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The Universal Life Stream, the Song of the Universe

Mary Sutherland Copyright 2010

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1.  Here it is definitely stated that something which is called Word is identical with our Creator.  The Word of God is everywhere…not just within four walls…or one holy book…or one religion.  The Vedas tell us that this is the Abstract sound called “Anahad”, meaning unlimited sound.  When one quiets his soul so that he can hear the Divine Voice, he is relieved from all worries, anxieties, sorrow, fear and disease.  The soul of the listener becomes the all pervading consciousness.  Some train themselves to hear the Word by finding solitude at the seashore, riverbank, woods or being alone in the mountains or deserts.  Some concentrate on just playing a musical instrument

What is relatively new to the Western World is the concept of the “Audible Life Stream”, The Living Word of God.  In this concept, we are all part of a ‘collective consciousness’ and the ‘body of God’, with the Word being our ‘direct line’ to the Supreme Being, the Universal Consciousness.  The Living Word of God can be explained like that of electromagnetic radio waves that fill all space of the cosmic universe.  These waves are being transmitted to us.  All we need to do is learn how to tune our receiver into them.  The East calls this cosmic sound, “Bani”, the music of God.  It has been said that once you are able to tune yourself into Bani and hear it, you will be filled with a great joy that is beyond compare.  Bani is what the West refers to as the ‘Music of the Angels’.  It is said that Moses heard this very sound on Mount Sinai and Christ told of hearing it when our Heavenly Father manifested himself to Christ in the wilderness.  The bells in the church steeple are meant to suggest the same sacred sound, calling man to God.  The sounds of the Bani are found through the sounds of nature ie. thunder, the roaring of the sea, the jingling of the bells , the sound of running water, the buzzing of bees, the twittering of the birds, the Vida, the whistle, or the sound of “Shankha”, until it finally becomes the “Hu”, which is the most sacred of all sounds.  The word Hu is the spirit of all sounds and words.  It belongs to no language but all language belongs to it.   This alone is the true name of God, a Name that no people and no religion can claim as their own.  It is The Name that cannot be Spoken, but is uttered by every man and living creature.  It is hidden in the spiritual body of all words ad sounds.,  All things and beings exclaim this name of God; for every activity of life expresses distinctly this very sound.  The Greeks called it “Logos”, meaning the Divine Word.  It is the Divine Current or Wave going forth from God himself and flowing throughout the universe.  The very word itself, “Uni-verse”, is defined as ‘one song’, with uni meaning one and verse meaning song.  It is not only an emanation from God, but it is God himself.  When any man speaks in this world, he simply sets in motion atmospheric vibrations, but he himself moves in and through those vibrations.  It is God himself that vibrates…thus the Living Word in Genesis. It is written that the Word existed before the Light came into the world. 

The Light Genesis refers to is Life and both are Electricity, from which springs Matter and Spirit. The Ancients taught us that Light was a form of matter, which is supported today through the radiometer.  Scientists are now able to weigh Light through this meter, showing us that not only is Light matter, but it has a force of its own.  Today we now are able to physically harness light, using it to transmit and receive audio and video waves.  Another use of harnessed light is laser beams and x-rays.

There are those walking among us that have learned to harness and control this very force through their own will of thought.  We all have this capability, but few of us have learned how to put it into practice.  The key is in understanding the Laws of our Creator.  We also need to forget what we have been taught about what is impossible and renew our old beliefs, having absolute faith that everything is possible.   Remember…we have been created, dual natured, with a (Divine) Heritage.  Our spiritual body is made up of subtle fluids (Aether) and light (Matter and Force).  It is also one with the Universal Light which is also made of matter and force. 

By overcoming your dependency on physical surroundings and your five sense, you can align yourself to your Higher Self which is also aligned to the Universal Force.  Through the use of your Higher (Spiritual) senses, the dimensional veils are lifted and the limitations of time and space vanquish.  You will learn how to use your spiritual eyes to see past, present and future events.  An Adept can shoot through space and communicate with another physical person, as if that person was in the same room.  I use the Adepts as an example, but Jesus Christ told us that we all have these powers.  All we need is the knowledge and the faith of a ‘mustard seed’.  Christ told us that even the ‘least’ among us are the beloved of God, deserving all the joy that Creation has to offer, and are capable of experiencing and ‘performing’ miracles, just as he did.  The only person or thing that stands in your way is you.  You and your old beliefs are your worst nemesis.

Through study and understanding you will find your ‘true’ path.  It is the path less taken, but the rewards are boundless.  At the cores of all religion there is one true path.  It is here that you find true religion; you find that ’something’ that binds the soul to God.  We must let go of Ego and put our trust in God’s Wisdom and Christ’s Promise.  When you become anxious, frightened or stressed because of a particular occurrence in your life, separate yourself from that reality.  Remind yourself that everything is in accordance with God’s Plan.  Everything happens as it should and there are no accidents.  We are exactly where we suppose to be at that particular time and place.

With no exception, the entire universe works through the Eternal Life Stream.  It is omnipresent and omnipotent, awaiting the proper conditions to express itself as a dynamic force in one form or another.  There is not a living creature that is without this power.  Within this Stream lies the great power of Love, which is affirmed through the words of Christ, “God is Love”.

Quantum Physics confirms the presence of the Word, or Eternal Life Stream.. The descriptive words may differ, but the principles are the same. Science states that the essence of our universe is composed of a systematic and synchronized pattern of which we are all part of.  It submits that we are a subatomic particle, existing both here and some place else, at the very same time…all connected within the same pattern or reality.  Quantum Physics shows us that an observer cannot observe without altering what he sees.  Through the Conscious Will of Thought, we can use invisible vibrating energies or waves, consisting of subatomic particles, to create our desires to manifest into the physical world.

Carl Jung coined the term of which we call ‘coincidence’, as ’synchronicity’. He stood by his belief that synchronicity showed that there was no such thing as a random act or coincidence.  Here we see more confirmation of the Eternal Life Stream. Jung reported that synchronicity consists of the universal energies, invisible vibrating waves, similar to radio waves.  Through the Audible Life Stream, we not only can pick up on cosmic and universal events, but can physically transmit and receive messages and emotions of others.  We can also, through our thought patterns, create events.  Everyone, at some time, has experienced this phenomenon.  Examples could be explained as being at the right place at the right time.  You were thinking of someone and the telephone rings, and it is them on the other phone.  Examples of synchronization are endless.  God created us (when properly instructed and guided) to be able to have a conscious communication with the entire universe.  Most of us cannot imagine the extent of our divine heritage.  Upon accepting synchronization in your life, you will learn how to go with the ‘flow’.  The flow is a natural, effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us towards wholeness and harmony.  When we are in the ‘flow’, occurrences line up, events fall into place and obstacles melt away.  It is a time when we feel we are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things.  To have the flow work for you, you must learn to read the guide signs that have been posted for you along your ‘life path’ and allow them to direct you in your life.  Let your mind be open to the signs.  Signs could be as insignificant as a bird flying in front of you, a book being dropped in front of a store or a leaf falling and landing in your lap.  Flow works according to our beliefs, behaviors and actions.  When you are open, willing and trusting, you will experience flow as fulfillment and joy, with a frequent occurrence of synchronicity.  If you are fearful, doubtful and controlling, the flow diminishes and your life path becomes full of obstacles and frustration, with a cease of synchronicity.  The key here is that what you give of yourself, comes back to you.  Your belief system also dictates what you attribute synchronicity to.  When it occurs, some of us may thank our luck, or fate, destiny, karma, or an angel.  I like to use the saying “Synchronicity happens when God wishes to remain anonymous.”

No one or thing is separate of each other within God’s design.  We all exist as cells within the entire body of the Cosmos, harmoniously working together as one single unit. We are what is called a microcosm, meaning ’small world’.  We are a replica of the entire universe, in a smaller version.  We have been put together, organized and adjusted to share and correspond to everything within this universe.  By understanding the working mechanics of your body, you will then become closer to understanding the mechanics of the Cosmic Intelligence.  Because of our construction, we are able to communicate our thoughts throughout the universe as well as use these thoughts to co-create miracles.  Through the Ages, most of us have lost the knowledge of how this is done, but this knowledge can be restored.  To regain this knowledge, ‘ask’ from within, through your Christos.  See yourself as a living cell of the Divine Intelligence and then ‘trust’ that your requests will be answered.  As the physical brain is in touch with all parts of your body, through its nervous system, the Divine Intelligence is in touch with all it’s living souls through the Christos, or Holy Spirit.

Between synchronization and intuition lies a fine line.  Although they are two separate phenomena, they almost seem to be two of the same.  In comparing the two, keep in mind that synchronicity happens ‘out there’ against the odds.  It is external.  Something in the universe seems to swing into place to answer an inner need we have.  Intuition, however, is internal.  It is our ‘inner’ knowing.  It is our ability to tune into knowledge in a non-rational and nonlinear way.  We know something, but just don’t know how we know it.  But in both cases, it shows us just how much our lives are interwoven with everything within the Cosmic Intelligence and that we live in a world more intricately and holistically organized than we have ever imagined. 

Today’s science now shows us that all atoms, cells, molecules, plants, animals and humans participate in a flowing web of information. Physicists have shown that if two photons are separated, no matter by how far, a change in one creates a simultaneous change in the other.  Through this observance, it would also indicate that one individual’s thoughts and actions, being one living cell with the universal body, would have a direct influence on the whole. In the book, ‘The Hundredth Monkey’, by Ken Keyes, the theory was presented on how each of us affected the whole unit of man.  It tells of a group of monkeys that were being studied in Japan.  One monkey within the group began washing a sweet potato in a particular way in the salt water there.  Soon all of the monkeys began mimicking this deed.  That observance in itself was not to be claimed as unusual, but after a certain number of these monkeys continued to act out this washing pattern, the same behavioral pattern developed in another group of monkeys hundreds of miles away.  Science has labeled this as ‘the critical mass within the species’.  They theorize that once a critical mass number is reached, the same behavior begins to appear in all of the other members of that same species.  Physicists describe it as a ‘phase transition’, theorizing that when the molecules of atoms align in a certain way and a critical mass number is reached, the rest of the atoms spontaneously line up the same way.  This invisible force does not only apply to the animal kingdom, but plants, insects and everything in the cosmos.  Scientists have reported that when liquid matter crystallizes on one part of the planet, the same process occurs almost simultaneously in another, without informational or physical contact.

The next time you feel that your thoughts have no importance, bear in mind that one monkey washing his sweet potato.  Close your eyes and allow time and space to fall away, as you become one with the Eternal Life Stream.  Set aside your feelings of hate, fear, judgment, vanity and the rest of these deadly passions, as you connect with your universal brothers and sisters.  Know that you are not alone in this world.  Know that you are unique, but yet you are the same, for you are all one with the Divine Light, The IAM.  As a Child of God,, you carry the full potential of your Creator and contain the essence of everything that ever was and ever will be.  Through the Divine Laws of Manifestation, you are given the ability, through thought, to create miracles.  The greatest miracles are created through the power of Love.  If you use this power and join it with others, we have the capabilities to divert wars, hunger, poverty, bigotry, disease and destruction of nature.

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  Communicating with the Spirit Realm

Mary Sutherland  2010

The unconscious mind possesses the facility of receiving ‘from’

and  hence  ‘living in’ a number of ‘universes’


Since, because of the orthogonality, physical signals cannot pass from one universe to another, we must assume that the unconscious mind is a “non-physical communicating with the physical.” Birkbeck College, University of London

Since an infinite number of universes contain the physical body of a given individual, one might suppose that if telepathy exists, then some telepathic communication could be possible between at least some of the minds corresponding to those bodies. These communications would be equivalent to receiving signals from another “universe.”

