Mary Sutherland Receives her White Stone
Apports and goes to the Great Hall of Wisdom
by Mary Sutherland @ 2002
Ancient Mysteries


I used to live in Apache Junction, Arizona which is known for it's vortices and mysteries.. Lying at the base of the Superstition Mountains, this little town is  parallel to the Devil's triangle, 33 degrees.

One night, while my husband was on a business trip, I went to bed and pulled my two children in with me. The head of my bed was up against a window. It was warm that night and the air was still,
so I had the windows open when we fell to sleep.

*1) I awoke to the sounds  like that of a roaring  train coming through my bedroom window. The curtains of the window were blowing straight out towards me as I jumped up from my sleep.  It was so
loud both my children jumped up too. But as soon as I woke and jumped up with a start, the roar ceased and the curtains dropped down to their normal position. I quickly looked out the window to
see what I thought was maybe a storm. Strangely enough, the night was very quiet with not even a breeze.

I noticed a pain in my right hand (palm area). I looked down to see my fist tightly clenched. My fist was clenched so tight my finger nails had dug deep into my palm, causing the sensation of pain I
was feeling.

I opened my fist and found a very small rock sitting in the palm area of my hand. Immediately, as I looked at it, a vision came over me accompanied with a voice within my head saying 'You brought
the rock back so that you may never forget where you were.'  At this same time the vision reminded me of where I had been in my dreams (astral traveled). I remembered a grecian/temple type a gigantic library with long halls, tall rounded pillars, with these stone tables and benches in a large room where students were studying ancient papers. I remembered myself being in
one of the halls filled on each side with shelves upon shelves of books.  The voice within my head then, upon my recollection of my astral experience, told me 'this is the hall of wisdom'.

I looked at my children which were wide awake and staring at me. I showed them the rock and told them NEVER to forget what happened that night. Some friends came over that morning and I
showed them the rock. One of them was an ex-police office from Chicago, Il.  They all agreed that there was something very special about it.  One of them had what is called a 'loop' and used it to
examine the rock more closely. Oddly, the rock was crystal quartz with veins of silver 'and' gold running through it. Now I don't know how familiar any of you are with gold and silver but rule of thumb
is they 'each' can be found in quartz,  but not both in the same quartz. Well to make sure of what this rock really was, I took it to a shop in the Junction that specialized in analyzing rocks and
precious stones. She confirmed what my friends told me. They were also there to hear the confirmation.  I wanted witnesses as you can well understand. When my husband got home, I also
showed him the stone and the kids related to him the story.

For years I asked questions to people on where this place was that I had went to. Being that I wasn't in the spiritual circles during that time, no one had the slightest idea of a Hall of Learning. It
took me almost 10 years before the mystery was solved for me.  I thank Edgar Allen Cayce's book and Sylvia Brown for validating my place of travel.  To me it was told 'Great Hall of Learning'.
Cayce and Brown called it 'Great Hall of Wisdom'. Although the name was slightly different the description was identical to how Cayce described it. Through them I also learned about 'astral
traveling' .

O.K. now 2/3's of the mystery was solved but the biggest mystery still remained.How in the world did i manage to pull something out of my dream.  the only place I had even seen anything similar to
that was in an old 'Freddie Kruger flick' and that was movie stuff.  So I sure wasn't going to base anything on that and reveal my story.

About 6 months ago, a member here (Kasey) came across the answer to the puzzle. He didn't know too much about it but he had a name for me of the phenomena.  Apportation.   Now with a name
I went through every site I could find hoping to find something on it.  There isn't much on the subject but through perseverance I managed to finally find what I was looking for.

This is what I found:

*2) Vortices are the result of a tremendous circulatory energy phaseout. the phaseout is responsible for a certain revolution of a cycle that produces manifestations. When the rings in the vortex
have been charged, they allow a clarity of the picture to be manifested.

*3) The entities of pure light are the only ones that can materialize in this and those who have gone through a long period , or phase, of being restructured themselves. Whenever you are going
into a vortex of this kind, the person experiences a strong grounding process. Within the energy field is a spiral. If you are not grounded properly, you may come back desensitized and
imbalanced. This can be seen as unannounced colored lights appearing in yuor field from purple to red to also yellow and white. Sometimes what happens is that these lights are so excessive that
you will see them come into the house. They would be hovering either around the head area of a person or their solar plexus.

There are certain kinds of grounding stones that are produced from these affects. These stones appear from nowhere and are called apports or materializations. These stones provide the
apportioner a protection as well. They come from an instrument of sorts (you) that is created from the spiralling effect of that kind of rapid energy that is given off while you are in apportation. This
instrument of sorts contains a very strong solar plexus content of microwaves..which create the stones used for protection as well as healing later. These stones are referred to as 'Earth Gifts',
which also come from another world plane. The contents of the earth gifts are from the make up of the soil and environment of the other world, which are similar but not the same as the earth

Although, not designed for spiritual growth, the manifestation produced by apportation, does reveal to us the manifestation of the spirit. The Bible refers to this phenomena as the manifestation of
'The Kingdom Within'. Everyone has, what is called, a point of personal manifestation within them, showing them who they are and where they are from. When they reach that strong blending of
the spirit         withinside of themselves, then this manifestation appears proving to them that they have just entered the 'Kingdom Within'.

