The Sci-Fi Cafe in Burlington, WI


Bored – Looking for something to do a ‘little out-side the norm’…How about taking a ‘day-trip’ to the Sci-Fi Cafe in Burlington, Wisconsin.
Meet local author and researcher, Mary Sutherland. Relax and enjoy a hot drink while Mary tells you stories about the mysteries of Burlington. See Burlington through her eyes as she tells you the stories about the mysterious mound builders that once inhabited this area and the underground world that lies beneath this quiet little town. Listen as she explains to you the significance of the Burlington Vortex and how mysterious entities use wormholes as doorways to travel throughout the multi-dimensions in and out of our timeline. View her photos of visitors to Burlington shifting from this dimension into other dimensions and timelines. View other photos she and others have taken of ghosts in the Burlington area. Listen to EVPs she has captured from ghosts existing down in the Sci-Fi Cafe’s ‘haunted cellar’. Watch a video clip she has of a ‘time traveler’ taken on one of her ‘haunted tours’. Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman has viewed this clip and states ‘it defies the laws of physics!’
The Sci-Fi Cafe also offers an ‘Earth Mysteries Museum’ that focuses on the science of the paranormal, ancient races, UFOs, Bigfoot and the Bray Road Beast, the Burlington Vortex and the Burlington Underworld.  After enjoying the Museum make your way downstairs into the  ‘haunted cellar’ containing exhibits ranging from ‘urban legends’ such as the Bray Road Beast and ‘childhood fears’.
For the more adventurous, have Mary Sutherland be your tour guide and show you places of interests that lie within the Burlington Vortex including the occult side of Burlington, the underground tunnels, the earthen mounds and sacred sites, haunted cemeteries, Dead Man’s Hill, the River of the Dead, Mormon settlements and the Voree Plates. 
The Sci-Fi Cafe, complete with a theater room, has space available for group meetings. The little cafe also has something new going on every week, including seminars, workshops, chili dumps, meet and greets and daily movies!
To schedule a tour or a group meeting or get-together contact the Sci-Fi Cafe at
(262) 767  1116  Open 7 days a week.
While you are there don’t forget to purchase one of Mary Sutherland’s books . Not only are they a great read, but the monies for the purchase of her books is used to help fund her research and Cafe.

 Date Posted: 06 May 2009 @ 11 49 PM
Last Modified: 06 May 2009 @ 11 50 PM
Posted By: Mary

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