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Trevor James Constable was convinced of the existence of invisible lifeforms living in the upper atmosphere. He christianed them a nice and
simple name : Sky Creatures.  He aligned his views of UFOs as ether ships with  Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy.  See

During the summer of 1957, the year of Reich's death, Constable teamed up with  Jim X. Woods for the purposes of trying to obtain
photographic evidence of his theory.  Having chosen a suitable location in the Californian desert between Yucca Valley and Old Woman
Springs, the two men set up their camera equipment loaded with infrared-sensitive black and white film. The agreed plan was for Constable to
stand on a slight eminence and conduct a meditational practice known as the Star Exercise. This was believed to align his body with the earth's
magnetic field, while setting himself up as a 'bioenergetic beacon' in the hope that it would attract inquisitive critters' into the recordable ranges
of the IR (infrared) spectrum.

At the same time Woods would take up position a little way away and photograph the empty sky against background features, generally with
Constable in the lower part of the frame. The experiments would normally take place in the pre-dawn desert air - the time they decided most
conducive for this kind of psychic experiment.

By mid 1958 the results of the two men's photographic sessions were clear to see.
In just one year they had captured over 100 anomalous
images on film
. Some showed dark objects, others showed extraordinary ellipses looking like living cells. while still others resembled more classic
UFOs. All appeared to be of considerable size and were framed by physical features such as desert landscapes, hills and people.

The potency of what Constable and Woods had achieved can he judged by the remarkable series of images recordeon an IR motion film in the
Mojave Desert on an unspecified date. The sequence. shot at 24 frames per second and reproduced in his 1976 book 'The Cosmic Pulse of
Life', shows six consecutive pictures in which Constable stands some distance away with his hands raised in the air. Descending into frame is a
clear amoeba-like anomaly that, in a mere quarter second of exposure. divides in two. joins back together, before finally ascending out of frame.

Constable came to believe that his photographs showed 'aerial fauna' - conscious'bioforms' of etheric energy of the sort believed in by followers
of Rudolf Steiner and studied scientifically by Wilhelm Reich.
Trevor J. Constable  also published a book called
They Live in the Sky. The book included infrared photographs that Trevor had taken of huge, plasmoid-like
living creatures that he referred to as "critters". His 1976 masterpiece,
The Cosmic Pulse of Life, also contained a number of stunning infrared photos of
critters photographed in the late 1960's with Dr. James Wood.

In addition to his own photos, Trevor was able to include many spectacular infrared shots photographed in Italy by the late Luciano Bocconne of Genoa..
These photos reveal long processions of critters flying across the sky, an entire fleet of critters drawing energy from a steel production plant, time lapse
photos of critters being drawn to street lights, making sharp turns, reversals, and even materializing/dematerializing. The fascinating essay you are about to
read offers new and expanded insights into the subject of Sylphs, creatures which appear to be one and the same with Trevor's "critters"...Ken Adachi]


SYLPHS  are sylph shaped, like slender graceful young women. PARACELSUS   coined the term to apply to creatures of the air that he witnessed. Sylphs are
male and female and they grow larger over their long lives, yet they retain their willowy appearance. Shad, their chief, is hundreds of feet tall and is
approaching the size that he will find it more comfortable to migrate to the belt of comets beyond Pluto's orbit. Sylphs have no problem flying through space
even though they are borne of the air and aether.

Sylphs are immortal non-physical beings which have and are souls. These beings are the artists who form the clouds, in their wispy and thin forms, e.g.,
horsetails, feathers, etc. The typical cirrus, and cirronimbus formations are expressions of the Sylphs. Sylphs are not typically visible to the untrained eye.
Sylphs do inhabit the same volume of space as the air, but their actual Being resides in the physical vacuum, as a coherent holographic form of energy.

This holographic form is typical of many varieties of Consciousness, including the Consciousness of Human Beings. This statement is based on personal
empirical researches, and the researches of Karl Pribram, an eminent neurophysiologist, who proved that memory and consciousness are not contiguous
with the brain, or the physical form, rather that they exist in the form of a hologram, which can be described in terms of the quaternions, or in terms the
Clifford algebra. (See, for example: Talbot,
The Holographic Universe)
Each comet is a being, an ancient sylph. When Halley's Comet returned in 1986 its magnetic field could be photographed creating a bow-shock and wake in
the solar magnetic field 100,000 miles away from th
e dirty snowball of the 10 mile long comet body. That means the magnetic field of the INTRA-dimensional
cometary being is 100,000 miles across. The comet core is like a pearl in a very large oyster.

Trevor James Constable, wrote about the US Air Force sending out Foo-Fighters during the Second World War to photograph and possibly shoot down the
wing enveloping lights which were spooking their bomber crews. The German airmen were seeing similar phenomena and they named them GREMLINS .

