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The era of blind faith is gone; that of enquiry is here. Mahatma KH
Although we can detect only about 100 octaves of electromagnetic radiation, ranging from radio waves through visible light to x-rays and gamma rays, the electromagnetic spectrum
covers an infinite range of frequencies – or at least we have no reason to believe otherwise.

An important property of electromagnetic energy is that waves of sufficiently different frequencies do not interfere or interact.

If matter is condensed energy, it seems reasonable to suppose that the infinite spectrum of energy gives rise to infinite grades of matter, and that grades of matter of sufficiently differing
densities or rates of vibration can pass through one another without noticeably interacting.

From this point of view, our physical universe could be just one octave in an infinite spectrum of matter-energy, and be interpenetrated by innumerable other worlds, both denser and
more ethereal than our own, but beyond our range of perception.

The concept of worlds within worlds is therefore thoroughly plausible if we pursue some of the basic concepts of science to their logical conclusion.

In the following photo, Corral Gayle filmed this ufo coming right over Pine Street outside the Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center.
According to 3 dimensional physics this would not have been possible, being that the size of this craft would have hit the buildings on the street . But according to quantum physics -if the
matter density and vibrational rate of the ufo differed from this 3rd dimensional world than the ufo could easily pass through our world without  noticeable interaction.


According to Quantum Physics,  whenever an event takes place or a decision is made in which there's a choice of possibilities, the universe splits, without anybody noticing, so that every
possibility is realized but in different universes.
n the following photo you can see Jenny as her world splits in two. One photo shows her smiling and the other photo shows her not.
Note: All photos taken with a digital camera.

In the following photo a decision of Jolene's to smoke a cigarette or not creates two separate worlds - one world of which she is smoking a cigarette and another world where she isn't.

This means that an infinity of new universes are generated every instant. We ourselves supposedly exist in countless different universes, doing different things, and thinking different
thoughts. This particular brain of ours is only aware of one of these universes -- this one.  However the camera isn't limited to our brain functions thus captures more than what we
comprehend .

Another photo I can use as an example of worlds splitting into seperate realities is in the following.
Jolene wanted to take a photo of some energy she was feeling in a house we were investigating at Bohners Lake.
In our reality she wasn't able to get her camera to snap the shot. But as she was making an attempt to capture the energy, I also shot my camera . As we uploaded the photo of her in
the vortex area, we realized not only did  I capture the photo of the reality she was in , where she did not shoot the camera - but another reality where she was taking the picture with the

We're continuously bathed by a sea of electromagnetic energies of every conceivable frequency. An important property of this energy is that waves of sufficiently different frequencies
can pass through one another without interfering. If they did interfere, the world around us would appear as a complete blur such as you see below.

The above photo was taken outside the Burlington UFO Center - shooting across the street.


Inner worlds and their inhabitants
If there really are worlds within worlds, a natural question is whether they might be inhabited. Since visible light -- which simply means light that is visible to us -- covers only one octave of
the infinite electromagnetic spectrum, could there be entities dwelling in other parts of the spectrum which are normally invisible to us?

There is in fact strong evidence that such entities exist. It all began with the perfecting of radar during the second world war. Radar works by emitting bursts of microwaves which are
reflected back by whatever gets in their way. Microwaves lie between radio waves and infrared radiation, and infrared lies just beyond the red part of the visible spectrum. During the war
radar was used to detect enemy aircraft and ships before they became visible to the eye. And it was a great success. But something rather embarrassing started to happen. Objects
were detected by radar which remained invisible even when they were so close that they should have been visible to the naked eye.

Case in point is the ufo that was taken off Mormon Road. Being that it was so close and taking off just as the photographer pulled up in her car it should have been visible. However, it
was not - but did show up on the digital camera when we uploaded the camera onto my computer.

Another great photo to demonstrate this is when I took a photo of Jolene at known 'intra-dimensional portal'
See the brilliant light behind Jolene. This light was coming from another reality within ours...as there was no lights back there in the area of where we took the photo. This light was so
bright and brilliant we should all have seen it - however no one did - until we again uploaded the photo off the digital camera on to my computer.

A pioneering researcher in this field is Trevor Constable, a well-known aviation historian. He discovered that by using an ordinary camera and infrared film, all sorts of invisible objects
could be photographed in the sky. He believes that some of them are intelligently designed and controlled craft, but others, he says, have all the hallmarks of living creatures; many look
like giant pulsating unicellular organisms or amoebas. The existence of these plasmatic lifeforms has been independently verified by researchers in Europe and the United States. It
seems that under certain conditions some of these creatures can alter their density and become physically visible and tangible. Constable discusses many sightings and includes many
photos in his book The Cosmic Pulse of Life .
An example of this can found in a photo Jolene took of myself, Mary Sutherland at Boehners Lake.
See 37 for story

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Burlington UFO Center
Dearest Mary,
This is without a doubt your most important work yet. Keep
going along these lines, I really think you are onto
something big here. I have been working on the spaces
between the spaces, the aethyrs and I can confirm that
that is where the party really is.
Bless you for your continued excellence in reporting this
really high end stuff!
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