In Search of Loka Loka
in North America
Exploring the Unknown  
with Mary Sutherland
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The Importance of these Off-Worlder Rulers, the Anunnaki and the identity of Who We
Are as a People still bears great significance as both North America and Mexico hide
this great mystery in plain sight as Mexico's Coat of Arms and the Great Seal of the
United States of America.
North America was once known as Pushkara, The Land of Loko Loko
This ancient map shows the Americas, including North America to be the
Home of the Serpents , known as the Nagas, Magas or Magi.
Notice: Excerpt from my books 'The Red Haired Giants' and ' Lost in
Time...Truths Revealed.  Copyrighted Material. Please ask permission
before using and give credit to Mary Sutherland for her work compiling all
this ancient and lost information used in her books and displayed on her
websites.   Thank you.
Bust of Atlantean Serpent Priest  
We Found in Appalachians.
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The bust shown here weighs
approximately 80 pounds
and is made of 'black' stone.
Following is taken from the
writings of H. P. Blavatsky
concerning the traditions of
the Lemurians and later
adapted by the Atlanteans.  
Note the material used in the
serpent/king bust fits in
perfectly with the ancient
What does the "ureas"
headress (serpent rising
above the head) represent to
the ancient egyptian?
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Atlantis in North America - The Great Atalan
Empire in the Land of Loka Loka

In ancient times the world was seen in two parts with one part mirroring the

Both folds were represented according to the position and path of the Sun.  

The Western Land’ was where the Sun set. North America and its people
was known as Atal or Atala or Atalan, meaning ‘The Lower Worlds or from
where the sun set."’

The Eastern World was where the Sun rose. India and her people would
have been part of the Eastern world, known as ‘Tal, Tala, Talan’, meaning
the ‘The Upper Worlds or ‘Where the Sun Rises’.

According to Indian tradition, rulers of the Western lands were the deities
(exalted men and women) known as the ‘Asuras’ or ‘Nagas’.

Originally, the Asuras or Nagas were not only a civilized people, but a
maritime power. (The ‘Mahabharata’, describes the ocean as the habitation
of the Asuras or Nagas)

According to the ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’, Naga is a Sanskrit term
depicting members of a class of semi-divine beings; half- human and half-
serpentine. They were a strong, handsome race who had shape-shifting
abilities and could assume either the shape of a human or take on a
serpentine form.

Indian myths and legends mention that many deities visited the Western
Land known to them as Atalan (T-Atala, Atala).

One of these was ‘Lord Vishnu’ who went there to help the survivors
rehabilitate themselves from the ravages of a flood that nearly destroyed

Lord Vishnu was known to the Toltec as the ‘Feathered Serpent’, ‘Kukulcan’
or ‘Quetzalcoatl’, who was, at one time, a mortal who was given god-hood.
The Aztecs called him ‘Quetzalcoatl’; the Mayans called him ‘Kukulkan’, and
the Inca called him ‘Guculmatz’.
North America was at one time known as ‘Pushkara’ or
‘Loka Loka’.

Esotericaly, it is two Varshas lying directly at the foot of the legendary ‘Meru’, the abode of
Brahma, Vishnu and the Olympus of Indian esoteric religions.  

It is said that “the two countries north and south of Meru (Swar-loka) are shaped like a
bow,” and that “one half of the surface of the earth is on the south of Meru and the other
half on the north of Meru — beyond which is half of Pushkara” (Source: Vishnu Purana,
Asiatic Researches, etc.)

According to the Sumerians the title of ‘Khat’ (‘Kad’, ‘Gad’) denotes god or king. The
followers of Khat were called ‘Khatti’. Their capital was located in North America, known
then as ‘Amarru’, The Land to the West’.  

The name Atlantis was only later given as an alternate name for ‘Amarru’ or ‘Meru’.  
America (A-MERU-ka) thus means ‘homeland of the royal gods and kings of Atlantis’.
In her book ‘The Secret Doctrine’, H.P. Blavatsky claims that geographically, Pushkara is
North and South America.

Allegorically it is the prolongation of Jambu-Dwipa and in its middle stands Meru. Its
country is inhabited by beings that lived for ten thousand years, free of sickness or
failings. A place where there was neither virtue nor vice, caste or laws, for these men were
‘of the same nature as the Gods’. (Vishnu Purana, Book II, Chapter IV)

Located in Meru is the land of ‘Loka-Lokas’. From the works of C.S.Raflinesque, A.M., Ph.
D., I learned that the antiquated name of Kentucky’s Allegheny Mountains was ‘Loka-
Lokas’.  Beyond them was what the Ancients called ‘The Great White Land’, which was the
seat of the Western Atlantic Empire, known as the ‘Great Atalan Empire’.  This included
Kentucky and extended from Lake Ontario in the north to the Mississippi River.

