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Einstein's E=mc2 and materialization
'Great spirits have always
encountered violent opposition from
mediocre minds.'
Professor Albert Einstein


There have been thousands of
claims throughout human history,
many mentioned in the Bible and
before, of a person such as Jesus
appearing and disappearing in front
of a crowd.

Investigators call the appearance
and disappearance of people and
things 'materialization' and

Evidence for materialization is
substantive not only in England and
the United States but in other
countries, such as Brazil where
materializations took place in daylight
in the presence of hundreds of
hard-core skeptics
(See Chapter 10).

David Ash and Peter Hewitt's book,
The Vortex, (1994) gives, among
other things, one scientific
explanation for materialization. They
argue that Einstein's formula E=mc2  
energy equals mass to the speed of
light, shows that mass 'm' is
equivalent to energy 'E'.

This explains how materialization and
de-materialization operate by matter
being transformed into energy. When
people try to argue that this equation
is all theory but cannot be
demonstrated they should be
reminded that less than one ounce of
matter was transformed into energy
to destroy Hiroshima.

The vortex is the actual swirling of
the atoms and molecules. Ash and
Hewitt argue from Einstein's equation
that since matter and light share a
common movement, the actual speed
of the swirling of the vortex, must be
the speed of light. They claim that
this is the only possible sense to be
made of Einstein's equation and that
it is because of the vortex swirling at
the speed of light that you can read
this page or see another person the
trees and the sky and see everything
else with physical eyes.

Ash and Hewitt ask: why should the
speed of the movement of the vortex
be limited to the speed of light? They
argue that once the movement of the
vortex exceeds the speed of light,
then a person or thing will enter into
super energy, a new dimension, a
new world. But in that new dimension
the person or thing will be as solid as
you and me in this dimension. The
only thing is that the vortices will be
swirling at a speed faster than on the
earth plane.

The human eye on the earth plane
(unless one is a truly gifted
clairvoyant) will not be able to see
anything in the new dimension
because our eyes can only register
seeing a person or thing when the
vortex of the person or thing in this
dimension is swirling at the speed of
light. It also follows that the person or
thing in super- energy will be able to
penetrate a solid brick wall in this
dimension. This is because the
atoms and molecules of a brick wall
are swirling more slowly at the speed
of light.

One possible scientific explanation
for materialization is that the vortices
of the spirit's atoms are swirling
faster than the speed of light and
cannot be seen with our physical
eyes. But certain energies cause the
vortices of the atoms of the spirit
body to be lowered to the speed of
light. When this happens the spirit
becomes visible to our physical eyes.

On the other hand whenever the
spirit wants to dematerialize the
vortices of the spirit atoms increase
and it can no longer be seen with our
physical eyes and disappears into a
different dimension. Ash and Hewitt
call this materialization
'transubstantiation' to reflect the
change in the substance but not the
form of the vortex. Transubstantiation
would not change the atomic or
molecular structure of a body.

Through transubstantiation an
intelligence, an etheric, a spirit in the
afterlife or an object can materialize
or dematerialize. But, Ash and Hewitt
rightly point out that dematerialization
is not dissolution. It is the
accelerating and decelerating of the
vortices of the atoms that explains
the historical sightings out of
nowhere and the disappearance of a
person right in front of your eyes.

Ash and Hewitt give many examples
of well documented materializations
and dematerializations.
Materialization is consistent with the
argument that life continues after
physical death. See the mediumship
of Mirabelli (Chapter 10) where
materialization took place in the
presence of scientists and hundreds
of others in daylight in Brazil.
Following are entities showing us how they are able to , as energy, go through a solid object such as this sign post.
They jumped back and forth through this sign just prior to the Celestial City leaving. It was a great way for them to tell us 'goodbye'
I set these up for your viewing in still frames. Photos shot with digital camera by Mary Sutherland copyright 2005
Since, because of the orthogonality, physical signals cannot pass from one universe to another, we must assume that the
unconscious mind is "non-physical," but is able to communicate with physical reality. The mind is usually credited with the property of communicating
with only one universe at a time; there are of course many different realities of mental existence within psychology (e.g. dreams) but even these are
usually unique at any moment of time, so that it requires the passage of time for the mind to make the transition from one to the other. Since an infinite
number of universes contain the physical body of a given individual, one might suppose that if telepathy exists, then some telepathic communication
could be possible between at least some of the minds corresponding to those bodies. These communications would be equivalent to receiving signals
from another "universe."

The speculation we make is that spatial boundaries could exist between local universes, and that

Following are photos that were taken of me not far from the area of the photos shown from the top of the page. Although I was aware of being at this
specific location at all times, and 'Sissy' could see me - the camera told us  something our minds could not accept - I had disappeared into another
universe - just to reappear seconds later.
This was caught on camera on the two photos below.
Note in the first photo you do not see me. In the second you do..
Compare the lines in the road from the second photo to the first and you will see where I should have been standing..but wasn't.
These photos are taken with a digital camera approximately 6 seconds apart.
"For there is nothing hidden , which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear."
Mark 4:22-23

2:17 "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies.
To him who overcomes, to him I will give of the hidden manna, and I will give him a
WHITE STONE , and on the stone a new name written, which no one knows but he who
receives it."
Following are thumbnail photos of a temple manifesting from another dimension over the veiled city of Voree, outside of Burlington, Wisconsin.  The time photos were taken was between the
hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.  Although we could not see the temple with our naked eyes, we were able to capture  it on our digital camera. The temple was of such a tremendous size, we could only
shoot portions of it.
According to the Mormon Traditions, this  veiled city was to manifest itself at this location during the End Days.
With the exception of Prophet Strang, I believe Corral Gayle and I were the only ones to have seen the temple manifest in the sky of Voree

In the following pages, I enlarged the photos with explanations.
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