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Did you know that Burlington Wisconsin has been having incredible ufo sightings since July of 2004. Yes...and where are we taking these photos??  Right over the Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center.  
Following are only a 'few' of the wisconsin ufo photos taken over Burlington.
The below photo is totally amazing in the fact not only is there a great orb there and it seems that Jolene is in some sort of beam of light...BUT the large brilliant light that the beam
radiates from should not be there!
All that is behind the gate that Jolene is leaning up against is a dark deserted utility road..No lights back there what-so-ever.
Not only is that strange..but as large and brilliant as that light was..there was absolutely no one in the group that saw this light.
Luckily for us the camera did pick it up.
Could this be the very thing that is creating the portal in this particular spot.
More photos coming today..
EAGLE LAKE...Copyright 2-1-05 @Mary Sutherland
Following are some photos we took of this same area. As you will see ....NO LIGHT!
Now the question is..where did the light come from.
Is it intra-dimensional - Or is a cloaked UFO - Or is it an Angelic Being? 2/4/2005 2:42:37 AM

I know that a few of you in here know a little of analyzing photos. The photo in
has me stumped. Any ideas about the light photographed. We were looking right at it, and never saw it.
But look how large and brilliant it is. Could it be an angelic presense.. or is it inter-dimensional or is it UFO??????

From:    Dr."Brooks Agnew
Date:  Fri Feb 4, 2005  7:30 am
Subject:  Re: [ancientmysteriesms] Mary requests help

I took a night ;picture of an old church one time. I thought I would do a time-elapsed shot. i set it up and opened the shutter for about 30 seconds, hoping to get a very clear shot of the
stained glass with a dim light behind it from inside the church. When I developed the film, there was a huge bright light above the church, like a quasar. There was no light at this sight.
No street light, no security light...nothing. I went back there to check it out another night. True, there was no light. To this day I don;t know where that light came from.

I believE you are right, Mary. There is cumulative energy vibrating at the right wavelength, but pulsing so fast...or slow...that our minds don't see it. The film can't miss it though. Maybe
we need to learn how to slow our minds down, or speed them up, so we can see these forces around us. One thing's for sure. That appearance is one of light. That is a good thing.
There must be a good reason why so many light beings are coming to your neighborhood. Maybe they know you have affected the universe, or you are about to. They want to be
around when it happens.

Dr. Brooks Agnew

Hi Mary,

There is no logical explanation for the anomalous brilliant light in the top right. As for the spherical image above her head, it appears to be a double image as the sphere is not
spherical but slightly extended. Also the photo shows a double image, as with a
standard film frame. (Mary's Note: We were using 'Digitial' ) But it would be easier to view a much larger image. (Sent Philip the orginal)

Photography has the ability to pick up (extra)dimensional images the the human retina cannot. Perhaps it is to do with the vibratory frequency of retinal imaging to the brain?

I have a few photos of anomalous happenings on photos that are clearly other-dimensional to the Earth plain.

Kind regards, Philip Dawes

Hi Mary,
Is there anything that draws you to those particular spots to take photos?  The one that looks like a double exposure is fascinating.  It seems like you have a dimensional photo,
(entered into time/space simultaneous framework), since you seem to have got a photo of a glitch in time and space.  

Robert Michaels
Date:  Thu Feb 3, 2005  2:27 pm
Subject:  Re: [abductionbuddies] UFO or Angelic Being??
That's what I was wondering about too, Margaret and Mary.  Thats why I was wondering if you had a day-time photo.  Please, though, don't make a special trip up wherever just for me.  
I know you have other, more pressing and imoprtant things to do.

