September 2, 2003

Harrison's exploration to Mexico for
ancient ruins
Response to Mary's Hoax Report
by Jerry Pippin
Mary talks about their trip to
Mammoth Cave and Park Ranger
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September 3, 2003

Introduction to Charles Hanion's
Interview on Mammoth Cave
Mummies & Ghost Stories
United Space Org
Hidden Meanings Behind the
Dogan Religion and Mythology
Dangerous Fugitives May be
Lurking in the UFO Community
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September 4, 2003

Mary talks on an Ancient Race that
Pre-Existed the Native American
A Giant Race with Red Hair.
Mummies found in Mammoth Cave
The Government, Vatican and
Smithsonian Coverup

September 7, 2003

UFO Encounters of Famous
John Lennons UFO Encounter
Jackie Gleason Talks about
Seeing Roswell Aliens
Various other Celebrities and UFO

Strange Creatures and Homoids

Creatures of the Black Lagoon
Cameleons and multi-dimensional
Bray Road and Cheney Beast of

Telephone Calls From the Dead


September 11-12, 2003

Anunnaki Infiltration

September 11-12, 2003

Left Handed People and Alternate
Parallel Universes and Mirrors

September 23, 2003

Who, What are Aliens and What
are their Agendas for the People
of Earth?
How are we Affected by Alien

September 25, 2003

UFO Sighting in Kuwait

August 21, 2003

Mars Report
Horned Race
Grand Canyon Discoveries of
Ancient Civilization and UFO Crash

August 24, 2003

Underground Tunnel Systems and
Secret Government/UFO Bases
Superstition Mountains and UFOs
Superstition Mountains and Alien
Superstition Mountains and Time
Superstition Mountains Abductions

August 27, 2003

Crop Circle Music in Mayville Wi
Crop Circle
Crop Circle Music Explained
Child Dies During Exorcism
Jews Being Sued For Stealing
Gold and Treasures From Egypt
During the Exodus

August 29, 2003

More Evidence of a Horned Race

August 30, 2003

Martian Hybrid Babies Suspected
Due to the Closeness of Mars
Fairie Trees
Queen Vampire of Scotland Hangs
Up Her Cloak Due to Kooks
Alien Abductions of Wisconsin

August 31, 2003
Coded Messages in Crop Circles
Circle Alignments /Harmonic
Blue Print for the Universe
Sacred Sites and Power Points
Gravity Hill
Mary Sutherland interviews Rev. Craft . Craft  is the Great Grandson of a Native American and a Hedge Wytch that began
his quest for knowledge at the age of 14 while preaching in the Lutheran Church. In an effort to expand his mind, body
and spirit he began a personal quest in later years  by studying Buddhism through the teachings of the Shaolin Temple.
This led to the more esoteric form of Buddhism known as Tendai Mykkyo that eventually resulting him to obtain the rank
of sixth kyu in Ninpo Mykkyo, the mystic and esoteric knowledge of Japans legendary mountain warrior mystics.
Since childhood Eva Mai Yao has been gifted with heavenly knowledge and insights. Now she is channeling with
angels and spirit guides. Rev. Seka communicates with her higher self in heaven to turn the key that opens the Akashic
records of unlimited cosmic knowledge. With this information she is able to erase all karma, programs and blockages
from peoples past lives inturn transforming they lives forever. Benefits include: activation of DNA to 36 strands,
abundance, good health, and relationships improvements
Antiquity's Hall of Records
William John Meegan breaks the code of Genesis through his study and understanding of Hebrew. Listen to John
Meegan describe to Mary Sutherland the secrets and mysteries in Genesis.
Mexican Roswell Crash.
1 Hour  
Listen to Mary talk about what a Mexican Soldier Witnessed in the Mountains of Mexico as him and other soldiers were
called in to inspect this downed UFO.  David goes on to tell us that not only did they find a UFO but he actually went
inside. The next morning  a U.S. recovery team came and with the help of mexican soldiers loaded the UFO and debris
on a truck , taking it to an unknown source.
Listen to the show and find out how David explains what the inside of a UFO looks like...and what happened to the
pilots of this craft.
Kelli Clark  Abductee
2 Hours  1
Kelly is from Idaho and speaks on her Abduction, Night Visitors and Alien Lover.   Although she can not recall any
negative experiences with the star visitor contacts..problems do result when she seeks help. Kelly  claims that a ufo
researcher from a Top UFO Investigation Organization was responsible for her being ' committed' for 6 months and
'booted' out of the Air Force.
Shirley Jones..Ghosts in the House
2 Hours
Shirley Jones, author of Ghosts in the House  talks about living in her house with ghosts
Listen to all the strange events that took place while living there
Jonathan Gray, Dead Men's Secrets Part One
Jonathan Gray, Dead Men's Secrets Part Two
Jonathan Gray, Dead Men's Secrets Part Three
2 Hours  10.00                    Membership 8.00
Austrialian Archeologist talks with Mary Sutherland on things that are considered 'off limits' to the pubic by most
archeologists. Jonathan shows us proof that here was an highly evolved intelligent civiliation on earth before modern
man...and many of them were Giants with Red Hair!
John Meloney...Alien Odyssey
2 Hours
John M. Meloney, retired former journalist and UFO investigator for NICAP, has written an astounding account of his true
life experiences married to a woman who channeled aliens. The evidence points to the fact that she was part alien
herself, being a hybrid human being. Her paranormal abilities and his knowledge of government cover up of UFOs
made them ideal candidates to tech newly arrived aliens how to cope on earth.
Ron Hannivig Abduction

