This Wisconsin Crop Circle Has Something For Everyone !
Ley Lines, Indian Burial Grounds, Effigy Mounds, Military Helicopters, soldiers.
But Who-What-Why- Is the Real Mystery
Above Left is a photo taken with strange light abnormality above circle.
Above Right is a picture of a crop circle in England that I will be using as an example

On July 23-24, 2003, a private scientific research team documented physical evidence that  gives us a high
indication that Wisconsin Farmer, Art Rantala, actually did eye witness  the formation of Wisconsin's first
Crop Circle in Mayville, Wisconsin BUT what created them and for what purpose? This is the question that I
would like answered. So, let's check out the possibilities.

Could these Crop Circles be Indicators or Landmarks Used for Mapping Purposes of Earth Energy points
by the Extraterrestrials.

The Crop Circles all seem to have one thing in common. Location. All have been found on or near Energy

Great structures of the world ie.  Pyramids, Megaliths, Temples, and other Mounds all align in large circular
alignments. These Circular alignments can also be part of of larger Spiral. And if so, these Spirals would be
Spirals of Harmonic Energy. Energy with a pattern much like that of a Spiral Galaxy, and the "Golden Ratio of
Life Spirals".

The circular alignments are perfect, and they are proof of a use of a complicated and sophisticated Geometry
by the Ancients.
But who taught the Ancients about these alignments? This can be no accident because these alignments
are found all around the world.

These Circular Alignments were plotted in various dimensions, from the dimension of the size of "Stone
Henge", to the dimension of the size of the entire Pacific Ocean..

Circular alignments such as Stone Henge, and other Stone Circle Alignment around the World are only parts
of larger Circular Alignments. With this in mind, you will then come to realize that this is actually a Blue Print
of the Entire Universe,...AND that the Controlling Force of the Universe is Harmonic Frequencies in Spherical
This is why I believe we are picking up sound from the Crop Circles.
And whoever can map out this Harmonic Blueprint could actually have a very important handle on the fate
of our world as well as others within the universe.  Could then this be the real reason behind the crop
circles...Indicators coded for others to read for mapping.

Harmonic Frequency Waves transport energy, and this form of energy is Harmonic (physical) Energy. The
Frequency Waves are produced by the Earth while it rotates,
they are familiar to the process of "Spherical Harmonics".  Not only do these waves have the abilities to move
objects, but can cause
Mountains, Hills, Peaks, and Buttes to grow at a higher rate than normal. Not  all of them grow from these
Wave Source.

The  ones that do grow contain a higher concentration of underlying and compositional Crystals, "Quartz
Crystal/s" combined with the Waves. . When these Quartz Crystals grow, the Mountains, the Hills, the Peaks,
and the Buttes are forced upwards also. Of course we are talking hundreds of thousands of years for this
growth process.

Not to be confused with Mountain Ranges which are pushed up by the movement of Earth's Crust. The type
Iam referring to are individual Mountains, Peaks, Butts and/or Hills . Many of them are seen standing alone
on Plains and Deserts . You will find many of your sacred sites built on or around these type of landmarks
and you will also find what we call 'primary' water coming from them.  As is in the case of the Crop Cirle
location in Mayville, Wisconsin.

All these particular formations mentioned have a common denominator..Crystal Quartz. Many are not
Quartz Mines or deposits, but they are the loations of

Granite's, Gneisse's, Sand Stone's, and Gravel's. All of which contain heavy contents of Quartz.

Many people believe that Quartz Crystals are only found in certain areas of the World. Not true.  Quartz is
located throughout the Earth's Crust, in many parts where we can neither detect, nor retrieve it. Crystals are
grown through Lattices, these Lattices are formed based on the arrangement between their Atoms. The
Atoms are arranged in a pattern, these patterns repeat at regular intervals, millions of times in all directions
of space.

Quartz, Sand Stone, Granite, and Gravel pits around the World are important Power Point locations, because
their chief constitute is "Quartz Crystal". The Quartz is the evident Crystal of the Atomic/Ionic Crystal Lattice
Growth, which is caused by the Harmonic Waves . These locations around the World are "Earth's Power
Point Locations".

"Earth Power Points" and "Special Places of Worship" have also been passed down by the Ancients. These
may have been  plotted and constructed by Ancient extraterrestrial Races from Planets Eons Ago. Every Earth
Civilization "thereafter" has marked these Power Point locations and constructed their Places of Worship on
the very same locations.