Speculation is that spatial boundaries could exist between local universes, and that certain minds are capable of perceiving (receiving signals from) several universes simultaneously, all the time unaware that they are doing so. Telepathically, these minds can make contact with and instruct the minds of witnesses to receive these signals – their perception will follow suit.”



Elven Force - Photo taken by Mary Sutherland

Elven Force Photo taken by Mary Sutherland


Have you ever noticed strange streams or strings of light in your photos. Some paranormal researchers call these lights ‘ super-charged orbs’ and claim they are the researchers greatest evidence of the after life. A name I prefer is ‘Elven Currents’. Dr. Robert Neil has explained them as a ‘paradigm symbiosis and interaction. Where the images meet, a central being is formed which embodies the interaction creating a flow or exchange of information.

*Symbiosis: noun (pl. symbioses) Biology interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, especially to the advantage of both

In the words of Robert Neal Boyd, www.ralian.com, “Elven currents strike me as not being particularly of an object, but the spaces BETWEEN objects. Not the emitter of forces…but the area of interplay between forces…so much so that one could think of that space between being it’s own force..

Think of the space between two gravitational areas…which is not of one gravity or the other, but the area where they meet. That feeling of surface tension, that turbulent stillness.

That is the area where the senses mingle and cross their borders….and where the living forms interact and strengthen each other. This is the mind of the elven sort…a realm where everything is deepened by the influences of other flows, where the turbulence brings it’s own balance.”

Parallel Universes and Multi-Dimensions

 The synchronization principle leads to the conclusion

that all the matter we see is synchronized with our own.

There can be many other parallel universes

superimposed upon our own, which differ only in the

phase or frequency of their synchronization.”

Dr. Claude Swanson


 According to Quantum Physics, whenever an event takes place or a decision is made in which there’s a choice of possibilities, the universe splits, without anybody noticing… every possibility is realized but in different universes. Can you even begin to imagine the possibilities here! Oops, I just created another universe, with just that question. And now you have created even more universes by reading this and thinking about the possibilities – and more universes are being created from all those that have read this passage!

Quoting Professor Fred Alan Wolf, The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul, “ As fantastic as it sounds, the new physics called quantum mechanics posits that there exists, side by side with this world, another world, a parallel universe, a duplicate copy that is somehow slightly different yet the same.

And not just two parallel worlds, but three, four or even more! In each of these universes, you, I and all the others who live, have lived, will live, and will ever have lived, are alive! (Wolf 1996).

Dr. Claude Swanson , educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University , and the author of The Synchronized Universe, explained to me quite clearly the principle behind the parallel worlds. I quote Dr. Swanson, “The synchronization principle leads to the conclusion that all the matter we “see” is “synchronized” with our own.

There can be many other parallel universes superimposed upon our own, which differ only in the phase or ‘frequency of their synchronization’.”

 In a vortex area, portals are created, which are doorways into the other worlds or dimensions. When this happens time and space become distorted and a lot of strange things can and ‘do’ happen. 
I have a strange fascination for these inter-dimensional doorways , but because of all the things we have experienced , I also have a great respect for them and what they are capable of. One may step into a doorway leading into another dimension and never notice they had gone. Other times, it is quite obvious that you are not in the same place nor the same time. Some people have stepped into them, never to have returned. We have photographic evidence of people disappearing into these portals. I and others have seen and photographed strange entities that live within the veil. I am no stranger to the phenomena of the portals. hidden gateways. I have watched objects appear from out of the nothingness and have been photographed several times disappearing through the gateways into the other realms.

When I first started researching the vortexes I only knew what took place around us, after reviewing the photos we had taken with our digital cameras while we were out in the field. Later, after I had gained some confidence in my ‘sensitive’ abilities, I was able to actually hear and see the vortices and the spirit energies. Now, when I step into a portal, I immediately sense the time and space distortion it has created.

When walking through my favorite portal area in a wooded area outside of Burlington, Wisconsin, I ‘tune’ my senses to the sounds and smells of the forest. Upon walking into a portal, the sounds of the forest will either become very feint or disappear completely. As if walking into a vacuum, the pressure of the air changes and I will experience a ringing in my ears, a pulsating sensation in my third eye, which is located above the bridge of the nose , at the center of the forehead.

I will experience a small headache or my vision will blur. The equilibrium is off and I have a tendency to lose my balance or walk like I have had a few too many drinks at the local pub.

I and other researchers have experienced time loops in the portal area – where one action is repeated. For example, I may walk by a tree one time and find myself walking by the same tree again – knowing I had only passed it once. It reminds me of the movie , The Matrix , when the black cat came walking through twice.

Some portal areas are heat sensitive, causing those that enter to become very warm. Some to the point of breaking out in a sweat. Others have the opposite affect and feel a sudden drop in temperature.

Emotions and judgement are affected as well. I have noticed that people I take on tour to these portal areas, sometimes show signs of exhilaration and others become quite and melancholy.

It also seems the oxygen level may drop somewhat . I have documented people, yawning as they are walking through.

Another symptom of experiencing the portals on our trips, is that while some come out of the portal area energized others are drained of energy, feeling quite tired. When this happens I always suggest that they go home, take a warm to hot bath with one or more cups of epsom salts in the water. Relax, drink a glass of red wine and allow the salt in the water to rid the body of any negative energy it may have absorbed while in the vortex.

Brad believes the original attitude of a person becomes intensified while in the portal. I agree with him on this. I also believe that a person’s attitude will draw ‘like’ spirits around them. Thus, negative will attract negative and positive will attract positive. So, my suggestion to you is, stay out of these areas if you are depressed, angry or if you have been drinking.

Physicist , Dr. Robert Neal Byrd states that it is highly conceivable that we are experiencing interaction with multi-dimensional entities.

For those that want to explore the dimensional realms, I suggest proceeding with caution. Although I have spent years photographing these wonders, there is a danger element to this.

While some of these portals are permanent , some are unstable, manifesting for only brief moments in time. Although Byrd finds it conceivable that a person might be able to pass through these ‘doorways’ , the issue for him, is the return path. If the doorway closes while a person is still in there, the trip could become a one way ride to who knows where .

Dr. Clifford Alford, an ‘Ukdena Uku’ for the Asaga Siddha brought up a valid point concerning the portal exits. He warned that ‘although a person can enter the doorway into the other realms, it is important that one comes out the same way as he/she went in – otherwise, that person could get lost in a realm of no return.’

I and others have entered these realms quite successfully, but it is wise for the dimensional explorer to proceed with caution and always keep in mind the possibilities of not returning.

There is an amazing place called by the Burlington locals, ‘Dead Man’s Hill’ . It is a few miles outside of Burlington. I learned of this area from ‘Bruce’ , who came into my office to report a bigfoot sighting he had there when he was a young man. He also said that the Wisconsin werewolf, known as the Bray Road Beast had also been spotted there, carrying off, under his arms, two dead sheep.

Knowing that some believe that the bigfoot and creatures such as the Bray Road Beast have been reported to be hiding within the dimensional veils, I got a few people together and went out to the area to check it out for possible portals. These doorways would allow such creatures to move freely about, going in and out of the worlds as they desired.

Dead Man’s Hill was named after an old cemetery that was built on what looks to be ancient tumuli or mound. Of course, to those just passing by, this mound would probably look like a small rounded hill.

Knowing the great powers of the portal areas, the Native American Indians used them as sacred burial grounds. Later on, the Europeans built their cemeteries on the sacred area, as was the case on Dead Man’s Hill. The tombstones now lay knocked down and broken by the cattle grazing there. You can see indentations in

the ground, caused by the earth settling in around the old graves

Dead Man's Hill Altar Stone

Altar Stone on Dead Man's Hill

Arriving at the top of the mound (hill) we found an ancient altar stone that points to the winding river below. I photographed the girls standing next to this stone. Later, looking at the photos, I realized that each of these girls were emitting a glowing blue light around their bodies. Apparently this stone is quite powerful giving off tremendous energy!

The Native Americans have a name for these stones. They are called Manitou (spirit) Stones , meaning Spirit. According to Herman E. Bender of the Mid-America Geographic Foundation, Inc. in Manitou Stones in Wisconsin’ “The stones together with their physical setting were considered sacred. A certain quality remains as they still retain the power vested in them.”

In earlier years, these stones were quite common, but were later destroyed by early missionaries, while they were converting the pagan’ way of the American Indian to Christianity. More were destroyed through agricultural land clearing. There is also evidence that some were intentionally ‘tipped’ in a deliberate attempt to disguise their use. Yet, as late as 1880’s , gifts or offerings were still being left at the stones that survived. So..the next time you encounter a rock which seems to ’speak to you’, consider the spirit (manitou) that lives within and give some sort of offering. I use tobacco or candy, but anything will do – as long as it comes from the heart. Even a strand of your hair is considered a good offering. Its not the gift , but the ‘intent’ of the gift that matters.

As we stood, at the top of the mound (hill) , we immediately sensed the vortex . We also noticed that the trees were twisted and gnarled from the years of spinning vortex energies. We also found nut trees there, which is another good indication of a vortex area.

Not only did we feel the sensations of the vortex, but we actually stepped into a parallel universe! This dimension was so similar to ours that we would have never known about it if one of the researchers, Patty hadn’t been watching the time. Fortunately, I had a radio show to do later on that evening and Patty was keeping track of time for me, so that I wouldn’t be late getting back to the Center.

At one point, in time, she looked at her cell phone , exclaiming that we had to leave as it was already 7:33 and we were running late. Hearing this, we headed back down off the mound area and back to the car. The distance wasn’t far and it only took us two to three minutes to complete the journey back. After we arrived at the car, one of the girls, Sharon announced that Patty was off on her time. Sharon said that , according to her clock on the dash board of the car , the time was only 7:18 . This was a 15 minute time difference. While the girls were arguing over the time difference, I had Brad check out the time he had on his watch. His watch also read 7:18 . Well Patty grabbed her cell phone to take one more look. To her and all of our amazement, her cell phone time now read , just like Sharon and Brad’s the time 7:18! It had actually switched back from 7:33 to 7:18! How strange is that – well you are about to find out.

Fortunately for us, I was doing a show with Dr. Alford, who is familiar with space/ time distortion and portals. I related the story to Clifford about our time experience at Dead Man’s Hill. He explained that ‘ we had stepped into a parallel dimension while on the hill…a dimension ‘almost’ exact to ours – except it was 15 minutes into our future. He then went on to tell me that ‘ while we were in the other world, we should have seen things moving about, through our peripheral vision.’ As he said this, I remembered back to Sharon making comments to us about seeing just this type of phenomenon. He also said, ‘ we were lucky that we came out the same way as we went or we could have been stuck in that world permanently’.

After listening to Clifford, I now make sure to exit a portal area the same way as I went in. We were lucky that day. We found the portal, we entered, experienced it and came out safely to bear witness that such places do exist!

Matter from No-thingness

 Phase Shifting

The Image of the Girl in Front is a ethereal embodiment of the girl performing a ’shamanic connection’, which creates a connection to the ‘other worlds’.  When the connection happens, the girl from the ‘no-thingness’ becomes part of the pattern.   Photographed by Mary Sutherland   See http://www.burlingtonnews.net/hauntedtours4 for more photos such as this.

The vacuum , also known as the ‘void’ is a giant virtual state hologram

Integrating (kindling) one of these forms will result in it becoming

First – A neutrinic Pattern

Then – A photonic (light) Pattern

Then – A materializing pattern.

And Finally – A Material Pattern!

 Dr. Tom Beardon



 I find the phenomena of apportation quite fascinating. I imagine, the primary reason for this is that I actually have experienced these type of events.