Ron Hannivig, Carbondale Researcher tells Mary Sutherland of his abduction Experience.

Terry Anderson... Near Death Experience
2 Hours
Terry Anderson not only is an amazing lady in her own right, but has an equally incredible story to tell you. Her first
childhood memory of three years old was that of an UFO. Through childhood she was a victim of severe child abuse,
leaving her spiritually barren , no self esteem and suicidal. After a severe attack by two men in black outside her place
of work, one evening. After being beaten and left to die, lying in a pool of blood, Terry found her life as it is today.Terry
experienced a near death event where she found herself in another realm, high in what she thinks to be Tibetan
Mountains. A place she now calls home. A place of imconditional love and wisdoms. She was given messages of the
future and a job to be done when she returned back into her broken body. When she returned, Terry found herself with
remarkable gifts of psychic sight, being able to scan a person's body for disease, out of body and interdimensional
travel along with many many more abilities to be heard on our show.
Carla WIllis Brandon ..A Glimpse of Heaven
2 Hours   
Mary Sutherland  Speaks with Carla Wills-Brandon, PhD., author of A Glimpse of Heaven on the subject of Near Death
Experiences, Visions during Child Birth, Death Bed Visions, Life After Death, Ghosts Contacting the Living, Television
psychics ie. John Edwards, Silvia Brown, VanPraugh, Premonitions of Disaster,
Living with STE's every day, Out of Body Experiences, Helping A Loved One Pass Over, Accepting Death.
Paul Christie...Tunguska Explained
2 Hours  
Have you ever wondered about the massive explosion in North-Central Siberia in the summer of 1908? Has this thirty
mega-ton blast ever caused you to wonder who sent it, and why? Do you consider it a threat to you and to your children?
Do you suppose that it was a chance occurrence, as some believe; or do you consider it an ever-current threat to your
future and that of your fellowman? Is it a development of some alien space tribe with a multitude of unusual flying
devices capable of penetrating our aerial defenses at will? Where did it come from? Why did it happen In 1908, an
explosion near the Tunguska River in north-central Siberia blasted this frozen wasteland, and it was comparable to a
thirty-megaton bomb. Since that time, the blast has defied scientists, none of whom could offer a rational explanation
for this amazing event.
Patricia Cori...No More Secrets...No More Lies
2 Hours
Patricia Cori , author of No More Secrets..No More Lies, The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake Up Call for Humanity and Atlantis
Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light. She  has been immersed in the new Age Movement since its inception.
Patricia  utilized her clairvoyant abilities in healing and support work throughout her life, which as been dedicated in
great part to the study of mysticism and philosphy, ancient civilizations, metaphysical healing, spirituality and
extraterrestrial life.
A world teacher, Patricia is helping many realize their natural healing abilities, release the blockages of unresolved
emotions and limitation, attuning to the higher vibrations of our ascending celestrial realm. She is currently actively
preparing the first wave ascension teams in the healing and activation of the DNA, so that they can, in turn, facilitate the
process in others
Larry Dicken...Executive Producer of the Jerry Pippin Show
1 Hour
Mary interview Larry Dicken, Director of the  Jerry Pippin Show.  Larry talks on his UFO  Sighting as a young boy.
Ron Hannivig and Frank Scassalleti ..The Carbondale UFO Crash Coverup..Uncovered
4 Hour
Ron and Frank are both  alien abductees and now  UFO researchers from Pennsylvania. . Ron  and Frank discusses  
with Mary Sutherland the Carbondale UFO Landing in the silt  pond of Carbondale Pennsylvania and why it is NOT a
hoax.  Frank Scassaletti was an eye witness to the Carbondale UFO Recovery and Ron has documentation as to how
the U.S.  ufo recovery team was able to take this UFO out of the area, right under the noses of the Carbonaleons.
Mike Orrel..The Best UFO Photo Ever!
2 Hour
Mike Orrel takes the 'Best UFO Photo Ever' and now discusses with Mary Sutherland how he was able to capture it.  
Now an  ufo investigator and photographer in his own right, he also discusses with Mary his theories on an ancient  
intelligent race that pre-existed modern man.
Dr. Michael Salla..   Government UFO Coverups and Underground Facilities
2 Hours
Mary talks with Dr. Michael Salla on his extensive research and report done on the Dulce, New Mexico UFO/Government
Underground Facilites, as well as other UFO/Government facilities around the world. Dr. Salla tells you how these
underground facilities are being financed and by who. This interview also touches on subjects such as the 'ufo'
interests of the United States in Iraq, the Nazi/U.S. race for alien technology secrets, Civilizations of the Inner World,
Assassinations of Informants (physical and character). "This interview is an ABSOLUTE MUST to listen to! If Dr. Salla
can't open your eyes to what is going on right under our feet, no one can! ", Mary Sutherland
Dan Sherman...Above Black
2 Hours
Everything appeared to be going well for Sergeant Sherman until he was involuntarily recruited into a special
programme called "Project Preserve Destiny" (PPD), an ABOVE BLACK program, Sergeant Sherman began his training
for (PPD) at the National Security Agency (NSA) whilst at the same time training for a career in ELINT, a highly sensitive
project. The ELINT training,  although a genuine programme, was to act as a cover for his participation in "Project
Preserve Destiny".
Arriving at the NSA he was told the following startling news by an Air Force Captain. "To put it bluntly, Sergeant
Sherman, in the summer of 1960 your mother was visited by what the world  commonly refers to as aliens. Random
tests were being conducted on the general populace at the time to determine compatibility." The Captain explained that