As the millenniums passed countless Earth Civilizations mimiced this practice. But as time when by, each
generation lost more of the true knowledge behind it.

By the time of the ancient "Atlantean's" most of the ancient knowledge was lost, but enough of it was retained
to achieve their famed Atlantean Technology.

The Atlantean's main Structures were their Pyramids, they are responsible for the construction of the Great
Pyramids of Earth (the ones that date back before 10,000 B.C.). This construction includes the Great
Pyramids of Egypt, because the Egyptian Civilization was descendant from the Atlantean Civilization. Just like
we are the Human descendants of theirs, and others civilizations like theirs.

Before the ancient knowledge was lost those civilizations stored the information, to be unlocked by a future
generation. Evidence of their decline is seen in the construction of the Pyramids themselves. They went from
the perfection of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, to the Dirt Mounds of the World, and Mounds are only mimics of

The Mound locations such as we see in Mayville, are the most numerous of all the Sites, because they were
the easiest to construct. Many of them conceal, or rest above structures that were built long before their time.
As history has proven, every civilization builds on top of another (older) civilization, this is also true for today's
civilization. In addition to the building, the natural process of the Earth also conceals Ancient Civilizations.

As the years pass, more and more of the Earth's Surface Layers are covered-up by new layers of soil,
vegetation, and water. This is a natural process that has continued since the Earth was born. If there were
Ancient Civilizations that existed on Earth millions of years ago, their structure would more that likely have all
been covered with natural layers of soil and/or water.

This is not the entire explanation why so many Great Structures are discovered buried beneath the Earth's
Surface, and/or underneath the sea levels, but it is one of them.
The ancients understood Earth's natural growth process (such as Quartz Crystal) and utilized it, they knew
how the Mountain Peaks, the Hills, and the Buttes grew.

This is why they aligned their Temples, Pyramids, Megaliths, and Mounds, in-line with the Mountain Peaks,
Hills, and Buttes. Of course these peoples were probably Extraterrestrials from other Planets, because in
order to complete such alignments, perfect and stable flight was required.

At the bottom of this page I show a  diagram of a circular alignment here in Wisconsin. Looking within the
circle you can take into consideration all the unusual activities that have been reported in recent years.
Although not shown on this map, I think
we can also prove another harmonic circle in the Mayville Area

Reference: Antony M.McCoy

How Are These Circles Formed?

Brad has always felt that they were the imprint formed from the undercarriage of an UFO (Unidentified Flying
Object) much like the imprint left in the earth from a car driving over it, leaving car tracks or footprints left
behind by a person walking or running in a field....The Imprint is produced from the 'above' pressure putting
force on the earth, grass, wheat, etc. Brad believes that the crop circle then is formed from the propulsional
force coming from the undercarriage of the UFO.  He also brought up the point, each undercarriage could be
designed differently, thus allowing for the various designs we see in the crop circles. These undercarriage
designs could actually have a definate purpose. Each ship could have their own design, thus being able to
be used as an identification  marker of sorts for other vehicles flying over , as to who has been working the
area. The identificaiton stamp could be two fold. One to identify the working vehicle and the other to identify
the type of work they may be doing there, such as marking specific areas for minerals, water, future meeting
places, etc. there and To me, it makes sense. To others, it's questionable...But then again. UFO's are
questionable, right along with Alien Beings from Outer Space. So One theory in this case, until proven
otherwise ,  is as good as another.
It's unfortunate  that the Governments conceal evidence from us on such matters, but fortunately for us, all
experts do not work for the government and we are able to draw our own conclusions based on more and
more people becoming familiar in this field.

Although I think Brad is on the right path here, I think we can go further with this through some information I
found through our most available source...the INTERNET. I always figure, if you did deep enough, you are
bound to find someone out there that can share your ideas and expound on them.

Photograph of actual 2.46 GHZ. Magnetron.         Photograph of actual 2.47 GHZ Magnetron.
(Copper Alloy Emitter  (Radial emitter composed of  harder metal is required of  this frequency )

         This of course is one of ours....Not Alien... Theirs Could Be of a Different Size   and Metal

                   Now Let's See What Something Like these Magnetrons Could Create!


