October 30th 2007, Linda Godfrey
was at the Burlington Library giving
a talk and slide show on her latest
book, "Strange
Wisconsin".Afterwards those
attending the event walked down
with Godfrey to the  SciFi Cafe and
Earth Mysteries Museum where they
enjoyed spiced apple cider and
cookies and toured the cafe and
Book is now available at the SciFi
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By Mary Sutherland

“In this book, Mary Sutherland cogently bridges
cutting edge concepts, ideas, and theories of
quantum physics, and beyond with concise
descriptions, drawings and personal photographs
from field investigations. Mary does this in an
organized way so that a person just beginning to
look into the phenomena can easily
“Keep this book as a field guide to compare your
photographs with Mary's”.

“For investigators who have been studying this
area of science, there is much to be learned and
gleaned from this book, as well.”

“This is a wonderful read and well worth your
Doug and Stacy Clack - May 2019

Portals- Gateways to the Multi-Dimensional
Worlds is now available for sale on Amazon at

Get your autographed copies through Sutherland’
s Website www.
Monsters among Us - Linda S. Godfrey

Another prolific author and television personality focusing on the
Fringes of Science is Linda Godfrey.  

Her start in the field of cryptozoology began as an assignment given
to her by the local newspaper she worked for, wanting a juicy
Halloween story.

Her article was about what she coined ‘The Bray Road Beast’ of
Elkhorn Wisconsin. For years the story of a wolf man type beast
bounced around Walworth and Racine County. Although it made for
a great Urban Legend for the area, Linda’s article on ‘The Beast’ was
an overnight international success, bringing upon the citizens of
Elkhorn inquiries from reporters and monster hunters from around the

Linda honestly admits that prior to interviewing actual eye witnesses
she did not believe in the urban legend but before the article went to
print, she knew there was something to the story.

Through the years, because of her curiosity and tenacity to gain a
fuller understanding of ‘The Beast’ and other strange creatures ,
Godfrey has become viewed by her peers and readers as a beacon of
light and one of the foremost trusted researcher and author  in the
field of cryptozoology.

In ‘Monsters among Us’, she tackles the very real possibility of cryptid
creatures using the portals between worlds -- and even other
dimensions; including the works of Mary Sutherland and the portals
found in the woods of Burlington, WI.
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Setting Spirits Free –  Diana Palm

In her book ‘Setting Spirits Free’, Diana Palm recounts her own paranormal
encounters, providing an up close look at a wide range of hauntings, lost souls,
loved ones in spirit, possessed vehicles and objects, spirits in disguise, demons
and more.

Just some of the topics she covers is how to distinguish ghost imprints from
intelligent spirits, protect themselves from spiritual attack and possession and use
Theta Healing to put ghosts at rest, information on energy vortices,
environmental causes of hauntings, paranormal investigation equipment and
tools for spirit communication

You can receive clear advice from your guides, angels and masters by using this
ONE necessary but simple step!
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By Mary Sutherland

Burlington's historical district rests
uneasily on top of twenty-seven
ancient burial mounds. No wonder
everyone in the seemingly sleepy
Wisconsin town owns a ghost story or
two. Residents have spotted the White
Beast of Burlington near the old fish
hatchery, bumped into a Confederate
apparition on Academy Road and
caught a glimpse of the Lady in Blue
at the Malt House Theater. Mary
Sutherland spent fourteen years
chasing local lore through the
underground tunnels and eerie skies of
this hotbed of supernatural activity.
Now she stands as a ready guide to the
mysteries of the Burlington Vortex

Medication Journal by Suzi Spirit Sensitive
Take a deep breath and plunge yourself
into the wonderful and relaxing world of
meditation! This journal is for you to keep
track of all of your meditation techniques,
your visions in a meditative state and all of
your thoughts and feelings about what you
experience.This journal will connect you
deeply to your inner being of light and allow
you to examine the signs and messages
that you receive from Spirit. It also allows
you to record your levels of relaxation
before and after your experience. At the
back of this book is space for you to
compile your meditation playlists. What
music sends you into that trance state?
Write it all down and note changes in your
methods particularly if they make you go
into a deeper state of trance or give you
clearer messages.Record, analyze and
watch the beauty unfold as you experience
the ultimate communication with spirit and
the best relaxation method in the
world.Find a quiet, comfortable space,
relax and enjoy!
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Twist of Time Novel Series by Blake Cahoon
Learning to Live in the Light - A Team Speaks Book
To learn more about author and her books please go to