              Notes on the Above

*1.) I awoke to the sounds of..................

I found out later through my research that the sound of the astral body coming back into the body can make a loud roaring sound like that of a train or loud cracking sound . This is also why the
wind through the window. It wasn't the wind after all. It was my astral coming back at such a strong momentum it drew the curtains with it, like that of wind blowing through the window.  ( You may
have noticed sometimes just before you fall to sleep sometimes you may hear a loud crack.  that is the astral body leaving the physical. breaking a sound barrier )

*2.) The Superstition Mountains is known for it's vortex's.  More so than even Sedona. The Superstitions lie on the same  parallel as that of  the Devil's Triangle. (Or so I have been told).  I  also
have a map of vortex hotpoints I will put in the photo section of mysteries to show you how the area I was at lies on these same hot lines.

*3.) The entities of pure light.....

It was interesting to note here, this was the exact time of my life I was going to past/future life hypnosis. I was also using hypnosis to shed myself of all my past inhibitions. During this time, I was
hypnotised and went through extensive spiritual cleansing.

Now many people have said to astral travel you need to meditate but what happen to me was a dream experience. I did nothing to promote the idea before I went to sleep.

What I think happened was a combination of events that came together at just the right time to present this type of manifestation.  My cleansing, my desire to find my spiritual source and the vortex.

This happened over 10 years ago and this is really only the second time I have ever put the story into writing. One was through a quick post in answer to another person's experience. And now this
time. But this time I present the full account of my experience.

The things that happened to me during this point of my life changed my life forever . This of course is only one thing that happened but a very important one. After this my spirituality was not based
on faith alone, but through a 'God Experience'.

Copyrite 2002  Mary Sutherland

Einstein's E=mc2 and materialization

There have been thousands of claims throughout human history, many mentioned in the Bible and before, of a person such as Jesus appearing and disappearing in front of a crowd.

Investigators call the appearance and disappearance of people and things 'materialization' and 'dematerialization'.

Evidence for materialization is substantive not only in England and the United States but in other countries, such as Brazil where materializations took place in daylight in the presence of
hundreds of hard-core skeptics
(See Chapter 10).

David Ash and Peter Hewitt's book, The Vortex, (1994) gives, among other things, one scientific explanation for materialization. They argue that Einstein's formula E=mc2  energy equals mass to
the speed of light, shows that mass 'm' is equivalent to energy 'E'.

This explains how materialization and de-materialization operate by matter being transformed into energy. When people try to argue that this equation is all theory but cannot be demonstrated
they should be reminded that less than one ounce of matter was transformed into energy to destroy Hiroshima.

The vortex is the actual swirling of the atoms and molecules. Ash and Hewitt argue from Einstein's equation that since matter and light share a common movement, the actual speed of the
swirling of the vortex, must be the speed of light. They claim that this is the only possible sense to be made of Einstein's equation and that it is because of the vortex swirling at the speed of light
that you can read this page or see another person the trees and the sky and see everything else with physical eyes.

Ash and Hewitt ask: why should the speed of the movement of the vortex be limited to the speed of light? They argue that once the movement of the vortex exceeds the speed of light, then a
person or thing will enter into super energy, a new dimension, a new world. But in that new dimension the person or thing will be as solid as you and me in this dimension. The only thing is that
the vortices will be swirling at a speed faster than on the earth plane.

The human eye on the earth plane (unless one is a truly gifted clairvoyant) will not be able to see anything in the new dimension because our eyes can only register seeing a person or thing
when the vortex of the person or thing in this dimension is swirling at the speed of light. It also follows that the person or thing in super- energy will be able to penetrate a solid brick wall in this
dimension. This is because the atoms and molecules of a brick wall are swirling more slowly at the speed of light.

One possible scientific explanation for materialization is that the vortices of the spirit's atoms are swirling faster than the speed of light and cannot be seen with our physical eyes. But certain
energies cause the vortices of the atoms of the spirit body to be lowered to the speed of light. When this happens the spirit becomes visible to our physical eyes.

On the other hand whenever the spirit wants to dematerialize the vortices of the spirit atoms increase and it can no longer be seen with our physical eyes and disappears into a different
dimension. Ash and Hewitt call this materialization 'transubstantiation' to reflect the change in the substance but not the form of the vortex. Transubstantiation would not change the atomic or
molecular structure of a body.

Through transubstantiation an intelligence, an etheric, a spirit in the afterlife or an object can materialize or dematerialize. But, Ash and Hewitt rightly point out that dematerialization is not
dissolution. It is the accelerating and decelerating of the vortices of the atoms that explains the historical sightings out of nowhere and the disappearance of a person right in front of your eyes.

Ash and Hewitt give many examples of well documented materializations and dematerializations. Materialization is consistent with the argument that life continues after physical death. See the
mediumship of Mirabelli (Chapter 10) where materialization took place in the presence of scientists and hundreds of others in daylight in Brazil.
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