Waves" emamating from a central "C". (Actually an enclousure) Within a larger enclosed round area. All a
vacuumed area. Note exterior "dots". (air is outside device) A perfect, easily understood  representation of a
magnetron emitting microwaves



Electrons going from neg to pos in a magnetron would look just like that.

To save space I am only showing you just a few examples. But you can find more in full detail at this website.
These people really have it together!

Now I am going to show you a picture diplicting water and numbers 8 and 2 . What is the significance of
Maybe a marker for primary water...or maybe you can get an idea by listening to this interview I did with Laird
Scranton, Hidden Meanings . You will need windows media player to listen to it , but if you don't have one, you
can download the player free.  Here is the interview. Just click on
Part One and then Part Two.

In the case of the Mayville, Wisconsin Crop Circle we found another one that was formed in Clyman
It is always important that if one circle is found to look for more, being that in many cases, a message ..if any...
is given through the combination of several crop circles, not one. So if you are trying to decode any message,
if you can't find the other circle the message may be incomplete...if you are lucky enough to decode it at all.

Upon interviewing some of the locals in Mayville, I was surprised to discover that UFO sightings in this area
actually go back years. One of the locals told us that approximately 8 years before she was followed to work
one evening by a flying disc type object. Not only did it follow her to work, but actually hoovered over her car
before she and another worker finally decided to run inside their place of employment.

The Mayville crop circle formation was eye witnessed by Art Rantala. He stated that it formed approximately 7:
30 AM, Central Daylight Time directly across from the farmers home. We took this picture below from the
inside of the crop circle pointing towards the famers house. As you can see he was quite close to the circle
as it was being formed .

Overhead aerial photo of the crop circle formation.

Pathway measurements: 18 long (Flattened from South to North) by 22 wide.

We believe that this formation began to be formed with this pathway. We could clearly follow the pathways
flattened wheat into the lay of Circle #1, where there was a ring of flattened wheat that was layered over the
top of it swirled counter-clockwise. All of the wheat in Circles central circle was flattened directly to the North,
which was at the Northern-most point flattened over the top of the flattened ring."

Circle #1  measurements: (ring swirled counter-clockwise, interior circle flattened South to North)

N/S - 42' diameter
N/S interior ring 6'6"/4'9"
N/S Center diameter 30'9"

NW/SE - 43' diameter
NW/SE int. ring 6'2"/9'
NW/SE Center dia. 27'10"

E/W - 42' diameter
E/W int. ring 8'/6'
E/W Center dia. 28'

Circle #2 - measurements: (flattened areas swirled counter-clockwise)

N/S - 46'2" diameter
N/S standing wheat dia. 17'
N/S ring to stand. 3'8"

NW/SE - 40'6" diameter
NW/SE stand. wh. dia. 22'
NW/SE ring to stand. 3'

E/W - 42' diameter
E/W standing wh. dia. 17'
E/W ring to standing 8'6"

Circle #3 - measurements: (both exterior 'ring' and interior circle swirled

N/S - 40'6" diameter
N/S interior ring 2'8"/4'9"
N/S Center diameter 22'

NW/SE - 44' diameter
NW/SE int. ring 3'1"/3'
NW/SE Center dia. 22'

E/W - 42' diameter
E/W int. ring 8'/6'
E/W Center dia. 23'

Circle #3's central point of the swirl was offset from the 'true' center by
about 3 feet (N radius 11', S radius 11', E radius 10', W radius 13').

There were also many areas of randomly-downed sections of flattened wheat in this same field where there
exhibited the weaving and swirls associated with crop circle formation, but without any geometric design to
these areas

Crop Circle Location Geology and Conte
The second day of their  investigation the team split up to help further their information gathering. Roger
Sugden rented a plane and hired a pilot to take several aerial photos of the formation. Dr. Chuck Lietzau and
Gary Kahlimer went back to the formation site to examine more plants and take additional samples. Jeffrey
Wilson went to investigate several nearb
y Indian mound formations (see picture on right) and gather
information about the area from the local chamber of commerce in nearby Horicon, Wisconsin. The  
researchers, like us, believe the area to be unique and a contributing factor to the creation of the crop circle.

Dodge County,
Wisconsin happens to have one of the largest concentrations of existing Indian burial and
effigy mounds in the United States. And if you know much about the layout of  effigy mounds , you will find  
that they are put on 'ley lines' or 'energy lines'. . In relation to the crop circle formation, there are more than
500 Indian mounds within a 15-mile radius. Nearly all exist on private property, and most remain unmarked,
unsurveyed, and unidentified.  We did find one of these effigy mounds not far from the circle and took photos.
The researchers also found four   four geometrically aligned mounds approximately 1 mile from the
formation that point in close alignment to the crop circles
. Brief History of
Native American Indians in this area.

