Giants Gods and Lost Races by Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
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Mary Sutherland
After you have read
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Mary Sutherland
Giants Gods and Lost Races
21.99  238 Pages

Giants Gods and Lost Races  'In Search of Ancient Man 5-book Series'

It is beyond our comprehension that any of the story tales told to us as a youth could possibly
be true. But what would you do if you were to learn that these stories may be based off events
long ago forgotten in our history? Mary Sutherland, the author of “Giants Gods and Lost
Races” takes you and your imagination back in time when giant humans walked the earth;
Earthly rulers and gods were riding around on “flying carpets” warring with each other and - as
the ancient people described- 'having battles by throwing thunder bolts back and forth.'
“Giants Gods and Lost Races” takes you back to a time of ‘celestial cities and air ships’;
mountains rising from what seemed to be out of nowhere, destroying many and leaving
others stranded on their snow covered peaks; strange gods and even stranger creatures
walking around as half-man and half-animal

The Puranas speak of 400,000 humanlike races of beings living on various planets and of 8,000,000 other life forms, including plants and lower animals.
At a time so remote in our past that the little bit of information that has surfaced seems for many as nothing but pure fabrication; mere story tales we tell our children
that we have heard from our parents and their parents heard from theirs and their parents from theirs.
It is beyond our comprehension that any of these stories could possibly be true. Giant humans walking the earth; gods throwing lightening bolts back and forth at each
other; planets bouncing around in the sky like billiard balls; flying cities and air ships; world floods; mountains rising from out of nowhere; creatures half-man and half-
animal or half-bird. Only through “Faith” could we even wrap our minds around biblical stories such as Moses parting the sea’ the seven plagues; god speaking
through a burning bush; the creation of Adam and Eve; Garden of Eden; angels and fallen angels; towers built to reach heaven…even heaven itself!

Our egos are insulted that there could have been cultures in the distant past that were even more technically advanced then our own. Yet, we are finding evidence
around the world that what we chalked up as fantasy may have been true.

As you read this book, you will come to realize that astonishing cultures across the ancient world that “suddenly” emerged at a high level of scientific
advancement far, ahead of others of the time, could not have possibly been created by a series of “unconnected” people living throughout the four corners of the world,
isolated and independent from each other. With some thought, it makes more sense that they were all part of the same culture, controlled over by empires of the same
families who encompassed the four corners of the world.

It is quite evident that their shared idealism and common history could not have been a product of ‘mere chance’ but more by the result of intimate communications that
existed between all of them; and that distance was no greater of an obstacle to their interaction than it is today.
Although we have strong evidence that man has been living on this earth for millions of years, this book will be focusing primarily on the periods of Leumuria, Atlantis
and later civilizations.

Even today, traces of immense civilizations are being found and are undeniably prehistoric. Near Peking, China at Zhoukoudian, an ancient habitation of Homo sapiens
was uncovered which included a hearth by which the inhabitants could cook and warm themselves. A similar hearth was found at the Terra Amata site on the
Mediterranean coast of France, which has been dated to 300,000 B.C. This is important because these discoveries lend proof of intelligent communal and cooperative
activities of humans dating back to over 300,000 years.

Although not “publicly” accepted by today’s mainstream science, ancient texts, monuments, temple reliefs, and artifacts; mythology, DNA and recessive genes lend
evidence that other races of humans did exist in a time lost to us. On my websites and in my books, I share with the reader the stories and indicators of the existence of
races of giants; little people; blue people; horned peopled; the people of the sea; winged people; reptilian or draconians; Inner Earth people; visitors from other planets
that have made Earth their home; Big Foot and the unseen people hidden within the dimensional veils.

As time and the face of the earth went through her changes, many species of animal, plant, bird and man died out. Others adjusted to the new earth and evolved into
the species we have today. One notable evolutionary trait was a reduction in size. In the case of man he was not only reduced in size but also longevity and his sense of
righteousness or spirituality.