The first experience I had was in the 1980’s while living in Apache Junction. This area is in the Superstition Mountains which has always been known for its vortexes and mysteries.

One night, while my husband was on a business trip, I went to bed and pulled my two children in with me. The bed was situated in such a way, the head of it was up against the bedroom window. It was warm that evening, so I had left the window open.

I awoke to a ‘roaring’ sound so loud I thought a train was coming right through the house. As I rose, I noticed the bedroom curtains were being blown straight out, like there was a strong wind coming through the window. As soon as I sat up, the sound immediately ceased and the curtains dropped back to their normal position. I looked out the window, thinking maybe a tornado went through, but the night was quiet with not a breeze to be felt. As I was trying to figure out what the heck had just happened, I felt a throbbing sensation in my hand. I looked down at my hand and noticed that I was clenching my fist. I was clenching so hard that my fingernails was cutting into my palm area. As I unclenched my hand, I found that I was holding onto a small white stone. “How in the world did that get in my hand? It sure wasn’t there when I went to bed!”

At that very moment, I heard a voice, in my head, say “You brought the rock back, so that you would never forget where you were.”

At the same moment, a vision came over me, showing me where I had been. It showed me that I had been in a place that looked Grecian. It was a large library supported by tall rounded marble type pillars. There were several large rooms there with people either walking around with books in their arms or sitting at marble tables studying. The people were dressed in some sort of white linen material , draped over their bodies.

I saw myself standing in a hall which was located off one of the larger rooms. On both sides of this hall were high shelves stacked with books and scrolls. As I am seeing this vision, I again, heard the voice. This time the voice told me ‘ This is the Great Hall of Wisdom’.

I looked at my children who were by now wide awake and showed them the rock. I asked them to ‘never’ forget what happened that night!

Some friends came over to visit me the coming morning and I showed them the rock, explaining what happened. One of them examined the stone with a loupe . He exclaimed that the stone was indeed special. It was a white crystal quartz with small veins of ‘both silver and gold’ running through it. Now I don’t know how familiar any of you are with gold and silver but ‘rule of thumb’ is that all each can be found in quartz, but both being found in the stone is quite unusual.

I decided to get it further analyzed by taking it to a rock shop in the Junction which specialized in gold and precious stones. My friends went along with me, being that  I wanted witnesses to whatever I may find out. The owner confirmed what my friends had already told me.

For years I questioned people as to where this place could be that I had went to in my dreams, but no one had any idea what the Hall of Learning was or where it could have been. It took me almost 10 years before I was to know the answer.

The answer came through my discovery of the works of Edgar Cayce and later, Sylvia Browne. The ‘Great Hall of Learning’ was according to Cayce and Browne, the ‘Great Hall of Wisdom’. Although the name was slightly different the description of where I had been was identical to Cayce’s description. Not only did I now have a name for the place I had went to , but an understanding of how I ‘was able to go’. According to Cayce, I had experienced the phenomena of ‘astral travel’.

Now, after all these years, two-thirds of the mystery had been solved. But I still had to question, ‘How did I manage to pull something physical back from the astral into the physical world?’ To me this seemed impossible. The only reference to such a phenomenon was something I saw later on a movie called, Nightmare of Elm Street, where the heroine of the show, pulled Freddy Kruger’s hat out of her dream.

 Two years ago, a friend finally helped me to solve the final mystery. Although he didn’t know anything about the phenomena, he did have a name for it. He told me it was called ‘Apportation’.

Now that I finally had a name, I began surfing the internet for anything I could find on it. Even on the web, I found very little information on apportation, but through perseverance I finally managed to find what I was looking for!

 The following information is what I have on this phenomena.

1.) Vortices  are the result of a tremendous circulatory energy phase out. The phase out is responsible for a certain revolution of a cycle that produces manifestations. When the rings in the vortex have been charged, they allow a clarity of the picture to be manifested.

2.) The entities of pure light are the only ones that can materialize in this and those who have gone through a long period , or phase, of being restructured themselves. Whenever you are going into a vortex of this kind, the person experiences a strong grounding process. Within the energy field is a spiral. If you are not grounded properly, you may come back desensitized and imbalanced. This can be seen as unannounced colored lights appearing in your field from purple to red to also yellow and white. Sometimes what happens is that these lights are so excessive that you will see them come into the house. They would be hovering either around the head area of a person or their solar plexus.

3.) There are certain kinds of grounding stones that are produced from these affects. These stones appear from nowhere and are called apports or materializations. These stones provide the apportioner a protection as well. They come from an instrument of sorts (you) that is created from the spiraling effect of that kind of rapid energy that is given off while you are in apportation. This instrument of sorts contains a very strong solar plexus content of microwaves..which create the stones used for protection as well as healing later.

These stones are referred to as ‘Earth Gifts’, which also come from another world plane. The contents of the earth gifts are from the make up of the soil and environment of the other world, which are similar but not the same as the earth plane.

4.) Although not designed for spiritual growth, the manifestation produced by apportation does reveal to us the Manifestation of the Spirit (as Quantum Theory speaks to the creation of matter out of nothing, the Bible substantiates the creation of matter out of nothing as well, most notably at II Kings 4:l-7 — where empty jar after empty jar are filled with oil from one jar — and John 6:l-l3 —where from four loaves of bread and a few fish, thousands upon thousands of people are fed).

5.) The Bible refers to this phenomena as the Manifestation of The Kingdom Within. Everyone has what is called a point of personal manifestation within them, showing them who they are and where they are from. When they reach that strong blending of the Spirit Within and themselves, then this manifestation appears, proving to them that they have just entered the ‘Kingdom Within‘.

To further comment on the previous paragraphs, I would like to add the following information:

I awoke to the sounds of….”. I found out later, through my research, that the sound of the astral body coming back into the body can make a loud roaring sound like that of a train or loud cracking sound . (You may have noticed that sometimes, just before you fall into a sleep, you hear a loud crack. That is your astral body leaving the physical barrier , which will sound similar to something breaking the sound barrier)

Strong wind coming through window, blowing curtains straight out..” I again learned this was not wind at all, but my astral coming back at such a strong momentum it drew the curtains with it, like that of wind blowing through the window.

The Superstition Mountains is known for it’s vortices . The vortices in the Sups have even stranger phenomenon than the ones in Sedona, Arizona. The reason for this is that the Superstitions lie on the same parallel (extreme northern edge, 33º 24′) as that of the Devil’s Triangle.

The entities of pure light…..”. During the time of the apportation, I was undergoing hypnosis therapy. The first was past and future life hypnosis. Then I went through the process of shedding myself of all my past inhibitions with the final sessions undergoing extensive spiritual cleansing. So ,at the time of the apportation, you could say my energies were as pure as one could get in this physical life!

Many people have stated that meditation opens the gate to astral travel – however, this was not the case for me. Mine was a dream experience of sorts. I did nothing to promote the idea before I went to sleep. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know such things existed then! What I think happened with me was a combination of events – My cleansing, my desire to find my spiritual source and the vortex.

The things that happened during this point in my life changed me forever . After this my spirituality was not based on faith alone, but through a ‘God Experience’. No longer did I ‘believe – I ‘Knew’!

Life to me is magic . I take this as a fact. But for those of you that would like to see a little more science behind the apportation phenomena, let me refer to the leading authority, Albert Einstein. In spite of the “rules” observed throughout history in classical physics, in quantum physics, energy ‘can’ and ‘does’ appear and disappear out of nowhere spontaneously” . In Einstein’s equation E=mc2 , E is equal to m c-squared, in which energy is put equal to mass, multiplied by the square of the velocity of light, which then shows us that ‘mass can be converted into energy and energy into mass’.

Now that we have that settled, let me tell you of another experience of mine where I brought something from the astral plane into the physical plane. Nothing as dramatic as the 80’s experience, but unique in its own right.


Scorpion Tulpoid on Mary's Face

Scorpion Tulpoid on Mary's Face

In the summer of 2005, while dowsing for ley lines at Bohners Lake, outside of Burlington, Wisconsin, I pulled a biological organism from the ‘nothingness’ into our physical world. It appeared as a ethereal type scorpion on my left cheek, with its tail extended downwards to my neck and then back up around my ear. This biological organism on my cheek was photographed and documented by another researcher I had with me that day. (See Photo)

Being that I am the experiencer and not the scientist , I sent the photo to physicist Dr. Robert Neal Boyd along with my explanation of the events that took place. This was his answer to me,

It may be a “tulpoid”, which in the Tibetan Bhuddist tradition is a

mind-originated creation of a human being – in visible form. A thought-form, in other words.

Remember, the human mind, coupled with consciousness, is a powerful thing and must be watched carefully as to what it is creating or decreating.”

To help you understand the process that took place, allow me to explain the principles behind the act of dowsing.

For me, the key to dowsing has always been to believe and trust in the magic around us. Dowsing is an aide one uses to help obtain the connection to our Higher Self or Holy Spirit. Absolute concentration on this connection is needed for success.

In the ancient development systems it was well known that it was the mind itself that was the ‘functional’ device. Our thoughts and thought forms could function as a device to influence and affect other minds and physical material. They also knew that our thoughts forms had to be ‘crystal clear and stable’. This demanded a great deal of practice in “concentration”. It was found that a physical form or device such as the dowsing rods, crystal ball or pendulum could be used as a tool to ‘help’ the mind achieve this concentration and stability. After the person has successfully achieved the ability to concentrate or stabilize his/her thoughts, the assisting tool is no longer needed.

Some may tell you that this type practice is ‘taboo’ , but I believe that this type of thinking is nothing but superstition brought on by the lack of the understanding the principles of nature. It is a ‘godly manifestation taking place through us – through our thoughts’ – “Thy will be done on earth (manifestation) as it is in heaven (essence).”

The creation of a biological organisms is discussed in the book, The Excalibur Briefing, by physicist Dr. Tom Bearden. Bearden explains that the mind world and the physical world share the same time dimension. Dynamic movements in each world (mind and matter) result in an exceedingly small cross talk being projected into the other world. This cross talk is so small as to be virtual and normally unmeasurable. Establishing one to one cross talk from a mind world constitutes the creation of a ‘biological organism’.

 Difficult as this may be for some of you to comprehend, there is logic behind this madness – and it falls under the principles that make up our spectrum of reality.

Our reality is based on our ‘belief system’. If we belief in something, the brain will filter this sort of information through , sending signals to our senses , which in turn create our reality. We will then see it – touch it – taste it – smell it – and hear it. BUT – that doesn’t necessarily mean it is real. It is only real to the observer.  Being that the camera does not have a brain, it cannot be tricked and photographs what is there or not there – thus Brad and I use digital photography in our research to prove out the invisible world around us.  It is my hope that our digital photography work in the field of dimensional research will be used as a visual aid for those trying to explain or understand this complex phenomena.

Thank You.

Mary Sutherland



 25 Feb 2010 @ 2:22 AM 


TULPOIDS  (Tulpas)

Mary Sutherland 2010


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God…

The Word “Was” God. = THOUGHT

And God said: ‘Let there be Light’ = PHOTON






According to the work of Dr. Tom Bearden:

By orthogonal (90 degree) rotation, a thing can change its face with respect to an observer, appearing to change into a totally different sort of thing with respect to a fixed object in one frame. Reality is quite plastic and absolutely unlimited.

Materialization of an object, by three (TRINITY) receding orthogonal rotations, exists. In such a case the dematerialized object appears the same as a thought object or virtual object. A perfectly valid mechanism thus exists for tulpoids, materialized thought forms ie. UFOs, Bigfoot, etc.  All that is needed is a sufficient virtual state collection mechanism (such as Vector Equilibrium Matrix). An object may be kindled from a remote frame to one that is less remote.