Possibly another contributing factor to the phenomena is in the fact that this area is also home of over 36,000
protected acres comprising of the  Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, Ice Age National Scientific Reserve and
the Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area. The area has  an extinct glacial lake carved out during the last Ice Age
12,000 years ago, and is seen by the native Indians as 'sacred hunting grounds'.

Also just south of the crop circle formation are two notable geologic formation
s: Ledge Park in which the
Niagara (rock) Escarpment rises up and becomes exposed from under the Great Lakes, and Iron Ridge, a
notable concentration of iron ore that was so accessible, it became the site of the first iron mining in the
Midwest. Ledge Park is also the site of a series of Indian petroglyphs  at least one of which was conclusively
determined to align to the rising of the sun on the solstices.

Directly under the crop circle formation however, and in much of the general area is a vast formation of
limestone deposits,Crop circles around the world have been noted to occur along aquifers, or water-bearing
rock formations, notably limestone and greensand. According to Art Rantala, approximately limestone can be
found 2 feet under the soil where the crop circle is. At the top of the hill, from the formation, the limstone can
be found approximately 10 feet deep. This indicates to me, that this area not only is an energy spot because
of the ley lines but is a source for 'primary water'.

Crop circles have also been noted to appear near some sort of body of water. Not only does the formation
occur directly above a limestone aquifer, but directly at the bottom of the hill, again indicating primary water.
West of where the formation appeared is a drainage ditch. East of the formation, just one field away, is the
north branch of the Rock River.

Crop Circles have also been known to form in close proximity to power lines, another energy or power source
which forms an artificial or man made ley line, and again this circle site is no exception – less than a
hundred yards from the circles runs a power line, and just up the hill, the closest transformer box was less
than 100 feet from the workshop where Mr. Rantala watched the crop circles form.

US Military Visits Crop Circles

Another interesting point that drew my attention was the fact it pulled the attention of the U.S. Military. I am
pretty sure they were not there as sight seekers or tourists . According to witnesses, there was  the
appearance of a military helicopter circling the formation very low to the ground. The helicopter circled the
formation for a few minutes and then flew off in the direction of Horicon Marsh. It flew the length of the marsh
and then flew back again in the direction of the crop circle. Eventually flying off towards the Southeast and out
of sight of the spectators.  When Brad and I were down there we also observed a military helicopter
hoovering  over the approximate area then disappearing from view over the 'ledge' area.

Wilson's research team had observed the initial helicopter sighting. After the helicopter left the area, they also
noticed that they were also being observed from the ground.
"After the helicopter left and our team settled down, we returned to gathering additional soil and plant
samples from the field. After about 40-45 minutes, I noticed that we were also under surveillance on the
ground. Looking up the hill towards Mr. Rantala’s workshop, I noticed a man in a camouflage uniform
watching us with binoculars."
When the uniformed soldier realized he had been spotted, he got into his car, drove down the hill where the
researchers were parked, and slowly passed them, noting their license plates. He then drove to the end of
the block, turned his car around, drove back to where they  were standing and parked his car. He got out and
walked directly into the formation. The team struck up a conversation with the soldier which they recognized
as working for the US Air Force. He told them he was part of a Special Crop Circle Investigative Unit in the US
Air Force, and that they had been looking into this formation for the past couple of weeks, temporarily based
out of a hanger in Milwaukee, originally based out of Scott Air Force base located in Illinois (southeast of St.
Louis, Missouri). He further said  that this team had investigated two crop circles that appeared near â
€œDowning, Illinoisâ€� last summer (2002). Since this research team has never heard of any crop circle
reports coming out of Illinois they decided to check out his story. They found out that there is a " “Downing
Park, Illinois� which isn’t too far from Scott A.F.B., but no “Downing, Illinois� . Of course this
could have been just a slight mistake on the soldiers part as to where he lives....or there is a Downing and it
isn't on the map. Any ideas here???

US Air Force soldier in crop circle.

The team played tour guide, and walked him around the formation They offered him contact information of
which he took , telling them that one of their people would most likely be in contact with them at a later time
concerning the formation.

