Thanks for writing back. I'll try to keep this as short as possible for you.
I wanted to first give you a short history of my families sightings and or

My father has had numerous UFO sightings starting just before he went into
the military sometime around 1964 or 1965. His second was approximately a
week after he came home in 1967 which that time he saw beams of red and
orange light coming through his bedroom window. The only other time I know
about was when he and my mother both saw an orange, glowing, oval shaped
object hovering just above the ground in front of our house when I was about
7 years old in 1975. My parents were on the local knews at that time and
were also interviewed by some people who were from the local Air Force Base.
I haven't talked to my mother about it in quite some time but I believe that
she said they were from Project Blue Book. I could be wrong because I
thought Project Blue Book was disbanded some time in the late 1960's. Do you

I guess it was approximately a year after the 1975 sighting by my parents I
had what I believed to be a very vivid dream. I can still remember the dream
as clearly as though I just had it. I remember waking up lying on, what I
thought was a table made of light. There were four or five "people" standing
around the table. It seemed as though the table, the room and the "people"
were all made of light. I guess it was because of my age but I remember
thinking the people were from the sun. I figure this was because it was so
bright. I do not remember being frightened at all. I remember sitting up on
the table and looking around but could see nothing but the light coming from
every direction and the "people" standing next to the table. I have never
had a fear of being abducted or atleast not since I was old enough to
understand what that really meant. I just don't understand why a dream from
almost 28 years ago can still be so clear in my head. Through out most of my
child hood and even today I have been drawn to the night sky. I used to
climb on the roof of my house and lay there for hours staring at the stars.
I can remember catching myself wishing that I could be taken away even
though I had no real reasons to want to leave. Also through most of my
school years whenever I would become bored in class I would doodle on my
papers like most other kids. It seemed like every time I doodled I always
felt, for lack of a better word, compelled to draw the same symbol or
emblem. I don't really know what it is if anything. I have drawn the emblem
in my computer and can attach it to an e-mail later if your interested. It's
really a pretty simple design or what I would call basic shapes combined to
to create one. Again it may be nothing more than a kids over active

In 1993 I injured my back at work and decided to see a chiropractor instead
of a doctor. One of the first questions they asked was if I had ever had
back surgery and I had not. When the chiropractor began the intial physical
exam he asked me why I had told them I did not had back surgery when I had.
I again told him I had not. The chiropractor then told me I had what looked
to him to be a surgical scar on my lower back on top of my spine. After
seeing the scar the chiropractor was hesitant to treat me. I can not see the
scar myself, do to its location, so I had my wife check it later at home.
She said the scar is thin and runs verticle up my spine about two to three
inches long. I later contacted my mother and asked her if she could ever
remember me cutting my back as a child or any injury that would have left
the scar. She could not remember anything. I have no idea where the scar
came from and why it would have the appearance that would lead a
chiropractor to believe it was a surgical scar when no one else can remember
me getting hurt.

I do not know if it is related but as a child, probably around 7 or 8, up
until high school I would at times have severe pain in both legs. The pain
started at my hips and went down to my toes. I was taken to several
different doctors none of which could determine what was causing the pain.
They and my family pretty much chalked it up to growing pains and that may
have been all it was. I also had severe nose bleeds during this time which
occured for no apparent reason. The nose bleeds lasted up until just a few
years ago.

I'm sorry this was so long I just wanted to give you as much as possible as
see what your opinion might be. I would really like to know if any of this
means anything and if it does what I should do from here. Again, Thank You
for your time.


J. is now part of our support group..meeting and sharing with other abductees.
Hopefull some day we will have the answers..until then......
Mary Sutherland

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