Featured Dilemma:
Am I Being Watched?
We only take in 5 per cent of the spectrum reality. 95 per cent
remains invisible to us .
They are around us - influencing us - maybe even studying us.
Ghosts? Et? Fairies? Angels? Demons? Sky Creatures? UFOs?
What are they?  For the answers -  Ask Mary Sutherland!
Hi Joshua,
Seems you are experiencing quite a lot of different
I believe that many of us are taken ASTRALLY ...through
our DREAMS. They take the astral body and study it.
When the astral body goes into the other plane, it again
can become physical - which would be sufficient  for
them to study.
Also - remember in the SPECTRUM REALITY , our
eyes only take  in 5 PERCENT  of what is going on
around us...Thus , if  something is at a higher vibration
than us - molecules moving faster- they would be invisible
to that spectrum of our reality. So others CAN BE
traditions even speak of 'guardian' angels assigned to each
of us - So we need to ask ourselves what EXACTLY is a
GUARDIAN ANGEL. Terminology of the bible may not
be the same terminology of today. This would also apply
to mythology - LITTLE PEOPLE of yesterday myth
could be the GREYS of today..etc.  These GUARDIANS
could be assigned to you - not only to protect but to

One of the reasons you and your mate may have been
attracted to each other in the first place, is that you and
her knew each other from an EXPERIENCE BEFORE.
Thus were CONNECTED  through that experience.  This
may have been DELIBERATELY orchestrated by your
GUARDIANS or just a INDIRECT  result of that

I also believe that you are not the only one experiencing
this - but because of your SENSE OF AWARENESS you
are  aware of these beings and experiences more so than
the ones that are in a state of  UN-AWARENESS.

I hope this helps.
Mary Sutherland

It all started when I was about 8 years old
when I would wake up & Sleepwalk down
the stairs outside & to the
next door neighbours house. I would knock
on her door and ask why I am here!!!
Without detection my mother would still be
up & awake & would never notice me gone
for some reason or another. Then came
absoulute horrible dreams like the world was
blowing up & I would be caught in the middle
of it
where rocks would be falling on me &
crushing to death but they would never
kill me...... Just cause me unbelievable pain.
I constantly dream about aliens , spaceships
in the air, & fish! When I catch the fish they
look like aliens sometimes. I remember just
recently I dreamt that I was coming out of
my fathers house & as I turned around there
were three little people (Aliens,
Greys,whatever they were) waving goodbye
very quickly & as they moved there was a
distorted fuzziness to there movement like it
was so quick It frightened me like nothing I
have ever seen
before!It made me run for my life & I woke
up. One other one was I was in a very large
room & there were stars all around me but I
was in a room if that makes sense! & all
around me were many different types of alien
creatures just floating in mid-air but I was
floating with them, it was almost as if  we
were there to look at one another & that's all.
Here comes the biggie...... We have been
together 4 years now & since that time we
have countless nights with one of us
sometimes both of us with pierced holes
behind our ears.... Sometimes left, sometimes
right, & even sometimes with 2 or 3 behind
the ear at a time! Im am talking about painful
swelling as well.
We just both get the feeling we were both
brought toghether for a reason...
almost to be studied on why we can share
such violence & anger but yet amazing joy &
love & be perfectly happy!
The human race needs a wake up call...... &  
need answers... Can you help Mary? Joshua