Mary Sutherland <> wrote:
yes, you guessed it!
There is a time/space distortion there at this particular place. Someone in the area told me about it this summer.
We went up there and have been getting great shots such as this every since. it is a wonderful place..but very mysterious!
Hi Mary,

Many thanks. A splendid image size. I save it to my desktop and enlarged it to 1600%. The pixelation of the light source in the top right appears to be much finer than the rest. Also the
spherical object, although not really spherical; it is slightly iregular, and has a ring of what seems to be fire on its perimeter. It is impossible to determine what it is.
KInd regards,

Hi Philip
I remembered seeing that light once before in the same area...although not distinct as the one I earlier sent you.
Terri caught it as she climbed over that gate...Just at the very outside edge of the camera as it went off accidentaly.
Then also it seems that it presented a light from its source on the second photo, after she was back over the fence.
These two photos are of 12-23-05.
NOW..Iam 'thinking' this may be why we get the time/space distortion shots around this gate. the light a 'result' of the times/space distortion or portal...or is IT the Portal????  Photos taken by Terri on her digital camera
Thanks Philip,
I will add this comment to that site.
I should have mentioned...we were using a digital camera to shoot these we could not have had a double image.
Brooks says that a digital only 'picks up' the photon there. Without the light picture. I hope I quoted you right on this Brooks. Mary
Dr. Brooks Agnew"
That's true Mary. Photographic film is sensitive to all kinds of wavelengths, even x-rays and heat. Those we cannot see. Digital CCD's are typically electronically filtered to respond only
to limited wavelengths. There are some out there that will pick up infrared, ultraviolet, and even radio waves, but they are not available at Walmart. The human eye, however is blind to
out-of-phase light. We cannot tell a TV screen is blinking at 40 cycles per second, because the phosphor dope behind the glass retains the electrons from the color guns for a fraction
of a second. A camera will pick up the blinking action. A computer CRT blinks at 70 cycles per second.

But, what if an energy was out of phase with our sensors or blinking at such a rate that our eyes cannot accumulate it into an image? Then the CCD would catch it and save it. Thus,
Mary is able to capture lights in the sky when no eye saw a light.
Thank you so much for that explanation. It really helps and I will put that on the site. We are in a phase now that so many people 'want' to believe, but if we can't show them some
rational explanation we will lose them , which will be a tragedy in itself. Raymond Fowler, one of the fathers of ufology sent me this today. I hope we can all understand the importance
of it and work with science in the search for intra-dimensional possibilities concerning UFO phenomenon. Here is what he sent me:

February 3, 2005 -- When the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society prints a feature article by credible scientists reporting that UFOs are in all probability real and deserve
serious scientific study in light of the "New Physics" of the Quantum Kind, then it is time for science to do so. The space society, founded 72 years ago in 1933, is composed of
prominent space and rocket scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists, and other science professionals.

The feature article, "Inflation-Theory: Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitations," appears in the current BIS "Scientific Space Journal" on pages 43-50, and was brought to S.P.A.C.E.'s
attention through a feature article on the website by its Senior Editor Leonard David in "ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood."

The article's authors are astrophysicist Bernard Haisch (director-California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics and scientific editor-Astrophysical Journal"), and three physicist
well-known in Ufology: James Dearoff (Oregon State University professor and formerly researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research), Harold Puthoff (director-Institute
for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas) and Bruce Maccabbee (prominent for his research into UFO photos, films and videos).

They urge scentists to study "high quality" UFO close encounter reports and to
re-examine "the ET hypothesis in light of the new physics." In doing so, the authors contend that
scientists may very well find "some genuine ET signature within the data." They also note the discovery by Australian astronomers last year that the Earth is embedded within a huge
"galactic habitable zone" in our Milky Way Galaxy and that "our world is immersed in a much larger extraterrestrial civilization," writes Leonard David on,
and that "given a billion years advanced physics, might not buzzing around the galaxy be possible?"

The distinct probablities that "other dimensions (with) habitable universes adjacent to our own" actually exist, David writes of the BIS Journal report, makes UFO visitations distinctly
possible if not very likely probable. This is "somewhat of a breakthrough," writes Haisch in the BIS Journal article. A new book by poplar theoretrical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, "Parallel
Worlds" features the latest New Physics findings and spectulations.
The photo to the left is a shot that Terri was able to get on her digital camera, as she was
climbing over the gate. Her camera shot off up into the sky..fortunately for us
Photo taken 12-23-04
At first we put this photo aside..until we got the photo in from the other night. Now we realize
there is a connection to this light and the intra-dimensional portal next to the gate at Eagle
Lake. What the connection is of yet...we do not know.

As soon as Terri climbed over the gate she 'immediately' shot a photo of Cheryl..notice the
rays of the brilliant light can be seen coming from the top left side of the the same
location as the light photo above it.
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