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Featured Dilemma:
The Ships of Ra
We only take in 5 per cent of the spectrum reality. 95 per cent
remains invisible to us .
They are around us - influencing us - maybe even studying us.
Ghosts? Et? Fairies? Angels? Demons? Sky Creatures? UFOs?
What are they?  For the answers -  Ask Mary Sutherland!
I have often heard you talking about the
god  Ra of ancient Egypt . Often the
Rastafarian say the word JAH
RASTAFAR. Could it mean ' ra star far
In your study, Always look for the common
denominators..Usually found in the root word .
Words may be spelled somewhat differently  but
your spirit will know .
In this case, I believe it is the finger pointing ,
using it as a clue to the source
Think of it as a form of code.
'For those with eyes shall see and know the
meaning'  Mary Sutherland