 A MATERIALIZED THOUGHT-OBJECT MAY BE OF AN INERT OBJECT OR OF A LIVING, BREATHING, BIOLOGICAL BEING.  In a four law model, Bearden and his team had been working with; they found no superficial difference between living and nonliving. Bearden concluded that a MATERIALIZED LIVING BEING will be just as real -and physical – and functional as ANY OTHER PERSON LIVING ON THIS EARTH PLANE. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that WE ARE ALSO TULPOIDS.   NOTHING EXISTS BUT THE THOUGHT OF THE INFINITE CREATOR AND WE ARE SIMPLY PART OF THAT THOUGHT.

The coherence in multiple stages necessary to accomplish KINDLING is often referred to as TUNING. Tuning (sufficient enough to enable two orthogonal rotations) can result in THOUGHTS TURNING INTO AN ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD OR LIGHT. Such a kindled field may be additive or subtractive to existing electromagnetic fields.

Thus KINDLING can CANCEL an electromagnetic field that already exists … or it can CREATE one where none previously existed …or it can SHAPE, MODULATE, or CHANGE one which already exists.

Kindling can also WIPE OUT the charge on a charged particle, or it can BUILD UP a charge on an object which previously had no electric charge.

Shared Information

Sharing Information from the Virtual to the Physical World


Any changing entity in any frame crosstalks a tiny amount into any other frame, but it may be so small as to be virtual, hence unobservable. Coherent virtual crosstalk integrates and can breach the threshold between virtual and observable state.

Another point to notice is that most fundamental particles in a frame rarely move with constant velocity. Instead, they normally accelerate and decelerate continually. Thus the actual velocity vector of one of these entities is continually changing, usually quite erratically (chaotic).  But for microscopic particles in regular atomic or crystalline formations, the change pattern is quite regular. (Reference: “The Diamond Body”, Iona Miller, 1981)

The constant changes on the velocity induce a jitter component on its crosstalk into other bioframes (see Fuller on “jitterbug” transforms of V.E.M. and octahedron). So the crosstalk into a frame is jittery. Thus a fundamental particle is jittery or wavelike.
The fine structure constant of an electron encompasses this hyperspatial jitter or wavelike state of the electron. The fine structure constant is about 1/137, thus an electron actually spends about “1/137 of the time in Hyperspace”. Because of jitter, an object is partially in every hyper frame a minute’ but finite part of the time… So are all minds, mental objects and all virtual objects.

The identity coefficient shows how much the fundamental particle pervades another frame. For an electron to orbit in an atom (or any other electron for that matter) there is a small but finite probability that the electron may be at any given position in the universe when its detection occurs. In other words, there is a finite probability of collecting an electron at any point (Hadit) in the universe (Nuit), and the collection may be made from multiple points simultaneously. THUS SPACE-POINT, MIND AND THOUGHT ARE VIRTUALLY SYNONYMOUS.


By proper coherent tuning through time synchronization, an object from a maverick world of fantastic possibilities can be ortho-rotated into our own frame and objectified. THIS IS WHAT TIBETAN MONKS CALL A TULPOID, AN OBJECTIVE MATERIALIZATION OF A THOUGHT-FORM. The tulpa will hardly ever be closed entirely in phase , causing it to almost always be unstable. Although UFO’s, angels and imps will go away, their materialization can be entirely objective and perfectly objective traces can be left, such as photographs, broken limbs, scorched asphalt, indentations and depressions in grassy fields.

Any thought object can be so ortho-rotated and objectified. Beings, religious figures, angels, fairies, imps, UFO’s, and monsters can all appear.

THERE IS ONLY LIFE… AND ABSENCE FROM ONE PLACE STILL LEAVES PRESENCE IN ANOTHER. Absence from any and every one place exclusively leaves presence at all places… each nonexclusively.

At death, the confused disembodied mind finds itself in its own deep unconscious world construct. Reincarnation (cycle of rebirth) is simply the resonant coupling which automatically establishes itself in the flux. The disembodied and confused mind couples itself again to a new physical body pattern. This happens at the instant of conception,for the genetic pattern…the complete tuning pattern is present at that instant. However…the cycle of reincarnation can be broken completely by allowing oneself to die with a totally detached mental framework.


Time is a duration of consciousness, thus making time and mind identical…also Time and Universal Mind.
Consciousness is simply the functioning of coherent crosstalk between a mind frame and a physical body. Each biosystem’s consciousness has all other consciousness interwoven within it. The entire universe of universes is totally in communication with each part of itself…continually.  Incepting a change from pure causality changes the past. The past is causally inferred or projected backward from the new vectorial direction. Inception of course also changes the future slightly.


Hidden variable theory (chaos) which causes a radioactive nucleus to decay is also a mechanism which can directly amplify the virtual-mental state into observable state. (BORN OUT OF CHAOS)  It is the fundamental mechanism that causes kindling and thus ortho-rotation. It can be used to materialize tulpas, accomplish psychokinesis, clairvoyance, precongition, etc.

The effect is based on the concept that a human being must accomplish a minute’ inception onto his or her physical system. Specifically, he must incept the movement of three or four electrons in the brain. This input signal into his physical system amplifies the movement of several electrons into powerful movements of the entire body.

INTELLIGENCE may be viewed as the ability to adapt behavior and increased intelligence represents a decrease in the portion of behavioral control that is genetically programmed or “hard-wired.”

The common crosstalk in all minds constitutes the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. Since the common crosstalk is in a sense a mind, and being that it is connected to a “body” of many cells, i.e. of four billion humans or so, this collective unconscious is a living, breathing entity.

Most of what we term physical reality is prescribed by the collective human unconscious. And if the collective human unconscious is changed in its conception of reality, four billion stages start kindling with the hyper-channel effect and immediately the new conception becomes physical reality.


Let us also realize that there are shallower levels of unconsciousness between the total collective unconscious and an individual mind. An archetype that is kindled from the collective unconscious is kindled through a mechanism of unconscious levels of tuning. The reality format that is kindled is determined by the type of pressure and the content, biases, or tuning of all the levels between it and the conscious minds of the individuals who observe the phenomena. All tulpoid manifestations are kindled through this mechanism. All of them are shaped by the multilevel unconscious tuning.


Though short-lived (because of unstable tuning) any tulpoid materialization may be physically real during its stable period. This includes angels, imps, Virgin Mary, UFO’s, sasquatches, Loch Ness monsters, lake monsters, sea monsters, mystery lights, fairies, elves, devas, devils, ogres, men in black, goblins, monster birds, and cattle mutilations.

An infinite number of reality channels exist. The total instrumental characteristics, genetic, psychological, and physiological, of the observers who tune in the channel determine the noise content and actual channel selected. A REALITY IS SIMPLY AN ORTHOGONAL FRAME OR WORLD…ALL POSSIBLE REALITIES EXIST.

A channel is a set of tuned and timed ortho-rotations communicating back and forth between two orthogonal frames or worlds. Tuning is a complex of mind, matter and of many unconscious levels. By time coherence in the virtual state, a virtual entity can be amplified into observable state. FROM SHEER NOTHING (NUIT) WE CAN PRODUCE SOMETHING (HADIT). And since every possible something exists in nothing and is available for cohering, we can get anything by this process…at least hypothetically.


Everything is essentially mind. Mind forms layer upon layer of overlapping zones of shallower and shallower unconsciousness (multiple simultaneous consciousnesses), all the way from the UNIVERSAL ALLNESS to the PERSONAL UNCONSCIOUS. It culminates in
each conscious mind.


At the other end of the spectrum, a human culture “seeks” and “obtains” a god form or god image consistent with its own level of understanding and belief. The resulting tulpoid activity conditioned into the collective unconscious and the cultural unconscious, and tuned in from them, will be consistent with the cultural desires and expectations. In a sense we are the CREATORS OF OUR OWN REALITY AND OUR OWN TULPOIDAL EXPRESSIONS OF HIGHER REALITY.

In addition to tulpoids, the present character of space-time and dimensionality…and the very laws of the physical universe…are largely proscribed by the collective human unconscious.


Being the zerophase of energy, the vector equilibrium is inherently invisible and non-empirically-discoverable. The vector equilibrium is the only model of nonbeing zero-inflection at the no-moment of omni-intertransformabilities, where anything can happen and must happen single-atomically within and multi-atomically without. Specializing science, seeking out only “Somethings” inherently overlooked the “No-things”vector equilibrium. Vector equilibrium in isotropic vector matrix produce the discontinuity of particles, while the vector-weaving around the VE nucleus produce the continuity of wave phenomena.

The vector equilibrium is the most abstract of all the always-and-only abstract scientific generalizations, for it is the heart of all inter-relationships existing between — and not in or of — any of all the empirically apprehended intertrans-forms of the every-and-everywhere inter-transforming Scenario Universe. The vector equilibrium is the zerophase–ergo, inexpressible–interrelationship of all Universe events.

The word vacuum relates specifically to gaseous phenomena. Nature’s abhorrence of a vacuum induces physical relationships only in respect to the gaseous states. The vector equilibrium is the nothingness phase of all states of physical Universe: it is the generalization of nothingness, within which generalization the absolute vacuum is a special case event in the gaseous state. The vector equilibrium is such a physically abhorred non-state as to be the eternal self-starter–ergo, the eternal re-self-starter, ever regenerating the off-zero perturbations, oscillations, and all the wave propagation of all humanly experiencable physical and metaphysical phenomena. (R. Buckminster Fuller, “Synergetics 2 Virtual States and Hyperspaces”)

In physics today there are two separate kinds of reality: observable changes, which can be detected by instruments; and virtual changes, which cannot be detected by instruments.

Changes smaller than the quantum level are said to be “virtual and undetectable” and changes larger than this are said to be “observable and detectable”.

Virtual changes are not bound by the conservation of mass law and virtual photons can have nonzero mass.

Rotation just past the critical angle corresponds to a Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction into the virtual state below the quantum threshold of the detector’s observable universe. But there is a jump effect which happens during the ortho-rotation of light, or acceleration to the speed of light. Mass turns into photons during the final part of ortho-rotation which is in the virtual state. THIS IS THE MISSING LINK BETWEEN RELATIVITY AND QUANTUM MECHANICS.
Continued rotation into hyperspace passes through successively finer, nested virtual sublevels or sub-thresholds of lab space. (Of the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction) The successive breaching of deeper thresholds is due to continued Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction. Higher hyper spatial frames constitute nested sublevels in the virtual state with respect to the laboratory observer. Thus a direct connection exists between virtual levels and hyperspace frames. HYPERSPACES AND VIRTUAL SUBLEVELS ARE THE SAME THING!

Every “virtual” object in lab space is an “observable “object in some hyperspace. Hyper spatial engineering and virtual state engineering is one and the same thing…and this friend is what PSYCHOTRONICS and SYNERGETICS are all about.

For physical, observable systems, we can model six vectors for every point (Hadit). This is the natural geometry of nuclear structural systems. The most economic system is 12 around 1, closest packed spheres–the inter-triangulated geometry of the atomic nucleus.

The vector equilibrium is the prime, nucleated structural system of Universe. Fuller says, “The behavioral inter-patterning frame of reference of the six degrees of freedom in respect to omni-directionality is of course the vector equilibrium, which embraces the three-dimensionality of the cube and the six-dimensionality of the vector equilibrium. Experience is inherently omni-directional; ergo, there is always a minimum of 12 “others” in respect to the nuclear
observing self.”

TIME must be “nothing,” much like the void of the purely spatial dimension. It may be considered as a sort of box containing all observables and virtual. It is neither observable nor virtual; TIME is simply a parameter in quantum mechanics. Rigorously, TIME may be said not to exist. Indian philosophy identifies universal mind with time, and calls it Kal, Lord of Karma. TIME ITSELF IS NOTHING, TOTALLY NOTHING.

