Photo of UFOs taken by Corral Gayle and Mary Sutherland
over  Pine Street in Burlington, Wi   8-7-2004
This is cropped and enlarged.
Notice the lights on the horseshoe
and dark spots.
Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Horror of the Heights," the writings of Charles Fort, and perhaps H.P. Lovecraft's
"From Beyond," Constable postulated that we share our world with huge invisible creatures related to the protozoa.
The sky overhead is filled with these beings, who may have some intelligence, and are sensitive to radar and radio
waves. Some of them are perhaps carnivorous, and responsible for the spate of cattle mutilations which has become
such a problem in the past half-century. Constable's discovery of these creatures makes him the equal of Anton van
Leeuwenhoek, inventor of the first microscope, and discover of another invisible world which exists outside the reach
of our unaided vision.

Just as Leeuwenhoek had his microscope, so too did Constable have his camera, fitted with black lens filter and
loaded with infrared film, with which he took photographs of a seemingly empty sky. When developed, the pictures
showed organisms nearly identical to the amebae, euglenae, and paramecia which exist all around us, but with the
difference that Constable's critters were vastly larger, like invisible whales and sharks of the atmosphere. These
creatures are perhaps responsible for some of the sightings of UFOs throughout the ages. Through his application of
technology, Constable had made visible a new world with strange new creatures in it, which had previously remained
unknown to us.
The discovery itself would be sufficient cause for celebration, but the book also includes an account of the
psychologist Wilhelm Reich's battle with these creatures at Orgonon, his estate in Maine

These critters, about which official science neither knows nor wishes to know anything, may have inhabited the earth's
atmosphere for millions of years. Since they exist just beyond the red end of the spectrum, they are normally invisible
to the naked eye. They can, however, occasionally be glimpsed under special conditions. They are regularly detected
by radar, when they are often mistaken for mechanical UFOs, although in one reported sighting the USAF described
their behavior as being more like that of "animals." More usual is that when pilots are sent up to buzz them they report
seeing nothing. Critters also, as Constable discovered, can be photographed using an ordinary camera, infra-red film,
and an 18a filter which blocks visible light.

There are evidently many different kinds of critter. Although they are often disc-shaped and can easily be mistaken for
flying saucers, they can also look like giant bacteria, amoeba, or even glowing jelly fish. Also, like flying saucers, they
can attain to incredible speeds, execute rapid manoeuvres, and become invisible at wish by suddenly fading from
Reference: David Pratt

UFOs come in an incredible variety of shapes, and there are very few instances where absolutely identical-looking
UFOs have been independently sighted in different locations. UFOs in the shape of dumbbells, hats, and washtubs
have been reported, as have machines flying through the air with moving wings. But many UFO enthusiasts prefer to
ignore reports that do not conform to their conception of what extraterrestrial spacecraft should look like!

Eight main types of UFO can be distinguished [1]:
1. Lightforms, including balls, rays, columns, and cones of light, and light formations or arrays that don't seem to be
attached to an object. The overwhelming majority of UFO sightings involve nothing more than bright lights, mostly
seen at night.
2. Spherical UFOs, ranging in size from a basketball to a house.
3. Discoid or disc-shaped UFOs -- the 'classic' flying saucer. These have always been one of the most frequently
reported UFO shapes. They may be domed, finned, or otherwise outfitted.
4. Elliptical, oval, or egg-shaped UFOs. They often lack exterior features.
5. Cylindrical or cigar-shaped UFOs. Their ends may be tapered or conical, or sometimes flattened. Some produce a
distinctive 'vapour trail'.
6. Rectangular UFOs, i.e. objects with squared corners. They can be as small as a 'flying carpet' or as large as an
aircraft carrier. They are seen infrequently, and are largely a South American phenomenon.
7. Triangular UFOs were rare in the early days of the modern UFO era but now account for an inordinate number of
reports. They include top-shaped, diamond-shaped, and cone-shaped objects, as well as flying wings or
8. Shape-shifters are UFOs that alter form over time in ways that can't be attributed to the angle of perception. They
cast doubt on the literal, physical nature of the phenomenon.

Trevor Constable, a well-known aviation historian, has photographed plasmatic lifeforms in the atmosphere which
inhabit the infrared part of the spectrum and are normally imperceptible.
Their existence has been independently
verified by researchers in Europe and the United States. Most are spherical, discoidal, or cigar-shaped, others look
like fish or serpents, and many resemble giant pulsating unicellular organisms or amoebas.
Constable believes that
only some UFOs are living creatures (or 'critters') and that others are intelligently designed and controlled craft
originating in the etheric realms [12].

He argues that under certain conditions some aerial bioforms can alter their density and become physically visible
and tangible. Their essentially ethereal, 'plastic' nature enables them to change shape, split into two, and merge.
They appear to travel in pulsatory fashion, swelling and shrinking cyclically as they move through the air. They
sometimes travel through the atmosphere in luminous shoals, rather like fish. Their behaviour suggests that they
possess a low degree of intelligence. They have been seen playing around thunderheads and around aircraft wings.
They have paced airliners and jet fighters like dolphins pacing a ship. They have been seen chasing each other
playfully around the sky, and tend to take evasive action if humans approach too close. The creatures that Constable
has photographed either inhabit the etheric borderland between the physical and astral realms or originate in the
astral realms themselves, and are shape-shifting elemental lifeforms.

Linda Moulton Howe believes these creatures may be UFOs attempting to communicate with us through sky writing,
using ancient symbology.
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UFOs Over Burlington Wisconsin
Brad and Mary Sutherland
Burlington Mounds

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Science no longer identifies reality with the physical
universe, for mind and consciousness belong to the
unseen world.
Sir Arthur Eddington
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