The Atlantic shores were called ‘Locuta’ (Lachacuta) which were uninhabitable due to the
arid soils emerging from the receding waters of the Great Flood.
According to Rafinesque, “In the ‘Days of Peleg’, the country
watered by the Ohio and its branches was the center of the
Atalan Empire, with its metropolis standing somewhere on the
Ohio. It was divided in several provinces, and ruled by a
powerful monarch of the Atlas family.”

According to the sacred books of the Hindu Atalan was one of the ‘Heavens on Earth’
and deemed ‘Pillar of the World’.  

The ‘Vishnu Purana’ tells of a visit by the divine wandering sage ‘Naradato Patala’ who
described the natural beauty of Atalan as surpassing that of the upper realms or heaven.
Atalan is described as filled with splendid jewels, beautiful groves and lakes and lovely
demon maidens. Sweet fragrance is in the air and is fused with sweet music. The soil is
white, black, purple, sandy, yellow, stony and also of gold.

Hindu accounts tell us that an intercourse was kept up more or less regularly between all
the primitive nations and empires-from the Ganges River to the Mississippi.
The two heroes of India, ‘Krishna and Ramachandra’ visited Atalan and the courts of the
western monarchs. For visiting dignitaries, the demon architect ‘Mayahas’ constructed
palaces, temples, houses and hotels made of jewels.

The ‘Mahabharata’ tells of the visit of ‘Arjuna’ (a prince of the Bharatas) to Atalan and his
marriage there to ‘Princess Ulupi’, a daughter of the king of the Nagas.

Commenting on this, H. P. Blavatsky wrote that Pundit ‘Dayanand Saraswati’, then the
greatest Sanskrit and Puranic authority in India, had personally confirmed her view that
‘Atalan was America’, and that the visit of Arjuna to that land from what was then India
took place 5,000 years ago. (The Secret Doctrine, II, 214)

While the African emperors were acknowledged generally as lords paramount; they also
resided in Europe as often as they did in Africa, and had to contend against the Titans, a
branch of their family reigning in the Alps.

The Atlantic monarchs of Africa, Europe, Atlantia and Atalan, often contended for
supremacy - with the Atalan emperors obtaining it once. Their dominion extended from
Atalan to Syria, but was repulsed in Greece and Egypt.

Their expanding trade network of the Atlanteans eventually clashed with the powerful
Greek interests in the Aegean, resulting in the Trojan War.

Blavatsky claimed that this war coincides with the cycle of events described in the
‘Mahabharata’ and that Homer’s Iliad may have been copied from the ‘Ramayana’.
The death of Krishna and the fall of his mighty
empire were due to the ‘Great War of the Gods’,
between the Devas and Asuras (the Lunars and the
Solars or the Kurus and Pandus).

The ‘Mahabharata’ describes “During the war of the gods the wicked cities
of the Asuras began to fall, one by one, amidst loud cries of woe. “Burning
those Asuras, he (the hero) threw them down into the Western Ocean"
(Karna Parva, Section XXXIV)

The ‘Mahabharata’ identifies Atalan as having its capital city in ‘Tripura , the
Triple City’, a place described as having metallic walls and golden palaces,
built upon a mountain so lofty that it was said to reside in the skies. The
inhabitants of Tripura were destroyed by Lord Shiva and because of this
feat he received the epithet of Tripurantaka, meaning ‘Destroyer of Tripura’.

The Sanskrit ‘Karna Parva’ describes at least two battles involving aerial
vehicles known as vimanas. The first battle fails to topple the ocean-based
regime; but eventually an extremely large vimana is constructed and
equipped with celestial weaponry, including something containing the
"power of the universe".  Given command, Sankara the celestial vehicle,
accompanied by cheering deities, ascends into the heavens fully armed with
powerful celestial weapons. Flying resolutely toward his enemies,
streaks from the skies and ends the ten year-long war by firing this God-
given weapon straight at Tripura, the capital city of Atala, totally destroying
the Triple City and sending the entire rebellious race of Asuras burning to
the bottom of the "Western Ocean".

The Hindu identifies the triple city as being built upon a lofty mountain and
was said "to fly in the air, scratching the belly of heaven". It’s "towers and
walls of stone, clad with metal", was pulled out of the summit of the Holy
Mountain (Meru) by the North Wind (Vayu) and thrown into the seas, where
it and its vast population drowned.

Stories of floating cities that had capabilities of flight were common during
the time of Atlantis. According to the ‘Ramayana’, Ravana's capital was also
described as a floating city.

The ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ tells of a great mystic named Kardama Muni who
created an entire floating city in which he and his wife toured around the

In the tenth canto of ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ it is stated that a king named
Lord Salva enlisted the aid of an expert technologist named Maya Danava
who lived on a planet called Bila Svarga. Maya Danava built an entire flying
city for Salva. Among other wonderful qualities it possessed the following: A
special navigation system for seeing at night, high speed capability to avoid
detection from the ground, and the ability to become either completely
invisible or to appear as if there were many copies of it flying in the sky.
While it is assumed that most flying saucers of today are of alien or perhaps
military origin, another possible origin of today’s UFOs is Atlantean.

Chariots flown by gods are not unique to Indian mythology.The Greek god
Apollo flies the Sun Chariot; Kay Kavus, the mythological Persian king
steers a flying throne to China; and Thor, of the Norse tradition,
commandeers the Chariot of Thunder.

In Greek mythology, King Cronos ruled the western world. To prevent rivals
to his thrown he began to kill off his own sons. One of his sons, Zeus was
hidden by his mother on the isle of Crete, where he grew up finally to defeat
his father and rule as king of the gods

The manner in which Zeus and his Olympians finally defeat Cronos and his
Titans is reminiscent of the account found in the ‘Mahabharata’.
After the war had continued unabated for ten years, Zeus was finally
presented with ‘weapons’ which resembled lightning, and the earth began to
quake as fiery bolts flew from his hands. The vast forests were set on fire
and the waters of the ocean itself boiled and seethed. (Hesiod, 750 B.C.)
The account in the ‘Book of Enoch’ (Laurence, 1883) mentions that the war
was so terrific it brought about a tilting of the planetary axis!

The War of the Gods was not limited to Earth. There is a belief that the
planets Venus, Mars and the Moon were once inhabited by advanced
societies who fought out a planetary war outlined in mythology as the clash
between the Titans and Olympians! The result was a Solar System in chaos
- the destruction of a planet - and the orbital change of Venus to a position
considerably closer to the sun. The Martian and Lunar atmospheres,
together with their rivers and whatever life was on them were quite literally
flung into space rendering the planets uninhabitable!

The ‘Mahabharata’, speaks of flying machines called Vimanas that were
used to launch a powerful weapon of destruction; “a single projectile
charged with all the power of the universe!"

From the Indian Texts we learn that the original designation of the flying
vehicle was "Ratha" which gave way for the term ‘Vimana’. The word vimana
is a Sanskrit word, purportedly derived from vamana: "he who is able at
three strides to take measure of the entire earth and heavens."
"In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying
machines that are generally called vimanas. According to Richard L.
Thompson these fall into two categories:

1.        Manmade craft that resemble airplanes and fly with the aid of birdlike
wings. The machines in category 1 are described mainly in medieval,
secular Sanskrit works dealing with architecture, automata, military siege
engines, and other mechanical contrivances

2.        Unstreamlined structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are
generally not made by human beings…Those in category 2 are described in
ancient works such as the ‘Rig Veda’, the ‘Mahabharata’, the ‘Ramayana’,
and ‘Puranas’, and have many features reminiscent of UFOs."
The design of the Vimanas (flying crafts) was imitated in the construction of the temples
and palaces, built by the Rbhus for the gods who came from remote space in the sky

The tops of the palaces were designed in such a way, the flying craft could land on the
top of the palace and the ‘visitors’ could enter within without being seen or disrupted.

With this in mind, it gives a whole new meaning to the American dollar bill where it shows
a pyramid with the ‘all seeing eye in a triangle’ hovering above.

I believe that the American dollar bill tells a story of an event yet to happen. I believe this
event will happen when the gods (All Seeing Eye) return to their home of Atlantis. They
will return in their spaceship and lands atop an unknown pyramid in North America or one
of her territories. Why else would this pyramid be on the “American dollar bill” if it was not
telling us that this pyramid and an event yet to happen represents Atlantis in North

In his book, ‘The New Atlantis’, Sir Francis Bacon asserted that whatever was going to be
built in North America would be Atlantean in its basic archetypal pattern and destiny path,
and at some point it would rise to the level of global dominion. Then it would, like ancient
Atlantis, have to make a choice between power ‘for the sake of service’ and power for the
‘sake of more power’… and as it decided, ‘the fate of the world would be determined.’
Legend of Garuda and Kadru
The Feathered Serpent
F. S. Perkins, from Burlington Wisconsin  was a great collector of artifacts.
His collection brought to light a lost race... This race came to be known as
the 'Mound-Builders'. Watch Mary and listen to her talk on her search for
ancient artifacts and other truths of Atlantis in North America and the
Atalan Empire.