One of the questions asked of the soldier showed inconsistencies. "We asked him if he had been on the
helicopter when it had overflown us about 45 minutes before he appeared. He said he had been on board
the helicopter, and that besides himself there were two other members of this special crop circle
investigative unit, a pilot, and a co-pilot on board. He had also told us that they were operating out of a hanger
in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is at least an hour and a half drive from where the crop circles were located. From
the time we lost sight of the helicopter to the time he appeared, he couldn’t have flown all the way to
Milwaukee, got in a car and driven all the way back to the site. Either he wasn’t on board the helicopter, or
the helicopter landed elsewhere closer by for him to drive back to the formation in the allotted time. We donâ
€™t know at this point. Of course, we are working to confirm all the details of this soldier’s freely-given

The research team plans on filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for additional information
about this possible USAF special investigative crop circle unit, and any crop circle information they may have
uncovered. Good Luck on that one!

The people of the communities of Kekoskee, Mayville and Horicon

Mayville Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey Wilson, M.S.
Dexter, Michigan, USA

Charles Lietzau, Ph.D.

Gary Kahlimer

Roger Sugden
Indiana MUFON Assistant State Director
All photos are © 2003 Roger Sugden, Gary Kahlimer, Charles Lietzau, and Jeffrey Wilson, and may not be
reprinted, republished, or reused without permission.

Permission given to  Mary Sutherland, Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center by
Jeffrey Wilson, M.S. to use photos and information.

Letter from Jeff:

Dear Ms. Sutherland,

Gary Kahlhamer forwarded your message on to me yesterday.  You may have permission to reprint provided
the photo credits are for all four of the team: myself (Jeffrey Wilson, M.S.), Dr. Charles Lietzau, Gary
Kahlhamer, and Roger Sugden.

Thanks for the compliments!  We are just trying to keep up with all the circles being reported . . .

If any of your listeners have any information on crop circles in the United States, either current or past
formations from years ago, please encourage them to contact us.  We are trying to develop a USA database
of crop circles.  I have over 250 reports dating back to the 1920's, but some of the information is incomplete,
and I'd like to fill in the gaps.

Hopefully you can help us out!


Jeffrey Wilson, M.S

Dexter, MI

We have asked Jeff and his group to keep us updated on the crop circle phenomenon here in the Midwest.
We will try to work with the research group very closely on keeping you updated as to Mayville Wisconsin Crop
Brad and I plan on going down there this week end for further information from eye witness accounts.
Mayville Wisconsin
wisconsin crop circle, wisconsin crop circle wisconsin crop
2003 Copyright @ Mary Sutherland
Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research Center
BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio
Photo of crop circle by Jeffrey Wilson, M.S, Dr.
Charles Lietzau, Gary Kahlhamer, and Roger
Photo of crop circle by Jeffrey Wilson, M.S, Dr.
Charles Lietzau, Gary Kahlhamer, and Roger
Photo  ov crop circle by Jeffrey Wilson, M.S,
Dr. Charles Lietzau, Gary Kahlhamer, and
Roger Sugden
Crop circles photos  by Jeffrey Wilson,
M.S, Dr. Charles Lietzau, Gary
Kahlhamer, and Roger Sugden
Mayville crop circle photo by Jeffrey Wilson,
M.S, Dr. Charles Lietzau, Gary Kahlhamer,
and Roger Sugden
crop circle photos   by Jeffrey Wilson,
M.S, Dr. Charles Lietzau, Gary
Kahlhamer, and Roger Sugden
Military Involvement
Although helicopter shows Red Cross
Emblem, it is quite suspicious.

Soldier Checking out the Field.

Photo  by Jeffrey Wilson, M.S, Dr. Charles
Lietzau, Gary Kahlhamer, and Roger Sugden
Brad Sutherland, director of Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center
Brad Sutherland , director of Burlington
UFO and Paranormal Research Center,
discussing deformities in wheat stalks with
University of Wisconsin Chemist Professor
and local Wisconsinite.
These are the effigy mounds found near the crop circle.  Photo by Burlington Paranormal and UFO Center
Effigy Mounds found near the Crop Circle
location. This one is of the Panther.
Effigy Mounds were built ley lines or earth energy
line. This particular one is built over primary
water, sitting on a knoll with stream coming out
of it's interior, making it's way to the Horicon
Marsh Area.
Photo by Burlington UFO and Paranormal
Research Center
Click On Picture for Larger Photo. Photo by Burlington UFO and Paranormal Center
Click on the Above Photo to see Enlargement.
Photo by Burlington UFO and Paranormal
Research Center.
and BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio
Click on the Above Photo to see
Enlargement. Photo by Burlington UFO and
Paranormal Research Center.
and BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio
Mayville Circle Produced Sound