I think that the reason most people today have difficulty in believing there were giant humans living on earth, is because they base their beliefs on how our earth looks
today….which is so much different then than now. One can only imagine what our world looked like when all the continents came together as one with strange giant
creatures and man walking a flat surface that had no mountains! But it is not such a hard reach when you consider that these giants lived during the Mesozoic and
Cenozoic Period, known as the Age of Gigantic Creatures and Dinosaurs.

Table of Contents


Part One of “Giants Gods and Lost Races” focuses on the Rise and Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis; their evolution, both spiritually and physically; cultures;
economics and religions.

Chapter One: Lemuria, the Motherland … Page 28
According to James Churchward, the Motherland was situated between America and Asia, with its center lying somewhat south of the equator. Basing its area on the
remains which are still above water, it would have been about six thousand miles from east to west, and about three thousand miles from north to south. How long the
Motherland existed, is at this time, anyone’s guess, but there is ample evidence to show of her existence and  demise. Approximately twelve thousand years ago
earthquakes sunk the motherland known as Lemuria. She became a fiery vortex and the waters of the Pacific rushed in, creating a watery grave for a vast civilization of
approximately sixty million people.

Chapter Two: The First Religion…Page 37
About ten thousand years after the time of Thoth, the priesthood declared "Set as the Devil”. Prior to that, the teachings were about the "fight for the Soul between the
Divine Force and the Material Affinities". According to the teachings of Osiris, “The Divine Soul’s endeavor was to raise the material man to a higher plane.” The Material
Affinities fought against this, trying to keep the vibration of the Soul, through the material body of man, down to the lower levels of materialism.  

Chapter Three: The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu - Isis and Osiris…Page 39
Desired by both of her brothers, “Prince Coh” and “Prince Aac”, she chose “Coh” (Osiris) as her mate and Prince Aac (Set) was thought to have killed him in a jealous
rage. After Prince Coh's death, Queen Moo fled to seek refuge in the Land of Mu. When she reached the location where it once was she found that the civilization had
disappeared, so she made her way to Egypt where she found Thoth.

Chapter Four: Jesus Christ and the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu…Page 46
In studying the ancient writings, James Churchward found that the teachings of Osiris and Jesus are wonderfully alike. Many passages were identical – “word for word”
and “line for line”. This would not be surprising “IF” they both studied and taught the “Sacred Inspired Writings of MU.”  And it does seem that both Jesus and Osiris
were used as the inspired tools of the ‘Great Nameless One’. And it does seem likely that they were both incarnated on this earth to show the children of this world the
paths that lead to happiness.”

Chapter Five: The Sun and the Adored Serpent…Page 49
There were many symbols for the various attributes of the Deity, but only two for the full Godhead…”the Sun” and “the Adored Serpent”.  The “Sun” was sacred because
it was the “collective or monotheistic symbol”. The “Adored Serpent “was the “symbol of the Deity as the Creator only”.

Chapter Six: Atlantis - A World Trade…Page 52
In the search for Atlantis, each discovery shows us a piece of its history, through its architecture, its culture, what merchandise was being traded, ancient texts and
monuments,  its temples, roads, walls, etc.  Each discovery, regardless of how small or how large, gives us further proof that highly civilized nations existed in our past
that had the ability of land, sea and air travel, communication and sciences equal to our own and maybe even more so.  

A whole geological period has been erased from the land, leaving behind hundreds of extinct nations and races unknown to our ethnologists, archeologists,
anthropologists and more. However, being that we survived, it is more than likely that other “unknowns” managed to survive and re-populate as well. Recent
discoveries are showing that the extinction of “unknown human types’ is now more of a fact than a possibility. What was borne from these “Unknowns” is just
now surfacing.

Chapter Seven: The Djinn…Page 60
One “unknown” is the Djinn, the Second Creation of God, who we hear and read hints about from around the world. The little information left to us has been so distorted
that most people today fear them as demonic. My question is: “Why God would have made Demons?” and being that “God doesn’t make mistakes”, I have also asked
myself the question, “What is their purpose here on earth?” “How do they fit in with God’s plan?”