These Sylphs were a pest to the pilots and ground crews and in many ways prevented the USAF from carrying out their missions. So the Air Force developed
ways of detecting and repelling Sylphs.

Infrared photography showed the presence of Sylphs but it took time to develop the film. Royal Rife and Ruth B. Drown instruments could instantly detect
Sylphs. Microwave and radio frequencies were discovered which repelled Sylphs. From a Sylph's prespective these "sounds" are like fingernails scraping
across a chalkboard, irritating. Radar was developed which detected and repelled Sylphs. The frequencies used in dopplar-weather radar irritate Sylphs.
Constable placing one of his infrared photos of a Sylph on the metal plate of a Ruth B. Drown diagnostic machine was able to determine that calcium was a
major component of the third dimensional portion of the airy body. He later determined that the calcium was in an air gel web or mesh. As the air gel is less
than one percent of the Sylph, the Sylphs were able to adapt and continue their bothersome behaviour against the nuclear armed nations of the world.

The USAF is made up of military types who think in friend or foe, them or us scenerios. The Sylphs are working against the Air Force and therefore are
enemies, so the USAF is going to find their weaknesses and neutralize them. In truth Sylphs are coordinating a large part of the world's ecology and to
neutalize (kill) Sylphs would destroy life on Earth. It is the military thought process which is the real enemy. The Sylphs have diverted weather fronts to help
aircraft and people on the ground. They have done everything possible to prevent nuclear war. Some pilots who carry good conscious awareness were
psychically warned away from deadly situations. Destructive wind and rain happens but if the large weather fronts from the tropics were shutdown the
temperate climates worldwide would turn into deserts. Now the USAF and others want to take over the job of running the world's weather. They do not have
aN idea about what drives weather. The Air Force may be trying to kill all Sylphs in order to take the responsibility to make weather for their own purposes. It
would be just another plan to depopulate the world wholesale.

The GWEN , ELF and HAARP arrays were first developed as ways to destroy Sylphs, the enemy of the USAF. After fifty years Sylphs still own the skies.
There is a military adage that whoever owns the skies has the superior tactical advantage and will eventually win the war on the ground (should it be decided
that the ground war must cease). As Wilhelm Reich discovered deadly orgone accumulates over cities and wherever man applies unbalanced magnetic and
electromagnetic fields. The basic problem creating deadly orgone is the conflict between men and women. Sylphs are constantly using wind, rain, lightning,
thunder and fire to breakup concentrations of static or deadly orgone.

(Under Universal Spiritual Law the Sylphs are allowed to correct these imbalances because deadly orgone creates "unmerited karma" against a large portion
of the population. As the catalytic conditions which could result from these static conditions are undeserved then the Sylphs can take action. Virtually all acts
of war are "unmerited karma" due to the presence of innocent non-combatants.)

People using Reich instruments under Wingmaker (Sylph) guidance are assisting in the breaking up of static magnetics.
The Wingmakers are asking for
assistance on the ground because the chemtrails and electromagnetics from HAARP and GWEN are making it difficult for them to function over the USA and
other western nations. The NWO wants a curtain of deadly orgone overtop cities so that they can control people. The western USA is drying out due to static
magnetics over the whole region.

Aluminium particles are used to get inside Sylphs and zap their air gels. Mycoplasma bacteria is only unhealthy to Sylphs when they work inside deadly
orgone. The flooding of the San Antonio region may have destroyed a band of GWENs making it possible to move monsoon like summer rain to New Mexico
and Arizona. The 1993 flood of the Mississippi was a test to place a deadly orgone cap over "Dead" Moines and St. Louis. Such a cap would have created a
ten year drought over the Great Plains and turned off the world's breadbasket with all the dire consequences that would have brought about. The Sylphs
washed away the cap and destroyed much equipment and credibility of the USAF scientists.
Brad Sutherland took this photo of a Sylph at Eagle Lake  
night of 11-04 .
See the Bow it crated and the wake.
Flying around it are ufos.
Photo by Brad Sutherland Copyright @2004
Ether  or Shapeshifting Ships
Copyright @2004 Mary Sutherland
This particular photo taken by
Constable's daughter near a "cloud
buster" orgone energy transmitter is an
excellent example of the photographed
"bioform" -- or "sky fish" as Trevor calls

This UFO photo was taken in March 2005  - A dark
field with no lights - We could not 'see' the ufo but it
did appear in the photo.
According to Trevor Constable:
"The so-called "spacecrafts" are just as "etheric" as
the bioforms; as they "are built of matter of the
etheric plane..." [p.203], and powered by the life-
force, what William Reich calls "orgone energy".  
Their builders are, Constable tells us, a race of
intelligent and benign beings, the "etherians", whose
world is the same as our world, except it is of a higher
vibratory level [pp201-3].  The craft become visible
and tangible when they materialise into our own world
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