Therefore by the fourth law of logic (identity of opposites at the boundary–paradox), it can be said to be or contain everything, the total mishmash of virtual and observables. Since in the absolute sense there is no such thing as time, then all modeling of space, mind, thing, and no-thing must be done spatially.

Relativity theory attempts to use time as an existent dimension of the same kind as length, limiting rotation in lab space only in the direction of the time axis in Minkowski geometry of space time.

Spatial modeling requires an infinite dimensional space (NUIT) and an infinite number of orthogonal angles. The time axis that can be drawn in such a hyper spatial model has no meaning except with respect to a relationship existing between two or more hyperspace frames or objects.

Specifically, the time axis represents the totality of all the hyperspaces and their objects, hence all the relationships that can be separated from the hyperspace.

The charge on an electron is due to the continual emission and absorption of virtual photons (little electromagnetic pieces of vacuum, the space/time flux, or little pieces of nothing. The simple movement of the electron is actually composed of a virtual cloud — an infinite number of an infinite number of an infinite number of things (manifold), all happening in a mad tangle of nested substrata in the virtual state.


 Many other sorts of virtual particles are emitted and absorbed and born and extinguished, in addition to photons, by various observable particles in free space. EVERYTHING IN EVERY POSSIBLE WORLD OR HYPERSPACE IS RELATED TO EACH AND EVERY OTHER THING IN THE LABORATORY WORLD THROUGH ORTHO-ROTATIONS AND NESTED VIRTUAL STATES. 

The Scorpion Tulpoid

Scorpion Tulpoid on Mary's Face


As Shown in above photo when I cross talked between hyper-frames using the pendulum…Notice what appears on my face. This is a Tulpoid created from my thought.


If we now remove the electron, leaving empty vacuum, all sorts of virtual madness is still there and occurring. Vacuum is infinitely dense and filled with stupendous “zero point” vacuum energy; IT IS TOTALLY CHAOTIC AND VIRTUAL.

Space itself is an infinite tangle of virtuals — virtual projections from real observables in associated hyperspaces – and these dynamic interactants make up any three-dimensional space and hyperspace itself. They are also what cause space itself to exhibit the finite nonzero parameters or values that must be accounted for in our physical equations.


The Hair of Shiva

The Hair of Shiva Photographed by Brad Sutherland

Photograph taken by Brad Sutherland of the “Hairs of Shiva”.

Ether (Akasa) fills space with the “Hairs of Shiva”, non-obstructive motion radiating lines of force in all directions, sustaining the space in which the other forces operate

 It is perfectly admissible by the Michelson-Morley experiment and consistent with the entire experimental basis of physics. EINSTEIN ONCE PROPOSED NAMING THE VACUUM AND IT’S CONTAINED FIELDS THE “ETHER,” BUT HIS SUGGESTION WAS NOT HEEDED.

We now know something quite unusual about an electromagnetic wave and about a photon. Because it oscillates with respect to time, the wave moves along the axis of velocity in lab space for single wavelength, then repeats itself again and again. The oscillation actually represents an orthogonal, rotating etheric or hyper spatial flux about the velocity vector. All three vectors of an EM wave are comprised of nested tangles of virtual sub vectors.

This spinning (exploding and imploding) flux is coming into lab space from outside it (from virtual states) and returning into virtual states. It is a nutrino flux. (See Fuller for the synergetics of explosion/implosion; they relate to VEM). If the sine-wave cycle has enough energy, it leads to pair production, the creation of an electron and a positron.

The positron is an electron traveling backward in time, just as Dirac predicted. During any time interval–including the period of a single oscillation of a photon–a photon may be considered to consist of an infinite number of virtual happenings, each consisting of an infinite number of sub-happenings, and so on. It is much like the fractal nature of self-generation and self-iteration in nature. It repeats itself at all levels of organization. The photon itself may be considered to have a direct, nested virtual substructure, and this substructure is directly hyper spatial in
nature as well.


Maxwell’s equations and the normal concept of an EM wave and single frequency thus represents only gross envelops of the actual forms and structure of waves and fields. The personality covers and distorts the essence or soul in much the same way.

NEUTRINIC WAVES CAN BE REGARDED AS A CIRCULATING OR SPIRALING WAVE IN AN EM FIELD. This may well be the spinning wave of orgone energy identified by Wilhelm Reich. Neutrinic waves interact more strongly with strong electrical or magnetic fields. The degree of interaction increases nonlinearly with the intensity of the fields with which the interaction occurs.

We presently regard an EM wave as a wiggle of nothingness, existing in time. This is precisely the same as saying that a photon is an oscillation (wiggling) of space time itself.

Specifically, it oscillates in two directions spatially, one being the electric field direction and the other the magnetic field direction.But since an EM wave itself constitutes a regular bending and flexing and curving of spacetime, including both space and time, then the flexing spacetime inside the photon can itself be further bent or twisted, and that constitutes a kinked or curved photon–a modulated photon.

It is nonlinear, but our lab space instruments demodulate such a kinked photon into its linear components. Still the modulation of a wave results in direct changes in the virtual structure of the formerly unmodulated photon, relativistically warping or curving it.

A mixture of waves and frequencies must automatically possess, carry, or represent hyper spatial-virtual patterns in the correct nonlinear medium that absorbs them.

When we modulate a wave, we impress a time change on it, we differentiate it. We impress a differential operator function on it. IN OTHER WORDS, TO MODULATE AN ELECTROMAGNETIC CARRIER WAVE IS TO ADD A HYPERDIMENSIOANL ASPECT –SPECIFICALLY, NEUTRINIC VECTOR ASPECTS OF MIND ASPECTS.. The whole affair can be thought of as merely shifting or altering the particular distribution of nested virtuals transported by the basic carrier wave.

Neutriic Waves

Neutrinic Waves photographed by Brad Sutherland

Virtual State Engineering – Neutrinic Waves Photographed by Brad Sutherland

 When we form a mixture of waves, we are adding virtual aspects (and hyperspatial aspects) in so doing, because of the phase differences. This is extremely important: COMPLEX MIXTURES OF WAVES AUTOMATICALLY CONSTITUTE AND CARRY HYPERSPATIAL COMPONENTS. Complex, dynamic mixtures are chaotic. And if we can accurately control these hyper spatial components, we are in effect doing direct hyper spatial engineering and virtual state engineering. BY USING TWO ORDERS OF MODULATION ON A CARRIER WE CAN DIRECTLY AFFECT “MIND STUFF” ITSELF!

Time spikes can be introduced across the body as pulsed voltages. They are modulated directly on the dendrite firings of the brain and nervous system, providing direct and pulsed modulation of the neutrinic and mind field component channels of the mind-brain-consciousness-life loop itself.

HYPERSPATIAL ENGINEERING, VIRTUAL STATE ENGINEERING, CURVED SPACE, PHOTON KINDLING , MIND-LIFE-CONSCIOUSNESS ENGINEERING AND NESTED MODULULTION ARE ALL THE SAME THING.  We directly engineer the virtual state, hyperspace, curved space time, and the life-consciousness loop itself, including the mind, with relatively simple devices that accomplish, transmit, and receive nested orders of modulations. For each modulation pattern, a particular virtual structure is impressed on the photon, which is the same as impressing a particular hyper spatial pattern upon it.


In studying cellular electromagnetic bioactivity, the cell behaves as a system far from thermal equilibrium (deterministic chaos). In such a system negative entropy can result, and order can emerge from disorder. For a wildly disordered system, large-scale order can emerge and stabilize, and THE MORE CHAOTIC THE DISORDER, THE GREATER THE STABILITY OF THE ORDERED PATTERNS THAT EMERGE.  TOTAL DISORDER MUST INEVITABLY TURN INTO TOTAL ORDER. LIVING CELLS PRODUCE COHERENT LIGHT WITH A LASERLIKE ACTIVITY. THIS COHERENCE SERVES AS A CONTROL FOR THE METABOLISM OF THE CELLS, REGULATES GROWTH, AND
FIXES THE REPRODUCTION RATE. The cells exhibit superconductive behavior. 

Aura Energy Field of Mary Sutherland

Aura ENergy Field of Mary Sutherland

Every living organism possesses a living aura, with a virtual photonic flux. In this field, virtual photons are stored. The field continually receives inputs (virtuals) from the environment and is continually outputting biophotons, particularly in the near ultraviolet.

This field, in which all cells are bathed and with which they all continually intercommunicate and cohere the organism (Popp)






In such a closed space time, each point inside the universe is also at the extreme end of the universe in any direction. Thus the entire physical universe is totally outside any of its internal points, and totally inside each internal point as well. THE TOTAL INTERNAL IS IDENTICAL TO THE TOTAL EXTERNAL.

It is proposed that each fundamental particle having electric charge represents a dual closure of the entire physical universe. The gravitational field closure is slow and weak, and it is that closure which results in the so-called external physical universe.
Harking back to quantum cosmology, we can speculate that our universe has many of the traits of a living thing. It was in a sense born from a hyper-dimensional black hole in another stretch of space time, in another geometric realm.
Physicist Lee Smolin of Syracuse University has postulated that universes are born to strive and live and die. They change form little by little–or evolve.

 A universe may give rise to a number of new universes, throughout its individual history. As in natural selection, the offspring with the most successful survival strategies prevail. The whole collection of universes may be said to evolve.
Drawing inspiration from the Gaia Hypothesis, he extrapolates that the universe may be a mother, hatching baby universes that live and die, and, like the organic species of the earth, evolve. (See OMNI, Oct. 92, “The Bubbling Universe”).

The universe, galaxy, and earth sustain life through a series of interrelated feedback loops.

If one applies quantum theory to the geometry of space time as described by Einstein’s theory of relativity, one can conclude that very tiny fluctuations in space time are taking place around us all the time. As a result, occasionally, a piece of our universe might bulge out, like a weak spot in an inner tube. Extending via a thin wormhole, the blob would stretch until the frail link snapped, leaving an isolated entity of space and time disconnected from our universe–a “baby cosmos,” where the laws of physics might be quite different from our own.

Coleman, Hawking, Baum, and Strominger have proposed that our own universe may “give birth” to offspring of a sort. Most are submicroscopic entities a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a centimeter across. A great proportion would pop away from the parent cosmos only briefly before being reabsorbed. But a few might have the potential of turning into something much more vivid and impressive. Such “buds” can suddenly and extravagantly “flower,” turning swiftly into gigantic, rapidly expanding entities massive enough to contain billions of galaxies; each entity constitutes a full-blown universe of its own.

(Reference: The “butterfly effect” of chaos theory, pumping from micro- to macro- effects).

HOW COULD A TEENY-WEENY QUANTUM FLUCTUATION BOOT-STRAP ITSELF INTO A FULL-FLEDGED COSMOS….With help from the dense and virtually inescapable center of a black hole, where the density of matter and energy becomes infinite.

Just before matter in a black hole reaches singularity, a baby universe begins to expand. Our universe could have grown from the inside of a black hole in another universe. This reflects the mythic Qabalistic creation story of emanation of ether, the Source, from the three negative veils of existence.

We may owe our existence and physical laws to the trial-and-error evolution of untold generations of prior universes, a chain of mother-and-child cosmoses, each of them spawned in the nurturing depths of black holes.*


 Observable particles can exist only in a physical medium, but a virtual electric force field exists in the vacuum, comprised of accelerating virtual masses not in an observable field. This is beyond the physical and into the metaphysical domain.