Chapter Eight: The Nephilim...Page 66
Faith has blinded us to the truth and has manipulated our belief system. For example, the biblical story tells us that Noah was chosen because he was seen by God as
“his blood not being corrupted with sin” or “he was without sin”.  But as you will soon understand, “without sin” was not a question of “good and evil” but “bloodline”.
Noah was a “giant Nephilim” and ‘after the flood’ he and his family went on to produce a line of Anunnaki “Desirables” or “Chosen Ones”.

Chapter Nine: Gigantopithecus- Man or Ape…Page 71
Using the Darwin theory that man evolved from apes, anthropologists have spent a great deal of time debating as to what defines an ape and how does that definition
compare to a man – and for that matter, what makes man a human, and how does one separate the man from the ape?

Chapter Ten: Neanderthal, Cro-Magnons and the Bicameral Mind…Page 75
Unlike what we have been told about Neanderthals, we have now learned that they had a strong religious life, based on their earth-magic religion. They worshipped
nature and all life they came in contact with. They revered animal, insects, birds and reptiles of power such as the cave bear, the spider, the serpent, vultures and
eagles. Each creature and event in life was seen as a symbol or message from the “Great Creator”. They believed in the afterlife, re-incarnation and practiced complex
burial rituals. I personally believe that the Neanderthal man did not die out and still exists - in stealth - amongst modern man; in the wilderness, mountains and sub
terrain habitations.

The Sumerians tell us that the first ‘Adamu’ was created by combining the DNA of the Anunnaki with the ‘original people of earth’. Although we don’t know who
the “original people on earth” was, the Sumerian Tablets gives us a hint that it was “not” the Adamu when they write of Enki’s fascination with the “man-
creatures that lived in the forest and walked erect”.

Chapter Eleven: The Creation of the Adamu and Evolution of Consciousness…Page 83
Oannes, Dagon and Nephilim themes carry into the stories of the giant Titans. The Rebellion of the Titans is akin to the Rebellion of the Watchers. When the powerful
race of Titans rebelled against the authority of their parent gods, they were also cast into the abyss and imprisoned in the underworld. According to the bible, god
created male and female from the earth. We have understood this to mean dirt or clay when in fact it simply means that the first Anunnaki creation came from the
elements of the people living here on Earth…”Earthlings”.

Chapter Twelve: The Bicameral Mind…Page 89
Going back to the earliest writings and studying particularly the many early civilizations of the Near East, Jaynes came to the conclusion that most of the people in these
archaic cultures were not subjectively conscious as we understand it today.  He declared that during this period, ranging from Sumer, Ur, Babylon, Egyptian, Early
Mycenaean, Hebrew, and even Mayan and Asian cultures, there was, in general, no consciousness, no introspection. There was no sense of subjectivity. They were
people that the gods pushed about like robots. The gods sang epics through their lips. Jayne declares that these Iliadic heroes and prophets did hear "voices," real
speech and directions from the gods--as clearly as those diagnosed epileptic or schizophrenic today. The bi-cameral mind of the ancient man had no awareness of
his world, no internal mind-space to introspect upon.

Chapter Thirteen: The Spark of Consciousness and the Serpent of the Garden…Page 92
“Eating of the Forbidden Fruit” or “Prometheus bringing enlightenment or fire to mankind” would have been at the time “double evolution” would have taken place, both
in the material world as well as the spiritual world of the Dhyanis. The Dhyanis (referred to as “angels” in my book “Living in the Light; Believe in the Magic”) were
intelligences or conscious spirits that needed to experience further wisdom for their heavenly evolution. This could only be achieved through the human
consciousness. But up until this point of time, man did not have the “spark of consciousness”. To accomplish the further evolution of the two, the Dhyanis needed to
enter the physical body of man and create the ‘spark of conscious intelligence’.

Chapter Fourteen: Gardens of Eden around the World…Page 97
Cradles of Humanity and Cultural Centers were given the name “Gardens of Eden”. These were “places where a new culture, a new civilization and new races of
humans came into existence” during the beginning of the new “Cycle of Time”. These Edens, found throughout the world, were also used as cultural centers for
teaching both the sacred and mundane arts. Author of “Fingerprints of the Gods”, Graham Hancock observed that massive stone structures have been found
systematically arranged around the world on a grid structure, 36 degrees of longitude apart, creating ten equal spaced segments worldwide. The huge steps and
terraces, found in these stone cities, suggest that their builders were a race of giants.

