a conduit through which to receive their galactic energies
Designed to stimulate the intuition, this oracle offeres a way to interact with
the Mayan archetypes in order to elevate your consciouness to a higher
dimension and transform old ways of seeing, doing and being .
Inside: 44 full color cards - 320 page book with 56 illustrations - includes
divinatory spreads, mediations, and exercises for insight and intuition.
Price $30.00
I Ching - Dead Moon Tarot
Now on Sale for 16.99
2012 Tarot of Ascension
The end of the world as
we know it is a gateway to
profound transformation
as each soul reawakens,
all of humanity ascends.
Now on sale for $14.99
Recommended Tarot Cards for the Beginner
Starter Tarot Deck
This deck takes the guesswork out of the
reading..as each cards has its own
interpretation printed on it.
The easy to use Starter Tarot Deck is
complete with interpretations and
reversed meanings printed on each card.
Classic tarot motifs are reinterpreted in a
colorful, naive style to reflect modern
symbolism.. Perfect for beginners.

On Sale now for 14.99
Q&E (Quick and Easy) Tarot
Cards with meanings printed
on each card.

The colorful deck features
meanings printed right on each
card, so there is no need to
refer to a booklet. The
illustrations are based on the
Universal Waite Tarot Deck, re
colored to add a contemporary
appeal. Accomplished tarot
enthusiasts will enjoy this deck
as much as beginners. Now on
Sale for $14.99
Tarot Deck and Book Set for Dummies
Includes book and full size 78 card
Rider-Waite Deck
Read tarot cards like a pro - even if
you've never picked up a deck before!
The Tarot Deck and Book Set features a
step by step approach that will have you
laying out spreads and divining the
tarot's wisdom in no time!
Price: 27.00
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216 Madison Street
Burlington Wi 53105
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