Alien Implants and Night Visitors by Mary Sutherland
September 24, 2003

Case No. BUFOUOK10010

Who Are Our Friends

Inside my head is an "anomaly", aprox. 1/4" in diamiter and nonmetalic.
Doctors and radiologists cannot explain it without a biopsy. This I refuse to allow.  I am told it is not a "tumor" and I have no  signs of cancer, but it does cause me to suffer from 'cluster headaches'
at times.

HOWEVER as a child I was awaken in the night by a "man" in a helmet in  a pressure suit who I  thought  was my hero "John Glenn".

"He" took me to his "spaceship" and I  was able to look down upon Earth. I was then put to sleep. When I awoke, we had landed in the pasture behind the farm house where I lived in N.W. Arkansas.

The Night Visitor walked me back to my bed and told me to go back to sleep and dream....and that he would see me again.

I have yet to see my Night Visitor least not that I can remember. I have though seen many  unexplained things in the night sky.




September 30, 2003

You asked about 'BLACK FOX'. It is an atomic power plant built in the mid-80's close to Tulsa Oklahoma (Inola, Oklahoma) on the Verdigris River.
After completion , it was never put 'on-line'....due to EPA Regulations. Not really sure on the real reason behind it.
But there it sits, Millions of Dollars Worth of the taxpayers money just sitting there ..'Abandoned Project'.  Government...Go Figure!
Anyways...On to the story...
At one time I was a 'Hunter'. I have stopped now, seeing the moral implications of killing for sport. I have and now spend many hours in the fields and public lands along the river.
On 'THREE' seperate occasions I have witnessed 'TWO BLACK CHOPPERS'
flying along the river course....Low..Almost at ground level.
Strange enough they are 'totally silent' and have come as quite a shock having them come upon me at high speeds and then keep on going.
No sounds come from these black choppers. Only the 'beat' of their rotters.
I live near an airport (Tulsa International) and we have McDonald Douglas, Boeing and others there. I have seen most military craft as they come in for service or repair.
The 'Stealth' Bomber and 117 do 'look' very 'other-worldly' at some angles. I have seen them and if you didn't know, one would think they were from another world.
HOWEVER....the 'CHOPPERS' I have seen were not of any configuration that I am aware of.
Now this and Black Fox brings me  to another subject that I want everyone to be aware of....


These abductions are occurring along HWY 412 (Old Hwy 33) and Route 66 .
These two roads intersect right outside Tulsa, Oklahoma which crosses the Verdigris River some 20 miles from Tulsa.
A friend told me of stories of people being taken from the Hwy to an indoor locations for medical experiments, Men in Black and Grays. There were guards in government uniforms (no insigmas) and
the place seemed to be some sort of a 'factory' with tall smokestacks.
(There are places like that along the Hwy. The 'Grand River Dam Power Plant' is also near...50 Miles East or so.. BUT ' Black Fox' is  EMPTY.......??????)
The poor unsuspecting travelers were then returned to their cars...sometimes in the wrong cloths and hours later. Some have even met other people, who they have never met...yet remember them
from 'dreams'...(How Strange?)

Have you any information on this??? Please Let Me Know.
Contact us here at BUFO and we will pass the information on


I would also like to know anything concerning a string of UFO Sightings West of Tulsa in the Late 80's...early 90's.  They were on the television news. West of the towns of 'Sululpa' and 'Sand
Springs'.  We have also had 'bigfoot' sightings in those areas as well.  Check out and several can be seen at night running.


Also around that same time in the town of Okmulgee, which is south of Tulsa, a co-worker told a friend who 'LOST 50 HEAD OF CATTLE'. The cattle were kept in an enclosed road
in...surrounded by only other pastures.
He went out to feed them one morning and NO COWS..AND NO TRACKS.
No tracks of any kind...truck, coyote or man.
He reported the missing cattle right away to the local police. The law was baffeled, but insisted it had to be 'rustlers' as the only logical answer. would have taken a semi-truck and trailer to move that many cattle..AND that truck would have left tracks and it drove across the pasture..BUT there were no tracks.
The only thing left for signs of the cattle  was a place in the center where they had 'clustered' together.
Tulsa is a ways from where 'cattle mutilations' generally take place, but........
Any information would be enlightening and most appreciated.
So again I ask...
Who are our friends!
Still watching and waiting
Exploring the alien entities
and entities  living in the
inner earth .  abductions
and cattle mutilations    
with Mary Sutherland
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