“The Girdle of Man Around the world” is a story of the symbolic Ouroboros, leaving the Motherland, circumventing the world and finally coming together in the
Lands of Egypt, as the serpent bites its own tail. This Part of Giants, Gods and Lost Races, includes tales of the Maya coming from North America to India then to
China, Tibet, Africa, Egypt creating empires of the Uighurs; Aryan; Tibet; China; Babylonia; The Akkadians; The Sumerians; The Chaldeans; The Semites; The
Assyrians; The Medes; The Persians; The Tyrhenians.

Chapter Fifteen: Migration of the Lemurians and Atlanteans after the Cataclysms…Page 113
The Elders of Peru tell of a special meeting on Lemuria just before the continent’s destruction. During this meeting, it was decided that “elected serpent priest-kings”
were to take the “records” and “power objects” to specified locations around the world. When the Survivors of the Deluge and the upheavals re-emerged from the
mountains and underground shelters, they began rebuilding a shattered world, re-establishing the ancient knowledge and civilization.  This chapter follows the
“serpent” from India to China, Tibet, Africa and Egypt creating empires of the Uighurs; Aryan; Tibet; China; Babylonia; The Akkadians; The Sumerians; The Chaldeans;
The Semites; The Assyrians; The Medes; The Persians; The Tyrrhenians.

PART FIVE - Religions Based off Sky Gods and Inner Earth Demons…Page 131
Several writers and researchers, including UFO Researcher Jacque Vallee have consistently pointed out that the fundamental texts of every religion refer to the contact
of the human community with a "superior race" of beings from the sky and Inner Earth.

Chapter Sixteen: Religions and Sky Gods…Page 132
Several writers and researchers, including UFO Researcher Jacque Vallee have consistently pointed out that the fundamental texts of every religion refer to the contact
of the human community with a "superior race" of beings from the sky” Included in this chapter, is ‘The Many Names of God’ and ‘God is Goth’
…It was only later that “Divine Beings and Gods” were filtered into our language and traditions. The endless names for the ‘gods’ within the various cultures are in
most cases the same deities…just with different names. It is because of all these variations of names that truth has become obscured to a large extent. Upon
understanding this, wading into the past becomes a little less complicated.  
…The Indus Valley Clay Seal Records reference "Sargon the Great" and "Menes" and their dynasty as “Gut” or “Got”, which to the Romans was "Goth". And ...according
to Lawrence Augustine Waddell the words “Gut” and “Got” were changed to the word “God” which was later adopted by the Goths.

Chapter Seventeen: The Underworld of Gods and Demons…Page 139
“When the land mass rose again, a new group of Anunnaki gods reined over the earth called “The mighty chested gods who made slaughter—the Souls who lived on
These beings gave birth to eight other gods, called “Ogdoad, who were also known as the “Shebtiu”. After the Deluge, they tended the Holy Mountains that contained
cities within them. They were also designed with hidden entrances to a vast underworld.

When it was safe for the gods to return, the Sumerians claim that the Anunnaki sky gods came back to Earth and re-established their kingdoms. Enki (Cain)
stated that when he approached the land it was inhabitable. The Anunnaki god transformed the hunter/gatherer societies into agricultural states. He filled the
Tigris River with fresh, life giving waters and had canals constructed. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers were made navigable and fish were introduced to the
waters. Reeds were planted that could be used for building material. Turning from the seas and rivers to the dry land, Enki introduced the people to the plow and
the yoke and taught them agriculture. He taught them how to open furrows, build stalls and sheepfolds for domesticated animals. The people were taught the art
of brick making, construction of dwellings and cities, metallurgy, etc.

Chapter Eighteen: Anunnaki Re-Establishes Kingship over the Lands…Page 161
The “Master Builders or Architects” of the Anunnaki were responsible for building the first royal city. When it was done, the following words were spoken, “May the city be
the next, the place where mankind shall repose. The King shall be a “Shepherd”. Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley and Indus Valley zones were settled for the people but
the fourth zone was deemed "holy" and "forbidden" for any man or woman to enter without permission. Guards were placed in high towers to watch over the region,
often killing trespassers on sight with “terrible weapons”.

