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Did you know that Burlington Wisconsin has been having incredible ufo sightings since July of 2004. Yes...and where are we taking these photos??  Right over the Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center.  Following
are only a 'few' of the wisconsin ufo photos taken over Burlington.                   All photos copyrighted 2004-2005 @ Mary Sutherland. Please obtain permission before using .
Corral Gayle photographed this 'gateway' in the skies over Burlington in November 2004
As far as I know, no one has photographed anything like this before.
We consider ourselves 'blessed' that we were able to bear witness to this doorway for interdimensional travel .

What causes this phenomena is still a mystery. We are trying to piece together the clues coming from our photo shots to give us an answer. One we have ufos- two we have strange fiber optic tubes (?) - three we
capture a red haze in the photos indicating some sort of radiation  and four - in many cases we capture what looks like multi-dimensions.
On the upper photo you will see a very
small speck of green coming out of the
'candy canes' on the right. This photo to
your left is an enlargement of that green
speck, showing a plasma craft. Many times
when a craft is in this state it emits a
florescent green glow.
Seems that the technology being
used by this alien life form uses
laser . In the above photo you find
another way that they use the laser.
We believe this laser is being used
to transmit and receive data from
one craft to another.
Larry Dickens got this great
photo by using the photo to
the left in his photo editor,
cutting a portion and
enlarging it.
Sometimes we find the light lasers in a nice neat orderly fashion such as in the photos above.
BUT ....when these lights are in a vortex, spinning , swirling streams of energy and lights jump about in a chaotic fashion.
These photos are all shot with a digital camera and the digital cannot process a photo unless the light photon is present. Then and only then will it process the phot. So what you see is there. It is not a double exposure or the
motion of my arm while shooting the photo. This is a small glimpse of energy going from the 3rd dimension into a higher dimension. Who or what is creating the vortex to create this light phenomenon is yet to be found out.  This
photo was taken outside the UFO Center on Pine Street in Burlington Wisconsin
Photos by Mary Sutherland @2004
UFO Now becomes stationery over our heads
Photographed by Mary Sutherland...Digital Camera
3.5 mpx
Same UFO  but shot by Corral Gayle using 4.5 mpx
Digital Camera zoomed in.  1-14-05
UFO Photos . Photos in order according to the time sequence of
shooting. Copyright 2005 Mary Sutherland
1-14-05 UFO Sightings.
I saw two ufos above Burlington around 3 am January 14th 2005
I contacted Corral Gayle to help photograph the ufos. I was able to get a
few shots of the ufo, but it seemed that as soon as we started shooting,
they sent something down to where we were. You will see the
multi-colored light beams in the photos. They seemed to have been all
around us and I could not shoot through them to get a photo of the ufos.
You can see a change of density in the air between the multi-striped  
light beams...just as it was when we shot the intradimensional gateway
up in November 2004. After shooting, I noticed a pulsating feeling in the
center of my forehead and ringing in my ears.   UFO left at approximately
5:00 Mary Sutherland
The first two photos I shot before I called
Corral Gayle. After what I saw on the
computer after uploading it off the camera I
decided to contact Corral so that I had
witness of the event and someone other
than myself shooting photos .
Mary Sutherland
After we started shooting photos with our flash digitals, these light beams started appearing a and we were unable to
shoot past them to get any more photos of the ufos.  They did not show up to our naked eye, but appeared on the photo
after uploading the camera onto the computer.  Although we were unable to photograph the ufo we were able to see it
with our naked eye.
This photo was shot by Corral
Gayle with her 4.5 mgp
Notice there is no light source
that these beams were
getting their energy from.
They just seem to appear in
mid air.
Corral was standing in the
middle of the road to avoid
any illuminating light posts
shooting up into the night sky.
This photo was taken by
Mary Sutherland with at 3.5
mpx digital. Notice the
density between the striped
poles or beams. On the top
right of the photo it seems to
be blacker.
I think there is some sort of
light photons in between the
poles..and that may be why
we could not shoot through
them to photograph the ufo .
The ufo should have been
visible on these photos as
both Corral and I had it in
our view finder.

As you can see in this photo
more beams are appearing  
and we are starting to get
the orange beams like we
had in Corrals stargate
photo at top of the page
taken in November.
This photo was taken with
3.5 mpx digital by Mary

Both Corral and I started
then getting photos showing
a vortex appearing. See the
white fog that is now
appearing in the photo.
We have several of these,
taken by Corral and myself
using our digital cameras.
Notice the blue light to the
top left. This did not show in
the view finder as nor did the
white haze or the streamed

After this started occuring I
started experiencing a head
ache and buzzing sensation
in my pineal gland area of
my forehead. (third eye)

We soon quit taking photos
and went inside.