whilst he (Sherman) was still in his mother's womb, he had been implanted to enable him to make contact with aliens
through "intuitive communications". He was also told that the US government had been in contact with aliens since
1947. . So began three years with the (PPD) programme and his communication with an alien species
Laird Scranton, Hidden Meanings
2 Hours  
We are discussing the Founding Symbols of Civilization based on his book 'Hidden Meanings'. The book attempts to
resolve the question of Marcel Griaule, Germaine Dieterlen and Dogon cosmology by approaching the subject in a new
way.  For the past few decades, the stars of Sirius have so thoroughly dominated discussions of the Dogon that it
seems no one thought to examine Dogon mythology's many statements regarding the structure of matter.  As it turns
out, Dogon descriptions and drawings run parallel to the actual scientific structure of matter, starting with the atom and
continuing all the way down to the vibrating strings of string theory, and include descriptions of esoteric behavior of
matter at the most fundamental levels.   Key elements of this same structure are found in ancient Egypt, often times in
greater detail than the Dogon.  The Egyptian hieroglyphic words which describe how matter is formed are written with
glyphs which precisely match scientific diagrams from string theory.  The many similarities between Dogon and
Egyptian cosmological references all but preclude suggestions by Belgian anthropologist Walter Van Beek that they
could have been the product of Dogon priestly invention
Linda Moore..A Rogue Sighting
2 Hours   
A strange object was captured on film by Mrs. Linda Moore from her home in South Carolina. Linda's husband noticed a
bright object high in the sky. He called to her to come and see what he was looking at.  She appeared with her
camcorder which has a 500 digital zoom to film it.  As she zoomed in on it...... the object took on a strange and unusual
shape and she recorded it for approximately three minutes
Pastor Jamie Lance..The Coming
2 Hours
Pastor Lance claims that UFO's are real AND are coming to Earth in massive numbers. It's time now to discover why
their visitations have become so frequent in recent times. It's time to stop theorizing and learn why the prophets said
they are here.
Donald Schmitt   ...Roswell      
2 Hours
Don Schmitt,  author of Roswell which was later made into the movie Roswell, discusses with Mary Sutherland latest
development on the Roswell investigation and possible solutions to solving the coverup behind the UFO crash in
Roswell.  Don opens up and tells us some incidences  that have never been brought to light concerning the witnesses
or (victims) of the Roswell incident ..
Donald R. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, where he served as Director of
Special Investigations for ten years. Prior to that, he was a special investigator for the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the art
director for the International UFO Reporter.
The basis of his research and consultation has been the theme of many documentaries including UFO Secret: The
Roswell Crash, The Roswell Incident, Roswell, The Real Story, Roswell: Cover-ups and Close Encounters, and UFOs:
50 Years of Denial.
4 Hours
Mary Sutherland, BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio, interviews  Bud Hopkins , Intruders Organization and well known
abductee, Jim Mortellaro .
Jim Mortellaro, abducted since two, has an amazing story to tell. And Bud Hopkings, regressive hypnotherapist, known
through out the world for his abduction research and therapy..and accomplished writer on the phenomenon is here to
shed more light on the abductee experience as well as support Jim as he tells his story. After listening to this most
interesting program follow up by clicking on the link to the Jeff Rense Program and listen to Bud hypnotically regress
Jim..taking him back aboard the ship that the aliens had him on.
"During one particular (MISSING TIME) episode, he was in such bad shape ~ that his wife had to bring him to the
emergency room, bleeding from the eyes, nose and bladder; in the course of the subsequent events, it turns out that he
was not only abducted by "tall grays," but confronted a rather nasty "PRAYING MANTIS" TYPE who was going to "teach
Jim a lesson" of being more compliant, so he instructed the "tall grays" to make Jim feel the pain! "
SHELDON NIDLE...Planetary Activation Organization
2 Hours
Sheldon Nidle, Founder/Director of the Planetary Activation Organization and author of 'Your First Contact' and best
seller 'You Are Becoming A GalacticHuman' talks to Mary Sutherland about the Secret War between the Dark Forces
(reptilian/Illumanti) and the Light Forces (human/Galactic Federation).
Sheldon explains to us why it is so IMPORTANT to not give in now to feeings of anger, hate and hopelessness. There
ARE good times coming but the Dark Forces are trying to use us to keep this from happening. Learn their tricks on how
they keep us bound to the Old Age
"BLUEOTTER" The PROPHECY KEEPER...The Coming Days..Native American Indian Prophesies
4 Hours
The Coming "Three Days of Darkness..." The Ancient Mayans in the Mayan Calendar, the ancient Tibetans in their
Kalachacra "Well of Time", the ancient Hindu in their Kali Yuga, the Prophet Mohammed in the Qu'ran, the ancient
Chigaraugans of the Michoacan Highlands in Mexico with their records hidden since the time of Cortez -- and several
Catholic visionaries in their writings in the middle ages -- somehow all knew about "The Three Days of Darkness"
coming between now and December 20, 2012. Astronomers are just coming to grips with the "Dark Rift" or "Black
Road" we will pass through that year. Find out about all of this and much more as Blueotter, a legally recognized
Cherokee Indian, tells us what the "White Roots of Peace Council" elders have known for many years. You will receive
400 pages of valuable complimentary infor! mation, and learn how to prepare physically -- and spiritually -- for the
'Coming Times' and even how to qualify for being "divinely hidden and protected!"
UFO Sighting and Encounter... LIVE REPORT From Caller in Georgia
1 Hour