Chapter Nineteen: The Gods Bring in Man to Help Fight their Battles…Page 166
Traditions held that Edfu was where Horus established a divine metal foundry, where unique weapons made of 'divine iron' were forged. It was there, too, that Horus
trained an 'Army of Mesniu, known as the Metal People'. (The War of Gods and Men)
The Mesniu were, according to Egyptian traditions, the first men ever to have been armed by the gods with weapons made of metal. They also were, as we shall soon
gather from the unfolding tale, the first men to have been enlisted by a god to fight in the wars between the gods.

Chapter Twenty: Towers of Babel and Reaching Heaven…Page 170
The giant race of “Nephilim” was in charge of a global project that involved the building of great megalithic structures that had the potential of “Reaching Heaven, and if
they did so, they could accomplish anything they imagined.
According to the Wikipedia the term “Reaching Heaven” is a common description in temple tower inscriptions. The name Babylon derives from the native Akkadian
‘Bab-ilu’, which means ‘Gate or Gateways of the Gods’.
Based off these descriptions, the purpose of the ziggurats or great temple towers, such as Babylon, may have included “Heavenly Gateways” or “Transport Stations” for
the gods.

The biblical story, of which Christianity was born, is based off the Israelites and their battle for dominion over earth. Biblical lore tells how they gave their loyalty to
the war god Enlil (Jehovah) who provided them with the ‘mystical’ powers and air support that gave them the edge over their enemies. In Deuteronomy the orders
from the Lord of Moses is very specific where he commands that after all battles “everything from the people to even their animals was to be wiped off the face
of the earth”. In return for their loyalty, Israel would “inherit all the land and spoils of war”.  

Chapter Twenty One: Joshua Battles the Giants…Page 179
When the Lord your God brings you to the land that you are about to enter and you defeat the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and
Jebusites, you must doom them to destruction. Grant them no terms and give them no quarter. You shall tear down their altars, smash their pillars, cut down their
sacred posts and consign their images to the fire.You shall destroy all the peoples that the Lord your God delivers to you, showing them no pity. The Lord, your God, will
deliver their kings into your hand, and you shall obliterate their name from under the heavens.

Chapter Twenty Two: Worshippers of the Danaans…Page 187
The Tuatha De Danaans and all worshippers of the Goddess or the feminine energy were given names with the root word of Dian in their names, using anagrams with
names such as Danaans, Dana, Daonos, Danu, Diana, etc. The Danaan energy represents the "Serpent" energy of the Kundalini". But as magick goes, everything has
its polar opposite, which in this case is the male energy represented by Cain. When the two becomes one, the magick of three is produced - For example; when man
and woman come together sexually the seed is fertilized and a child is born.

Chapter Twenty Three: The Albion Giants and Amazons…Page 191
Arcadia, Greece, Ireland and Britain carry similar versions on how the Albion Giants came to settle their land.  By pulling all the themes together we find the story of
Daonos and his 50 Amazonian type daughters.  They resided in Atlantis, but after the Deluge, it seems that Daonos was being pressured to marry his 50 daughters off
to the King’s sons. Refusing to put his daughters in a compromising position, Daonos and his daughters wer5 cast into a boat and set adrift with half a year’s ration of
food and water. After a very long journey they finally arrived in the British Isles, which they named Albion, after their sister's son Albion. His daughters were described as
unusually tall who fished and hunted for survival.  The daughters of Albion mated with the “Succubi” and birthed a race of Titans, known as the Albions, who became the
principal occupants of the island.

Chapter Twenty Four: Tuatha De Danaan…Page 195
The Tuatha De Danaan (Too-ah day Thay-nan, or Tootha day Danaan) were a mystical order of giant wizards from Atlantis.  They were renowned for their magical
powers which came to them as a natural by-product of the Goddess’ blessings and the ascension of the inner serpent power- the kundalini.  However, legend has it
that they arrived in Ireland from beyond our concept of space and time. They came from a place known in Gaelic legend as “Tir Na' nOg, The Land of Eternal Youth”.  