The ambient vacuum stress (potential) has a hidden internal wave structure. Its synergetic compressive stress reacts internally against atoms with their inner and outer parts. Reaction from the nucleus induces a tensile stress, which can be decomposed into opposing forces.
The vacuum may become the central ingredient of 21st-century physics. It is technically metaphysical — beyond the realm of physics because it is virtual, rather than manifest. These causeless fluctuations in energy create force fields that emerge from nowhere. Particles flit in and out of existence at the threshold of matter. Virtual subatomic particles pop out of nothing and instantaneously disappear. Therefore, so-called “empty” space is not empty at all, but a seething sea of activity that pervades the entire Universe.

The vacuum “sea” is an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. Its permanent positive energy density is synergetically balanced by a negative pressure (a tension). This relates directly to the newest concepts about cosmic inflation in cosmology. Inflation predicts that the density of mass-energy in the Universe is right on the borderline between expansion and collapse. Vacuum energy can account for some of the missing mass predicted for the Universe. The rest is accounted for through inertia. Inertia is generated by acceleration through the vacuum. Fluctuations in the vacuum give rise to a magnetic field through which all objects move. As they accelerate, each particle feels the grip of this magnetic field, and that resistance is inertia. The larger the object is, the more inertia. By altering the vacuum state, it could be possible to alter the inertia of objects. This opens a host of engineering possibilities.

The vacuum plays a key role in structuring the Universe. Astrophysicists say that the vacuum accelerates charged particles, sweeping them up to form concentrations of matter surrounded by vast cosmic voids. Philosophers were right: Nature does abhor a vacuum. Even empty space is seething with activity. It is the vacuum energy fluctuations which cause “white noise” in electronic circuits, and limits the level to which signals can be amplified.

The “spirit” of the bio-system is “Living bio-potential” We already know that a potential is everywhere from non-zero to infinity. So the spirit of the living system is–in the virtual state—found everywhere in the universe and in everything. The conclusion is undeniable…ALL IS ETERNAL AND NOTHING IS LOST TO THE ALL.

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 The Law of One tells us that “ALL is connected to the ONE and the ONE is connected to the ALL.
The brain produces electrical light charges that carry information. This information is transmitted and received “instantly” to and from all objects of the cosmos (in our dimension as well as every other dimension). How this works is demonstrated in the following photo of my husband Brad.

Brad Quantum Language

 The Cherokee used the stars as relays for messages between different bands in war parties and hunting parties. They would decide before they went out at night, which star they were going to use. After the hunting party split up into smaller bands, members of the different groups would put their attention on that star, and “send” or “receive” a mental image accompanied by emotions. (This method works exceedingly well. .) The star they selected could have been hundreds or thousands of light years away, yet their messages were sent and received in “real time”. One of the band could send a message to the star, and another could pick it up any time after that. (Something like the Internet… E-mail without service charges!) During the day they would select a mountain to use as a relay) It worked.

 (Anyone can do it –  if they know how.) 

Source: Dr. Robert Neal Boyd

  Mirrored Neurons  

As the first party observes the second – energy is transmitted from the first and the second party.
This energy is met in the center of the two creating an ‘orb’ or bubble filled with the information which thus can be shared by both parties.   Through this simple process we not only pick up the thoughts and images of the object we are observing but its emotions and vice versa.  The following is my ‘attempt at drawing’ this process.



To become “psychically aware” is simply a matter of perception which is activated by using your nervous-muscular system and the five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

 “Heighten Perception” comes when you become “aware” of your environment, making it easy to note the subtle changes that are going on around you.  It is seeing not just an object and its immediate surroundings, but the contouring, shading, variations in color, sound, taste and smell that gives us a better appreciation of ‘what we see’.

In the next few minutes after asking your “Higher Self” for help on a subject, take note on “how do I feel’, ‘what am I thinking now’, ‘what taste do I have in my mouth’, ‘what am I smelling’ and ‘what am I seeing first when I close and then open my eyes’?

 Another tip is to write  down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place, person, color, time, town, river, food, weapon, fear, memory, etc – you can write each of these on a card, and go through them to get immediate answers; do each one quickly – and if you do not get an answer then make one up !

When ready, be fully aware of your environment, ask your question, and then note all the changes to your environment – a memory of a person or situation that comes to mind, a change of taste in your mouth, the shivers, a funny smell, hearing a noise that you did not notice before, or a picture flashing into your mind.

You may walk down the street and notice a particular color, shape, or object; perhaps certain flowers in a garden ‘call’ to you; or your attention may focus on something in a shop window. Yes, all these things were there before, but your perception (Intuition or psychic awareness)  is drawing your attention to them to ‘get a message across’.

You seek guidance on a situation, and a memory of a person or a happening comes to mind. The relationship with that person and the memory of how they behaved (to you or to others) …or the outcome of that happening may be an indication regarding your present situation. 

Sometimes it helps to ask for further clarification, and a thought may ‘pop’ into your mind. Now that ‘first thought’ is probably from your intuition, and should be taken seriously; any second thoughts are likely to be from your logical mind, and may best be disregarded.

It pays to immediately record all your intuitive experiences.

 Keep in mind that each person has their own pattern on how their intuition works for them. For one person, smells may be more prominent and to another mental images. Certain symbols may be seen – or persons popping into your mind – may have special meanings, even appearing in dreams. By recording these, you will soon find your own pattern for ‘psychic intuition’.

Hopi Indian prophesy

“When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly wing to wing, then starts the healing process necessary to bring wellness once again to the children of the Earth”When the white race that came to this continent assumes native ways and joins with native peoples, together they will be  caretaker of Mother Earth”

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Repairing the DNA, Healing and Spiritual Evolution – Solfeggio Frequency

Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

What Are The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies?

These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in
harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I give honor to both of these gentlemen for the part they’ve played in helping return these lost frequencies back to humanity.

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

For example, the third note, frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based!

A Little History

At the turn of the century the awareness of DNA entered the collective consciousness of the world. We have incarnated into this human experience as divine beings with a blueprint, a set of instructions. We know that a very small percentage (3%) of those instructions make up our physiology.

Carl Sagan writes that most of our genetic information (about 97%) is unused DNA. He refers to this as “genetic gibberish.” Is it possible that most of who we are still lies dormant as our human potential?

In the old paradigm of religion, “potential” remained a mystery to the human mind, therefore we coined a mystical term called “SPIRIT.” “Spirit” was something that was detached from who we were, something we didn’t have and could only be gained through the systems of most religions.

The old paradigm and its premise stated that we began as biology in the womb of our mothers. Telliard deChardin tells us that we are not a human being trying to attain a spiritual experience, but, rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This shift in perception causes a tremendous difference in the way we perceive ourselves in this third/fourth time-space continuum.

Being a student of “A Course In Miracles” in the late 80’s, I was faced with a dichotomy in the idea that we are not a body. I never understood this statement fully until I read a quotation by Albert Einstein which stated: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” I believe what is being stated is that at the deepest level we are not separate, as a body, as a spirit, as a soul — we are just energy-beings. This is the level of consciousness being opened to us from which a new paradigm is emerging for the purpose of healing all separation. The popular term, “The Divine, is in me”- makes “me” separate from the Divine. May I suggest a shift in the saying to: “The Divine, AS me” to remove the separation.

As we move from genetics and concepts like Soul, “Soul Mates” and “Soul work,” we move beyond physical diagnosis, into a new field of quantum physics. In this new field, where consciousness is seen as a unified field where everything is verything else, (T.O.E. Theory – The Theory of Everything) —there are no boundaries. There is no “this” or “that;” no you or me. It is a pure field of awareness – consciousness. I solved the dichotomy about “we are not our body” by changing my perception of genetics to energetics – realizing that we are not meant to ignore our physiology, but recognize the body as energy, vibrating at a very dense frequency.

Repairing DNA

I was first introduced to DNA in 1988 when I was going through a transitional period, during which I felt that I had come to the end of everything that I believed. A tape was given to me of a gentleman speaking in an accent, (which I thought at the time, was rather boring), and I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then all of a sudden, as I was ready to turn it off, he said:
“Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential.” That’s all he said! But whatever frequency was contained in those words, RESONATED something inside the CORE of my BEING — and I had a KNOWING in me that the NOTHING I thought I was looking at was the EVERYTHING. Much like in Zen, and the
idea of becoming “as an empty bowl.” Eastern Religions (including the Bible) refer to it as the VOID – The Nothing that is EVERYTHING – The Womb of Creation. I knew that I was experiencing a re-birth! The person on that tape was Dr.Deepak Chopra.

I had never heard of Deepak Chopra in 1988, as he was just coming on the scene about that time. I credit him for a very important transition in my life, just from the statement he made on that tape. Today, in retrospect, I would call my response to that statement a “cellular memory experience.” We know that intelligence is stored within the cells of the body, and when the right resonance comes and releases that information to become inherent information or inherent KNOWLEDGE – that comes from the true Self. That is why so many of us seem to jump form one stimuli to another looking for what will resonate in us.

The work being done today with energy at the cellular level really excites me, since I had been very interested in DNA before it became a household word. In fact, I think it took me two years just to learn how to pronounce it (deoxyribonucleic acid did not roll off my tongue quickly). But, I was determined to understand this tremendously powerful energetic blueprint for life, as we know it, at the cellular level on this planet. DNA became a part of the collective consciousness when CNN produced a special on the Genome Project in 2000.

As I pursued my passion for the study of DNA, I attended a workshop by Dr. Robert Girard from California on DNA Activation. His work focused on using certain sounds and frequencies to activate DNA and I started doing DNA Activation workshops. Through those workshops, an article was given to me that reported how biochemists are using the frequency 528Hz to repair human DNA. The
article stated that it was a “C.” When I read that I thought, “All I would need to do is go to a piano or other instrument and play a “C” and then, in the DNA workshops we would be able to repair DNA.”

Well, it wasn’t that simple, because I discovered that the regular “C” that we all know of in this culture (which is from the diatonic scale of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) was not the 528 Hz frequency “C”, as described in the article. Instead, I discovered that a regular “C” vibrates to a frequency of only 512 Hz,
and that the “C” of 528 Hz used in DNA repair had been a part of an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale. Moreover, the difference in the scales existed because of different tuning methods that were utilized in ancient times, vs. those in general use today. Later, we will explore that difference between how we create music today vs. how we used to create it, and how that simple change has made all of the difference in the world.

How I found out about the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

I found this ancient scale to be part of a 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies called the Original Solfeggio Scale through the book “The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. These particular frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, who received them in a wonderful experience that some would suggest was mystical. These frequencies are not something new, but they are something very old.

I shared the information about these frequencies with a musician friend who had a studio in her home. After reviewing the information, she decided that she would like to experiment with these frequencies in the form of meditation music. She was also in touch with Jonathan Goldman (author of the book, “Healing Sounds”) and he knew of these frequencies, and was using them in some of his music such as “The Lost Chord” CD. Aryiana requested that he have the tuning forks made for her to research the frequencies. I asked if she could also have a set made for me.

After I received the tuning forks and began talking about them around the country, I noticed that people were resonating with the information about these powerful frequencies. It felt as though something was going on in a much larger picture. We were connecting energetically to this information, and yet I didn’t
know what I was going to do with the tuning forks. Then people began to ask if I could use the tuning forks on them. From those experiences, and with information I had gathered, a method and technique began to develop. I called the technique SomaEnergetics TM, which is designed to utilize the optimum energy of the Solfeggio frequencies using tuning forks. Soma, meaning “body” in the Greek,
combines the wholistic idea of the body as an energy field – SomaEnergetics TM.

