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 The Law of One tells us that “ALL is connected to the ONE and the ONE is connected to the ALL.
The brain produces electrical light charges that carry information. This information is transmitted and received “instantly” to and from all objects of the cosmos (in our dimension as well as every other dimension). How this works is demonstrated in the following photo of my husband Brad.




The Cherokee used the stars as relays for messages between different bands in war parties and hunting parties. They would decide before they went out at night, which star they were going to use. After the hunting party split up into smaller bands, members of the different groups would put their attention on that star, and “send” or “receive” a mental image accompanied by emotions. (This method works exceedingly well. .) The star they selected could have been hundreds or thousands of light years away, yet their messages were sent and received in “real time”. One of the band could send a message to the star, and another could pick it up any time after that. (Something like the Internet… E-mail without service charges!) During the day they would select a mountain to use as a relay) It worked.

(Anyone can do it, if they know how.)  Source: Dr. Robert Neal Boyd

 Mirrored Neurons

As the first party observes the second – energy is transmitted from the first and the second party.
This energy is met in the center of the two creating an ‘orb’ or bubble filled with the information which thus can be shared by both parties.   Through this simple process we not only pick up the thoughts and images of the object we are observing but its emotions and vice versa.  The following is my ‘attempt at drawing’ this process.


Tools Used to ‘Tap’ into this Conscious Energy Field

 Tools are only used as an aide for gathering information until you gain ‘confidence within yourself’ and realize that you already have the ability to gather information around you – simply by listening to your higher self.



To become “psychically aware” is simply a matter of perception which is activated by using your nervous-muscular system and the five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

 “Heighten Perception” comes when you become “aware” of your environment, making it easy to note the subtle changes that are going on around you.  It is seeing not just an object and its immediate surroundings, but the contouring, shading, variations in color, sound, taste and smell that gives us a better appreciation of ‘what we see’.

In the next few minutes after asking your “Higher Self” for help on a subject, take note on “how do I feel’, ‘what am I thinking now’, ‘what taste do I have in my mouth’, ‘what am I smelling’ and ‘what am I seeing first when I close and then open my eyes’?

 Another tip is to write  down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a place, person, color, time, town, river, food, weapon, fear, memory, etc – you can write each of these on a card, and go through them to get immediate answers; do each one quickly – and if you do not get an answer then make one up !

When ready, be fully aware of your environment, ask your question, and then note all the changes to your environment – a memory of a person or situation that comes to mind, a change of taste in your mouth, the shivers, a funny smell, hearing a noise that you did not notice before, or a picture flashing into your mind.

You may walk down the street and notice a particular color, shape, or object; perhaps certain flowers in a garden ‘call’ to you; or your attention may focus on something in a shop window. Yes, all these things were there before, but your perception (Intuition or psychic awareness)  is drawing your attention to them to ‘get a message across’.

You seek guidance on a situation, and a memory of a person or a happening comes to mind. The relationship with that person and the memory of how they behaved (to you or to others) …or the outcome of that happening may be an indication regarding your present situation. 

Sometimes it helps to ask for further clarification, and a thought may ‘pop’ into your mind. Now that ‘first thought’ is probably from your intuition, and should be taken seriously; any second thoughts are likely to be from your logical mind, and may best be disregarded.

It pays to immediately record all your intuitive experiences.

 Keep in mind that each person has their own pattern on how their intuition works for them. For one person, smells may be more prominent and to another mental images. Certain symbols may be seen – or persons popping into your mind – may have special meanings, even appearing in dreams. By recording these, you will soon find your own pattern for ‘psychic intuition’.

Hopi Indian prophesy

“When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly wing to wing, then starts the healing process necessary to bring wellness once again to the children of the Earth”When the white race that came to this continent assumes native ways and joins with native peoples, together they will be  caretaker of Mother Earth”


 Date Posted: 20 Jul 2009 @ 02 32 AM
Last Modified: 20 Jul 2009 @ 02 38 AM
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