Chapter Twenty Five: Princess Scotia and the Blue Stones of Ea…Page 199
Wherever the Goddess Culture and worshippers of the Serpent settled, they erected shrines to their patron, the archetypal female warrior and lunar Goddess, Diana,
also known to them as Artemis or Danu).
Calling them the “genitals of Uranus” that fell from the heavens, they erected shrines around places where meteorites had hit the earth. As these stones of fire fell from
the sky, they would crystalize and turn to stone, which the goddess worshippers revered as the embodiments of Venus and called “The Blue Stones of Ea”. They
believed that these fallen pieces of stone emanated both the destructive and transformative alchemical power of Venus. Most importantly they understood that - through
the manipulation of a person’s electromagnetic body - these stones had the ability to awaken the Kundalini Serpent.

Chapter Twenty Six: The Tribe of Dan – Odin…Page 205
As a mighty leader of the Israelites, Dan 1 led the Agathyrsi and other tribes from out of ancient Scythia (including Thrace) into Denmark and the neighboring regions
where he established his Dan-Ish kingdom. Dan 1, the first Odin, founded the priesthood of the twelve Druids who were guardians of the sacred arts and sciences
taught by the Mystery Schools of the Egyptians, Sumerians, Quiches and Mayans. Their goal was to perpetuate and advance the scientific strength of the Royal Blue
Blood Families

Chapter Twenty Seven: Peru…Page 213
Coastal civilizers of northern Peru - predating the Incas - were also known as “The Chimu” which literally means “People of Lemuria”. Surviving among the ruins of
Chan-Chan, outside the modern city of Trujillo, can be seen a mural depicting their lost homeland as a sunken city with fish swimming over the tops of its pyramids.

Chapter Twenty Eight: Joshua and the Canaanites in Ireland…Page 215
Spreading the seed of Abraham by settling Israelites in Europe was not the only concern of Joshua. To the end of his life he was faithful to the commands of his god
regarding the Canaanites.  He pursued the Canaanites and drove them out of Western Europe with many of them fleeing to North America.
The Church transformed Ea into Saint Patrick whose claim to fame is the driving out of the "snake"' in Ireland. What most people don’t realize is that the "Serpent" is
"Not" a "Snake" but symbol of the Ancient Celts and their religions. St. Patrick's Day, March 17th is ironically, the day celebrated for the spread of Christianity throughout
Ireland and the subjugation and conversion of the Celts. And in an attempt to discredit and mock, the Christian Church transformed the Tuatha De Danaan into devils
and shrunk them down from tall and fair skinned to small fairy like people.

Chapter Twenty Nine: The Mediterranean…Page 218
The cataclysmic change in the Atlantic slowly flooded the Mediterranean Basin, destroying the original Osirian cities, forcing the people to relocate to higher ground.
Egyptian civilization, along with the Minoan and Mycenaean in Crete and Greece had built huge earthquake-proof megalithic structures with electricity and other
common conveniences.  They had airships and other modes of transport, often electrical in nature. The mysterious “car tracks of Malta”, which go over cliffs and under
water, may well be part of some ancient tram-line, possibly taking quarried stone to cities that have been lost to us.  

It is not surprising that little evidence of ancient aerial ships has survived, let alone shared with the general populace. But -none-the-less - the evidence is there.
Facts do not cease to exist because they are “ignored” and in the case of both ancient and modern UFOS– it requires more than a passing notice.
This part of “Giants, Gods and Lost Races” provides the “Secrets of Heaven”; information about aerial warfare on Earth; the people who flew these air ships;
planets; the different kinds of light, heat, color, and electromagnetic fields; the methods used to construct machines capable of attracting solar rays and, in turn,
of analyzing and separating their energy components; the possibility of conversing with people in remote places and sending messages by cable; and the
manufacture of machines to transport people to other planets!