When starting these first tunings, the main frequency that I knew the most about was 528 Hz – that biochemists are using for DNA repair. I realized that the right side of the body is controlled by the left-brain, and the left side by the right brain and that these correspond with our inner male and female energies.
As I took the fork down each side of the body, I could get in touch with the dominate ancestral DNA that comes thru the Mother’s side or Father’s side of the chromosomes. I would many times get a tremendous imbalance in the sound between the two sides. The purpose of energy work, as many of you know, is to attain balance. For example, if everything is in balance, such as the ph level, the
physical body can heal more naturally. It’s the same way in our energy bodies.
If we can find that energy balance, that equilibrium, where everything aligns or everything comes into synchronization into the rhythm of the dance of life –then healing becomes the natural state. It’s nothing supernatural, or miraculous. I think a lot of spiritual texts have referred to this idea when
they describe, “going home to heaven.” Heaven, to me, is the complete synchronization with higher frequencies and vibrations of creation being totally entrained. In other words, being in a state of at-one-ment.

When I would continue to do the technique, the sound would begin to even out between the male and female sides of the body, and the client would indicate they were “feeling” a shift. As that would occur, I was totally amazed, and asked myself, “What is happening here?” Although I’ve been a speaker of
spiritual things for over 40 years, I can’t tell you that I’ve been the most intuitive person in the world. All of a sudden I started having certain feelings about what to do with the forks. I found that at some point in working with the client, I stopped “doing” the tuning forks (being the initiator of the
technique), and they started “doing me” – seeming to direct the movement of the Forks! After hundreds of tunings and positive testimonies, I have learned to trust the Ancient Solfeggio Scale frequencies in the form of Tuning Forks as a legitimate modality.

Energy and Relationship

Everything is relationship. I remember Dr. Fred Wolf, who is a physicist stating on a tape “Everything is consciousness.” He further noted, “When you are observing an object, on some level the object is observing you.” As I listened to that statement, I thought it was strange. I then realized that because
something doesn’t have a human consciousness, as I do, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s own consciousness. Apparently, observing something changes it on some level – that the observer, and the observed are one.

I treat the Solfeggio tuning forks as a conscious “entity.” They are energy, they’re vibration, they’re frequency – the client is vibration, frequency and energy – I am vibration, frequency and energy. All of that coming together begins to produce a synergetic experience that takes place on many levels. The
energy bodies that we focus on using the Solfeggio Frequencies are the physical, the etheric, the mental/emotional, and the astral.

Sound, Vibration and Form

For more than 200 years, researchers have been validating the connections of Sound and Vibrations on physical form. The first to make that connection was German scientist Ernst Chladni, who, in 1787, detailed his research in his book “Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music.” In that pioneering work, he explained ways to make sound waves generate visible structures. He detailed how
a violin bow, drawn at a right angle across a flat plate covered with sand, produces patterns and shapes. Today, those patterns and shapes are called Chaldni figures. (Coincidentally, Chaldni died in 1829, the same year as Beethoven. Mozart, a Free Mason, heavily influenced Beethoven about the
mathematics of music, and likely influenced Chaldni as well).1

In 1815, Mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch followed up on Chaldi’s discoveries. He concluded that the conditions for these designs to arise were because the frequencies, or oscillations per second, were in whole number ratios to each other—such as 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and so on.2

The study of wave phenomena, the ability of sound to organize and repattern matter, is called Cymatics. According to John Beaulieu, in Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, “Form is the more elusive component of sound. Sound-forms can be seen by subjecting mediums such as sand, water, or clay to a continuous sound vibration.” The following pictures taken by Dr. Hans Jenny are sound-forms. They were obtained by placing various mediums on a steel plate with a crystal sound
oscillator attached to the bottom. The Oscillator creates a pulse, which vibrates the steel plate. The forms on the plate are examples of sound organizing matter.” Jenny also “noticed that when the vowels of ancient languages like Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of
the written symbols for those vowels. “Modern languages, including English,
failed to generate those patterns.”

“Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy.” David Bohm

Jenny concluded that were examples of cymatic elements everywhere—”vibrations, oscillations, pulses, wave motions, pendulum motions, rhythmic courses of events, serial sequences, and their effects and actions”—and they effected everything including biological evolution. The evidence convincingly demonstrated that all natural phenomena were ultimately dependent on, if not
entirely determined by the frequencies of vibration. He argued that physical healing could be aided or hindered by tones. Different frequencies influenced genes, cells, and various structures in the body, he claimed.

Vibration of Music of the Spheres: “Every cell pulsates, reflects and interacts with acoustic oscillations of the medium. Even the earth and sun vibrate in unison based on a main rhythm of 160 minutes. Each musical note is therefore united to non-audible notes of higher octaves, and each symphony to other
symphonies that we do not hear, and although they make our cells oscillate and possibly resonate. Even DNA has it’s own melody. The musical nature of nuclear matter from atoms to galaxies is now recognized by official science.”3 In ”
Molecules of Emotion,” by Candice Pert, Ph.D., she writes, “… basically, receptors function as scanners (sensing molecules, on a cellular level). They cluster in cellular membranes, waiting for the right ligand (much smaller molecules than receptors), to come dancing along (diffusing) through the fluid surrounding each cell, and mount them – binding with them and (tickling ) them
to turn them on and get them motivated to vibrate a message into the cell. Binding of the ligand to the receptor is likened to two voices, striking the same note and producing a vibration that rings a doorbell to open the doorway to the cell.”

Poet Cathie Guzetta summarized this science best when she wrote:

“The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers may take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature. Likewise, it is possible that crystals, plants, and human beings may be, in some way, music that has taken on visible form.”

How Did The Solfeggio Frequencies Get Lost?

I discovered that these powerful frequencies had been given to the church many years ago for a very spiritual purpose. This was back when the church was a wonderful place for the people in the villages to gather together. The church served as a social, political, and spiritual place. People came to Mass, which at that time, was done in Latin (until Vatican II came along). When people sing in Latin or musical tones, it is very powerful, because it gets through all of the limited thought forms, and into deeper levels of the subconscious –accessing insights beyond belief systems.

As described above by Dr. Candice Pert, PhD, energy and vibration go all the way to the molecular level. She states that we have 70 different receptors on the molecules and when vibration and frequency reaches that far they begin to vibrate. Moreover, she observed, “as they begin to vibrate they sort of touch
each other, and tickle each other, and they play and mount each other.” It’s this whole energetic dance ritual, at the cellular level, that opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies. When we do toning, drumming, chanting, or tuning forks – it can be a way to direct energy for
transformational purposes.

Vibration and sound can be used, like most things, either with positive intention or negative intention. Used negatively, it’s nothing more than control and manipulation. Most of the world has been built upon control and manipulation by the way we communicate thru language. A lot of different texts, such as the Bible, talk about the importance of just making Sound—whether it’s chants, drumming, or speaking in tongues (such as the charismatic fundamentalists do),they are just different ways that people are accessing deeper levels of themselves. I suggest to you that the Solfeggio Tuning Forks are an even purer ways of doing that with positive intention.

When Dr. Joseph Puleo was researching the tones, he was directed to a Monsignor at a university in Spokane WA, who was head of the mediaeval department.
Following a 20 minute conversation, the

“Can you decipher Mediaeval Latin?’
`And you know the musical scale and everything?’
`Well then, could you tell me what `UT – queant laxis’ means?’
After a brief pause, the Monsignor quipped, `It’s none of your business’
Then he hung up.”1

Additionally, as Dr. Puleo researched the tones further, he came across a book on Gregorian chants by Professor Emeritus Willi Apel who “argued that the chants being used today were totally incorrect, and undermined the spirit of the Catholic faith.”1 Moreover, Professor Apel reported that “one-hundred fifty-two chants were apparently missing. The Catholic Church presumably “lost” these original chants. The chants were based on the ancient original scale of six musical notes called the Solfeggio.”1 Trust me, nothing is lost, it’s just neatly put away; however, they cannot hide from the masses what is energetically placed within the Soul.

According to Professor Willi Apel,1 “The orgin of what is now called Solfeggio…arose from a Mediaeval hymn to John the Baptist which has this peculiarity that the first six lines of the music commenced respectively on the first six successive notes of the scale, and thus the first syllable of each
line was sung to a note one degree higher that the first syllable of the line that preceded it. By degrees these syllables became associated and identified with their respective notes and as each syllable ended in a vowel, they were found to be peculiatly adapted for vocal use. Hence “Ut” was artificially
replaced by “Do.” Guido of Arezzo was the first to adopt them in the 11th century, and Le Marie, a French musician of the 17th century added “Si” for the seventh note of the scale, in order to complete the series.”

Further research states that, “Pope Johannes later became a saint – Saint Iohannes – and then the scale was changed. The seventh note “Si” was added from his name. “Si” later became “Ti.” These changes significantly altered the frequencies sung by the masses. The alterations also weakened the spiritual
impact of the Church’s hymns. Because the music held mathmatic resonance, frequencies capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more “Godlike,” the changes affected alterations in conceptual thought as well, further distancing humanity from God.” In other words, whenever you sing a Psalm, it is music to the ears. But it was originally intended to be music for the soul as well or the
“secret ear.” Thus by changing the notes, high matrices of thought and to a great extent well being, was squelched. Now it is time to recover these missing notes.”1

I’d heard of do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do. I particularly responded to it whenever I hear that song by Julie Andrews from “The Sound of Music.” I literally have a “brain cell firing” as it is engraved into my brain, and I see her coming over the mountain in the movie. I didn’t realize this was actually a
second, modified scale. The original Solfeggio scale was actually: UT, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA.

Looking at the definitions of each of the original syllables, using hidden entries from Webster’s Dictionary and the Original Greek Apocrypha, I have determined that these original frequencies can be used for: Turning grief to joy, helping the person connect with their Source to bring forth miracles, DNA repair, connecting with spiritual family, solving situations & becoming more intuitive, and, finally, returning to spiritual order.2 Through music these tones can assist all the channels in staying open and keep the life force (the Chi) literally flowing thru the Chakra System quite freely. Is this is what the six electro-magnetic frequencies were to accomplish that were put into “lost” hymns and Gregorian chants?

I think we are living in a tremendously wonderful time, and rather than seeing the glass as “half empty,” I see it as “half full.” Rather than accepting “CNN’s perspective” of the world view, it’s about finding perspective thru the vision of your own heart. It is about change and transformation of mankind to the next level of evolution. We, as Spiritual Light Workers, have made ourselves accessible at this time, by Divine Appointment, to be here to help those in humanity who choose (it’s all based upon irrevocable choice) to stay, or to go. Those who have chosen to stay will come into our lives, and we have already agreed to assist them.

It’s all about assisting other people. It’s not to be their “Healer,” but to assist them in knowing who they are and connecting with their true Source. It is about providing an atmosphere of non-judgement, a Sacred Space, for the purpose of healing themselves. We should be continuously teaching while assisting people. The old paradigm teaches us to keep the information among the professionals. The new paradigm is to share the information, and empower the client. Everyone you work with—whether it’s Reiki, Massage, Tuning Forks or other modalities you are using, you should feel that you’ve empowered that person, so they can extend this information to someone else. Healing has become
about our evolution by reconnecting our additional strands of DNA. Healing is also about assisting the person in restoring themselves to a state of “Spiritual Wholeness.”

1 “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, p.
2 Ibid.
3 From “Man’s Cosmic Game” by Guiliana Conforto

The 3, 6, and 9

As we look at the six original Solfeggio frequencies, using the Pythagorean method, we find the base or root vibrational numbers are 3,6, & 9. Nicola Tesla tells us, and I quote: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

John Keely, an expert in electromagnetic technologies, wrote that the vibrations of “thirds, sixths, and ninths, were extraordinarily powerful.” In fact, he proved the “vibratory antagonistic thirds was thousands of times more forceful in separating hydrogen from oxygen in water than heat.” In his “Formula of Aqueous Disintegration” he wrote that, “molecular dissociation or disintegration
of both simple and compound elements, whether gaseous or solid, a stream of vibratory antagonistic thirds, sixths, or ninths, on their chord mass will compel progressive subdivisions. In the disintegration of water the instrument is set on thirds, sixths, and ninths, to get the best effects.”