After Corral went home at
approximately 5 a.m. I
noticed that the UFO had left.
January 16, 2005
While shooting the ufo over
burlington last night, January
16th, approximately 2:45 I got
this shot. The ufo is cut out
and enlarged in the photo
BUT..notice these light beams
have ridges on the side. ?
Why. Are these light beams or
are they of an artificial
making..or is it some sort of
tenacle coming down around
As of yet, no one will  or can
(?) answer these questions
for me.
Mary Sutherland
I cut and enlarged a portion of the light beam from above photo so that you could
view the seam better. MS
This photo was taken on
1-14-05 with a digital camera .
As I started taking photos, the
light streamers came down
and a vortex was created.
Photo  has been cut out of the
photo above and enlarged so
that you can get a better view
of the ufo I was trying to
photograph.  As you can see,
from the tail it was leaving, it
was moving down towards us.
Speculations about the relation between psychic phenomena and physics
Birkbeck College, University of London


The exercise of testing the ability of the many-universe hypothesis to explain other psychic phenomena
is worth some thought. One particularly difficult, yet well-established phenomenon is that which is
sometimes known as psychometry. This is the ability of a psychic who handles a physical object
receive knowledge relating to its previous owner.

What is the fingerprint that such objects carry with them? If it is physical, then perhaps a clue is to be
sought in the molecular structure. There is, of course, sufficient information-holding ability in a
crystalline or amorphous solid specimen, as is proved by the whole development of
molecular memory
. But the mechanism for imprinting such a memory psychically presents difficulties.

The boundaries between parallel universes may provide a mechanism for physical memory, rather in
the manner of fibre optics. Suppose that boundaries enclose very fine fibres within which the universe
content is different from what it is outside
. If the diameter of the fibre is much smaller than that of an
atom, then the physical effects of such a fibre will hardly be observable. These fibres may be imagined
to stretch outwards from the original owner to the object, under the control of his unconscious mind.
Nothing is known about what their length might be, but let us suppose that once they include one or
more atomic nuclei within the object, they stretch without hindrance, so as always to maintain a link
between owner and object.
Such a link might conceivably last for years, provided that the physical
effects were sufficiently small. It is a link between the object and the unconscious mind of the owner, so
that a sufficiently sensitive psychic might be able to perceive, through it, the owner's unconscious mind

It would be a curious feature if a physical link were necessary in order that contact be made between
two minds, which are themselves, according to our outlook, non-physical.
Perhaps a physical link
between unconscious minds is also involved in dowsing.
It is disturbing to think of these phenomena in physical terms; the entire world would have to be
interlaced with myriads of fibres.

What happens to the inter-universe boundaries where they meet the body of the subject? There is very
little evidence of what might be expected; a good case can be made for the intensity of metal-bending
being greater when close to the fingers of the subject; there is some important information to be
obtained from the researches of Crawford; and there are also a number of psychical phenomena which
have physiological import; not all of these are quasi-physical. Might it be possible that there are certain
points on the body which are particularly able to accommodate inter-universe boundaries in the form of
tubes, fibres or planar surfaces? Acupuncture traditions could interlock with this idea, but we must
emphasise that there is no hard physical evidence to give it credence. It remains, like so many subjects
mentioned in this article, a subject for future researches rather than premature hypotheses.

Although this is based on metal bending the physics is the same - The Fiber Optic Tubes  -
One child metal-bending subject, Willie G, believes
that levitating power is connected with tubes in
which rapid metal-twisting occurs.
Although all of Willie's phenomena have not been properly validated
by witnessing, they are worthy of notice because of an experiment very much along the lines of
Crawford's soft clay that we have instigated him to perform successfully.
Willie has sometimes felt
himself surrounded by the ends of invisible tubes which can exert a soft but firm force.
He was able
repeatedly to press aluminium foil against them, and to obtain impressions which when immediately
inspected were found to be several inches in diameter. The only significant difference between Willie's
model and that of Crawford is the metal-twisting associated with the tubes. Crawford, on the other hand,
reported a streaming of particles of clay and other powders along the cantilever arms. Perhaps this
might be related to the rapid, turbulent, motion of surfaces of action.

Two possibilities exist for optical manifestation by an active surface. Either the surface could act as a
source or it could act as an optical component such as a diffraction grating. To produce radiation from
a gas, an emission process complementary to Rayleigh scattering might be possible.
The surface is
assumed to be vibrating at an optical frequency, but the extent of the vibration need only be less than
an atomic unit of length. An atom in thermal motion which encounters this vibrating surface will in effect
become a vibrating electric dipole and will radiate at the appropriate frequency. No spectra of psychic
optical phenomena are published, but the whiteness sometimes reported suggests a continuum. Thus a
continuous spectrum of surface vibration frequencies is indicated.

Action of a surface as a diffraction grating would require that it had roughly the configuration of a comb,
with the electromagnetic radiation unable to penetrate the teeth; functioning as a transmission grating
would then be possible.
Background radiation, dispersed by diffraction at the comb surface, would
produce the optical phenomenon
. It is important to know the extent to which the background radiation is
involved in psychic optical phenomena.( On the photos at the bottom of the page, you can see
examples of background radiation.)  Spectroscopic observations could play a part in this and our own
investigations will be reported in due course. However many such phenomena, such as the human
aura, are probably quasi-physical.
Understanding the basic principles of
why we get these strange light
phenomenas when a ufo is overhead  
creating a vortex or energy field  click
photos below
Now- Click the Photos below to go to UFO & Vortex
To understand the effects of a vortex
I recommend clicking onto the photo
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"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
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anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
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