Chapter Thirty: Ancient Aerial Technology…Page 222
The ancient Indian texts on Vimanas are so numerous that it would take volumes to relate what they had to say. The ancient Indians, who manufactured these ships
themselves, wrote entire flight manuals on the control of the various types of Vimanas, many of which are still in existence.  
Meet the Author:  Mary Sutherland…Page 237



Frank Joseph - Author and Researcher

There are rare persons in this world who see things others don’t; persons who connect the dots of existence and possess an instinctive talent for linking with kindred
souls to reveal otherwise invisible patterns and excavate hidden truths. Such a person is Mary Sutherland. She is a natural-born networker in all she does --- from her
Burlington Vortex Conferences and Sci’Fi Café to her public talks and published books. Nowhere, however, is her gift for perception more developed than in her latest
title. Frank Joseph .

Michelle M.

I grew up near Burlington, in Waterford and went to school at St. Marys High School  in Burlington. I know this place, and have heard the stories. That whole area, from
Burlington to Kenosha- Bong Air Force Base - has a lot of history and interesting stories, from underground tunnels, buried artifacts which include Egyptian type articles
and clay pottery containing seeds, much like what has been found in the Grand Canyon. There is also a lot of  UFO activity. My folks have 40 acres in the Burlington
area, and witness many night sky activities, including what was described to me, as an enormous mother ship and smaller craft going to and from it.

Mary Sutherland to Michelle:
Michelle, I  used to joke about Burlington having an intergalactic airport . I have seen just about every kind of UFO in the skies over Burlington. We used to chase after
them when I lived in Burlington. You can see them almost every night if you decide to watch the skies.

Doug C. and Stacy

I've had experiences while staying at the Rainbow Motel. The last time was early June last year. It involved a dimensional/ time anomaly at the motel after visiting the
woods and trying a new experiment. By the way, Mary's Burlington book is excellent! If you are interested in that town and surrounding area, you ought to definitely
purchase it!

Tracy S.M. -  Fantastic reading!!! I need this book Mary i will be ordering tonight.
I just purchased this book and your latest on Amazon Kindle

Mary Sutherland Wonderful... Thank you. I really liked Giants Gods and Lost Races. I have information in there that I am sure that no other author or researcher has laid
their eyes on!  You will love it!!!

Misty D.  This is fantastic information and insight. I appreciate you sharing it. I’ve been doing research on this for a very long time. Question, what do you know of the rh
negative people?  Thanks again for the insight

Terri H.  Mu is my origin, I'm buying the book. I can relate. Thanks for writing it!! Cool beans I keep telling people, I'm a Giant, not a freakin' monkey. Evolution Theory has
too many dead ends in the millions of trees of life.

Linda Godfrey - Author and Researcher
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena; she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her own experiences. The author and
investigator often takes visitors on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and phenomena with tips for
heightening the reader's own psychic awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will certainly draw you in."
Dave Geres
Congratulations, Mary!!! I am very excited to read this! As you know, I have recently been somewhat obsessed with the many legends and myths, along with my own
imagination, about the lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. This is amazing! I would love to order an autographed copy of this!!
You've inspired me to read. If you ask anyone who has known me for most of my life, they wouldn't believe that I would ever pick up a book.
Thank you for all that you do, sharing all these fascinating revelations through your hard work researching and writing your books, and taking the time to connect with
people as you do here on Face Book etc.
Now that the opportunity is finally here, I may just want to order an extra copy to share!
Kim Hadachek
You are so amazing Mary!
Melanie Burton Elston
Thank you Mary for everything you do!
Cordelia Frei
Thank you for all you do Mary!  It is important work
Tracy Sanlon Mallen
Congratulations, i am currently reading book 3 in your 'In Search of Ancient Man' Series. Its an amazing read!
Dara York
I cannot wait to read them!
Laurie Domsch
Mary, thank you for openly sharing your valued research. I so much appreciate it.
Eileen Violet
If that book is out of print how do I get a copy? I ordered one from your website today but may have ordered the wrong one?
Kerry Koeppen
Such a great mind!
Donna Drake
William W
Greetings Mary I am so pleased to be your Facebook friend and I’m happy to have discovered your interesting publications and organization of spiritual historical