Brad and I both noticed an unusual sound coming from within and around the crop circles. It sounded similar to
I put together a wav of this sound.
First is the original recording.
Now I slowed the recording down and notice it sounds like the pounding of a heart.
Should we maybe be also then concentrating on recording the noises coming from within the circle for coded
Original Recording
Now..Recording slowed down

We found out later that ,since the early 1980's,  sounds have been recorded in many of the Crop Circles . The
frequency, generally is around 4 to 5 Hz. Noises have been recorded in both ultra and the infra sound part of the
spectrum, varying from formation to formation, producing different musical notes.
Courtesy of Antonio M McCoy
Click here for more paranormal spots in Wisconsin
20 Miles from Mayville was this Circle. 350'
along one axis and over 175' along the
other axis.
"Mounds represent the relationship
between the builders and their
understanding of the natural and
supernatural worlds," Richards said.

Mounds with long tails, such as panthers
and turtles, appear to be related to water
spirits. Quadrupeds, including deer,
bear, fox and otter, are related to the
Earth. Birds, such as a goose in flight or
even bird-men combinations, likely
represent air and the upper world.
Art Rantala's Report

The Mayville crop circle formation was eye witnessed by Art Rantala. He stated that it
formed approximately 7:30 AM, Central Daylight Time directly across from the farmers
home. We took this picture below from the inside of the crop circle pointing towards the
famers house. As you can see he was quite close to the circle as it was being formed .

Art Rantala was up early making coffee in his workshop and watching a weather front  moving across
Dodge County. His workshop is located a few miles from the town of Mayville and the village of
Kekoskee, and situated at the top of a hill overlooking a wheat field across the street, owned by a Mrs.

Art poured his first cup of coffee at 7:35 AM CDT noticing the time on his coffee maker. A few minutes
later (approx. 7:40 AM CDT), as the rain was falling, the wind picked up, and Mr. Rantala noticed that
the bark began flying off a hickory nut tree that was about 10 feet outside his open, East-facing
workshop window.

Leaning out of the window to take a closer look at the storm, he observed directly across the street a
group of trees which had begun " swinging every which way."  He leaned out the window to take a
closer look. He said that as he followed the trees blowing around, his gaze naturally followed down to
the wheat field where the circles appeared in a matter of seconds... one by one, right in front of him.

View of the crop  circle formation from Mr. Rantala’s workshop window.

The Northern-most circle, farthest away from the road (what we have named Circle #1 in order of
appearance), formed first, appearing as a ‘black hole’ in the standing wheat that was created
when the circle of wheat was flattened down.
Next, the Southern-most circle closest to the road formed (Circle #2), followed by the one in the center
(Circle #3).

Mr. Rantala said all the circles were flattened in roughly 12 seconds, but no more than 15 seconds.  
Mr. Rantala reported that there was no apparent means for the wheat to have been swirled and
flattened – nothing unusual in the sky, no lights, no unusual sounds, and no unusual odors.
Whatever the energetic force was that caused the circles to form, it was beyond the range of Rantala's
Brad and I noticed that all the wheat was flattened very tightly in a counter-clock position. Upon
entering the field, we could still feel the high amount of energy radiating from the circle.  We gathered
soil and stalks for future sampling. We have also determined that the reason Mr. Rantala couldn't see
what formed the circle is because of them being able to manipulate light . By bending the  light, they
could physically be there but invisible to the viewer.
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Professor of World Archaeology. He was editor-in-chief of
Ancient American Magazine from 1993 to 2007 and has
traveled the world collecting research materials for his
twenty-seven published books.
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
own experiences. The author and investigator often takes visitors
on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly
conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
and places. She has been featured guest on dozens of nation TV
and radio shows, including Monsterquest, Sean Hannity's America,
Lost Tapes, Inside Edition, Sy-fy's Haunted Highway, Monsters and
Mysteries, Coast to Coast...and the list goes on!
Purchase Books by Mary Sutherland
Purchase Books by Mary Sutherland