Professor de Souza, in his capacity as leader of the Brazilian Theosophists, had for years been interested in the Agharti legend, and the more he pondered over the underground kingdom
and its network of tunnels, and how it was conceivable that anyone might utilize them without a very special form of transport, the more he came to the conclusion that the Flying Saucers
were the answer.
That the subterranean dwellers were an advanced people seemed beyond doubt, so if they were capable of living and thriving beneath the Earth's surface there was surely
no reason why they should not have developed a form of transport far more sophisticated than anything known on Earth. And the very shape, manoeuvrability and speed with which these
craft were credited seemed to make them ideally suited for traversing the network of tunnels that lead to and from the underground kingdom.

In 1957, the ideas of de Souza and Strauss were carefully examined by a writer named O. C. Huguenin in a book called From The Subterranean World To The Sky:
Flying Saucers. After
declaring that `the hypothesis of the extra-terrestrial origin of the flying saucers does not seem acceptable', Huguenin wrote: We must consider the most recent and interesting theory that
has been offered to account for the origin of flying saucers: the existence of a great Subterranean World with innumerable cities in which live millions of inhabitants. This other humanity
must have reached a very high degree of civilization, economic organization and social, cultural and spiritual development, together with an extraordinary scientific progress, in comparison
with whom the humanity that lives in the Earth's surface may be considered as a race of barbarians. According to the information supplied by Commander Paulo Strauss, the Subterranean
World is not restricted to caverns, but is more or less extensive and located in a hollow inside the Earth large enough to contain cities and fields, where live human beings and animals,
whose physical structure resembles those on the surface. Huguenin then describes how these people, far in advance of the rest of humanity in terms of scientific development, devised
machines called Vimanas that `flew in the skies and the tunnels like aircraft, utilising a form of energy obtained directly from the atmosphere'. They were, he says, 'identical with what we
know as Flying Saucers'.

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The Importance of these
Off-Worlder Rulers, the
Anunnaki and the
identity of Who We Are
as a People still bears
great significance as
both North America and
Mexico hide this great
mystery in plain sight as
Mexico's Coat of Arms
and the Great Seal of
the United States of
The story of Kadru and Garudu is
much more important than one
can imagine. While I don't know
the whole story of its importance
this story is displayed around the
world hidden in the architecture
This photo was taken in Bali,
Indonesia showing Lord Vishnu
riding Garuda.
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