Mike  contacted Mary Sutherland at 1:30 A.M. Central Time Frightened, to give me a live report of a UFO Sighting
occuring as we are speaking. Shortly after Mike Gave Mary a LIVE account of a ufo encounter, he called  herback. THE
UFO HAD RETURNED! She again taped the conversation of Mike reporting on the UFO's activities.
The whole Sightings is recorded and can be heard on the audio file above.

"This is unbelieveably powerful!!! stuff. It deserves to go on on Coast-to-Coast, (if you don't mind sharing with a rival
You've got a scoop here, Mary!  I don't recall ever  hearing a UFO encounter live on the air before.  By the way, extreme
compliments on how you soothed and  reassured that unsettled man.  Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Encounter with a Draconian by Hunter   
1 Hour
Mike B. from Georgia contacted us with this incredible story of spotting a draconian while hunting. Apparently the
draconians are living in some abandoned chalk mines in the area. Several others have reported seeing something
similar to this  and we have check out the area and have found numerous reports of ufo sightings. So as far as we can
determine..this draconian sighting is true.
Mary Sutherland is the author of the following books
  • Living in the Light: Believe in the Magic
  • Mysteries: Exploring the Mysteries of Burlington and Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Revelations: Truths Revealed
  • In Search of Ancient Man: Lost in Time
  • The Red Haired Giants
  • Haunted Burlington Wisconsin

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Joseph .
Joseph was nominated by Japan's Savant Society as
Professor of World Archaeology. He was editor-in-chief of
Ancient American Magazine from 1993 to 2007 and has
traveled the world collecting research materials for his
twenty-seven published books.
"Mary Sutherland is not simply a reporter of all these phenomena;
she lives them! As readers expect, her studies extend beyond her
own experiences. The author and investigator often takes visitors
on tours containing an inter-dimensional vortex and hosts yearly
conferences and meet ups with many well known speakers on
anomalous phenomena."
What differentiates her book. Haunted Burlington Wisconsin , is that
Sutherland includes her explanations of the unknown realms and
phenomena with tips for heightening the reader's own psychic
awareness. Readers who complete this dizzying journey may find
they can no longer look at Burlington in exactly the same way.
Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. and
whether or not it actually transports you to another place, it will
certainly draw you in."
Linda Godfrey , award winning author on strange creatures, people
and places. She has been featured guest on dozens of nation TV
and radio shows, including Monsterquest, Sean Hannity's America,
Lost Tapes, Inside Edition, Sy-fy's Haunted Highway, Monsters and
Mysteries, Coast to Coast...and the list goes on!