In the book of Genesis it states that there are six days of creation. Yet many talk about the creation week – or seven days, and the Christian Bible views the number seven as the number of completeness. Why Seven? It is due to the influence of the Near Eastern culture at the time in which Jesus lived, when it was believed that there were only seven planets.

When wrestling with adding a 7th number, I was mystically drawn to an article in Discover Magazine. In his newest book, Just Six Numbers, Rees argues that six numbers underlie the fundamental physical properties of the universe, and that each is the precise value needed to permit life to flourish. In laying out this premise, he joins a long, intellectually daring line of cosmologists and astrophysicists (not to mention philosophers, theologians, and logicians) stretching all the way back to Galileo, who presume to ask: Why are we here? As Rees puts it, “These six numbers constitute a recipe for the universe.” He adds that if any one of the numbers were different “even to the tiniest degree, there would be no stars, no complex elements, no life.” (From Discovery Magazine). As some authors have speculated, could these tones have played a role in the miraculous shattering of Jericho’s great wall in six days before falling on the seventh day? Some scientists are now stating that if we have been created, we
most likely would have been sung into existence. Is it possible that the six days of creation mentioned in Genesis represent six fundamental frequencies that underlie the universe? Religious scholars believe both events occurred as a result of sounds being spoken or played.

Other scientists, including the geniuses Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rife, as well as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and Chladni, all must have known about, and used the concept of, the inherent power of threes, sixes, and nines. So we are dealing with three powerful numbers: 3-6-9. Everyone of the six Solfeggio Tuning Forks all add up, individually to the Pythagorean scheme of 3-6-9. In fact, because
there are two sets of 3-6-9 (anagrams) in the solfeggio, they are even more powerful as these combinations serve as “portals” to other dimensions!

Just Intonation – 12 Tone Equal Temperament

As I observed earlier, another reason these Ancient Solfeggio frequencies became “lost” was because of the change in tuning practices throughout history. The standard tuning method for the past 200 years is quite different from the tuning practices dating from antiquity through about the 16th century A.D. These ancient tuning practices used a system of tuning known as Just Intonation. The tuning practice adopted for western cultures during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and used today, is known as Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament. The explanation of the fundamentals of these tuning systems is far too complex for this agenda, but the following quote from a book written by David B. Doty,
titled The Just Intonation Primer, should give an idea of the confinement that music has been relegated to. “Essentially, music has been placed in a box of limitations”— as the result of the rigidity imposed by the Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament tuning standards in use today.

“Although it is difficult to describe the special qualities of Just (Intonation)intervals to those who have never heard them, words such as clarity, purity, smoothness, and stability come readily to mind. The supposedly consonant intervals and chords of (12-Tone) Equal Temperament, which deviate from simple rations to varying degrees, sound rough, restless, or muddy in comparison.”

Just Intonation can be found in many of the great Fathers of Classical Music –Beethoven and Hyden, just to name a few. They did not use this 12-tone temperament and I think that is why we have a richer experience when we hear music that was composed several hundred years ago. Classical Music based on Just Intonation gives us a different rapport with time and space and brings us into
our higher chakras.

Native American chanting is many times based on Just Intonation. The chanting seems to sound monotone, but we are finding out that within the monotone sound is multi-dimensional harmonics.

How these different types of tones affect our health

Consequently, since all music in our contemporary world (from commercials, to modern hymns and symphonies) has been composed utilizing the 12-Tone Equal Temperament Scale, they all have vibrational limits. As a result, vibrational frequency of the tones of modern music can create situations such as “boxed-in thinking,” stuffed and suppressed emotions; and fear-based ” lack” consciousness—all of which then tend to manifest into physical symptoms of “dis-ease.”

This is in contrast to music created from the Ancient Solfeggio Scale, which stimulates the vibration of expanded creativity, easier problem solving and holistic health.

Again, it should be noted that although there are contemporary notes that approximate the Solfeggio tones, they are not the same frequencies as the ancient tones. Example: The Solfeggio tone, Mi. vibrates to 528 Hz. The closest, comparable, contemporary tone is C, above Middle C, which vibrates at 512 Hz. Our research indicates that the vibrational frequencies contained in the Solfeggio tones hold these original healing potentials.

1 – Professor Apel’s and Dr. Puleo’s remarks as reported in “Healing Codes for
the Biological Apocalypse” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Pages 58-61
2- Hidden Entry Meanings from the book, “Healing Codes for the Biological
Apocalypse” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Pgs. 166-67

Other Resources:
# John Beaulieu, “Music and Sound in the Healing Arts.” Station Hill Press, 1987
# Giuliana Conforto, “Man’s Cosmic Game,” Edizioni Nowsis, 1998
# David B. Doty, “Just Intonation Primer”
# Jonathan Goldman, “Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics,” Element Books,
# Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Puleo, “Healing Codes for the Biological
Apocalypse,” Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1999
# Candice Pert, PhD, “Molecules of Emotion”
# Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe”
# Dr. Rees, “Just Six Numbers”

How these different types of tones affect our health

Consequently, since all music in our contemporary world (from commercials, to modern hymns and symphonies) has been composed utilizing the 12-Tone Equal Temperament Scale, they all have vibrational limits. As a result, vibrational frequency of the tones of modern music can create situations such as “boxed-in thinking,” stuffed and suppressed emotions; and fear-based ” lack” consciousness—all of which then tend to manifest into physical symptoms of “dis-ease.”

This is in contrast to music created from the Ancient Solfeggio Scale, which stimulates the vibration of expanded creativity, easier problem solving and holistic health.

Again, it should be noted that although there are contemporary notes that approximate the Solfeggio tones, they are not the same frequencies as the ancient tones. Example: The Solfeggio tone, Mi. vibrates to 528 Hz. The closest, comparable, contemporary tone is C, above Middle C, which vibrates at 512 Hz.
Our research indicates that the vibrational frequencies contained in the Solfeggio tones hold these original healing potentials

Here’s some more fascinating info I found concerning the MI – 528 Hz –
Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) frequency

Sacred Sound ~ 528 Hz ~ The Frequency of Love

“We are marrying human hearts to the “Universal Solvent” with the “Universal Language” – Music, to produce the “Universal Healer” – LOVE
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

528HZ Cymoglype by John Stuart Reid

Synthesizer Re-tuning to the Perfect Circle of Sound:
Researching the Sound of LOVE – 528HZ Cymoglype by John Stuart Reid
A Preliminary Study with Implications for BioEnergetic Healing

Here are two tutorials for professional keyboard players to re-tune from the standard A=440Hz tuning, to 528Hz–LOVE tuning. You will be amazed, possibly even shocked, to learn how A=440 was precisely selected to spiritually suppress you to the max; and why retuning now to LOVE, shall deliver you and civilization from chaotic degeneration to lasting harmony in our hearts; thus, yielding
lasting peace on earth.

For conscious keyboard professionals features Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Executive Producer of LIVE H2O, interviewing sound engineering specialist, Michael Walton of SomaMagic Studio. In Part 1, Michael explains how to re-tune the Korg Oasys synthesizer using the Perfect Circle of Sound tuning fork set and a Korg chromatic tuner. Creating a new scale by tuning the Oasys to the Solfeggio
frequency-equivalents required exclusion of dissonant tones 417Hz and 714Hz.
Walton discovered that the standard tuning A note is the precise frequency
equivalent to the 741Hz F# frequency in the Solfeggio. The chance this precise
association between the ancient and modern scales might have happened by chance, versus by sinister imposition, is discussed in greater detail at http://www.hydrosonics.org.

The team discovers that scale-building from C equal to 528Hz frequency demonstrates 417Hz and 741Hz are disharmonious and potentially bioenergetically degrading to humans. This tutorial, developed with funding from LIVE H2O co-sponsor, OxySilver.com, is contributed to assist advanced keyboard players in retuning synthesizer software and band performances in 528Hz LOVE…

Frequency 528 Hz, the miraculous frequency for transformation and DNA repair. There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. “We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe
because math doesn’t lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated,” Dr. Horowitz says.

The third note, frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based! MI – 528 Hz – relates to crown chakra. Dr Puleo suggests an association with DNA integrity.

The regular “C” that we all know of in this culture (which is from the diatonic scale of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) is not the 528 Hz frequency “C. A regular “C” vibrates at a frequency of 523.3 Hz.
The “C” of 528 Hz used for DNA repair is part of an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale.

As a side note, here’s some wonderful Solfeggio meditation videos:








Source: http://peaceandloveism.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3755

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 06 May 2009 @ 11:54 PM 
Some facts on left-handed people:

People who are left handed make up about 5-15% of the population

The genes for left-handedness are so far elusive

Lefties are relatively numerous among creative men

Lefties are relatively numerous among children rated as having an IQ higher than 131

Lefties are relatively numerous among individuals who are good at music and maths

Most left-handers draw figures facing to the right.

There is a high tendency in twins for one to be left-handed

Stuttering and dyslexia occur more often in left-handers (particularly if they are forced to change their writing hand as a child)

Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing underwater.

Left-handers excel particularly in tennis, baseball, swimming and fencing

Left-handers usually reach puberty 4 to 5 months after right-handers

4 of the 5 original designers of the Macintosh (Apple) computer were left-handed

1 in 4 Apollo astronauts were left-handed – 250% more than the normal level.

Almost 40% of the top tennis pros are left-handed

Left handed people are three times more likely than right handed people to become alcoholics (scientists speculate that it is because the right hemisphere of the brain has a lower tolerance for alcohol then the left side of the brain)

People who are left handed use the right side of the brain most while right handed people use the left side of the brain most (see Full Consciousness)

In Many cultures children who were left handed were forced to use there right hands instead.

More men than women are lefties

Left handed stroke victims recover faster than right handed stroke victims

Left-handers more likely than right handers to be creative geniuses

Left-handers were severely discriminated against during the 18th and 19th centuries and it was often “beaten out” of people

In adulthood, left-handers were often shunned by society, resulting in fewer marrying and reproducing

As discrimination was reduced in the 20th century, the number of natural left-handers who stayed left-handed increased

The rising age of motherhood contributed as, statistically, older mothers are more likely to give birth to left-handed children

Left-handers are also generally better at 3-dimensional perception and thinking

Left-handers are also usually pretty good at most ball sports and things involving hand-to-eye co-ordination

Left-handers’ brains are structured differently in a way that widens their range of abilities

A study found that left-handed men are 15% richer than right-handed men for those who attended college, and 26% richer if they graduated

Left-Hander’s Day is August 13th

In 60s music, Jimi Hendrix played a right-handed Fender Stratocaster strung upside down to accommodate his left-handedness. Paul McCartney of The Beatles is left-handed; when he first played for John Lennon , he played Lennon’s right-handed guitar upside-down. Ringo Starr of the Beatles is also left-handed

Left-handed persons are thought to process information using a “visual simultaneous” method in which several threads can be processed simultaneously.

Left-handed people have an excellent ability to multi-task

The hypothesis that left-handed people are predisposed to visual-based thought has been validated by a variety of evidence.

Left-handed university students are more likely to major in visually-based, as opposed to language-based subjects. Another sample of 103 art students found an astounding 47% were left- or mixed-handed.

In the Middle Ages, writing with your left hand was punishable by death

Half of left handed people use a computer mouse with their right hand (I’m one of them)

If both parents are left handed, 50% of their offspring will be left handed. 2 Righties only have 2% chance of having a leftie (both my parents were right-handed)

There are twice as many left handed boys than girls

Obama is left-handed

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