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UFOs of The Solomon Islands
We only take in 5 per cent of the spectrum reality. 95 per cent
remains invisible to us .
They are around us - influencing us - maybe even studying us.
Ghosts? Et? Fairies? Angels? Demons? Sky Creatures? UFOs?
What are they?  For the answers -  Ask Mary Sutherland!

I am a Solomon Islander. I happened to get your website from a friend thru the internet. I read about the
articles of giants and UFOs and their sites in the Solomon Islands.
I come from Makira Island, an island in the east part of the country and east of Guadalcanal Island. In my
island we also had entcounters of UFOs. The western end of the island, closer to Guadalcanal is said to be the
base of these UFOs.
These UFOs have been on the island for a long time but it was during the height of the enthnic tension (2000)
that these things really put on a good show. The people of west Makira are very familiar with these. During
the year 2000 (and until 2003), these flying objects really showed themselves up. People see planes, warships,
and even real people in army uniforms. The mysterious thing about these UFOs (at least for this part of the
world) is that they do not make noises, even when they just fly above the coconut trees (approximate height -
30 to 100m) you cannot hear any sound. If you listen very carefully, you can only hear a sound similar to
when you play a tape in your stereo recorder.
These UFOs usually fly in the night, some times high and some times just above the trees. Very early in the
morning (about 5:30 am) if you are lucky you could see one of them and reports from those who saw them,
they said they can sometimes see the body of the UFO, like a real plane, some they say look like the sting-ray
(diamond shape) only that they are smaller than actual planes. Sometimes during broad daylight, people
actually see them, real planes and helicopters making a lot of noise.
I personally did not belive such stories until one night, waiting patiently to see one, I had my chance. This was
in Kirakira, the provincial capital, and about 50 kilometers from Arosi area, in year 2000. The time that they
usually appear in this part of the island was a 12 o'clock midnight. It was 12:30 am after giving up hope and
going back into my house that I decided to take a last look outside thru the window that I saw the red signal
light of the flying object. Running into the bedroom to call my wife,we went outside to watch the flying object.
If flew just above the trees but we could not hear any noises.
After this incident, I believe the stories from the people sighting these flying objects. Another mysterious
thing was that, as the ethnic tension cooled down, these things also slowed down their appearances and finally
now, they can be only seen on rare occasions. This makes our people wonder as to what it all means. Is there
any secret mission somewhere?  Thanks.  Belden T.
The Solomon Islands have become famous for their legends of the Giants that live beneath its surface. I would
think that these giants and the ufos are connected.

Because of the location of the Solomon Islands and the high energy there due to the powerful ley lines, I suspect
that there is an underground base and that the people on these ships have been coming and going from this
location  since the beginning of our time.  Some good races and some bad.

The Japanese  supposedly put up a statue of a reptoid warrior over on Guadalcanal,holding a ray beam weapon
with its tail.  It may still be over there.
Apparently the Japanese soldiers during WWII met up with some nasty reptoids and lost many men to some
close encounters of the un-pleasant kind. ----