Chandler/Wellston Oklahoma Alien Abductions


Hi my name is Brandon. I grew up near Hwy 66 outside of Chandler and Wellston. It was many years ago, but I can still  remember many strange things that happened throughout the
course of my life. We lived in an old blue trailer house in the woods. The closest thing to us was an old graveyard at the end of the road,which was about a quarter of a mile past the house.
Behind the house and down in the woods was our outhouse that we used for only about a couple of years. If you went past that you would follow a trail to our basketball goal and uneven
sand court. If you went past that you would have found a green, wooden walking bridge that led to a circular mound with a large tree in the middle. We called this the island. At night I was
usually terrified to hear that no one else was even awake. The only light came from a light on our service pole about fifty yards from our house. One night I was lying in bed. At that time
there were four of us boys that shared two beds. So my brother Kevin was asleep next to me. Anyway, I looked at the crank on the window and it started turning by itself. Since I was already
scared of the night this left me virtually paralyzed. I tried waking my brother up but he wouldn't wake up. There was so much fear. And then after that I remember almost playing with some
other beings between the island and the basketball goal. I couldn't have been more than seven years old. The next day I woke up like normal but so profoundley remembered parts of what
had happened. I told my Mom about it but she said it was a lucid dream. I insisted it wasn't a dream but was never taken seriously. After that there were times that I can remember them
standing around my bed. They were different sizes, but mostly not much taller than I was. I still drive out there now and remember a little bit more here and there. There are many things
that happened but I won't bore you anymore. I just wanted to let you know that the area your story speaks of has had some visitors.

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Alien Abductions In Oklahoma